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on 18 June 2017
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on 6 April 2014
I'm in my early thirties and since the latter end of the last decade and early part of the current decade (at time of writing), I've gradually freed my mind from the partially installed establishment consensus which has plagued my educational life through school and college (I bypassed university and don't regret doing so, considering it's increasingly become one of the epicentres of the modern indoctrination apparatus out there, but I digress). I have read much of the so-called big names in 'left-wing' non-fiction including the likes of 'heavyweights' such as Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, Naomi Klein and Adam Curtis which made-up the bulk of my reading material during my twenties.

Gradually however, after seeing and observing deterioration in most areas on a local, national and international level in one form or another, I started reading the works of authors such as Peter Hitchens, Melanie Phillips and Jonah Goldberg (amongst others) at the early part of the decade and have gradually come to the conclusion that many populist notions and movements of the current era clearly have far more behind them. The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy sheds much light on what I only grasped in bits and pieces. In some ways it's a big shame the book has the word "Conspiracy" in its title because it suggests it follows the usual line of conspiracy theory madness that seems to crop-up everywhere. Rest assured, while reading this book and upon its completion the word "conspiracy" will be redundant, because unlike most conspiracies which generally talks about unnamed people and secret organizations, this work bombards you with key figures and companies that crop-up time and time again. This isn't a conspiracy, this is an unweeding process!

I won't get into specifics about the content of the book because minds better than mine have submitted reviews of far greater worth than my own. But for people who are in the process or have completely woken-up from the madness that is taking place across the world in the name of the economic world order known as 'Globalisation' and its attempt to engineer a new type of human being (they never learn!), then this book is essential reading. This is one of those books that needs to be read by as many people as possible.

Highly recommended.

ADDITIONAL: It's worth noting that increasingly the best and most informative books are often those that are from apologist authors addressing unfashionable causes, movements and ideals. In recent years the best books I have personally read tend to be those that I have stumbled upon by accident (or design depending on your point of view). If you like this book then http://www.amazon.co.uk/Babel-Inc-Multicultralism-Globalisation-Order/dp/0992736528/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1396813057&sr=1-1&keywords=Babel+Inc will sure to please you too.
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on 5 October 2015
Exposed: the ruling classes’ appalling hypocrisy, depravity and inhumanity and their conspiracy to destroy our world for financial and political gain!

The destruction of Middle Eastern archaeological sites by the terror organisation calling itself “Islamic State” has been rightly condemned by the civilised world as an act of unacceptable barbarity. Unfortunately the world has until now ignored another act of wilful destruction: the destruction of Western civilisation by our very own – and no less barbaric – elites. Ioan Ratiu’s “The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy” shows that Islamic State’s satanic cult is matched by the Western world’s “liberal” ideology of genocide and destruction promoted under false flags like “change”, “progress”, “diversity” and “growth”. The book traces the roots of this to about a century ago when Britain’s Fabian far Left (half-jokingly) proposed blowing up the world’s cathedrals with dynamite.

Fast-forward to 2015, and you’ll see why the deepening refugee crisis that threatens to engulf the whole of Europe and destroy our culture and way of life for ever is just a foretaste of a well-orchestrated plan hatched by multinational corporations and their political and academic collaborators. Always on the lookout for more profit, they intend to kick-start demographic and economic growth on a troubled Continent by bringing hundreds of millions of African and Middle Eastern migrants to Europe in order to supply financial interests with cheap labour and pro-immigrant parties with votes. In line with this agenda the EU aims to merge Europe, North Africa and the Middle East into a Mediterranean Union as a preliminary step to uniting Europe with Africa. But the growing emphasis on cultural and racial diversity also betrays an even more sinister agenda of social engineering amounting to population replacement or genocide.

Will Europe and the West survive this unprecedented onslaught? Considering the way Western politics has been dominated by vested interests since the early 1900s, the book warns that the impending catastrophe can only be prevented by a dramatic change in how European countries are run. This change can only be brought about by an organised Europe-wide mass movement with a clear ideology and a workable plan to implement it. And this requires nothing less than a moral and spiritual revival with a view to re-orientating society and the political system around time-honoured but of late neglected traditional values. Among these the principle of righteousness, once the backbone of Western civilisation, must regain a central place.

