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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 December 2012
I have just used this mounting bracket to upgrade a PlayStation Slim 12gb console. I also bought a 2.5 inch 320gb SATA hard drive. The bracket is very easy to install and I had the hard drive fitted to the PlayStation in a matter of minutes. I saved a lot of money buying the 12gb PS3 and upgrading. The bracket is made by Sony and is good quality. It comes with instructions that are easy to understand. I would not hesitate to upgrade the 12gb PS3 if you need more memory, it is so quick and easy. I saved around £35 and the PS3 warranty is not affected by adding a hard drive.

I used this Hard Drive, also from Amazon - Western Digital Scorpio Blue 320GB 5400 RPM SATA Mobile Internal Hard Drive OEM (8 MB,2.5 inch,Sony Playstation PS3 Compatible)

I hope this review is of some use to you.
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on 9 August 2015
Purchased this under the impression that it was an authentic Sony part as stated by the title and the item manufacturer. No retail packaging usually means OEM. However, when the bracket arrived (seller Mayflower Stores), it was clear that this poorly made piece of metal was not a genuine Sony part. This was confirmed when I compared it to an authentic one purchased aftewards.

If you're after an authentic Sony mount, here are a few things to look out for:

Compared with a retail package genuine Sony hard drive mount, all of the edges on the fake mount feel rough/sharp as if they weren't filed down smoothly - these will cut into your skin if not careful. The Sony mount has nice smooth edges.

The fake's rubber plug/washer is much thicker than the authentic one, which means that there won't be as much of the screw holding the hard drive in place. The rubber washers on the fake are also too loose, so they may not hold the hard drive as sturdily as the authentic. The authentic washers have four raised bumps on each side as per the stock photo, whereas the fakes have smooth surfaces.

A couple of the screws that came with the fake had broken threads, whereas the ones that came with the Sony had no issues.

In general, the holes on the fake mount are poorly cut. For example, there's a photo showing a raised hole which looks dog bitten and feels sharp to the touch. This is a part that faces down when installed, and I don't want to risk it scratching anything inside the PS3. The hole on the Sony is, again, perfectly smooth.

The metal attachment on the bracket should slide out easily, since it's the part you pull on to remove the mount from the PS3. The one on the fake is stiff, cannot physically be pushed in further than the photos show, which means that it sticks out when the mount is installed.

I have nothing against third party parts as long as they are labelled as such; listing third party parts under "Sony" on the other hand, is simply dishonest.
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on 3 November 2012
Not much to say really, does what it states. purchased this last week when it showed up on site.

Glad i did ,at the bargain price of £6.66 it pays to preorder as price is now over £19 for a piece of metal.

Really in the ideal world this shouldn't have been missing form the 12gb console but at the price i got it for and the 500gb hdd it still worked out cheaper not much bit still every bit counts.

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on 2 December 2012
This is a hard drive mounting bracket. Purchase this if have a PS3 slim with a sliding tray to load the game disks. Comes with all mounting screws fir hdd.
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on 16 March 2017
Great product
review image
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 7 November 2014
The 12GB PS3 doesn't come with an internal HDD cage so you need this if you plan on adding a hard disk to the 12GB model.

This is an official Sony version it comes with instructions, 5 screws (four larger ones for attaching the hard drive, one small one to secure the cage in the PS3) You have 4 rubber grommets to attach to the 4 holes this helps keep noise/vibration down though 2.5" hard drives are fairly quiet anyway.

Put the rubber grommets on the 4 holes you should make sure the rubber is on both sides (inside and out there is a groove in each grommet) Screw in the hard drive with the connectors facing away from the metal tab where you fix it to the PS3

To install the cage: (turn off the PS3)
1: Put the PS3 on it's side with the Blu ray disc drive closest to you (the right hand side of the PS3), push and slide the cover in the direction away from you towards the back of the PS3, you don't need a screwdriver it just pops off
2: Slot in the hard drive and cage and use the single screw to attach the tab of the cage to the mounting bracket
3: Power on the PS3, the 12GB slim model will then prompt you automatically if you want to use the HDD for storage click yes it formats the drive and will then start copying the data from the internal flash memory to the hard disk
4: Go away and make a cup of tea for 10-15 mins or so to allow it to copy the data and it's ready to roll, PS3 12GB upgraded to hard disk drive.

If you ever remove/change the hard drive then the system will default to the internal flash memory so make sure to back up your data.

In terms of the bracket it's a simple pressed metal affair but it's cheap, easy to install and does the job just great.
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on 2 September 2013
This bracket was great for upgrading my PS3 Superslim... (NB. Does not fit other PS3 models)...

I now have FIVE HUNDRED SEXY GiGGLEBYTES of Game and Video storage...

It came with all the screws you need, and with a little time, and a Philips screwdriver it was making my life better and more fulfilled... :)

Sadly Philip wasn't as agreeable, as he has been hounding me for his screwdriver to be returned, and has even been talking about pressing charges for theft and trespass...

Sadly, I can't explain that it was given freely, as it was given by his wife, whom I'd been having illicit liaisons with, as a way to stem my boredom from a practically unusable PS3...

So, moral of the story... sex is a good substitute for gaming, but make sure you don't have anything incriminating in view when their husband comes over for a drink... ;)

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on 28 January 2014
If you have a PS3 super slim with flash memory then chances are after a very short time you are going to run out of space as the amount of memory is insufficient to download and install any larger game from the Playstation network like Ratchet and Clank: Nexus, so you are limited in what you can do (obviously memory storage is less of an issue if you are just watching Blu-rays).

Luckily the super slim PS3 unit itself is exactly the same as a PS3 supplied with a hard drive, so this product gives you the mounting you need to fit a 2.5" hard disk to your PS3.

There isn't a lot to say about the product itself, it is functional, and doesn't have much that can go wrong with it as it is just a piece of metal with four screws. You mount your hard drive onto the metal plate and use the screws to attach. Simple job - at least the first part. It is not obvious where in the PS3 the drive should go, as it is hidden behind a removable end.

In terms of fitting the drive to the PS3 itself, unfortunately this came with no instructions of how to achieve it. However a quick search for "ps3 super slim hard drive upgrade" via your search engine of choice should locate a suitable instruction video. Once I had instructions the fitting process was easy. After turning on the PS3, the drive was then recognised, everything copied from the internal flash memory to the drive automatically and the new hard disk storage was then available (the internal flash memory is then disabled by the PS3).

My main gripe with the product is value for money. At the time of purchase these were £10 which is too expensive for basically a piece of metal and four small screws, unfortunately I was unable to source any generic alternative as the market for these would appear to be small, so you are limited to the official Sony product. However it does solve the problem at hand and once fitted you can just forget about it and remind yourself to think harder of all the pros and cons of buying a console with small memory in future.
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on 16 August 2016
There's no issue with the product itself. My husband bought this for his PS3, then realised he didn't need it
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on 1 September 2016
Perfect for installing a new sata hard drive in PS3 16gb super slim. Comes with screws.
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