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on 22 November 2013
The enclosure itself did everything as expected. After having placed 4 X 2TB Western Digital drives into it it worked flawlessly on both my Windows and Mac systems. After 24 hours I powered down the unit and swapped a drive.

The enclosure then wouldn't boot at all. After having electronically tested the fuse and the power supply it was apparent it had failed.

Having read over other reviews here on Amazon it shows this isn't the first case of a failed power supply!

Unfortunately the power supply used has a unique connector so it isn't as easy to replace as you'd think. Thankfully Amazon arranged a replacement to be sent out with priority mail.

Fingers crossed the next power supply lasts longer than a day!
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on 8 February 2014
The enclosure is well packaged and it comes with simple to attach handles for the hard disks, a USB3 & eSATA cable. The unit looks smart and feels solid. Installation of the hard drives is just a case of gently pushing them in and when plugged in to my Windows 8 machine the drives appeared without requiring me to download any drivers.

Using hard disk monitoring software it became quickly apparent that the cooling design of this little box hasn't actually been designed. Although there is a fan on the back to pull air through and the ability to control the speed (low, medium and noisy), no actual air is moving though the enclosure because the front door acts as a nice airtight seal. This means that the middle two hard disks reach >50 degrees rather quickly. Fortunately you can either leave the door open, or as the door is attached with screws take it off altogether. After that the temperature of the hard disks drops dramatically and I expect you would be able to leave the fan speed on low under most circumstances.

In summary: Looks good and works as long as you are willing to leave the front open.
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on 5 August 2014
Sad to say, this box is awful! There are 3 reasons for me saying this:
1) the power supply. The instructions say that if you plug the wall plug lead into the adaptor before plugging the adaptor into the box, it'll break ... wtf?!?!
2) there are no ventilation holes - so you have to keep the door open.
3) it will shut down any where between 20 mins and 3 hours after last use, and so it's a back-up-plan fail. I was working with their support department on this, and finally they told me to send it back to the vendor, and that with a Mac, this will always happen (the firmware update they sent me didn't work).

To me those three faults indicate a stupid company, and though i've bought their products in the past, i won't be in the future!
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on 2 October 2013
I've chosen this box based on its price / performance. I wanted a storage box solution which adds drives as single drives. This box does just that: the JBOD implementation means that all drives are added seperately, so they show up as seperate disks. I am using the e-sata function.

The performance is good. I am using FlexRaid with snapshot raid, which converts all disks into 1 virtual disk with one or more parity disks. This solution makes it possible to remove a single disk and keep its content on the disk. It's also possible to add disks dynamically (doesn't have to be the same size) to expand the storage pool.

Since it's a single storage pool, the software determines on which disk the files are saved. This makes it hard to benchmark, as the files may be written / read from an internal drive. I did perform some basic tests before creating the drive pool. A single disk will write with ~70mb/s, which is about as fast as the disk will do. Read performance can go up to 80mb/s on a single disk, again this is the max for the drive. Dual writing operations to different disks will max at ~60mb/s per disk. This may be caused by the sata host controller, but I'm not complaining.

The only downside to this box is that the fan is noisy. There also aren't any ventilation holes at the front to pull cold air from the front side of the box. I've made some holes in the front to improve the cooling, which seems to help a lot. The average temperature while reading data from disks dropped by 8 degrees C, simply by drilling some holes in the frontpanel.

All in all, this is a very good box to increase your storage. I'm not aware of any other products with the same price / performance ratio.
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on 2 April 2015
Got one from eBay, but fan working at the back was pretty noisy. So got replacement - 80mm Sharkoon 1000 Golf Ball Ultra Quiet 8.9 dB(A) Case Fan - 11.4 CFM.
Now case is silent quiet, only HDD make sometimes a slight clicking noise when accessing data.
Have it working with 4x WD Green 1TB SATA, total 4TB data as separate partitions via USB 3.0.

