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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Change
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on 19 August 2013
Sometimes, I don't understand gamers. They always complain that they want something fresh and original but when it hits store shelves, it's never good enough. Give this game a chance! The concept is unique and very original, and has a lot of potential. Remember Assassin's Creed and Mirror's Edge?

Since most other reviwers have mentioned the story (and it's all over the internet), I'll just list the pros and cons.

- unique story, original concept
- great visuals and soundtrack! The futuristic Paris looks amazing

- difficulty. This is the only thing about the game that threw me off. I'm a casual gamer so I don't like excessive amounts of combat and very high difficulty levels. Only a few chapters into the game the boss fights become unusually excruciating. Even the random enemies you encounter around the corner seem to be able to overpower you. The health system makes the game even more difficult despite the low difficulty settings.

Other than that, a great game that deserves a chance. The unnecessarily harsh criticism is beyond me.
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on 30 September 2013
A fantastic dark SF world with a twisting plot and challenging beat 'em up gameplay.

Graphics, animation and voice acting are all top-notch, story and gameplay are both interesting and deep. It is a linear game if that is a problem for you but that just helps it tell a better story. It's nice to have a female lead for a change too.

The best games of each console generation always come at the end, don't miss this one in the hype of PS4/XBone
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on 6 January 2014
Gave it a go off the playstation store. Was very suprised how good it turned out to be, though some of its goodness takes a while to show through.

The story regards a future of digitzed memory that can be copied, shard and deleted. Invented for reasons like being able to remove bad memories, it has turned society on its head for the worse. You are a rebel fighting to break down the corporation responsible. As this game involves memory, you can bet theres some twists involved.

The gameplay is mainly split between clambering around walls and rooftops, and fighting gangs of copporate soldiers and those afflicted by the actions of said organisation. Clambering is easy enough, fights are easy but add new bits as you go along. Just two moves are available, punch and kick. However, by chaining these in preset combos, each move in sequence will deal more damage. You can assign powers to each move (extra damage, recover Health, cooldown special moves faster, increase strength of previous power in combo), and as you get further along the combo chain these also increase in effectiveness, meaning you have to make effort to reach high combos (8 moves max) without breaking (dodging or flipping over an enemy will not break the chain if timed right). Picking which power to place on which move can become a strategy in later fights. You can also gain several abilities including shooting memory blasts, shooting out weak parts in structures etc. Special powers charge up with each enemy hit and can allow you to take over robots, stun enemies (very useful with enemies that cannot be seen or that teleport), bomb an enemy and release a huge combo. Enemies are a mixture and each have different moves and weaknesses to beat. There are limited puzzles in the game, not too many but one had me reaching for a walkthrough. The general game on medium difficulty was very playable, with only one fight that nearly had me hitting the setting to reduce difficulty.

Also in the game are memory remixes. as a memory plays out (you can rewind and fast forward at will) you can alter elements to make someone believe a different outcome played out in their past. There are only about 5 of these, and while they show promise they havent been done well enough to be brilliant in their own right.

Graphics are pleasing, mixing futuristic neon paris with the slums below. Collectibles on each level give info snippets or increase special move uses and add health.

When the game starts there are only 2 combos, no special moves, and no powers that can be assigned to moves, but give it time and you will see the full scope of this quick gem.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 July 2013

This is one of those all too rare games that have a solid and satisfying story underlying the gameplay. More than once I found myself thinking, "I REALLY wish they'd make this into a movie."

Lots of ARKHAM ASYLUM style hand to hand combat, lots of jumping and swinging from ledges, and lots of (not-too-difficult) puzzles to solve along the way, but this game also has lots of truly innovative features that I've never seen before in any game. For example, you can totally customise your melee sequences, balancing the extent to which they do damage, restore your health, restore your abilities, etc.

And there are some REALLY cool sequences where you can get inside someone's head, see their memories, and then change their personality by doing a 're-mix' of their memories. This was really fun.

I loved almost everything about this game except for one (many expletives deleted) helicopter-chase sequence, which frustrated me so much that I would have given up on the game forever if the story hadn't already hooked me so deeply. I hated it, and still think that whoever designed it should be banned from ever being involved in video-game production again EVER! But I suppose some people loved it and sailed through it without difficultly - that's how these things seem to go.

Still, that sequence annoyed me enough to knock one star off the 'fun' rating, in what is otherwise a five-star review.

But really, I do recommend this game. I honestly think it's one of the most satisfying games I've ever played, and I was genuinely sorry when I reached the end.
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on 16 December 2014
This is really good. The only game I've ever played where the main character is a female POC, a welcome change from the endless supply of white guy with stubble. The graphics are great, it's a really beautiful game- set in the futuristic paris it includes landmarks, but the way they have been modernised is just amazing. I love the fighting too, you have combo attacks that take getting used to but are really fun to use. you also have special attacks, which are cool looking, and fun to use. the special fight sequences, when you take down bosses, are really great, it took me a few tries at first to get used to. The story is great too, fast paced and interesting I played for nearly three days straight!

