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on 24 November 2014
Used this for quite a while now. It took me a little while to get the white balance sorted out. When I first got it, I found that the bright sky made the roads and surrounding areas very dark. (I use it as a helmet cam on a bike). But once I had experimented with the settings, it was fine.

The picture is crisp and very clear. Sound is good as well. There are lots of examples on youtube if you need to check it out.

Its ideal for what I want it for and because it comes with two mounts, I've left a mount in the car as well so I can snap it off my helmet and put it in the car. Long car journeys are great on time lapse!

I'd throughly recommend it.
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on 18 July 2017
Camera its self is great with good angle on the lense and clear crisp picture also beeps when turned on or off which is very usefull and battery life is better then I expected reading the online reviews. The set up instructions how ever are diabolical all on line & round the houses to get to and you cant set time and date without downloading an app which will only download in apple format even when using windows so you cant do it anyway which dosent help much as thats the one simple thing most people want on there especially when commuting.
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on 2 July 2015
Fantastic! Once you go on youtube to find out how everthing works as the instructions are useless. You will need to check what format your in ie 720 1080 etc and do a firmware upgrade (real simple) to allow different makes of sd cards to work ok. The only critisism I have is the onboard mic. I use it for motorcycle riding, so the wind noise is ridiculous especially when turning your head. But if your using at slightly lower speeds then it should be fine. I paid just under £90 so as a starter camera it's excellent for any accident/insurance issues.
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on 20 October 2013
This is a great camera for the £135 I paid. The construction is very sturdy and waterproof without a case, battery life is very good at 2hr 59mins ate 1080p 30, video quality is good considering price but well below a Hero3 Black even at 1080p 30 but they cost £360. Note the camera has terrible low light performance.
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on 8 June 2017
quality product and service
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on 28 October 2014
Very pleased with the camera it was a gift for my husband so don't know a lot about the cameras however husband seemed pleased!
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on 13 February 2015
Fantastic pictures, great unit for a helmet
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on 21 June 2015
I wasn't sure what type of camera to get for a motorbike 'security' camera and potential VLOG camera, I bought this as it was fairly cheap and appeared to meet my requirements - as with anything you buy on here, do lots of research first to ensure it has everything you need, and is affordable to you

What's in the box?
In the box you get:
• The camera itself
• 2 self adhesive mounts (one curved, swivelling and lockable and one flat)
• A strong, detachable lanyard which affixes to either of the mounts via a protruded corner should the camera slide off the rails somehow
• A mini USB > USB cable to connect it to your PC
• Storage 'sock' to keep it clean with an included 'flannel-y' material to clean the lens should you need it and a small pocket to keep a spare memory card
• Black plastic lens cap (don't forget to remove that when recording (-.-')
• Spare, flat adhesive sticker
• Pointless 'Contour' sticker, if you're into advertising for other companies..
• Micro SD > normal SD card adapter

Output Quality
From what I saw, the 720p looked the same as 1080p, unless I need to uncompress the video file somehow. I tried all of the quality options and they pretty much identical (Contour action - 720p 20/30fps, 'normal' 720p, 20/30fps - 'Tall HD' - 960p, 20/30fps, Full 1080p - 1080p, 20/30fps), I need to do some more testing and may upload a comparison video at some point so you can see what I mean, so far - not impressed. There is also a continuous photo mode with programmable second delay (one every 2, 5, 10 etc. seconds), this seems okay but it's hard to get decent shots unless you count yourself in and 'pose' every 3 seconds, otherwise everything is blurred and crappy, an audio queue may have been beneficial here to know when it's taking the shot, although I believe the tiny LED does flash when it is taking a photo so there is that I guess - you'd just have to be looking at it to know - not useful when your on the other end of the lens.

Build Quality
The camera design itself is very sleek, stylish and appears well made, the buttons to operate it (once you've familiarised yourself with what things are, using their again - externally supplied/downloaded manual), the mounts are both very good, you get a swivel-able and lockable, curved helmet mount, the one I use with my bike which is very good. The fixed mount is now mounted to my airsoft helmet so I'll give that one a go hopefully in the near future. I turned off the laser levelling feature as soon as I could to help save battery as I won't be adjusting it at all while it's on my bike helmet, the sliders you can see there in the main picture seem very solid and they have a divot so it locks in place quite well. the mic is very sensitive to wind noise however - unsurprising at 40mph+ I guess and I'l be modifying it as per many an internet page on the matter (do a little Googling yourself).

