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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars

on 4 September 2015
A little bit of a disappointment this one - it's not that the music is bad, as such, but as an Orbital fan it becomes hard for me after a while to listen to what seems like twenty variants on the same ambient drone. The drone sounds good and al, well mixed, and relatively atmospheric. But there's a lot of it, and little to latch onto.

Okay, I know it's a soundtrack and so I shouldn't expect world beating electronic music. Except that's kind of what I got from the Chemical Brothers awesome "Hanna" OST. This, is not that.

For me, I guess it was worth the purchase to discover the gorgeous sound of Austra, as heard here in an excellent remix of "Feel it Break." I've been following their music ever since. So, I don't know, it's not a great regret or anything.

But I can't really recommend this to Orbital fans OR soundtrack fans. So I won't.
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on 30 October 2012
In response to the recent review by "Mr. M. A. Reed":

I hear ya but you gotta realize this album wasn't produced for home listening (which you confirmed as well) or any other type of listening that we all have grown accustomed to with regards to their music. It's to accompany the film, which I have yet to see. I would strongly suggest waiting to critique the album until you've seen what the music was originally intended for. Orbital is my all-time fav artist (actually saw them on Sat night for Moogfest in NC and they were incredible). Anyhow, I preordered Pusher soundtrack the day it became available and have not been disappointed with it whatsoever. Their previous soundtracks (Event Horizon & Octane) were also not really geared for home listening and many fans were disappointed which I just don't understand. One of Paul Hartnoll's passions is doing soundtracks for movies, which many of the tracks REQUIRE background drone-type, slow moving beats to fit each section of the film. I feel this album is outstanding for what it is, a soundtrack, and now I really can't wait to see the film. It has a lot of ambient-like tracks which makes great listening for me at work or home (relaxing).

The faster paced & other Orbitalesque tracks were obviously my favorites as well. Those being the following:

1. Pusher Theme
6. Cutting And Doing
7. Chase
12. VVIP
13. Heroin Bath
18. Cab To Danaka's
22. Go With The Flow

Do I wish some of these were longer? Hell yes but I'm certainly not gonna penalize them for being short. Now had this album been a normal release by them, I certainly would give it less than favorable reviews. But again, it's a soundtrack and should be treated as such. I spoke to Paul over the weekend and I know for sure, he plans to do more and more of this type work along with possible tv stuff which I'm excited for. Hopefully, they continue making albums but only time will tell.

To any other Orbital fan out there, this is a must have. Just don't expect another Wonky or Blue album or In Sides, etc.
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on 18 November 2014
great music
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on 5 April 2015
Film track.can be used to mix in on other tracks. All good.
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VINE VOICETOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 October 2012
Who would've expected this? Less than six months after the comeback "Wonky", and Orbital push out their fourth soundtrack with the score to a remake of Nicolas Refn's "Pusher" : this time transposed to Cockneyland, and remade by someone else, the trailers make it look like some kind of anameic Londonised version of someone else's vision, in much the same fashion as any Scandanavian crime thriller with jumpers is inevitably remade with more money in English a few years later.

Not that this is as bad as that, though it is not the best thing that Orbital have ever done : it certainly doesn't blend itself to home listening - track 3 "Driving And Clubbing" is a 90 second remix of the worst song from "Wonky", ends abruptly mid-beat, and then goes straight into a leisurely atmospheric piece of general formlessness called "Turkish Tension" that contains nothing but general, unstructured throbs. Occasionally, new, and gloriously structured, layered, dense material that builds and ebbs and flows with the traditional Orbital character, hoves into view, such as "Cutting And Doing", And then its back to leisurely textures without a hint of melody that gently undulate for three minutes on one tedious chord sequence : the type of music you listen to to make hanging up the washing dramatic and spooky. And then its the pacing "VVIP" and "Cab To Danakas" that pounds and throbs for 20 seconds, then ceases. Only "Go With The Flow" is the nearest thing to classic Orbital, a sprawling, epic 12 minute theme that would easily sit at the head of any of their 'proper' studio albums.

Whereas a traditional Orbital record has a shape, a bend, a flow, and travels on a long musicial journey of motifs and rhythms akin to an extended, futuristic classical piece, this is a stuttering, define work that never stretches its wings, never develops its potential, never goes as far as it should, with strong musical pieces that are cut short or weak ones that are cut formlessly long, designed to accompany moving images and not for home listening.
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on 8 November 2012
As far as soundtracks go , this is a belter from the Hartnoll brothers . Although short , the main theme is brilliant but the masterpiece of the album is the track "Go with the Flo" . 11mins + of Orbital at their best . Worth the price of the album for this track alone . There are several other great tracks on this so i would highly recommend it to all Orbital fans out there .
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on 16 November 2012
I was one of the few who ordered this expecting a great analogue tracks
But I was very disappointed to find at least 8 tracks was only 1min long
The little music you hear on the movie is all you get ..
And to tell the truth my 10yr son could churn out a better sound.
I feel robbed yet again by orbital also 2 tracks are not even orbital..
Give this a miss even if your a hardened orbital fan..save your money and buy your mum a nice
Bunch of flowers..
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