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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars

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on 8 July 2010
There's been a lot of backlash towards "Ongoing" and most of it revolves around the artwork, particularly the faces. The previous reviewer's comments about the eyes are spot on, but if anything the facial design (bar the eyes) actually humanises the robots further.

This isn't a text you can pick up as an introduction to the series and relies on you having read "All Hail Megatron". To say that we've seen this all before isn't really accurate either, as many tensions remain at the end and several character arcs continue in later stories- it will be interesting to see where Hot Rod's story goes. There are some nice, subtle touches in some of the frames that would imply those of us around in '84 will be headed on somewhat of a nostalgia trip. my one complaint character-wise would be that Ultra Magnus seems to be written with no consideration for the stories preceeding this one.

I've enjoyed the entirety of the IDW series. There are dips in quality but this is a good read with some surprising developments. Provided you don't expect the 'bots to all look exactly like their g1 counterparts, this is well worth adding to your collection.
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on 9 August 2010
Transformers Ongoing launches a new era in the robot vs. robot saga set after the events of All Hail Megatron.

I was anticipating a new and exciting direction, one that myself and fellow TFs comic book fans could get their optics into, but sadly, much like All Hail Megatron, this series fails to deliver to the high-octane, vast character potential and robots-in-disguise action I was hoping for!

Set on Earth focusing on a rag-tag group of Autobots & Decepticons (with spotlights on lesser known characters getting good 'screen time'), civil unrest among the two groups causes issues about leadership and their reasons for still being on Earth. I won't say what happens to Optimus Prime, but lets just say it's considerably out of character and quite frankly a giant letdown from what you'd expect from him. And don't get me started on Ironhide! (I just feel IDW milked what happened to him to get more £ with his own spin-off title linked to this one) but anyway...

One of my biggest issues with the current IDW-verse of TFs titles (excluding the spotlights which were brilliant) is the constant need for humans and their storylines! I appreciate that it keeps in tune with the G1 80s cartoons as they had Spike etc, but I feel hard done by when I expect to enjoy giant robot action, when instead I actually get panel after panel of mundane human characters that seem to possess the technology to defeat the Decepticons! I just wish they would remove the whole human element completely, get off Earth, back into space and continue the fight elsewhere!

The artwork has taken a lot of criticism with this series, and with good reason. Pencilling this story arc is Don Figueroa - quite simply one of the best TFs artists since Pat Lee. I was shocked and surprised by his artwork when compared to his other work such as TFs War Within. Some of his attention to detail on vehicles is very sloppy and his unusual artistic direction to draw the TFs with bland and similar facial expressions is not what I've come to expect from this creator. However, he does draw robots better than people. I just wish the script didn't have so much of them in!

I'm prepared to give this series the benefit of the doubt, and once the TFs get off Earth and Optimus Prime back to his proper post, then this ongoing series will have something going for itself. I just hope it's not too little, too late.
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on 6 July 2010
The Story:
Nothing new. Without giving too much away Optimus leaves the autobots to fend for themselves for a while.
Theres some tension between them, then there isn't. Its been told before.
Optimus seems to have loads of faith in the Autobots considering they completely go to pieces every time their left on their own.

In All Hail Megatron the world was at stake, here the only think at stake are a few badly drawn characters you'll find it hard to care about.

The Art:
Don Figueroa is a BRILLIANT artist, he's drawn some of the best new transformer art ever.
He decided to draw each Transformer to look more like the movie-inspired transformers. Hey he took a chance.

And they look awful.

These are transformers he's already drawn, looking great, and now, embarrasingly.......their parts are showing.
Vents for teeth, or nails for teeth
Multiple plates for faces.
Tiny beady (dead) eyes.
Hey they look like wouldn't want to look at.

If this was a movie based book you could put up with it, many of them look like "art" people have put together in their yard.
But its a continuation of the "classic" transformers story.
On character model that have already been drawn that looked interesting and had a nostalgic feel.
These new models should look life-like and expressive, instead they look like plates and nails that appear to be trying to express something.

Its great to draw them as robots, they're not human after all, but drawing them as INHUMAN has possible makes the comic difficult to read and very hard to recommend.

But if you're like me you'll buy the book anyway.
It might be a dip in the overall story quality but the Transformers have a way of telling a great larger story that allows for dips like this.

But lets try to draw them like Transformers, not a bucket of parts that got kicked over and happen to look like a face.
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on 15 December 2010
The art style is interesting, as is the story but there are a few missteps here and there that can detract fromt he experience. Still, give it a go.
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on 14 March 2013
Its a great book glad I got it cant wait for the next book in the series awesome stuff buy it now
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