There was a problem with temperature, as at the front of the case there is no any intake ventilation holes. Fix it with my drill, making 18 new holes ;)
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on 7 September 2013
I had a QNAP TS410 NAS Unit but it was a few years old and the CPU and Transfers very slow (20MB/s over Gigabit), as I was only using it in JBOD Mode and for storing Movies I decided I may as well go for something cheap and chearful. No way was I springing for a Thunderbolt Enclosure for my Mac the Budget would not stretch to that.

So for £88 what the heck lets give it a go

Arrived Quickly well packed and easy to set up, I had read online some reviews that with a Mac it goes to sleep too quickly and the disks spin down messing up backups, but this can be corrected by Pressing the Sync Button till the Sync Light Turns Blue (Not Off or Orange, just Blue). NOw thats done it works 100% with my Mac.

Fitted with 4 x Seagate 4Tb Drives, getting a solid 120MB/s Transfer to the drives in the ICY Box which I am very happy with.

At the moment I have the front door propped open to allow ventilation, but plan to drill a few holes in the front door and put a fine mesh behind them to help the ventilation, as the fan the back stands no chance with the front door closed, its just sucking a vaccum.

Would I recommend this unit. YOU BET.

Already thinking about another one to up the library from 16 to 32TB
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on 7 November 2013
As for the unit going into standby mode, just disable the middle button for syncing. That's all. I hope this helps.
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on 4 August 2015
Pretty good box. I have had trouble with the power supply. It was hit and miss the first few times. I found leaving it unplugged a few minutes and plugging into the box before the wall and it worked ok. The main point for me was it wants to te format any drives over 2tb. I got the box as my 4tb seagate expansion is running a little hot. Its full to the brim with blu ray rips. I dismantled the seagate external drive only to find it wanted to format it in the icybox. So i had to re assemble the seagate. I will now have to buy another 4tb to transfer my blu rays to so i can reformat and use the seagate in the enclosure. So this 100 quid box is now costing 200. It came with a euro plug which wont work with a converter. You need an old style kettle plud (iec connector) which i had to buy from maplin at 10 quid. I dropped on the box for 90 quid but its now cost me 200. Plus another psu at 12 quid as this one is dodgy. If id known i would have got something different. Yet to test what sort of heat this puts out when its full as i only have 1 hard drive installed at the moment. Its 5 degrees cooler than it was in a wd elements enclosure with no fan at the moment. Transfer speed isnt as fast as i had expected over usb 3.0. On my seagate expansions, 1 2.5inch unpowered and a 4tb powered both get 100MB/s and 150MB/s respectivley the icybox only achieves 80MB/s max. Once again i cant test between hard drives in the enclosure as i only have 1 installed so far.
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on 10 February 2013
I'm a fan of Icy Box owning a number of their products which are well designed and built. I bought this to add extra space to my windows home server (home built) since my tower case has no more slots for HDDs. If you connect via USB it works straight out of the box. Unfortunately the instructions are sparse and the manual that is supposed to be on the the website doesn't exist (even in German). It does not auto detect the E SATA connection. You need to press and hold down the interface button until it switches accross from USB to E-SATA. Otherwise it does not detect an E-SATA cnnection itself and powers off. I had to work this one out by trial and error as tech support took two days to give me useless advice at the level of "try connnecting it to your computer".

Whilst waiting for tech support to come back to me I requested a a replacement from Amazon as I thought the unit might be faulty. Amazingly the replacement came with a dead power supply. Shanpu power in china obviously don't do QA.

Apart from all that its a nice piece of kit but as another reviewer pointed out the cooling arrangements could do with more thought.
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on 14 July 2013
I have to of these now, and already I am not regretting the decision. All my data is safe, backed up and instantly accessible. They are quiet, compact, well built and in my opinion the best you can get for the price. For any serious it professional on a budget, these are essential. I particulrly liked the icy box with firewire connector, transfer speeds are so fast I never have to wait. I use these One as a media bank for my apple tv movies, a combination made for each other.
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