The architects of Europe’s “final solution” aren’t sitting idly by. They are working at full speed to create a fait accompli and pre-empt opposition. Governments that refuse to allow their countries to be submerged by mass migration and Islam can expect to have access to investment and credit cut off by those who control key financial institutions like the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

The chapter on immigration exposes Britain’s Cameron government as about as shambolic and inept at defending the interests of the British people as its Labour predecessor. It may have successfully restricted the refugee quota for the UK to a few thousand. But it has miserably failed to reduce mass immigration, allowing over 300,000 (260,000 legals + thousands of illegals) a year to enter the country. Over time this more than matches Germany’s 800,000. The tide is already reaching these shores and it’s just the beginning.

The perilous course on which our leaders have embarked is signalled by new, elite-engineered trends seeking to revive discredited darwinist theories of racial superiority: research by academic institutions with ties to multinational corporations and the political Left claims to show that mixed-race people are “stronger”, “more attractive” and “more successful” than whites, while blacks are said to have “superior genes”. Fabian-controlled think tanks like British Future are actively promoting a progressively non-white Britain.

The Labour Party’s persistent claim that EU membership and mass immigration (resulting in working-class communities being replaced with immigrants) are “good for working people” only confirms what many of us have long suspected: the utopian idealists of the 70s and 80s have become today’s delusional psychopaths. But mass immigration doesn’t just wipe out the indigenous population. It also eliminates resistance to world government. The Left’s migrating masses are the New World Order’s unwitting Stormtroopers. The “progress” trumpeted by the psychotic Left can only mean progression to an Islamo-Stalinist United States of Europe and Africa and the end of the Western world.

The petition to stop immigration to the UK, due to be debated in parliament later this month will show whether democracy, as most people understand it, still exists in Britain.

Not a fan of the political classes, the author has an all-round knowledge of European history, politics and culture that enables him to provide key data missing from mainstream and even “alternative” or “revisionist” publications on the subject (like Booker & North’s “The Great Deception” or Mark Curtis’ “Web of Deceit”). An insightful and well-written book. Highly recommended.

(Suggestion to the publishers: this book might benefit from being made more widely available e.g., in a cheaper PDF/Kindle format or abridged online version)
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on 6 February 2014
This is a solid, no-nonsense and no-holds-barred approach to the interminable yet, as it turns out, terminal ills of modern society.

The principal culprits are correctly identified as household names from the world of international banking, industry and finance, like Rothschild, J P Morgan and Rockefeller, whose overarching objective has been to establish a new world order run by a world government acting on their beck and call.

To achieve its goal, this international cabal has set up a world-spanning spider's web of institutions from the League of Nations to the United Nations and has enlisted the collaboration of "progressive" organisations like the Socialist International.

A reincarnation of Karl Marx's First International, the SI was set up by the Fabian Society - a secretive London-based organisation with close links to the above interests - for the purpose of co-ordinating the policy of socialist parties and governments around the world.

True to its creators' agenda, the International has made it its declared goal to establish a world government represented by the United Nations (a Rockefeller creation) and this goal has been faithfully embraced by the International's affiliated parties such as the British Labour Party - itself a puppet of the Fabian Society - whose manifestos explicitly state:

"For us world government is the final objective and the United Nations the chosen instrument."

With Labour leaders and Fabian Society members like Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson closely involved with Rothschild-Rockefeller interests (Blair was a member of the Rockefeller-dominated World Economic Forum even before becoming Labour leader and Prime Minister), it is not difficult to see where Labour is coming from and where it is heading.

Indeed, all Labour leaders and Prime Ministers have been members of the Fabian Society whose operatives have been involved, with the Rockefellers and associates, in the creation of instruments of world government like the Bilderberg Group.

But the Conservatives also receive their fair share of blame: Lord Milner and his group for engineering the transfer of the Empire from the Crown to the League of Nations, an organisation bankrolled and controlled by Rockefeller and associated interests; Churchill for his secret involvement with Rockefeller-sponsored projects like a United Europe and the Common Market (originally European Coal and Steel Community); Prince Charles for his indiscriminate sponsorship of multiculturalism and Islam with the help of Rockefeller-Arab financial institutions like Investcorp, etc.

The Rockefellers themselves, scheming and pulling the strings from their "Kremlin of New York" - a cluster of closely-knit, left-wing academic and religious institutions located in Manhattan's Morningside Heights neighbourhood - are described as "the tapeworms of American Republicanism and, more generally, of liberal Capitalism."

