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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 11 February 2013
I did a lot of research before buying these, I wanted style, comfort and great sound quality of course. Beats by Dre were way too base heavy and drown out all other sounds with its incredible washed out, drone-like base tone. They also would leak sound like an old sewage pipe. By comparison, these headphones leak nothing and shut out pretty much all outside noise, practically acting as noise cancelling headphones. Was in a loud bar that was playing heavy metal music...put them on and could hear what I was listening to clearly, forgetting how loud it was outside until I took the headphone's off. They're definitely a base heavy headphone, but the quality is crisp and it doesn't drown out the rest of the track. So you can still hear a lot of mid-high end frequencies. They look amazing too, are durable and get better the more you listen to I'm extremely happy. Great buy
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on 22 April 2013
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm really pleased with these. To my ears and the style of music I listen to, I'd say these are an all rounder headphone - well balanced and not swaying too much in any one particular direction.

They look absolutely amazing too - I know you can't see them when they're on your head, but they're very stylish indeed (I just hope not too attractive to potential muggers though!)

Clearly a lot of thought has gone into the design of these, (they even squidge up to make them more compact when not in use)and I think that's reflected in the RRP.

I don't think these are the absolute best you can get for your money (have a look at the Sennheiser HD25 range instead if you're really serious about sound quality) but as a pair of headphones that blend above average sound quality with style, you could certainly do a lot worse than these.
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on 18 May 2015
I bought a pair of these 3 years ago for approx £150 and used them daily for approx 8 hours ( my autistic son requires them for a coping mechanism) they still work but due to excessive use the band inside (not the leather casing) has snapped ( so still use in home) so this is my second pair,I highly recommend the product for quality , sturdiness and excellent all round performance.Brilliant !
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on 2 March 2016
Great headphones with very good and clear sound, just enough bass too without being over powering. Build quality is also good. My only gripe is the cups dont rotate out but i can live with that. The cup cushions are very soft and comfortable on the ear. The cord is rigid and hard to straighten out as mine has kept the kinks and bends since i opened them.

Handy carry case with them plus a cleaning cloth.

I would reccommend these headphones and for £50.00 they were a complete bargain. Love the green colour.
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on 17 August 2016
Bought these off of Amazon and was initially very happy with them. They fold up nicely and the sound quality is great. However after just over a month the left ear just stopped working. The warranty terms state the product must be returned to the US for a replacement to be sent. Not helpful as I live in the UK and I may as well buy a new pair for the cost. Amazon won't return as it is outside 30 days.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 May 2013
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When I received these headphones for review I wasn't sure what to expect. Whilst I am familiar with the works of Mr Cent, of 'Fiddy' as I believe he is known in the parlance of the street, I know that his genre of music isn't my usual listening ground. I can respect the fact that he is a very succesful musician and obviously has an ear that should lend itself to helping producing audio decent products. I'm generally dubious of celebrity tie ups with any products but I wanted to approach with an open mind and took the opion that at the price point of these they should be pretty good headphones whatever music you put through them. And in most respects I think that these headphones are actually pretty damn good.

The packaging is a sizeable box with a picture of 50 Cent looking mean and moody on one side and the usual picture of the product and the specifications speel on the other sides. On removing this outer sleeve there is a bright blue box inside with a magnetic flap that folds out to reveal another profile of 50 Cent. Open this final flap and beneath are the headphones themselves. Or rather the headphones inside a rather nice looking black 'turtle shell' case with blue highlights for the zip and stiched detail. The carry case feels pretty solid and has a good quality zip around it to keep the headphones securely stored when in a bag or such. I would say it is probably sized similar to a small pineapple, so not small but not an impossible size for an overnight bag or such.

On opening the 'turtle shell' inside where the headphones themselves. First impressions were good. They looked very smart in black with electric blue 'S' designs on the earpieces. They were folded over and on unfolding them they felt solid and fixed into place with a reassuring sounding click.

In general use then they adapt for size very easily but in a solid way that means once they are set. They feel comfortable and fixed once on my head, and are actually very comfortable. not only is the padding on the earphones very good and soft but there is also a padded piece on the top of the head band that means you have a nice, comfortable feeling all round. As a middle aged chap with little hair on top this was particularly welcome as often headphones without padding on the top can rub and feel uncomfortable after a while. Not so with these, they were still feeling great after several hours of continuous wear.

