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Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition (PS3)
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
Price:£38.85+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon 13 July 2013
I'd heard about Dark Souls for a while but hadn't bought a copy till late in the game's release (in fact this is the second release of Dark Souls) . The reason for this was my memories of difficult games as a young'in. Games on the Sega Master System and Mega Drive that would have me in fits of rage at their difficulty spikes. I thought this game was going to be unfair and unbalanced. I was very wrong. Dark Souls offers the kind of difficulty where you can work out why and where you went wrong. It's not the game mechanics at fault, it's the gamer's approach. That's very refreshing. Patience and lots of it are needed to progress as the game does not hold your hand through tutorials. It's very easy just to wander into an area, get killed four or five times, and then realise you probably shouldn't be there. There's really nothing explained in this game, even the story is confusing. However that's kind of the appeal, work it out for yourself. It takes time to get into this game as it will beat you around, but once you do it's one of the best game you will have ever played.
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on 27 February 2015
Dark Souls builds on its spiritual predecessor, Demon's Souls, by improving the graphics and controls. The Artorius of the Abyss content in the Prepare to Die edition (previously DLC) adds some great bonus items and stages for you to level up (as well as THE best location in the entire game for Humanity farming).

One nagging complaint is that this game retains the obnoxious 'arrows getting lodged in thin air' and 'enemy arrows bend around curves' feature from Demon's Souls. Still that isn't enough for me to knock any stars off.

Simply one of the best games around.
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on 6 February 2014
If you like your games to punish you for your failures this is it. The gameplay is harsh to say the least, your losses will be great if you die.... and you will die..... a lot. Its called the prepare to die edition for a reason. Combat is good and must be done properly, hacking and slashing will get you nowhere here. Sometimes, it feels too hard, actually it feels like that alot! Maybe at a cost to gameplay. The grapics are some of the best realistic fantasy game graphics i have seen, sound is good too. I only play this every now and then, but then its for a good few days of trying to advance the charector stats before giving it, or me, a rest for a bit. I have no plans to trade it though, which says something, maybe because i havent got anywhere near finishing it and theres more to do and see out there... if i can just stay alive long enough! Bigger and better weapons must be there somewhere... surely....
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on 1 October 2014
Excellent game, very challenging which does not mean impossible, you need to be patient and cautious and learn from errors, otherwise you will not enjoy it. THIS IS A SOULS GAME! I found the levels/areas easier than in Demons but the bosses more difficult and in larger numbers, although in both games there are extremes ( very easy bosses to really challenging bosses). The game is long and with a huge variation of enemies and even more with the DLC prepare to die. Also, there are more items, weapons/armours/shells and enhancements than in Demons. The story is good but not the best I've played, but this is something common in the Souls franchise, and sincerely I don't care, the story is good enough. I found that there are far more less messages and people playing than in Demons. I guess is due to that DkS2 is out and almost everybody has already moved to there. Not get me wrong, there are still people playing, but you will find less messages with useful information and depending on the time you play, you will end playing with the same online players all the time. In conclusion, Dark Souls is a game that challenges you but at the same time rewards you a lot, and when you finish it, I bet you will play it again. Other discussion is if it is better than Demons. They are similar but with differences. I enjoyed them both the same. I like them equally. I can't choose one better than the other...but why should I? I can play both whenever I want, and I will do the same with the DkS2, with bloodborne and with all the games that the same creators make as long as they challenge me.
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on 18 January 2014
Okay I`m just going to say if you don`t have patience or the willingness to die repeatedly and learn from your mistakes, then this will not be the game for you.
If however, you enjoy a decent challenge (unlike many games today) and a sense of achievement as you memorise the enemy patterns and secrets in Dark Souls, then you will LOVE this game.


Some Pros..

- Fantastic combat mechanics with a huge variety of weapons and armours to mix n match.
- A real sense of Achievement upon beating the variety of Bosses (the DLC ones add a real challenge)
- The added excitement/adrenalin rush of possible Player Invasion when playing Online mode - or invade other players worlds!
- Tons of hidden items/locations scattered around the massive Souls world
- Improves on the excellent Demon Souls in many ways
- Overconfidence will often bring your demise swiftly (yes that`s a Pro...good lesson in eating humble pie..)


- Not the easiest game to hit the ground running. You are literally dropped into the world and expected to adapt/survive/learn the hard way...not everyone will enjoy this kind of challenging test. There is no map or guide to tell you where to go, instead you are expected to explore and learn the hard way - aka going to the Ruins of New Londo when you first arrive in Lordan is not advisable...unless you are a Veteran chasing that Firekeepers Soul on a suicide run ;)

- Framerate in some areas takes a nosedive. Blight town is where it`s most noticeable.

I completed Dark Souls about 7 times with different builds and by far the easiest build was using Enchanted Claymore with Medium Armour and plenty of Sorcery spells like Dark Bead, Homing Crystal SoulMass and White Dragon Breath.
Thats another great thing about Dark Souls - trying out new builds and seeing what works well against the various Bosses in the game.

My only real annoyance is the Silver Archer in Anor Londo - who can punish you over and over again...DS players will know what I`m talking about. The other annoying thing for me is the Boss: Bed of Chaos...it`s purely a scripted boss and comes down to memorising the pattern with a dose of luck. It`s the only Boss that felt "Cheesy" to me.

Overall though, Dark Souls is a highly addictive game once you understand the mechanics.
You may die...and die...and die...but it`s never due to cheap tricks by the Game, instead it will be Dark Souls punishing you
for making a mistake and not learning from it.

This game will make you cry, laugh and rage hard but when you persevere and kick the 4 Kings or Gwyn or Smough & Ornstein`s butt, you will shout with Triumph!

Dark Souls 2 is on the Horizon and promises more torture and rewards in spades..

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on 10 June 2015
Dark souls can be frustrating if your not patient enough to think before you start hacking and slashing at an enemy that is significantly more powerful than you but if you time your hits right you should do ok.It looks great graphically and the gameplay is isolating and atmospheric with some cool enemies especially the boss encounters which if you are struggling and are playing online you can usually summon another player to help you defeat the bosses etc.This version includes the extra dlc on the disc.Love it!
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on 11 July 2014
RPG fans everywhere will probably know about Demon's Souls, Dark Souls build and improves this. challenging gameplay, amazing visuals, vast open words, extensive weapons, armour and character customisation. This is truly a landmark game with some excellent DLC added to make it even better.

Don't buy this and assume you will finish it in a couple of hours. This game teaches you lessons you won't soon forget!
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on 7 March 2014
Well you are going to die and that's for sure. The game is great though with many challenges and options. It's easy to pick up although some of the stats upgrading is a little difficult until you get used to it. I'd like a little less " farming " but overall it's as good as you get with action and challenges. I got this edition which is after a number of patches but it plays 1000% better than fallout vegas which kept freezing and so on.
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on 24 January 2013
I ordered Dark Soul's Prepare to Die Edition immediately after finishing Demon's Soul.
I've played the game for more than 70 hours now and I love it. It's as addictive as the first one. Everything has been improved: a greater environment, better graphics, more monsters, more weapons... The game is not perfect of course: the frame rate drops in certain levels and the AI makes the enemy do strange things sometimes. But overall it is a terrific game, a great experience that changes you as a gamer.
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on 12 October 2015
The game was very hard for me,so I chickend out playing it again. But I will still give the game a respectable thumbs up for die hard fans or new comers. I did however nearly manage to complete Demon's Souls.
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