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VINE VOICEon 12 November 2013
As I said in my review of Live Rails...the only problem I had about buying this album (and Live Rails)was the fact that I already own all the material on display (in many cases in live version as well as the studio material)
So, what's this all about then? Well it's Steve visiting old ground to effectively, bring it up to date, using a variety of different vocalists and musicians and of course, modern recording techniques. And does it work? Most certainly BUT it is pretty much a direct lift of the originals, the real clue to it not being so is the vocals, because the only thing really missing is one Peter Gabriel. Not that the vocalists on show here are in any way, shape or form, bad - but they just aren't the man himself although several singers get very close to that special sound that Gabriel can achieve!
However, we know every note on display, and Steve and his band of merry men do every single one more than justice and if anything, this whole album benefits from the richer sounds captured in the recording studios using modern techniques. The choice of material is as wide as it is varied and pretty much sums up the earlier guise of Genesis (before it became a bit more pop than prog!) And, for the money, well you really, really cannot go wrong whether you are a Genesis fan, a Steve Hackett fan or just a plain lover of fine, fine music with a very English twist!
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on 21 August 2014
Once you understand it's the music that's important and not necessarily the musicians playing (or singing) it, this album really hits the spot. The first Genesis Revisited album was quite good but I thought deviated from the originals too much.Most tracks on this double are, actually, executed with greater skill and musicality than Peter, Phil, Mike, Tony and Steve ever achieved. At first you'll find the vocals somewhat disturbing, as they are just 'wrong'. Wrong in the sense they're not Peter or Phil. There are a couple of tracks which will never work; Ripples sung by a woman...nah! and The Lamia sung by Nik Kershaw (and I love Nik Kershaw). These aside, once over the initial discomfort, all the other tracks are fantastic, listen a few times and these new, fresh recordings of early classics will become your favourite versions. Even better if you have a decent Hi-fi system, the sound quality is very high and the extra layers Hackett has introduced, to what are virtually note for note replicas of the originals, sing out and wrap the true Genesis die hard fan in wonderful music, taking you right back to the late 70s and 80s. The whole of "Supper's Ready" has been included with a succession of different vocalists including Hackett himself. I always found the original a little difficult to listen to, it was musically clever but not executed particularly well and it was kinda corny. I can listen to this version over and over, it's a masterpiece. Most fans won't like every track, but it really is very good. If you've been to see "We will Rock You" you'll know those session musicians capture the essence of Queen but do it even better than Queen themselves. Same deal here....although Hackett always was a brilliant musician. Buy it!
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on 26 December 2012
I listened to Genesis a lot in the 1970s and early 80s, and saw them several times live. As the band progressed I was not so keen on the albums from Duke onward, although there were some good tracks on the 'Genesis' (1983) album. I gradually lost interest and moved onto listening to other bands, occasionally coming back to listen to Trick of the Tail or Selling England by the Pound etc. When I saw Steve Hackett talking about this album in a TV interview I was interested to get the old albums out again, and decided to buy this to see how it compared. I think Steve's interpretation of these classic tracks is excellent, combining with several other artists on vocals to create a great collection of re-worked tracks. The selection of tracks is excellent. Some of the vocals sound eerily like Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins, whereas others sound completely different, and in particular a female vocalist for Ripples was an interesting choice. I think this album confirms my view that when Steve Hackett left Genesis it was as big a loss as Peter Gabriel, with the band moving into the more popular genre rather than the progressive rock with fantastic new ideas that it had grown up on. This album will stimulate me to download some of the other classic albums (that I've already got on vinyl) that I've not yet got around to downloading, starting with Lamb Lies Down on Broadway...
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on 7 July 2013
Whilst some might say why bother when you can hear the originals, I say why not. Some are loving re-creations, some interesting variations. So much so that there are some that I prefer over the originals.

The only fly in the ointment is that some of the vocal performances can be a little weak.

If you approach the music with an open mind, imagining that the Genesis had continued, after Gabriel left, with a new front man rather than constantly comparing to Gabriel or Collins I think you will enjoy it more.

I had the opportunity to hear Steve and the band at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall...they were superb, but what was really brilliant was that our children got to hear the music performed live - something we thought would never happen.

We all enjoyed it so much we are going again in Oct to see him at the Apollo - the day after seeing Peter Gabriel!

This album is old treasures treasures, gently unearthed and lovingly restored to view. Enjoy
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on 22 January 2018
Good set of reinterpretations of classic Genesis and Hackett tunes. Mostly very faithful to the originals, but with small, careful and tasteful additions here and there. Recording quality and musicianship is superb. This is better than Volume 1 in every way. A refreshing way to revisit these old classics.
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on 6 August 2013
This new version of "Genesis Revisited" is spectacular, wonderful, well made and with the great talent of this exceptional artist. The best work ever. Guests are proficient talents, vocal repertoire well made and very good. It is a revival without sameness well prepared. Who likes the band and the exceptional work of this guitarist can not fail to have this work. Excellent! Note 9.5.
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on 7 January 2013
Being a massive Genesis fan from the early days I was worried that this re-recording wouldn't have lived up to expectations. I should not have worried. It is excellent. They say the true Genesis ended when Peter Gabriel left the band. I would say that the true Genesis ended when Steve Hackett left the band. What I can't understand is why there was gap of 16 years between Genesis Revisited I and II. If you like this album check out the first Genesis Revisited album as well. Worth it for 'Watcher of the Sky' alone.
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on 25 November 2012
When I bought the original "Genesis Revisited", I was blown away by the new and inovative interpretations of Genesis classic tracks. Well, Hackett has done it again! Another batch of Genesis classics given a fresh look. New arrangements, new voices, some terrific guest musicians, all make this another album any Genesis fan should have in their collection. Now for
"Revisited III"? Come on Steve!!!
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on 28 August 2014
While GR1 re-imagined many of the tracks it covered, GR2 goes simply for recreating them with just minor tweaks here and there. This is no bad thing - just a different approach. Hackett's 7 years in Genesis (before they turned into more of a pop group with Collins as front man) were remarkable and he has continued to be remarkable through his solo career. Ripples, with Amanda Lehman on vocals, is the highlight here for me, and I love all the tracks from Wind & Wuthering. If you're a fan of 70s Genesis, don't miss this (or GR1)!
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on 19 November 2012
If you are going to buy this album with any doubts,due to your loyalty of times gone now, just set them aside.

It's simple.These tracks are as wonderful as ever,and perhaps,with a little more clarity. Phil Collin's son,from his first marriage, appears extensivley sounding,at times,more like Peter Gabriel,and others more like his dad than his dad ever did! There are many,many more wonderful talents on this album too, all worthy of being carrying on the legacy.

And what a discovery it all is,taking me back to my youth, and awakening an appreciation of Genesis in my adult and teenage children;that is quite an achievement.

Buy it,listen to it loud,in a darkened room,and learn to love the songs all over again;chill!
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