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4.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 25 December 2012
Yes, I am on this disc. Yes I was just 14 rows back. Yes it was an excellent show. Yes, to see Tony Levin on bass and "sticks". Yes it was recorded at the NEC Birmingham, Oct 24th 1989. Yes it is now only just been release on disc

Track listing:
Disc 1 (running time 73:43 mins)

1 Time and a word / owner of a lonely heart / teakbois (Jon Anderson accompanied by Milton)
2 Clap (yes, that's the correct title cus The Yes Album is printed wrongly with "The" in front)
3 Mood for a day (Steve Howe's solos)
4 Rick Wakeman's solo
5 Long distance runaround / drum solo (not too long for a drum solo)
6 Birthright
7 And you and I
8 All good people
9 Close to the edge (actually opening track of the second half at the show. I don't think row 1 - 8 saw much with all the dry ice)

Disc 2 (running time 71:57 mins)

1 Theme / Bruford - Levin duet
2 Brother of mine
3 (Jon chats to us for 1.35mins)
4 The meeting
5 Heart of the sunrise
6 Roundabout
7 Starship Trooper (12mins 38sec)(at 5.11mins:Jon breaks into Soon/thank yous for only a few seconds then... Follow... and at 8mins, Wurm)
8 Order of the universe (9.30mins) (Yes those sounds are drums not sounding like drums at about the 8mins point),(wrongly placed on the cd and with a 25 second silent intro? And listed as Track 5 on the cover) (But I love this track, so I am just glad to have a version with me "on" it !!!), (any more brackets), (YES).

So the show features ABWH, Tony Levin, Julian Colbeck (keyboards) and Milton McDonald (guitars). All tracks are as they were performed; meaning no editing down in their duration (from what I can remember from the concert).

The 12 page booklet is a direct copy of the info pages of the programme. Although Jon's picture is different. It does include the Pete Frame ABWH family tree (which is too small to read).

A few downers: there does seem to be a slight background hiss, but I am not going to knock a star off for that. The recording was made by the BBC (that's not a downer). And the fore mentioned misplacing of The Order Of The Universe. (Which means Itunes auto track titling is wrong to).

Now, if you are not familiar with the ABWH tracks, then you surely cannot call yourself a Yes fan and the original LP was a wonderful return to a classic Yes sound albeit sounding very 80's, (but not sounding like 90125 (1983) and that's one of my favourite LPs by anyone - shock / horror, but that is where and how I got into Yes). Returning to ABWH live it is a proper prog night out incorporating my own faves of YES tracks - although I had to wait for UNION before hearing Awaken live and obviously ABWH stuck to ABWH era songs.

So to Finaleyes, if you were there to, then this is a lovely recorded document of the wonderful ABWHshows. And if you didn't get a programme you can now have a smaller version. But if you are new to Yes, then possibly start with the brilliant, but similar, YESSONGS before a venture on to this cd.Yessongs

Thanks for reading this, but just like Yes, when is anything short. (And thanks for putting up with all the ((((( brackets ))))).