The lead for the headphones is not actually a permanent fixture. These headphones come with a bright blue lead to connect them in a conventional wired fashion. This lead is again a solid feeling piece, it is tangle-free and it is of a decent length for use and it is also a microphone remote so you can take calls via the headphones. However the funcionality of the remote is not brilliant as it doesn't contain the ability to change volume, and for Android users like me you are limited to only using it to answer calls and nothing more. Apple users can change tracks with a couple of clicks of the remote button. That said, the quality of the mic is good and after a couple of test calls I can confirm it works well for phone calls.

So in terms of look and comfort I am pretty impressed. Feels like a quality product and is very comfortable to wear. Now onto the sound.

I tested these with my usual ecletic mix of music. A bit of Foo Fighters, Beatles, Beastie Boys and Mozart. I started by basically switching everything to default, flat settings on my audio stuff. Some were definitely better than others on these headphones so a bit of a breakdown.

Foo fighters first up and this went pretty well. 'Gimme Stiches' sounded crisp and the stereo worked nicely on these. Bass was heavy but not too overpowering. The trebles came through crisp and bright, good balance overall on this sort of guitar and drum heavy stuff. Threw a few other 'rock' tracks at it and pretty similar across the range. So I'm happy with these for rocking out to.

Beatles next. The White Album is always a good testing ground thanks to the variety of styles on there. It played the gentler stuff quite nicely, the guitar opening of 'Here Comes the Sun' sounded particularly nice and remained crisp and balanced when the rest of the bank kicked in. The 'You Never Give me Your Money' montage also stood up well. Vocals very clear and the piano balanced nicely with the guitars. Drums a little bit lost at times though so perhaps a bit of treble missing at times. Anyway, still pretty good.

Beastie Boys were also handled pretty well. 'To the 5 Boroughs' gave the bass a good work out and it was handled without any distortion I could pick up with the treble still remaining clear. Vocals clear.

A bit of Mozart to finish and also handled fairly well. The Requiem Mass has all the power and delicacy required to test out any audio equipment, in my opinion. And I could listen to it over and over again so always helpful :-). The headphones stood up to the power of the choir without losing the pulsing orchestra beneath. Only when all hell is breaking loose did the bass get a bit fuzzy and treble sound a touch harsher than hoped for.

All in all then I found these headphones a very versatile audio performer. And with a bit of tweaking on the audio stuff for particular types of music they should do even better. They aren't noise cancelling which does take some points away but with the help of a friend we found that once on the head there is very little noise escaping from them, and very little external noise making it's way in. So they should be good for the commute or travelling.

Overall then. Great build quality and look very stylish. The electric blue lead aside they are subtler than some other similar brands and audio quality for this money is, I think, pretty good. Downside is the remote could have volume control at the very least, and at this price point there is some pretty serious audio competition in the form of AKG, Grado and the like. These are certainly the most comfortable headphones I've worn and they feel very stable on the move, so if you want good audio in great comfort then these are definitely a good choice. If we were nit-picking these are probably 4.5 out of 5 but being a generous soul I have gone for the 5* rating.
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on 29 July 2016
These headphones have fantastic sound quality aswell as a big amount of bass which pairs great with hip-hop or electronic music tastes. They are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time with very soft ear muffs and a cushion on the headband.

Now for the negatives. After about six months of using these headphones the headband began to Crack and has now snapped, making the attached cushion and wires the only thing keeping the headphones in one-piece. Due to I believe the fact sms audio is out of business I can't use the warranty that came with the headphones as there is now no website for sms audio at the time of writing this review. So beware of this before buying
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VINE VOICEon 16 May 2013
Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The new version of the SMS Audio STREET By 50 Cent series. I ABSOLUTELY adore these headphones, because the most important thing about headphones, i.e. the sound quality, is what you'll notice once you put them on. The sound quality is incredible, both the deep bass sound and the clear high noise frequency like acoustic guitars, the cymbals etc. I've already tried different types of sound, e.g. rock, pop, disco, jazz, and classical music, and I can happily give them AAAs. I use headphones regularly at work and although mine are the largest ones in the office, I don't care because I know that the sound I'm listening to is the best!

Apart from the sound quality, the material that is used next to your ears is very comfortable and fits well too. They're not noise-cancelling headphones, but this material manages to cut most noises from outside - not sure if they can get any better in cancelling outside noises as the non noise-cancelling headphones.

