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on 12 August 2016
Excellent coffee, quick and easy to use. I'd be lost without it.
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on 11 November 2017
The best coffee machine I ever had!
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on 14 December 2012
We bought this machine to replace a fantastic 25 year old Salton Espresso machine. The Gaggia looks great and once we had de-ciphered the confusing instructions and figured out how to use it, it makes good espresso and nice frothy cappuccino. The wand works particularly well, it turns half a pint of cold milk into a hot creamy froth in 90 seconds. The downside is that the filter is smaller than on our previous machine so you can only make 2 small espresso's at a time. If we could give half stars, we would give it 4.5. Overall it is good value and an attractive addition to our kitchen
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on 18 April 2017
Makes great tasting coffee and looks the part on the kitchen worktop. It looks well built and seems robust enough, but there are a couple of design flaws you need to be aware of before you part with your hard earned cash. Firstly, the gap between the spouts and the drip plate is quite small at 70mm, so unless you use very small expresso cups your favourite coffee mug is not going to fit underneath, go and check yours, I guarantee it won't fit. To make a 'normal' size mug fit you have to remove the drip tray, which rather defeats its purpose. Secondly, the steam spout. Although it makes nice frothy milk, again the gap between the spout and work surface is very small and the spout itself does not move up and down, only side to side. So if you use the supplied stainless steel jug, the frothy milk you've just made has to be tipped to one side to remove it from the spout. Hey presto your work surface now awash with hot milk!
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on 9 February 2015
My husband received this as a Christmas gift so it is early days but we are both really enjoying using it. I love switching on the machine in the morning - some weekdays and certainly weekends - and anticipating the delicious coffee.

This machine is neat and compact but looks good on the counter top. Some have commented it is a bit more plasticky than others, but it feels weighty enough to me and is very reasonably priced. It's easy to use, we have followed the instructions and haven't gone wrong. A couple of things really help including having some decent strength coffee that is espresso ground. We have been using Costa ready ground which is very tasty, but since we liked the versatility of grinding our own beans for our trusty cafetiere using a blade grinder, we are considering buying a graded espresso grinder for this. Another thing is a proper weighty metal tamp (but don't press too hard, or the coffee can get scalded as the hot water takes too long to pass through) the coffee should have a regular, level surface before inserting into the machine - which along with evenly graded espresso helps to moderate the speed at which water passes through and ensures a smooth, not bitter, taste.

On steaming, I gather none of these little machines can produce quite the power of the big machines like the one in the coffee shop where I used to work, but this one can deliver a good result with a little practice. Get a little metal jug and don't overfill (the milk will 'grow'). Put in a thermometer and follow the guide on there, remembering it takes a little while to 'catch up' with the milk temperature. Since I am more of an Americano person, one of the things I really love about the machine is being able to steam almond milk for dairy-free hot chocolate. Husband is a latte lover though and has had good results with regular milk.

I thoroughly recommend this machine, delighted my husband was given one as we are both benefitting from it.
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on 1 May 2014
No doubt like many people we shopped around for ages given that feedback is nowhere near even 80% positive for any machine on Amazon. This reflects some dubious QC methinks for most brands. We finally settled on this one and we are pleased with our choice. Does everything it says it should, is nicely put together, and looks good too!
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on 7 October 2013
Does what is says on the tin. Both the coffee bags and beans work fine. I prefer the beans rather than the coffee bags, better tasting. Would be great to get a big coffee mug under the machine....which seems to be a common issue with all brands. But a fab machine at a great price and I mix my beans in my Kenwood. I should of bought one of these years a go.
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on 9 March 2013
My wife and I bought this Gaggia to replace a K-fee Podpronto coffee pod machine. After our Podpronto died we'd bought a Senseo because the cost of the Podpronto had increased from £50 to £90 and in addition to paper pods the Senseo can use any type of ground coffee to make a brew.

We tried three types of Senseo pods and several different ground coffees without success trying to get a decent cup of coffee from the Senseo, even emptying the remaining pods we'd enjoyed using in the Podpronto. The results were without exception awful. The predominant taste was always plastic! Eventually the Senseo was sent back and we looked around for something better.

A friend who was once a coffee bar employee had recommended her Gaggia Cubika and I checked it out online. Amazon flagged that the Gran Gaggia Prestige was an updated version. As it was on sale at £109 we decided to give it a try. Good decision.

From the outset all the coffees we've tried have been at least drinkable. Some have been very good and now I've discovered a blend called Tim Peaks available from our local café which I absolutely love. (Google Tim Peaks coffee for an interesting aside).
The Gaggia takes a little getting used to but it's well worth persevering. It's not as convenient as a pod machine but the results are far better. I initially made a mess whenever I used it, either spilling coffee grounds or dripping water around. Now with some practise I've mastered making good coffee with no mess.