The software the manufacturer advises to use is pretty terrible in my experience, it can't seem to do anything but 'grab' the file and download it so you can manipulate it using windows explorer and then potentially edit using external software, I've raised this on their forum but so far - no answer from anyone. Wouldn't play video's, wouldn't even 'see' pictures - this is done by navigating to the camera's DCIM file using Windows explorer (or equivalent), since the ROAM2 doesn't have GPS as well, the 'where have I been?' feature is completely redundant so overall - not very useful at all. Apparently there was a firmware update not long ago that messed up the video quality in some way - may be why I'm having trouble with mine quality-wise but if you have a look around the interwebs at comparison video's, you'll see the ROAM2 has a sort of blurred or 'warm' tint to it, very strange and probably why the detail in the video's isn't up to scratch.

• Decent build quality overall with good innovation
• Affordable
• Small form factor
• You get everything you need to get going in one box
• Not too much of a need for lots of accessories, unlike other popular brands of action camera
• Very easy to operate even through big, awesome, armoured riding gloves
• Big, positively clicking buttons with audio queues for starting and stopping recording
• Wide angled lens captures almost all of what's in front of you so you don't have to worry about looking exactly at the subject
• Mounting options thanks to the included Mounts and swivelling lens with laser level
• Varying exposure levels (that I haven't had chance to try yet - mine's still in 'auto' mode)
• Battery has not run out on me yet

• Quality isn't the best, as well as the strange choice of warm, generally unfocussed and non-adjustable filter that is applied
• Software is absolute garbage from my experience so far, as is the complete lack of online assistance
• Small memory card shipped with Camera (4GB really isn't much, roughly 30 mins of 1080p video but depends on your needs)
• Wind noise on my bike is unbearable after 40mph, I'll be looking into DIY and commercial options so bear this in mind depending on your application

Overall decent camera I guess, I've still got some kinks to iron out but not the best experience for me personally so far. I'll update this review if I can in future.
review image review image review image review image review image
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on 18 July 2013
Bought this camera to record bike commuting after a previous one packed in. This is a good camera.

Plus points:

* simple to operate. Slider switch on top of unit turns camera on and records and off again. Loud beep (can be turned on or off in settings) confirms the action plus LED red light (can be turned on / off in settings) shows unit is recording.
* Good battery life. Get a good 3+ hours out of this. Will record all of my 56 mile loop round these parts. Will record most of the 72 mile one.
* Can be charged while filming. By taking out the a USB battery charging pack (one of those big ones for charging phones several times at festivals etc) the camera will record for a lot longer. Can capture all my 72 mile spin with this on.
* Good picture quality and choice of resolutions. I mainly use this in tall HD which is basically the same as 720p HD with the tops and bottoms left on producing a 4:3 aspect video. I prefer 4:3 aspect ratio for bike video anyway as 16:9 doesn't really give as good all round coverage. The 170 degree angle is pretty standard with these type of action cameras. Whilst being quite useful in getting all the surrounding detail into the frame (at the expense of fish eye distortion) the 170 degree angle does make things in the centre of the shot look *much* further away than they are. This is quite obvious considering how much extra "view" it's capturing at the edges of the frame. 1080p mode is 130 degree which is far more sensible for a lot of shooting. I'd say 170 degree best when the camera is mounted on the stem (as it will capture both sides of the handle bars and the speedo etc on the road bike from there) and 130 degree for on the helmet (as the camera is then directional, due to being on your head).
* Lens Cap : Useful for when camera in transit.
* Locks : Both the back panel for charging, inserting SD card etc and the record slider switch on the top of the unit have sliding lock switches to prevent them being opened or moved by accident. This is very handy for when your not using the camera and it's in transit in your bag and when you're filming to stop accidentally knocking it off.
* Software: The software is easy to use and will let you do things like sync the video with a gpx file from say a garmin or strava export. You can then save the video with the embedded gps data which will then let you see your speed and location in sync with the video when viewed with the contour software. Products like DashWare which will embed speedo and other gauges to video will automatically see the GPS data and use it then, so you don't have to worry about syncing gps data up in other products. Useful.
* Build quality : Aluminium casing to the camera itself. Makes for a rugged shell. However see negative points.

