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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Black|Style Name: 14-42mm Kit|Change
Price:£399.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 24 December 2012
I am a professional photographer looking for a light weight option for travel that gives close to high end SLR quality.
I bought the E-PM2 as a cheap way to test the micro four thirds concept, it is claimed to give OMD quality without the bells and whistles.

I bought quality Olympus lenses to team up with the camera because you can't really assess a camera with just the 'kit' lens.

The images from the camera have exceeded my expectations I am finding no more noise than I experienced with a Canon 7D, in fact the noise seems to be less in most situations. The output doesn't get close to 5D2 cleanness but I wouldn't expect it to.

Be aware that the screen is designed in wide format so when you use the native 4x3 it will be centred and black both sides, I don't find this an issue at all. When you shoot video or wide format you appreciate the extra width.

The camera gives full control of exposure and other parameters, however they are accessed through menus or the very usable touch screen. There are very few dials, this takes a bit of getting used to after a pro SLR and the menus are comprehensive so you need to take time to get to know your way around, once you do it's a breeze. The touch screen is excellent, especially when working on a tripod (which I do most of the time) the touch focus works very well. If there is one thing I was tempted to mark the camera down on it's the zoom feature on the touch screen, this is by a slider rather than the familiar two fingered pinch method of the iPad and Canon T4i...not a big issue though.

I was looking for a compact system with less bulk and weight than my Pro SLR gear...this where the M43 (Micro four thirds) scores very highly. I packed two cameras, charger, 6 lenses, EVF, flash, tripod, easily into a man-bag style cabin carry on that was no bigger than my wife's handbag/purse. I mention the tripod because the lighter camera means a much lighter tripod can do the business.

The kit lens is OK, but I'm not that keen on the 'fold away' style, it is compact but slightly annoying so as a general lens I have gone for the Oly 12-50mm with built in Macro. This is a great lens for garden and plant photography, the Macro feature saves carrying a macro lens around and produces very acceptable results. It doesn't quite make 1:1 so not truly macro.

Build quality is impressive, I think the camera will stand up to my fairly harsh usage very well.

The E-PM2 has impressed me enough that I will be looking to buy an Oly OMD as the next stage in my gradual move from full frame to M43
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on 13 July 2013
This camera has presented me with a real dilemma. I bought the camera body only but with the free pancake lens to compliment my Olympus E620 as a light easy to carry alternative to share lenses through the Olympus adaptor.
But the image quality blows the E620 away and I was really pleased before.

Comparing a like for like image using my superb Zuiko 11-22 lens on Photoshop Actual Pixels view, the difference in resolution and sharpness is outstanding.

I love the optical viewfinder on the E620 and it is the only camera to use with my 70-300 lens, the auto focus on the Pen is a little slower, but the quality . . . .

One thing is for sure, this is a superb camera that has far exceeded my expectations.
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The Olympus PEN system cameras are digital mirrorless compacts with interchangeable lenses. There are three subdivisions, the 'plain' PEN, PEN lite and PEN mini. The former is aimed at the more professional market and the latter two said to be targetted at amateurs. They all share the ability to function as fully automatic point and shoots, or allow varying degrees of manual ccntrol, and combine the ease of use of a modern digital camera with near SLR image quality.

The EPM2 is the most recent of the mini range and I think considerably more attractive than the EPM1 - Olympus have returned to the retro look that made these cameras so sought after when the range first launched 4 or 5 years back. This model is very comfortable (in small female hands), with the hand grip on the front and the thumb rest on the back positioned perfectly. The camera has a solid and well made feel, but is not too weighty. I got the white version with tan leather effect grips and it looks fab, together with the silver 14-42mm kit lens supplied.

When I was reading up on this camera before purchase I learned that the menu had been simplified such that some of the functions were renamed to have less technical terms e.g 'blur' instead of 'bokeh', making the camera easier to use for a wider ranger of people. That said I don't find the menus particularly easy to navigate once you are out of basic 'iauto', 'scene' or 'pop art' modes, so I don't know that this renaming of technical function counts for much if you can't easily get to the appropriate sub menus in the first place. If I read the guide more thoroughly I'm sure I could figure it out, but I find it somewhat irritating that a camera supposedly aimed at the less knowledgable end of the market isn't slightly more intuitive. Still, Olympus aren't alone in this and it's really my only major gripe with the EPM2.

