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on 27 March 2014
Ok so this isn't Jane Austin! But I recognise the characters particularly the self-centred Rugger Bugger. I was always told at school that I would fall in love with Austin's Emma but didn't. Ross on the other hand is a likeable rogue, ok I'm not in love with him but I can't help liking him. I enjoy the turn of phrase, the comedy and (perhaps sadly) can identify the characters. Despite not being from Dublin they remind me of those I have known.

I started my journey with Ross in Downturn Abbey and wondered about his roots. Paul Howard had from the opening line of this one.
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on 9 May 2017
You will either love this book or it just simply will make no sense whatsoever. I really enjoyed it because it was light and it is broken into chapters that are each a little story. Ideal if you don't get much time to read.
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on 1 March 2006
I felt it was my personal duty to defend this book when reading one of the other reviews. Everyone has met a "Ross" somewhere in their lives and I believe anyone in Ireland would be able to identify with this book not just those from Dublin. A really wonderful book and series and if I had any complaint at all it would probably be the inconvienience of not being able to put it down and perhaps the looks I attract when I'm unable to prevent myself from saying things like "hit and miss", "giving me total filthies" and my personal favourite "Allied Irish".
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on 14 June 2017
I read this book possibly the funniest book I have read. I know so many guys this relates too.
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on 30 October 2003
What can I say but bloody hilarious!!! I am not from Dublin myself but having gone to college there for several years and had many friends from the southside of the city this captures the nuances, ideals and down right snobbery of the younger inhabitants of the 'rich' part of our capital to a tee. Ross himself is a gem and you find yourself torn between hating and liking the guy, usually changing from page to page. Granted Ross is at times an over the top characterisation of the "Ya Ya" Rugger playing southsider but at the same time Paul Howard manages to accurately portray the mindset and interaction between these 'privileged' teens. He dazzles mostly with the word perfect dialogue that you can hear on any Dart journey south of Pearse station. If u are Irish and have ever met a Southside Dubliner buy it... if u are a Southside Dubliner buy it.... hell even if u have never been to Ireland buy it... my only complaint would be it was too short but it left me wanting more... 5 star all the way....
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on 2 September 2009
This series of books is hilarious, but only if you're very familiar with Irish society (in particular Dublin). The author is a legend!
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on 9 February 2005
This is not the original edition of this book. It was originally released under the title "The Miseducation of Ross O'Carroll Kelly" in 2000. I have read both versions of the story, and while the orignal is vastly superior, this is still a book very worthy of your time.
The book basically centres around a typical Dublin 4 rugby player called Ross O'Carroll Kelly. He loves himself, and believes that everyone else does as well, although he is usually wrong. It's a hilarious diary style account of his life as a member of the Castlerock College senior cup team (both times he was in sixth year). He goes into detail about the "birds" he's "worn the face off" and those he wants to get "conkers deep in". He talks about his "orsehole dickhead" of a father and his "focking embarrassing" mother and all the stuff he has to put up with from them. He's in short the most immature person you can ever imagine, but this is what makes the book so much fun to read!
As I am from Dublin myself, I understand the type of person this book is based on, but I'm not sure somebody that has never spent any length of time living here would understand it. We've all met people like Ross, and we know people that act like hime, but the accent is written phonetically. This is good when you can hear the voice, and it makes it even funnier, but for someone from outside Dublin it would be irritating. There's also a lot of references to places and schools in Dublin that wouldn't be understood by people who didn't know the area.
As for the rewrite of the book, the original story is almost the same. It follows the same timeline, but bits have been put in, other bits have been left out, and characters have been changed (notably Sorcha, who is made into a nicer person in this edition). There's no rugby team day out to climb Carantoohill on the worst day of the year and getting airlifted out. Ross doesn't have an epiphany at the end of the book due to an overdose of Creatine (they don't even take creatine in this edition, they take testosterone). The structure of the book is no longer based around American Psycho as the original was. And real school names are now included in the text rather than their nicknames only, making it less funny.
Still, you can't get the original anymore, so this one will have to do for those of you that don't own it. If you've never heard of Ross O'Carroll Kelly, read this ASAP (even if you're not from Dublin, give it a go). You wont be disappointed.
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on 20 May 2016
Having read seedless in Seattle I've decided to start from the start. Great fun but not being a Dub some of the slang can be challenging to work out.

Worth the time to read.
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on 12 February 2015
soo funny,and a great irish story!!! If you havent read it you havent lived. There needs to be more people like Ross O'Carrol on this universe! #LOLsoofunny!!!
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on 6 July 2013
It was fun to read the articles complied in book form . The Irish Times on Saturday
gives us all a smile while reading the antics of Ross O'Carroll-Kelly.
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