One last note, although the sound was recorded by BBC and it is of GOOD quality, there does seem to be something lacking when played on very decent (in my opinion) equipment (I first played this on a small 2x30 watt unit and was happy; then moved on to 5.1 surround 5x90w system. That's when I noticed some bass lacking). Do not be put of by this comment.
Finished now... YES
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on 11 February 2013
I was very struck by the "Same YES money grab" review.
I don't think Yes are grabbing anything per se.
I have felt, in the past, the the endless stream of Yes Friends & Relatives spin-offs were getting a bit much, but I'm quite content with this - and, I have the 'original' "Evening of Yes Music Plus".
The main thing for me, is the change in dynamics. This has Tony levin on bass, whilst the first set had the no lesser, Jeff Berlin; both very fine bass players!
Personally, I think this set has the edge. For a start Levin had a lot more time to rehearse as he played on the AWBH studio album. Jeff Berlin was thrown in at the deep end due to Tony's illness!
You know what's in the box. AWBH stuff with a liberal sprinkling of Yes standards.
The sound is "okay" but not exceptional, but it doesn't appear to have been messed around with much.
The band, (unsurprisingly), is on fine form as they comfortably trawl through their "classics".
One mustn't forget Julian Colbeck supporting on keyboards and Milton McDonald on guitars as they fill out the sound.
The set I bought (from Amazon) for a rather tasty £10.99 is 3 discs, the third being an "Off The Wall" DVD documentary.
At the end of the day, you either do or you don't? Certainly repetition here and it's nothing really new, but I've no beef. As always, you pays your money . . . . . ?
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on 25 January 2013
Always a fan of Yes and its constituent parts and this is an exceptional recording , done for the BBC so the boys are on their best form. Pity no Chris Squire on Bass but overall it is an excellent recording.
If you like Yes live in concert then you will love this recording.
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on 3 July 2016
OK, so I also have fond memories of attending this show & the excitement of listening back to this, the BBC Radio 1 broadcast. That may colour my judgement of this release slightly, but so be it. This is pretty much how I remember listening to the original broadcast, warts and all. There are a few flaws in the tape (documented elsewhere), but I don't think any of these really overshadow what is essentially a very fine performance by the band. By the time they reached the UK, ABWH had played a good number of shows stateside. Ailing bassist Tony Levin had returned (after contracting a form of Hepatitis which caused him to sit out a run of gigs), and the other musicians knew the set inside out. Each show featured large chunks of the then-new ABWH performed, along with a healthy number of Yes classics. I feel now as I did then that some of these performances are pretty much definitive. For instance 'Close To The Edge' is powerful, energetic and edgy. Bruford & Levin drive the band along, and the tempos are slightly more dynamic than later Yes configurations with White & Squire in the engine room. The more famous Shoreline Amphitheatre release has arguably better sound, but suffers with the absence of Levin. Therefore the NEC remains my 'go to' listen for a live document of this short-lived band. Gonzo Multimedia did a fine presentation of this 3 disc set, utilising Roger Dean's programme artwork & housed in a clear DVD box. The addition of a replica tour programme is a nice addition. Lastly the short DVD featuring tour keyboardist Matt Clifford's home video 'behind the scenes' footage gives a brief snapshot of the band on the road. This release is becoming scarce and more difficult to source now, so I have no hesitation in advising fans to pick it up.
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on 22 March 2013
I actually attended this show, and the one the night after. This is a very good quality recording of an excellent performance; a bunch of musicians right at the top of their game. They gave real bite to some of the Yes classics such as And You & I and Heart of the Sunrise as well as beautiful delivery of the then new ABWH material. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 17 February 2013
Not much to add to the excellent reviews already here...However my copy has a very noticeable glitch on the first track of disc one. There is a very noticeable left to right drop out and then a strange burring sound for a few seconds a minute or so later in the track. Not a faulty cd though as the cd runs perfectly through this. It is though a very good document of a wonderful project. Sound quality is good but some of the louder passages are a bit distorted. Any Yes fan should be happy with this set and I thank Gonzo Multimedia for releasing this set.

One word on Amazon...why oh why do prices fluctuate so much I Paid 13 quid and its now 15..I notice this very annoying habit on numerous occasions.
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on 15 January 2013
They couldn't even fix the flaws in the tape, nevermind remastering it. Same thing happened on the release of Animation. Been a lifelong YES fanatic, but this is it for spending hard earned cash on inferior reissues. FYI, the performance is well worth having, which makes not doind the simple fixes even ore frustrating
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on 20 March 2015
Sorry, but not sure what other reviewers are on. some mention sound quality being OK.... no, it's terrible, sounds like listening to poor bootleg. When I listen to the quality of recently released Genesis Live material, the only comparison here is with some of the poorer quality stuff they released as Extras on their box set series.
Can't get past this and won't be listening to this again.
A big avoid.
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on 17 May 2014
Excellent recording, on the whole. I was there, and it was a fantastic night. I can remember being gobsmacked when they started to play Close to the Edge, never thought I'd hear it live. There is an audio glitch on the first track, sounds like a tape dropout problem and may have been fixed as much as they could do it without making matters worse. Also some tape hiss and occasional mic handling noises (mostly on the first track again. But a wonderful souvenir of a wonderful night. Played from iTunes (lossless) through an asynchronous USB DAC it sounds very good indeed.
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on 24 December 2012
Why this has taken so long to come out? Recorded live in 1989 released 2012 I suppose the DVD will come out in 2045
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