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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2017
Although used was in great condition and what a bargain buy! Enjoy listening to this daily and songs are brilliant. Amazing Voice! Highly recommend others buy this cd.
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on 1 October 2017
Not my thing , maybe better for young people.
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on 18 January 2017
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on 5 October 2017
Good many thanks
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on 21 May 2017
I bought this for my husband as he heard one of the tracks on TV. He loves it and it was received very quickly.
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on 21 January 2015
Umm not as good as her early stuff...
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on 12 November 2012
I've been waiting a new album from Christina Aguilera for two whole years after the release of the very controversial "Bionic", which by the way made me a big fan of hers. It was all over the place, but some of its tracks stood out very loudly. Its successor "Lotus" , though, is nothing like it. It's a very cohesive album, whose tracks are very carefully selected and placed in order to experience the album the way the artist meant you to. Beginning with a very interesting and mysterious intro, it moves to the empowerment anthem "Army of me", (Christina described it as "Fighter 2.0"). The beat gradually rises with some great tunes until it climaxes with the ultimate Max Martin/Shellback produced dance jam "Let there be love". After that, the beat goes down and up again and so on, since some upbeat songs are mixed with the ballads.

There are no fillers in the album, I mean none! Just some songs that are less good than the others. The ballads are not that good compared to those on "Bionic" but not bad whatsoever. I love "Cease fire", but the biggest surprise for me was "Just a fool (Featuring Blake Sheldon)" ; after hearing that she experimented on country music, I expected the worst, but the result was phenomenal.

In the dance compartment, the best tracks are: "Army of me", "Make the world move (Featuring Cee Lo Green)", "Your body", "Let there be love" (The best in the album), the grower "Circles" and "Shut up"; what can I say about this song. Christina is so fearless and fearful at the same time. Full of swear words, but she censored the poor thing. It still does the trick though. Want to sing the chorus to anyone who gets on my nerves!

The only LAME thing about this album is that, although it is labeled as "Explicit", only "Circles" is fully uncensored. "Your body" and "Shut up" ARE censored for some reason.

All in all, if you are a Christina Aguilera fan, but you were disappointed with "Bionic", worry no more; this is the album for you. It has everything, dance jams, ballads and classic Christina fun songs! If you are a casual listener you will probably enjoy most of the album, since it's filled with radio friendly material.
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on 14 November 2012
Christina Aguilera's interview with Lucky magazine was what first got me interested in checking out her recent work. My curiosity was also heightened when she mentioned that anyone that likes the song "Fighter" is also going to like her new work and when Blake Shelton publicly endorsed her latest cd (via facebook). I consider both Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert naturally good singers. Naturally,I figured that "Lotus" must contain good vocals as well. I am glad that I went by this hunch because Christina Aguilera's voice definitely shines through on this deluxe version. I understand that others may prefer different songs, but these tracks are currently among some of my favorites on "Lotus": "Army Of Me", "Red Hot Kinda Love" "Make The World Move" (featuring Ceelo), "Your Body", "Let There Be Love", "Around The World", "Best Of Me", "Just A Fool" (featuring Blake Shelton), and "Light Up The Sky".
"Lotus" by Christina Aguilera is definitely recommended for those who enjoy "Fighter" and/or at least three songs by Christina Aguilera.
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on 27 August 2015
Obviously with Christina being the superstar she is, I was familiar with her work before and was up for hearing this when it was first available back in 2012. I can say loud and proud, this didn't disappoint me. Each song is different in it's own way and is a great pop album by miss Xtina herself. Many of the tracks are standouts and you can easily listen to it in it's full glory without getting bored.

1. Lotus Intro 10/10
I've always associated Christina, along with Alicia Keys, for having some of the best album intro tracks out there. They always grip you and are artistically versatile and intriguing. I didn't expect Lotus to be the first bad intro and I rightly so, as it opens up the album perfectly.

2. Army Of Me 10/10
Dubbed "Fighter 2.0" by fans, Christina delivers a powerful and care-free anthem you'd expect to come from her. It's aim is to inspire and deliver and it does this very well. Listening to it makes me feel empowered - similar to her other influential hits.

3. Red Hot Kinda Love 10/10
This songs works well carrying a throwback vibe to it. It would've worked extremely well on her very first album "Christina Aguilera". It feels like a second part to Come On Over (All I Want Is You) which is definitely a good thing!

4. Make The World Move (featuring CeeLo Green) 7/10
I've noticed a lot of fans have picked this out as one of their favourites but to me I can't see it being one of the best, but I do however enjoy the song. Different to what you'd expect from this collab also.

5. Your Body 10/10
The lead single from the album, and for a good reason. The song itself is so catchy and powerful you feel you have to sing along to it. The accompanying video is also one of her best and she looks fab as always. If you're only thinking of checking out a few songs you need to make sure this is one!

6. Let There Be Love 10/10
I'm so confused and annoyed that this wasn't a single! It could've been bigger than Your Body with the right promotion. It is very pop and similar to Your Body in terms of production and vocals. A definite banger and a highlight on the album.