You'll need to pre-heat your cup using steam or water from the steam arm; otherwise your coffee will get cool too quickly. Don't bother using the cup storage plate on top of the machine, it's only warm and will impart no heat to a cup.

I've not yet mastered the steam arm sufficiently to make a decent cappuccino, my wife's favourite drink. She says it's just a latte with a layer of froth on top, but my friend says that having done so for years she can do it easily enough and I should study the vids on YouTube to see how to do it.

One gripe is that the clearance to the bottom of the filter holder, (the bit where your coffee comes out), is only 7.5 cm. To make a mug of Americano I have to fill an espresso cup three times and tip it into the mug. This is becoming part of the ritual however and is not a hardship.

Initial priming took a long time but I noticed eventually that I'd pressed the steam button which had prevented the process from starting. Brewing yourself a cup of coffee will take you two or three minutes once you've got the hang of it and you can ignore other reviews which imply anything else.

Although the booklet from Gaggia says you can use any ground coffee, my best results have come using coffee ground for espresso, this seems to fully release the flavour. I wouldn't get in a fankle buying expensive grinders to grind your own. If you can find a source of freshly ground coffee locally, get them to grind some for espresso and keep it in an airtight container in the fridge.

My first batch of 500g of Tim Peaks (£7.98 from the café as opposed to £11.98 online), did me two weeks. Kept in a plastic box (like one of those old fashioned Tupperware boxes!) in the fridge, it was as aromatic and full of flavour at the end as when I got it. I'm looking forward to trying a few different ones from a coffee shop in Edinburgh too.
Packs from the supermarket of Lavazza espresso have been the best pre-packed coffee I've tried but there are so many others there's a good chance you'll find one to suit.

I'd intended to send away for some ESE coffee pods, (the smaller 44mm size fits the Gaggia), for easy use but now I'm inclined not to bother.

For making my preferred brew, Americano, I give it five stars. My wife is less impressed as she hasn't yet had a good cappuccino so I'm giving it four stars at this stage. If I can in the end get a decent cappuccino, I'll definitely increase this to five stars.


Having now learned how to use the Gaggia to make a cappuccino, I'm upgrading my review to five stars. I'm sure there are other machines out there with more features and automatic do-dahs but for a straightforward decent coffee, the Gran Gaggia Prestige manual does the job very well. I've seen offers for the machine for £80 so if you can get it for that price,............


I've amended my review to four stars from five. Over the past three or four months the Gaggia when it's switched on has developed a steadily worsening drip from the steam arm this has now become a dribble. The volume of water which leaks from the arm over the course of making two mugs of coffee is around 200 ml so we need to leave a cup under the steam arm to catch this. It's annoying, I imagine it might qualify as a fault so I'll need to look into it.


Well I left it too late to do anything about it but 15 months after buying the Gaggia the dribble from the steam arm is now a veritable skoosh. I emailed Mark at "serviceGaggia" (his own Gaggia advice and servicing concern), who suggested that "it looks like the seal on your steam valve spindle may be failing or some debris caught in it." I'll open it up myself and see what I can find, he may get some spare seals in so maybe I'll get it back in good working order again.
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on 14 August 2015
It works efficiently, and I am delighted about that. There are a few design faults which annoy me though. I always have to take the drip tray off to fit a jug underneath to catch the coffee because the space is too small. When you take the jug out there are always the usual drips, so that part can be messy. Same problem with the milk frother.It's fine to tip an empty jug on its side to get it under the frother, but tipping a jug full of hot milk on its side to get it out again??! Serious design fault. I've got round it by putting my machine on a two inch think wooden plinth and that seems to do the trick. Other than that, it makes good coffee and the frother works well and is easy to remove so you can clean it. Good value for money if you can get over the basic design faults and accept that it will be a slightly messy procedure
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on 26 January 2013
Firstly, I bought this machine and it gives excellent results. However, if you do need to educate yourself on the type of drink you want to make. Some reviews I read gives me the impression that people buy a machine and think all the hard work is over.
I myself am a big flat fan from Costa, so that's the drink i've been trying to recreate at home.
The best coffee i've used is illy espresso(red band) ground in a tin, don't forget to use the coffee measurer to give the correct desired amount every time.
Go to google and view video's regarding how to steam milk correctly. You will be needing a milk jug and thermometer. Over steaming milk ruins the flavour and texture. Get a cup that will make you happy to hold and drink out of.
Even what sugar you take makes a difference, I prefer brown rough cut cubes.
Once you've mastered nice coffee, just do the same thing every time.
This machine will give the crema you need, froth the milk you need, the rest is down to you. Practice makes perfect.
Hope this review helps.
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