Conservatives are also blamed for failing to see through the Left's machinations, for allowing themselves to be driven to near-irrelevance by the Left without a fight and for making lurching ever further to the left and becoming more liberal their established "defence strategy."

There is little hope of help, direction or guidance from outside the political system, such as Church leaders, who have long succumbed to Fabian activism and find it expedient to follow the lead of international bodies like the Rockefellers' World Council of Churches.

This calculated, wholesale betrayal by our leaders has left ordinary citizens stranded and struggling with the horrific results of official policies leading to large-scale population displacement, loss of cultural and religious identity and, above all, loss of democracy and freedom. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that what we are witnessing is nothing less than the end of Western civilisation.

State-enforced mass immigration (or population replacement) is exposed as the international cabal's instrument of social engineering. As a sign of the shape of things to come, a former senior vice-president of the Rockefeller Foundation proudly announces that America's future belongs to African-Americans and Latinos. The chairman of the Rockefellers' Trilateral Commission and head of the UN Forum on Migration (an outfit created at the instigation of Rockefeller-lieutenant Kofi Annan) demands that the European Union undermine the ethnic and cultural identity of its member-states.

Nicolas Sarkozy (like Blair and Jose Manuel Barroso, a member of the Rockefeller-WEF Global Leaders of Tomorrow group) and his entourage are exposed as the architects of the Mediterranean Union a.k.a. Union for the Mediterranean, a Rothschild-Rockefeller-sponsored project aiming to unite the European Union with North Africa and the Middle East as a step towards the unification of Europe and Africa and, eventually, a cabal-controlled World State....

The author convincingly concludes that, all things considered, there is no remedy but to regard the political establishment as a foreign power and follow the example of Third-World anti-colonial and freedom movements that our hypocritical leaders have been supporting and applauding for their own self-serving ends.
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on 2 September 2016
Well I have read Caroll Quigley a lot, and cross referenced most of the evidence in this book where it can be cross referenced, and have concluded that this is all indeed correct. A most excellent, thoroughly researched and presented book which if only more people would read and study. However one slight flaw in it is that is this group of the Milner Fabian group are not the only part of the conspiracy- yes it goes a very long way to explain it- but there are other actors. But then the book only tries to explain the Milner Fabian part of it so it's not too much of a flaw after all! The only people who would be offended by this book are people who don't like to know the truth and leftists... probably because it causes them to have to question everything they know and then retreat into their shell! People from the left will also not like this book but that's exactly why they should read it. The Milner group was actually Liberal but with the Fabianist they are certainly left. Keep up the excellent work Mr Ratiu!!!
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on 28 May 2017
Poorly edited drivel. If you think there might be more going on in the world than at first meets the eye you're probably right but you won't find any answers between the covers of this crap. There are other, better history books about Lord Milner, the Fabians etc.. Keep looking.
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on 24 July 2015
A superb overview of the Marxis/Socialist world elites agenda and strategy. It provides good insight into the history and the reasons for why we see the things going on around us that make no sense to so many (or a least the few that are bothering to pay attention - which is exactly the way the elites would have it). A covert and overarching cause of the monopolistic agenda of the world elites can only be enacted through means of socialism, which comes by means of denigrating sovereignty and removing all forms of national identity and having the far reaching tentacles into every area of human life, globally. The sly means by which the liberal left has gone from Communism by revolution to Communism by evolution, all under the guise of democratic Capitalism, is nothing short of genius and laid out plain, well researched in history. It is no coincidence that all these things take place into a final crescendo as man loses the moral compass completely and allows himself to be subjugated by a New Word Order through means of a Global Islamic Caliphate. Highly recommended and very well researched.
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on 24 October 2012
The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy documents the historical background, creation, development, interaction and global impact of the two organizations and their international network of power and influence.

The author is an independent historian and researcher with first-hand experience of Socialist rule in Eastern Europe.

The book is well written and is worth reading.
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on 17 October 2012
If there is one book that makes it really imperative for recent history to be rewritten, this is it. To give just one example, as the author Ioan Ratiu shows, the two world wars had absolutely nothing to do with "German militarism" and everything to do with British imperialism that started with the Boer Wars.