7. Sing For Me 10/10
Initially I thought it was a sweet ballad but not much of a stand out. I was so wrong, it is amazingly sung and has a beautiful melody that once you know you just can't forget. Give it a chance to become one of your favourites before you dismiss it!

8. Blank Page 10/10
Written by Christina and pop phenomenon Sia, this ballad is so raw and haunting it will take you back to the days with hits like Beautiful and Hurt. With it being a ballad sung by Christina, it goes without saying that this is one vocal masterpiece. One of her best ballads this decade.

9. Cease Fire 10/10
Although this song isn't credited as much as it deserves it really stands out to me. It has a beautiful message along with catchy music. This combines to create a VERY good and underrated song. Really has a good vibe to it.

10. Around The World 8/10
A good pop song but nothing amazing. Lyrically quite fresh and subtly includes the Dirrty Christina we all know and love. Not a stand out but not necessarily a bad song.

11. Circles 7/10
Fairly weak because of the chorus mainly, it's very heavy and electronic. For some this may be greatly appreciated as it sounds like a mix of the previous tracks on this album with her song Bionic. To me, I would say it's the weakest song on the album. It certainly has a high energy and is very club friendly!

12. Best Of Me 10/10
One of my favourites from the album it's incredibly underrated. It's like a mix of Cease Fire & Blank Page. Incredible song with stunning harmonies that you won't forget. Her vocals sound ace as always.

13. Just A Fool (featuring Blake Shelton) 10/10
As Christina is more a pop artist and Blake more country, this is a perfect cross-over. Their vocals blend together much better than you'd expect and they both shine in their own respects. Lyrically it is a masterpiece and this is the side of Christina we need to see again in the future!

14. Light Up The Sky 10/10
Out of all of the songs, this is the one that captured my attention the most. Upon hearing it for the first time I was so stunned. It gives you a great rush and I genuinely feel so good about this song. The heavy production is flawless and perfect for the style and her voice.

15. Empty Words 9/10
A fair pop song which is great lyrically and vocally. It isn't one of the best songs but it is really good and worth checking out. Very pop, but very Christina.

16. Shut Up 7/10
Similarly to Circles, it's very much in your face and fun. It's not to be seen as standing the test of time or being a classic, it's just there for a bit of fun really. It's not really to my taste but I do find it so fun that I can't dislike it!

17. Your Body (Martin Garrix Remix) 9/10
With a first listen I thought it was hideous as I hated EDM and electronic sounding music. I always skipped this when it came on! Although lately I've started to be more tolerant and even like some music and remixes. Since hearing Martin Garrix make a name for himself I decided not to skip it next time I played the album and I was impressed. If it's your sort of thing you will like it, if not you won't.

Lotus overall is a very strong pop album from the vocalist of our generation, Christina Aguilera. It does have low and high points very similar to the rest of her albums and also other pop stars. It is 100% worth getting if you like Xtina or pop music. Vocally, lyrically AND musically impressive.
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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2012
When you have to listen to an album at least twice to really take in the lyrics and vocal delivery, you know you have a real pop album in your hands, rather than something churned out by the latest hit factory.

As an owner of all Christina's previous albums I was rather satisfied with Lotus. It's a through and through pop album with a sound very `in' right now. Working with Max Martin for the first time proves a hit with lead single `Your Body' and the sure fire club hit `Let There Be Love'. Yes, it's that `electro dance' production style that has already worked well for Katy Perry, Usher, Cheryl Cole and a whole host of others but you can't fail to recognise it as a Christina track with her vocal trademarks clearly stamped all over it.

`Red Hot Kinda Love' is catchy pop at its best with one of the most effective vocal hooks I've heard in a while. My other major highlight was `Cease Fire', a midtempo track led by a military-esque pulsating drum beat, likely to have been inspired by Christina's recent divorce. `Empty Words' oozes with positivity and a piano hook a little reminiscent of Demi Lovato's `Skyscraper'.

Overall, I found the vocal delivery quite characteristically `shouty' throughout on Lotus. There have been a few tracks on previous albums where Christina eases off the vocal olympics and sings more sparsely showing more vulnerable qualities to her voice. It's not a major criticism just an observation for those who have enjoyed tracks in the past such as `I'm OK' and `Oh Mother'. The lead ballad here is `Blank Page', a new songwriting collaboration with Sia, accompanied by little more than piano; the `Beautiful' or `Hurt' of the album. The country rock tinged `Just A Fool' with Blake Shelton surely proves Christina can make any genre her own with her distinctive vocal delivery. A great collaboration and one I personally enjoyed a lot more than the Cee-Lo Green one which failed to ignite me as much.

Lyrically there are a lot more of `Fighter' style songs. This is good news for anyone who likes this kind of `knock me down and I'll get back up' theme. Others may wonder just who Christina is so angry at. Whatever the case, Lotus surely proves Christina doesn't only have `the voice' but `that voice' which continues to set her apart as an artist.
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