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on 29 March 2017
I bought this because of a motherboard failure on one of my PCs. I already have a Gigabyte 790FXTA-UD5 which has been very reliable so I decided to buy Gigabyte again. The motherboard looks impressive and very well made, a replacement back plate was supplied so that all the usb ports etc were nicely housed. If your PC case does not have a replaceable I/O plate, it is extremely old, you need to replace it! The CPU ZIF lever is metal not plastic so I'm not sure why it was referred to as "filmsy" by some reviewers, it's a standard metal lever. Ultra Durable referrs to the thickness of the copper traces, and higher quality components with a higher life expectancy. Try Googling "Gigabyte Ultra Durable", doesn't meant it will never fail but it should last much longer. The board was revision 2 the latest.
Fitting it was very easy, I had to add one extra brass standoff. The board layout allowed fitting of the CPU, cooling fan and DDR3 ram before fitting the M/B into the case. All of the securing screws could be fitted without touching CPU/RAM.
It was also possible to raise the edge of the board to fit the 20/24 pin plug allow pressure to be applied from top and bottom instead of just downward.
The only thing I had to change was the Power LED connector. My previous M/B needed a 3 pin plug with 2 pins next to each other. This M/B needs the pins at each end i.e. a gap between them, I think this is more usual.
After fitting and checking, powered up straight into BIOS setup, can't ask more than that.
I am very pleased with this motherboard.
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on 23 March 2017
This is a review for the Gigabyte SKT-AM3 78LMT-USB3 Motherboard, which was actually a bit of an impulse buy for me. I had upgraded someone's PC and ended up with enough extra parts to make up a spare one for myself, but I needed an AM3+ board to stick them in. This was available, mATX sized and I've liked Gigabyte boards in the past, so here we are.

I received a Rev 6 board (the black one) and you get the usual manual, driver CD and SATA cables included in the box. You also get an IDE cable (!), which is the first indicator that this is a pretty old motherboard.

Build quality is great, the board looks good and the layout makes sense, except for the little PCIe slot, which is underneath the graphics card slot. The problem with this is that you probably will need to use the graphics card slot, since the in-built Radeon HD 3000 isn't supported by Windows 10 (and you could probably do with the extra performance from a dedicated card, even without Windows 10). If you're planning on using both slots, then be careful with how wide your graphics card is.

The board also has a few bottlenecks in terms of 1333Mhz memory speed (Update from when I first wrote this: the Rev 6 board actually supports up to 1600Mhz memory, but I've put some 1866Mhz memory in there, set it to run full speed in the BIOS and had no problems) and SATA2 ports (not SATA3, although you need an SSD to really get the benefits from that). You can go into the BIOS for some pretty straightforward looking overclocking, or use the EasyTune software from Gigabyte. I've been building PCs for years and never dared to overclock anything, so I can't really comment on that.

Still, running Windows 10 with just an AMD FX-4100 CPU and a Radeon HD 6450 GPU, I've had no problems with the board and I've been very happy with the performance. Obviously, there are newer and better boards out there nowadays, however if you're just looking to do something with an AM3 CPU, then I think this would be a great choice.

(Oh, and this is nit-picking, but the Rev 4 board colour scheme was blue and the Rev 6 board colour scheme is black. However, they apparently haven't updated the colour for the SATA cables, so you get a sleek, black board with garish, baby-blue SATA cables to plug into it. That's just a warning to anyone who's bothered by that sort of thing!)
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on 1 August 2016
It is a value board with the main downside being sata2 pci-e 2 and only 1 case fan port.

However it has a usb3 header and the memory runs at 1866mhz out the box which was a surprise since I was expecting 1333mhz speeds.

Going to stick another 16gb in to max it out and it runs my fx8350 fine. Looks good as well
review image
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on 29 August 2016
The AM3 platform is of a dieing breed but this did an excellent job paired up with an AMD FX4300.
It's still in use and will be up to the point my brother upgrades his computer (which may still be a while)

AMD isn't suitable for enthusiasts so I won't talk about overclocking or fancy features but the motherboard is a typical, budget gaming build motherboard that will last the user through some good punishment (lots and lots of gamin)
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on 18 September 2016
Great , does all it needs,
Got my FX 4300 in it and it helps alot with overclocking more than other boards
The usb 3.0 is so useful these days on a budget board. Can`t beleive that Gigabyte could cram so much into this in such a low price, Props to them :)
The only slight complaint is the placement of the rear I/O ports, as the usbs are not all near each other but that`s just an artificial complaint that i found but it doesn`t really matter.
5 Stars. Great product, Amazing for its price. Worth a purchase
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on 30 November 2016
Great mobo ,I wanted to build a budget pc to replace the old am3 ,
Specs 78LMT-USB3
Asus gtx 750 1GB Gpu
Corsair 2x4GB ram
Fx4300 CPU
All working great .
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on 30 May 2017
All working well so far.
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on 23 November 2015
great, cheap lil board. nothing much to say to be honest. fit this with my phenom II X6 1055T and 12GB RAM and worked straight out the box. so far only had it one day but the board seems to be keeping very good temps even when the system is under loads, did some game testing and is very capable of that as well! if your on a budget then this is probably for you, though i will update review as time goes on. seems very solid so i have no doubts it will last a long time!
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on 16 August 2017
good quality chipset, had it more than year well worth it, all works well, no problems with drivers
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on 14 July 2017
Great mobo, everything works fine. 4 RAM slots is a big bonus. Delivery was quick and packaging was good. would recommend
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