This is deffinetely my new fav game and anyone looking for something different should deffinetely try this!
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on 30 May 2015
It's been a long time since I've found a game which I've become engrossed in. I love it, the storyline is brilliant, the characters well rounded and the game play is challenging, you can even create your own combos. One of the mechanics I quite like is being able to rewind memories and alter them to your advantage. You do however have to pick what it is you alter and get the correct combination to be successful. Sometimes the game play can become repetitive as you if you want to survive the elites you really have to use health combos. There's a lot of climbing and figuring out which route to take in order to continue, which reminded me a little bit of Prince of Persia. For anyone who likes a lot fighting and less stealth, this game has both, however a majority is definitely fighting! The only real stealth involved is when it comes to droids and avoiding their rays.
Overall a game I'd recommend to anyone who likes a good storyline and a lot of fighting! :)
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on 25 October 2014
This game is so underrated.. I completed it recently (eventhough I had my PS4 at launch) but didn't want to abandon the PS3 before completing this game. I've always loved and enjoyed Capcom games (Excluding Reisdent Evil 4 onwards). The DmC reboot was epic and this game reminds me alot of DmC reboot .. same mechanics and engine..
The game is so original in concept and game play.. not repetitive at all. It felt a bit short but I think because I was really enjoying it.
I would probably play it again if it got re-mastered.
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on 28 March 2014
This game has so much potential both in the graphics and the setting but wastes it all with some drab linear gameplay. The cyperpunk style of a futuristic Paris is both original and engaging, and yet it appears only as window dressing. There are no options to explore or interact with the world and onscreen prompts tell you exactly where to go and even what handholds to use.

The action in the game uses a very artifical arena style similar to some fighting games. When a fight starts you build up hits allowing you to use more complicated combo moves which might do extra damage or even heal your character. None of it seems very natural and you are always trapped in a very limited space, unable to run off or utilise the environment.

The system for stealing and piecing together memories is original but again you are limited by the story to only use this technology as and when dictated by the plot.

Unfortunately I never got to the end of the game as it seemed that stopping playing was the only way I could get off the railroad tracks I seemed to be on. There is no multiplayer game included and no options for character cutomisation beyond chosing which combos to learn next. When compared to some of the outstanding open world style games out there Remember Me belongs firmly in the past.
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on 9 June 2013
Have you ever fancied playing a science fiction game that takes its visual cues from Blade Runner and I-Robot whilst combining gameplay elements from Tomb Raider 2013 and Mirrors Edge before being topped off with a tiny sprinkling of Uncharted? Then Remember Me is the game for you.

The lead heroine certainly takes her look and attitude from Lara Croft and Faith which is definitely no bad thing at all. Now I'll be honest, I'm a sucker for games set in the far future especially when things have all gone a tiny bit wrong so maybe I'm more enthusiastic than most here but to me, the developer Dontnod has created a beautifully rich world and a fantastic artistic vision of the future. The level of detail and design on show here is absolutely superb and Neo-Paris in 2084 is an absolute joy to behold. Quite often I would just stop and rotate the camera around to take in the visuals of the sprawling metropolis such was the quality of the visuals. In terms of the gameplay, Nilin starts off as fairly basic with her moves but as she starts to remember more, her powers increase. All the time though, the game takes its time to introduce you to any new gameplay elements you gain though so you're never too overwhelmed. At various parts of the story, you will also get an opportunity to change a persons memory to make a totally different outcome to an event. I won't say too much about these bits so as not to ruin them but at first I must admit to thinking "what the hell is going on here?" but you soon figure it out. It certainly felt like a nice change of pace and pretty original too.

In terms of the story and narrative, I thought it was nicely constructed and although I've read a few comments saying the characters and story were weak, I would disagree especially as the back story is fleshed out further by collecting the journal entries that Nilin can read once you find them (they're hidden throughout the game) so more of the story is there if you're prepared to invest a little bit of time into it.

All in all, I really enjoyed this game and would definitely recommend it. It's not perfect but it's been made by a team that were obviously passionate about the story and the world they were creating. It pains me to say this though but I know deep down that this game will most likely flop as it's a new IP and it just doesn't appeal to the shoot everything COD generation and it really deserves better than that. It's certainly destined to become a cult classic though and cherished deeply by those who enjoyed it much like Mirrors Edge is. As I say, if you love sci-fi games (and indeed films) then I have a sneaky feeling you might just enjoy this. I certainly did.
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on 8 June 2013
As we reach the end of this generation of gaming we have seen some great titles that push the boundaries of what the gaming experience can be. Then we have games like Remember Me. A kind of new IP made up of other great ideas. Deus Ex backdrop? Check. QTE's from pretty much every similar title. Yup. inFamous type echoes where you follow a ghost. Sure. This is the gaming equivalent of Spaghetti Bolognese. Perfectly fine meal but would hardly win you points for creative flair al la Masterchef.
Not that there's nothing to like about Remember me of course. It's fun to play, visually impressive and has a decent if not overwhelming story. Just don't go in expecting a whole new experience.
The theme of changing, remixing and deleting memories is really just an excuse for running through various levels with the rent-an-end-boss. For example the steal memory is somewhat akin to Assassins creed's eavesdropping but without having to follow anyone. Just simply press a button and viola. Combat too is pretty much what you'd expect. Hit a few combos, maybe a finishing move. The good old super-combo when you've completed enough general ones. It's all done well enough but still feels kinda like Batman Blade runner edition rather than have it's own identity.
Visually it's up there with the best of them though. The 2084 Neo Paris cityscape looks stunning with some great lighting effects. The devs clearly put a lot of effort into creating a visceral cyberpunk setting and certainly succeeded in that department. However it is rather linear and unless you're an avid fan of these game types is unlikely to set your world on fire.
Overall Remember Me is a game to go into without too high expectations. It is a fun and beautiful looking game but not original enough to really shine through
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