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on 24 June 2014
These miserably failed for me. The issue I had was lack of adhesion around the corners in every application. With each one I had different corners reacting. I ended up getting my old one out of the bin and amazingly it still worked.
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on 22 December 2014
Love this item, I first used it for my iPhone 5 and lasted me well over a year ( untill kids took it off), I now use this brand for my iPad air and I pad mini. I would never go to anyone else now. Nice product definitely a must have.
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on 30 September 2013
This is a good quality product and was delivered quickly. Easy to apply too. Have tried several other options and quite satisfied with this.
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on 16 February 2013
I've owned many a smartphone and on initial purchase always want to keep them in 'like new' condition. For me this entails two major things, a case and a screen protector. What usually happens is that I'm relatively happy with the cases that I buy however, I'm usually very underwhelmed with the screen protector. What usually happens is that I spend forever trying to find a good protector that does not cost an excessive amount, then I spend an age finding a clean place to try to apply the protector (which usually takes at least two attempts) and lastly I end up with a not-so-handsome looking protector on my phone that ends up in the bin after 2 weeks.

Now that I've got that off my chest, I would like to tell all that are reading this that the Anker Glaze Protector Film (Anti-Glare) is absolutely fantastic. It is so good that I have had it on my phone since the day it arrived and I could not be happier.

The product itself is of excellent quality and this is evident from the moment the package is in your hand. The product comes with everything that you would need for successful application and the instructions are very clear. This is the only screen protector that I have been happy installing on first application. The anti-bubble card and the anti-dust stickers are a life-saver and really do work. The quality of the screen protector itself is second-to-none. It feels very very durable and looking at it now I still can not see a single mark or bubble on the protector after two months use.

I would encourage anyone with an iPhone 5 to consider this product as it really does provide excellent protection and is near on invisible after application. The product is also offered alongside an 18 month guarantee. For the price I paid, the end product and the always excellent delivery service from amazon I really could not be happier.

Thanks Anker
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on 31 July 2015
First of all, the item appears to be Amazon prime, however there is no free next day delivery. This item took a week to arrive. This item also claims to reduce fingerprints, however this screen protector is very bad at doing so. Finger prints and smudges are left on the screen (even with clean hand) very easily. Three come in the pack however I used all on the first attempt. 1. I lined it up with the home put it on. Everything's fine, until you realise that it half covers the front-facing camera! Everything else is lined up fine, yet it covers the camera! I turn my phone on and check. Sure enough half the front camera is blurry. 2. I try again this time ensuring it is lined up with the camera. This time it matches up with everything (home button to the right of hole), however it won't stick at the bottom because the screen protector is too far down, even though it lined with camera, home button etc. I'm sure sure how you are following, but by then I was both annoyed and disappointed. Right third attempt, nothing lined up as it should, so I cut a thin strip of the bottom, so that it may stick and not go over the edge of the screen as it did previously. It still has air bubbles at the bottom, due to the poor fit, which will always REALLY bug me and irritate me. It is also extremely difficult to remove 100% of dust unless you live in space where there is no dust. Was looking for a decent screen protector for my new phone, and was willing to pay the extra couple of £'s for a decent one. I warn you don't by this! Sure, now go a head and read the good reviews, there sure is a lot of them. But I did warn you, no one warned me. I hate this product! I'd give it zero stars but Amazon don't seem to agree with me. Seriously though, don't waste your money, time and effort on this awful screen protector!
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on 3 May 2013
For the Anker Tempered Glass Screen protector:

This isn't your standard screen protector, it's not just a thin sheet of plastic to get scratched instead of your screen it's a piece of glass and it's very high quality.

Fitting was amazingly easy, unlike a plastic protector the glass is stiff so you can lower it straight down onto your screen and get it right first time. Mine literally sucked itself onto the screen with no air bubbles or marks at all, fitting was completed easily in under a minute (helped by the alcohol wipe, screen lint free cloth and dust catcher sticker Anker provide in the box!).

On the screen the first thing I noticed is how smooth and clear it is. Again unlike a plastic protector there's no bobbling or dulness to my screen just crystal clear view of whatever app I'm using. The phone is just as responsive as without a protector and looks like new.

The only thing I've had to get used to is the thickness, being glass it's about 1mm thick (possibly less) but it's enough to feel at the edges. Anker provide a sticker to raise your home button to the same thickness as the screen and within an hour I was used to the protector but it's something to be aware of before it arrives as it's not the support thin sheet of plastic (as stated in the advantages above!).