Negative points:
* Build quality. The buid quality of the camera itself is good. However, compromises have been made which let it down. The bit at the bottom of the camera where the mounts connect to it is actually plastic. Seems strong enough to deal with the contour mounts though so I can't see it going too wrong, however the tripod mount at the bottom is plastic, yes, plastic threaded. If you're using a tripod screw mount that isn't that long, any kind of knock to the camera when mounted will risk damaging the thread of the tripod mount. My Contour has already got broken thread on the first few screw rotations due to this where the plastic has simply crumbled away after it fell over whilst tripod mounted. If this had been metal threading like on 90% of other cameras this wouldn't have been a problem.
* Settings: All the settings are controlled by the installed software on your computer. This means that to make changes to resolution etc you need to connect to a computer making changes to settings out in the field quite tricky. The settings saved from the software live in a text file which is fairly self explanatory so it is possible to either edit it on an android phone etc, maybe, or even just keep multiple copies the text file and either copy them on / off the card with a phone or just keep a separate micro SD for each type of setting you might need whilst out and about (although this adds to the expense).
* Mounts: You get 2 mounts with it. Both are useless for vented bike helmets. There's one flat mount and one curved mount for attaching to ski type helmets included. That's it. This does keep the price down (why should you pay for a million bundled mount options when you're likely just to use one)... however, take a look at the price of Contour mounts on Amazon. They're not cheap. The vented helmet mount is about £15 and the stretchy flex mount is £25 which in my opinion is vastly overpriced. You can always use the tripod mount and go for third party cheaper mounts but then beware of the plastic threading to the tripod mount in the camera!
* Video : The quality of the video *is* superb however, the 920p HD and 720p options in 720 degrees do have a slightly pixelated look to them which isn't there in the 1080p 130 degree mode. This is most noticeable with sharp edges of things which will look slightly blocky, almost as if it's a lower resolution image scaled up slightly. It's still good though.
* Size : You're not going to look quite as "tellytubby" as a GoPro user (when stuck to helmet etc) but it's still quite sizable. I don't think there is a camera available that will make your recording unnoticeable (the 720p Eye Of Mine Eye-View Sunglasses are the other end of the spectrum but they record 720p 16:9 for 90 mins tops!). Smaller bullet cameras exist and look a bit less obvious, so do keep this in mind if you're worried about the camera standing out like a sore thumb. This doesn't stop most people from using them though and I often just keep this mounted on the handlebar stem so it's hardly noticeable there.

Hope this review helps you out in your choices...
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on 15 May 2013
I had pondered on this for some time, looking at the Go Pro, for which i nearly pulled the trigger but lost my nerve after not so encouraging reviews. I then thought about a cheaper option but i'm such a HD snob that i decided to check the reviews for this. I need this mostly to capture the stunning Scottish scenery i pass while travelling on my motorbike. It came well packaged and i was happy upon opening to find a sturdy camera with 4gb card and an adapter card for it to slot into for easy plugin to TV, PC etc. There was a mincey instruction picture card with four steps which made obvious what to do. I thought a bit more instructions would have been better but as i rarely read them it wasn't a grudge!! Product website is full of useful info anyway! (Worth visiting for easy to do update on camera also)
I seriously took my time mounting on the bottom right side of my helmet. I held it on tightly, recorded for a few seconds then checked the footage. I was delighted to see just the tip of my helmet in the shot so i stuck it on with the super adhesive swivel mount that was provided. This was great for adjusting the angle to match my point of vision. The laser beam test facility is a great trick for testing against the wall before i leave to ensure i'm filming what i want to film. It makes obvious where the camera is pointing. Out on the bike the large sliding record button is idiot proof. Forward and back, start and stop, so easy!!
I was delighted with the picture on my mac and had a laugh running it through iMovie to make a quick movie trailer and load on Facebook. The picture i get on my 50 TV is also stunning! Of course the sound is taboo while riding at high speeds but to expect anything else would be stupid! Quick slap of my favourite Ramones tunes on top of the wind buffering sorted that noise out. I am soooo sooooo happy with this camera, i look forward to my rides all the more. Especially now that i have what looks like a mini rocket launcher on the side of my helmet....
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