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Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Mono Headset - Black
Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:£55.44+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 24 September 2016
We bought one of these after all other headsets started the stop working or fall apart.

A reliable headset is a must for a professional driver & this one has stepped up to the mark.

Quick charging
Great sound on both sides of the call
Great build quality
After months of daily use, not one issue to report

Looks a bit bulky but actually quite comfortable to wear
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on 15 June 2016
The product itself is really good and works well however the enclosed documentation is sketchy to say the least. It refers you to their website to download a product updater unfortunately if you use widows 10 then it doesn't work at the moment. The customer helpline were very helpful they checked that it was fully functional but in all honesty if you download the handbook there is every bit of information you need. Its very comfortable to wear and I have it connected to my land line and mobile simultaneously when I am in the office- great.
All in all its a big step up from the £20 units and I would definitely recommend it if you are seeking to buy a Bluetooth headset.
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on 13 February 2017
This really is the best headset............ tried others and although they are very good they dont have the voice command for compete hands free calling, its useful to just press a button say a name from your contacts list and have the call go through as this headset does, that alone gives it the edge on the others.I had to buy a cheaper headset (couldn't afford another Planatronics) as I lost my one after continual use for seven months and although the cheaper one works well it is not quite as good as the Planatronics Voyager. Loved it. If you have the money This is the one to buy
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on 20 January 2013
Having had and carelessly lost a couple of previous variants, I opted for the Voyager Legend this time. Pairing was as easy as possible, the thing just did it as soon as I switched it on. A seperate tactile on/off switch removes any doubt as well as the nice lady telling me that I am connected with 7 hours talk time.

It operates Siri on my iphone 4s much better than my previous Voyager Pro and seems to understand my voice better. Its a quite comfortable fit though there are a couple of replacable ear buds in the box as well as strange but clever magnetic charging cradle and car charger. I cannot imaging needing that as I rarely need to talk on the phone for 7 hours on a single journey. Their best yet. It would be better still when/if Plantronics release a tracking app for the iPhone as they have done for Android to give me a fighting chance of finding it again when I drop it in the car park
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on 15 January 2014
I've tried numerous products over the years - earpiece and speaker systems - and this is by far the best.
Prior to using this I had always reverted to using the wired earpiece that came with my phone: now though I am sticking with this nice piece of kit.
Positives: comfortable, long battery life (after 3 days use it still tells me it's got 6 hours talk-time remaining!), ability to say "answer" or "ignore" when call comes through - AND IT WORKS, proper on/off switch instead of holding a button for x seconds.
Like all earpieces you look a bit of a plank but I use it only in the car.

I'm now on my second unit as, after two years abuse (being dropped in the foot-well of the car, being trodden on etc.) the first one started losing it's noise-cancelling function. Still the best one available and battery life has improved!
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on 11 April 2016
I have had this bluetooth headset for a couple of weeks now.

I bought this for my son who is a coach driver, He is impressed with it as it gives him about 6.5 hours talk time and it also plays music or audio files but has an impact on battery life.

The microphone is good and seems to cut out most of the background noise and gives a clear sounding voice on both ends, the microphone is not too long nor does it look like you have mistakenly left the office still attached to your pc headset.

it does have a voice activated answer or ignore feature which isn't very accurate so answering via the call button is the best option.
you can hold the call button which will allow you to use a service like google to make calls or set alarms or search the internet by voice which works well.

now this does take some getting used to as the battery and bulk of this device sits behind the ear just like a hearing aid which can feel quite strange but once used to the feel its hardly noticeable.

Overall it is a good headset and it is recommended
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on 5 June 2013
I bought this headset to replace my old Motorola H17. It took a while to get used to the size of this headset. It's a lot bulkier than most other brands out there. Once you adapt to this then you tend to forget that you're even wearing it. It is one of the most comfortable headsets I've ever owned. It actually resembles a hearing aid set in some ways by the way the main body of the unit sits behind your ear. It also took a while to get used to the boom which houses the main microphone and noise cancellation microphones. A slide switch mounted on the unit makes it easy to power the device on which is much better than other brands which require you to push and hold a button to turn the unit on and off. There's a rocker lever mounted above the on/off switch for volume control. A pin array below the power switch is the charging and data connector. A proprietary charging cable connects magnetically to this pin array. Some reviewers see this as a problem as it means an extra cable to deal with when most other manufacturers use the standard micro USB type connector. I don't see this as a problem however. The audio quality is as good as you will find on any other half decent headset. The 'smart sensor' feature is a waste of time. The unit could not tell the difference between me wearing or not wearing the headset and I found the audio being constantly routed to my phone when I was wearing the headset. I disabled this feature via the software on the website which solved that problem. The A2DP feature is really great as it enables me to watch video clips and music without bothering anyone around me. It's also a multipoint headset so you can pair your private phone and a work phone for example simultaneously. The voice command feature is a bit gimmicky and doesn't really work well. I find that this headset does a better job than my old Motorola H17 at reconnecting a phone when you move out of Bluetooth range and back again. So overall this is a great headset but does take a day or two to get used to the physical size of the device. It's probably the best unit I've owned so far and I certainly do recommend it.
Maybe one day they will invent a headset that fits so well on your ear that it will mould itself to your ear pretty much like those tentacle thingies in Avatar but I guess that's a long way off....ha....ha....
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on 8 July 2015
This is a very good earpiece. Having had previous planatronics models before this I like the new on/off switch, rather than a button, which is easier to use and shows clearly whether or not the device is turned on. Sound quality is also good and I have had no complaints from people I am talking to.

My only gripe though is that they have moved away from standard micro USB charging, to needing to use the magnetic charging cradle provided to plug into a charger. For me this is completely unnecessary and a backwards step. In my job I am often on the move, often using different vehicles. Now whereas before I had cheap standard micro USB chargers in various vehicles and around the home which I could just plug either my phone or the old earpiece into for a top up, now you cannot charge the earpiece unless you carry the tiny magnetic charging cradle around with you in your pocket to plug into your micro USB charger. This just makes it much less versatile and I cannot see why they have done it. This may not be a problem for some people, but it is very inconvenient for me and therefore it loses 2 stars.
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on 13 June 2014
I had an older Plantronics headset that had failed so I bought this one.

On the plus side, it works very well with my Galaxy S5, having more facilities than you can shake a stick at (or remember sometimes). The audio is especially clear and is the best I have ever heard. The magnetic charging socket is an inspired design feature too.

On the negative side, the older headset was also paired with my Berkshire desk phone. Although I did successfully pair with the Berkshire, the Voyager Legend was too smart for it and it didn't seem possible to just use it in answer-only mode.

The net result was I bought a second hand headset for the Berkshire and this new headset stays with my S5!
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on 24 November 2015
I've had a couple of Bluetooth earpieces but always got the comments that I was talking from underwater. I didn't want to upgrade the car's stereo to a Bluetooth system as the car needs changing in the next couple of years. This one was found by accident and it is fantastic. The buttons are easy to use; hangs over the ear ans the earpiece just sits in the bowl of the ear.
The incoming sound levels are fantastic and even though it has a volume button, the lowest is still clear to hear. The boom mike does look a bit 'city trader' but is soon overlooked when the sound dampening mics do their thing.
When travelling at motorway speeds my voice was so clear to the listener that I'm being asked to lower my voice. It really is like talking to someone sat next to you on a bench.
A really good product and well worth paying the extra against some others. It does seem strange that it doesn't have the same universal charger as most mobile phones but the magnetic dock still does the job quickly.
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