Finally and most importantly toughness - no point having a tempered glass screen protector if it shatters or scratches at the first sign of anything sharp. I brought my phone home in a motorbike tank bag, tried to scotch it with a metal pen lid (enough to damage a plastic protector) and have used my phone fairly continually since fitting the protector. Result - it still looks like new. In fact better than that, no scratches, no grease marks, not fingerprint marks, nothing! It really does work exceptionally well.

All in all I'm impressed with this and if you want to protect your shiny new iPhone screen would highly recommend it, especially for use with a back protector at the same time as this completely hides any increased thickness.

I was supplied this product as a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.

For the 3 pack Anker screen protectors (bought Spring 2013):

Great product - easy to fit. Fast delivery with excellent seller comms. Matt finish stops light reflecting which is great ona sunny day. Very good fit to iPhone 5, aligns perfectly and tight to camera/speaker/home button to provide maximum protection.

Well worth spending the extra few £s to get a decent screen protector instead of the cheap bulk packs on ebay!
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on 22 May 2014
I dread these things. For years I have wrestled with the dreaded air bubbles and the annoying spec of dust under the film on the screen. Then there's the times you get the damn thing on without the bubbles appearing, only to find it does not fit right. I read the reviews on here, and that did not help calm my neurotic nature. However, my fears were all a waste of time. I picked up my iPhone 5s from the apple store an rushed home to fit one of these, full of the fear of the air bubble! I was well impressed with the packing these came in and the simple straight forward instructions. I followed them to the letter. As a man in his 40's the eyes are not why they used to be but Viola, it went on like soft butter spreading on toast! I was in shock! It must be a fluke I thought? But I didn't care it was on and it was Perfect and looked great! Then the worse thing happened! My iPhone battery failed! It was one of those flipping faulty ones. Back to the store for a replacement phone! And yes the fear of the bubbles returned! There was no way I was going to be as lucky as I was the first time!
I got the phone home took another screen protector out of the packet and followed the instructions to the letter again! It worked again. No Bubbles and it went on with ease!
Thank you Anker! It has been three days now and the nightmares have gone. I sleep better and can now eat a bar of Areo without breaking out in a sweat! The bubbles are no longer a problem.
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on 8 February 2013
I couldn't say exactly how many screen protectors I've wasted over the past few weeks - I've just been consistently terrible at applying them. I even tried to convince myself at one point that a screen protector for an iPhone might not be necessary. However, I persisted (probably because I'm incredibly anal about the risk of getting a single scratch) and I really feel I lucked out with discovering Anker's range - albeit after doing quite a bit of research. Not only are the protectors of a very high quality and hardly noticeable on my iPhone - I found the inclusion of an instruction guide and the brilliant dust-removal sticker incredibly useful. The result was a successful application with the first screen protector out of the box (unheard of for me!)

I highly recommend.
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on 26 November 2013
Really nice screen protectors for the money. Was expecting something quite cheap, but the quality of these easily rivals previous makes I've bought for other phones, such as Phone Devils.

Following the instructions to the letter I managed to put a protector on first time, no bubbles no dust, using the included cloth and card. I didn't need the dust removal sticker, although a handy inclusion should it be needed.

As to the protector itself, it seems thick enough for average daily use, its extremely clear and you can only really tell that it is fitted by holding it up to the light at an angle. In normal use you'd never know it's there and it's literally invisible with the screen lit, unlike some cheaper versions where they appear uneven or have ingrained defects/ patterns.

The option I have is the "matte" version which creates a lovely feel under the finger. I was surprised by how well it repels fingerprints. If I hold it up at an angle and view the screen the only place i can currently see any fingerprint is on the unprotected home button!

Well worth the money considering you get 3 in a pack. Definitely a quality item.
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on 22 October 2013
This screen protector is clearly one of the better ones out there in terms of ease of application. I tried to be as careful as I could, and still managed to have a tiny amount of dust under there, however this doesn't show very clearly and will do even less if you have a white iPhone. However the main problem with screen protectors, the dreaded air bubbles has been solved very well - even when I had to re-apply the bubbles were very easy to get rid of ! When you peel the final film off on the top, just be careful you dont end up peeling the whole protector of as well like I did !

Great product though, I got the matt version which is not only a better feel to the touch but stops fingerprints which easily coat the iPhone glass. One you've applied one of these, you'll know that 3 will last a long time. Since I have just bought a new iPhone 5S, I'm glad I can find a screen protector that is clean, fingerprint-free and bubble-free and keeps the actual iPhone screen from being scratched.

I have not tried the anti-glare but this is not the reason I chose matte finish - I wanted to stop fingerprints.
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