The Milner Group, the clique behind the British Empire, was deliberately and systematically monopolizing all of the world's natural resources, making it impossible for other powers to survive as independent nations without colonies. The Group (described in Carroll Quigley's The Anglo-American Establishment) already controlled over half of the world's gold production, virtually all of the diamond production, plus most of the world's oil and other resources. It also controlled the gold price and aimed to impose a worldwide gold standard complete with global banking system controlled by itself.

To eliminate economic competition and to keep Germany out of Africa and other parts of the world, the Group launched a massive anti-German propaganda campaign from 1895 and dragged America into the two world wars with the assistance of its Eastern Establishment associates and a global web of Anglo-American societies like the Pilgrims. Together with the Fabian Society and American collaborators, the Group set up the League of Nations, the United Nations, the European Union and other organizations designed to establish world government and bring mankind under its control.

After the Second World War, the same interests have also promoted mass immigration as a supply of cheap labor; multiculturalism as a means of defusing ethnic and cultural conflict created by mass immigration; and Islamization as a device for accommodating the new Muslim colonies established in the Western world and for appeasing the above interests' increasingly powerful business partners in oil-rich Islamic states.

The result is that the West has been pushed into a defensive corner from where it's hard to see a way out. With hundreds of references, the book is a mine of information as well as making fascinating reading. Sadly, as the author points out in the introduction, it's easier to see the tragedy than the hope in the disturbing picture that emerges. I wish I had a reason to disagree and can only hope, with the author, that the information provided in the book will move the world's thinking minds to find a solution whilst it`s still possible to do so.
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on 22 November 2013
"The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy" is a very thorough and devastating critique of western society and the self-destructive course it has taken since the 1800s.

Ioan Ratiu's razor-sharp analysis of socialism - already on the rise in the "Progressive Era" of the 1890s to 1920s - explodes all the central tenets of that system, exposing it as a convenient smokescreen behind which unscrupulous political leaders and financial interests have made common cause to gain power and influence for themselves.

Fabianism, Britain's very own brand of socialism, joined the camp of liberal capitalist imperialism from the start, with Bernard Shaw's Fabian manifesto declaring that China's institutions were incompatible with British trade interests which is why the world powers, Britain and America at the forefront, had to impose a new order on that country - and everywhere else in the world.

The imperialists, Lord Milner above all, responded in kind by publicly coming out as devout followers of socialism. Other "liberal capitalists" - Lord Rothschild, Sir Ernest Cassel, the Rockefellers - were more discreet about their socialist sympathies, contenting themselves with financing a network of socialist projects from the Fabians' London School of Economics to the Lincoln School and Teachers College of New York.

The glue cementing this strange marriage of convenience between the political "Left" and the corporate "Right" has been the shared objective, already stated in Marx and Engels' "Communist Manifesto," of concentrating finance, economy and politics in the hands of a state controlled by the Socialist Party or by multinational corporations (depending on whether we look at it from the viewpoint of the "Left" or that of the "Right").

This symbiotic coexistence of a morally bankrupt political profession and the equally immoral monopolistic sections of the corporate community has resulted in a steady shift of the political system to the left, leading to a virtual suspension of democracy and reducing society to a plaything of undemocratic forces: irrespective of the political party in office, the system will follow the prescribed leftward course inexorably leading to concentration of power in the hands of the few or what the author describes as a "gradual transition from democracy to dictatorship."

Nigel Farage of the UK Independence Party has said that we've got three "social democratic" parties in this country. Ioan Ratiu shows that the Tory lurch to the left has roots going back to "conservatives" like Churchill and other key movers behind left-wing projects like the Common Market.

The book shows that it isn't just the European Union, the United Nations, the World Bank and other international organisations aiming to establish world government on behalf of self-appointed international elites, but individual countries' elected governments themselves that have imposed undemocratic policies on their own people, notably, mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamisation. The impact on traditional society, its values and its culture has been devastating, leaving rising numbers disorientated, confused and in fear for their future.

For the millions who want to see a change the book has an important social and political message. Desperate acts of violence like those of the Norwegian Anders Breivik and street protests like those staged by the English Defence League are of little effect - as recently conceded by EDL leaders themselves.

The author argues that it is the turn of the conservative masses, the traditional defenders of justice, democracy and freedom, to be revolutionary, go on the offensive and put an end to the undemocratic New World Order that is threatening to destroy our world.

This is an essential handbook not only for those who want to know what is happening to our world and why, but also for those who want to put democracy back into the system and steer western society away from a self-destructive course.
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