The touchscreen function is very handy for scrolling though pics and zooming in on replayed images, but the focus/shoot from tapping the screen option is mildly annoying - I kept accidentally taking pics of my lap and knees on a recent trip to Barcelona, so am I'm now keeping this function turned off and using the shutter depress button in preference.

What is beyond question though is the image quality. The EPM2 delivers cracking pictures (in common with the rest of the PEN range - I had an EPL1 before this and that was fab as well). Superb colours, right across the board, with deep blue skies, lush green vegetation, subtle earth tones, hot pinks, neons and warm yellows all reproducing beautifully and richly. Incredible detail in skies (eggshell clouds where other point and shoots just give you white, night skies stay blue-black, not brown), excellent handling of light and shade within the same shots with no over compensation in the darker areas. Crisp detail - you can see individual hairs in a dogs fur coat, and miniscule scratches in a parquet floor. Incredibly fast focus - I think it vies with one of the Panasonic models for best in class. And none of this should come as any real surprise - after all this camera shares a sensor with O-MD model which is around the £1000 mark!

Two last things. I wish this came with the 17mm pancake lens as a kit option. I wish it came with a wrist strap instead of a neck strap. Not withstanding these minor gripes, this is a fantastic camera, and I think that the EPM2, along with the rest of the PEN range, offers unbeatable value and image quality for the money.
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on 3 September 2013
I bought the E-PM2 to replace my six-year-old Ricoh GX200. This new camera is small and light and takes great pictures. It has a extensive range of settings which I'm very happy with despite negative comments from other owners about the lack of buttons. With an 8GB FlashAir card and an extra free 17mm lens included in the price, the Amazon deal was too good to ignore. However, you need to claim the additional 17mm lens direct from Olympus and, having gone through the claim process on 04 August, I am still awaiting delivery on 03 September. Olympus advise that the lens is on it's way but that it can take up to another 15 days to reach me. Bearing in mind this camera has no built-in viewfinder, I have invested in an Olympus VF-3 which fits neatly to the camera via the hot-shoe.

I have now received my free 17mm lens and it certainly was worth waiting for. I was already delighted with the picture quality both for still photos and movies using the 14-42mm lens which was included with the camera and this 17mm lens is at least as good. I believe the Olympus lens offer finishes on 15 September 2013 and I would urge anyone considering the E-PM2 to take advantage of this great offer. You will not be disappointed.
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on 19 November 2013
The main reasons why I bought this camera are: the compact size and a large sensor from the Micro Four Thirds system cameras, for great image quality at an affordable price. It is fast, has great performance in low light, and is much lighter than other mirrorless cameras, as the image stabilizer is in the body of the camera and not in the lens. The built of the camera oozes quality too, and the grip makes a real difference. I couldn't be happier with this camera!
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on 7 February 2014
I love the clear and colour rich pictures it takes. Really great little camera, small enough to take out. The touch screen is brilliant.
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on 10 May 2014
Good sensor, full-light pictures, touch screen display, definitely a good product.

It has been hard to get VAT invoice from the seller.
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on 10 October 2014
The camara looks great and performed to my satisfaction, which is good praise from me.
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on 28 October 2014
Bought to replace a epm1 I had stolen travelling. Not quite as elegant, and much less solidly built, replacing the solid metal body of the earlier camera with a partially plastic one. The touch screen makes the clumsy operating system much easier to use, the lens though is still lacking resolution but it no longer has the irritating catch to release when extending it for use. The additional buttons for deletion and picture viewing are a big improvement, and focussing is now very fast, unnoticeable when taking many shots. A lovely little camera overall. Now I need to replace the pancake lens I also had stolen.
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on 5 September 2013
Easy to use.
Very compact, even with non-integrated flash.
I recommend to buy the full set with 2 optic systems, otherwise, no need to buy an hybrid.
Perfect for me!
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