I rarely see other people using them on the London Underground, so it's a kind of nice to be the only one using them at the moment, but I'm sure I'll see more of them in the future, as the sound quality speaks for itself.

FYI, you might want to compare them to this earlier model which is cheaper now: SMS Audio STREET By 50 Cent Over-Ear Wired Headphones - Black. The original price is much higher, but because this model is the predecessor to these ones the older ones are now cheaper. Although they're slightly heavier, the sound quality is EXTREMELY good too!

Hope this helps.
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on 19 February 2015
Curtis Jackson is a genius along with the boys at SMS - these headphones are just the best.

Il start with my only 2 problems..they are a different colour green as shown in the picture, however I still like it they're not ugly. Secondly, on the wire at the end that goes into your iPod/phone or whatever you use.. the tiny little green circle that has the sms logo on has been chipped but it doesn't bother me one bit as they are amazing and were only £56!
Plus green is my favourite colour - I don't want to complain.

Now the pros..
If amazing headphones is what you want then don't keep reading, just go back up and buy these sexy beasts!
Sound quality is amazing and many have said especially if you listen to hip hop..they're correct , I have 'test songs' when I buy new phones..they range from Xzibit, the dogg pound, 213 then whack a bit of Muse on or CCR to see what rock is like - they perform perfect all round.
Beats? Beat it - beats are decent but these are just yes yes yes.
First time anyone ever says this 'I love how cheap they feel' - weird huh? You get them out, they're real light but not to light, lot of plastic but they are so so so durable!
Leather on the cans an headband is so soft and comfy.
Oh and something no other review has covered - WEAR EARRINGS? THESE BAD BOYS WONT CAUSE 'DIG IN TO THE NECK' know what I mean? They don't do that I could keep them on for days.
Review over. 11/10
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Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The 'SMS Audio Street Headphones by 50 Cent' are a set of wired headphones that are designed to not only look stylish, but deliver a high audio performance to boot. As well as being available in a number of different colours, 50 Cent's 'Street' range also includes the 'SMS Audio Street Earphones' - which to be honest may look good, but ultimately failed to deliver a sound that properly reflected the price tag. The big question is - how will the headphones version stand up?

Upon opening up the packaging for the first time it instantly becomes apparent that the manufacturers and marketers of the headphones are clearly trying to make an impression of high-quality with the uber-luxurious and contemporary packaging.

The designers of the headphones themselves have certainly put a lot of effort into how the headphones will look. A combination of matt and gloss finishes, along with the incorporation of faux-leather where the headphones will ultimately make contact with the user, makes for a reasonably high-quality look to the headphones at the very least.

Comfort-wise, these badboys really are some of the best designed headphones for their comfort value. The adjustable headband slider along with the pivoting earcups, and the comfortable faux-leather cushions make for an incredibly comfortable and adjustable feel.

Now then - on to the actual sound quality. When you first start listening to some music with the headphones on the listener is instantly greeted by what on first impression sounds to be a full and tantalisingly rich sound. The bass seems to have been boosted somewhat - with its depth and overall presence on the tracks emphasised more than other high-performance headphones.

However, like with the 50 Cent earphones, the clean and crispness of the sound reproduction is once again severely lacking. It's okay if you're going to be listening to bold as brass R&B or something of a similar ilk, but with music that includes a more natural or intricate sound involving multiple layers - the headphones lose their way; producing a flat and amalgamated reproduction.

Compared with the earphones the overall audio performance was still markedly better. The headphones could handle much more bass than the earphones, and acoustic notes did maintain a good deal of their natural sound.

Disappointingly the headphones don't offer any noise-cancellation, so expect to hear a certain amount of background noise if wearing the headphones out-and-about. Similarly, with the volume only moderately up, the headphones bleed noise outwards - so if you like to listen to your music on a packed train or the like - you may want to think about turning the volume down nice and low, or expect some disgruntled passengers around you!

Another let-down with the headphones was with the Audio Control Button which only offers 'Call Answering' or track-skipping (and the latter only on certain devices). There's no volume control or any other equally handy functionality.

The headphones do come with a funky carry case which the headphones can fold-up into to keep them all tucked-up safe and sound. There's also a soft cleaning cloth for keeping the headphones looking all buffed-up and shiny. And the anti-tangle wire really is anti-tangle - which is a definite plus point!
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