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on 15 November 2014
Looks great, very sturdy! Draws are a little flimsy but nothing to worry about. Erected in about 3 hours on my own. Instructions easy to follow. Ordered Wednesday arrived on Friday. Nothing else to add besides if you've got the room take this table into consideration.
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on 4 June 2013
I ordered the desk on Sunday it came on Tuesday (pretty fast) I started to build it all and I must say it's a big desk so I took some things away from it to make it a bit smaller but still big at the same time for the price of this desk it's a must have I have my xbox 2 monitors and my computer on it and there's so much room still left if you're thinking about getting this then you should!!
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on 25 May 2016
I decided to go for the Piranha Regal Corner Desk after reading many positive reviews here on Amazon, and once again you guys have done me proud. It was an excellent buy, and after days of research into a new desk, I'm now a happy and proud owner of one too. It arrived quickly! Though, it was not without its flaws.

I was unfortunate enough to get a bent, faulty part with the desk, though it wasn't a crucial element of the construction. It was the locking mechanism for the top drawer. A swift email to the Piranha team and they were more than helpful, so I won't mark them down on that. Very understanding and willing to ship out a new part if needed. Though, I decided it wasn't worth having to de-construct the whole of the drawer compartment to get the lock to work, so I went without. Bit of a shame, but that was my choice in the end, so nothing against Piranha, or the desk.

Overall, it took me, on my own, about 3-4 hours to build. It recommends 2, and I can see why, as some parts of the build were a bit of a headache to align individually. It even provides 2 sets of instructions which was a nice perk! The instructions were clear and everything was labelled accurately.

The company were kind enough to provide most of the tools needed too, the screwdriver was actually pretty useful, but it won't matter if you opt to use your own. There is one part which recommends a hammer, which isn't provided.

Once fully assembled, the desk looks great, feels study, and has plenty of space. I have a 29" LG Monitor and my PC tower with speakers and a desk lamp. I now have a new 35" monitor which is also on the desk, there's a ton of room and it feels sturdy enough to hold it all without any problems.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product, and I hope you will be a proud owner of one too.

I hope my provided images give you some idea on what to expect, have fun building!
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on 3 May 2015
Oh my days this is a big desk. Very sturdy when assembled. Came very well packaged with absolutely no damage. The assembly instructions are very clear and easy to follow. And finally, a smart person decided to label each and every part. As long as you assemble as per the instructions, you can't go wrong. Very very surprised by the quality of product and the ease of assembly, took me an hour and although I am the queen of flat pack, a novice could do this in two. U may need a friend to give you a hand with some of the lining up and balancing, 99% can be done solo.
One tip, go round with the screwdriver provided and push through the holes from front to back, this saves a whole lot of time. I am extremely impressed with this product. Great price for a great product...
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on 12 April 2015
Desk arrived on time and very quickly, desk easy to assemble, took about 4 hours for me to build having some basic experience from ikea assembly's, I will say that you must READ the instructions and in particular the PART numbers as there are parts that are the same but must be used in different ways from eachother! Not realising this meant I had to spend an extrahour dismantling and re assembling the frame! The desk looks great and is very sturdy, measurement exactly as described.

Only minor issues -
When assembling desk some holes do not line up well but fortunately they are not vital to the build.
Lock system arrived a bit bent and doesn't really work they great, will just use desk without it

Overall very happy!
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on 30 August 2014
This review comes after 3 weeks since I received the product.

Here are my thoughts:
- it was delivered within the estimated time frame
- it was well packaged and it had no scratches
- it took me about 3 hours to assemble it, but I guess I took my time to decide how I want it positioned in my room
- it had all the necessary parts, screws (spares included), tools and instructions manual
- some screws require a bit of strength to screw, and because of this I made a swelling in my palm from the screwdriver (my fault for not using a glove, I guess)
- the desk ended up to be solid and steady, all the parts being properly linked together with no gaps
- it is as large as described in the image with the sizes
- I have been using it for 3 weeks and I feel more productive as I have space to keep my 2 laptops, and A4 papers with drawings and sketches for my projects
- it looks very professional and beautiful
- it is easy to clean
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on 19 July 2017
Nice well made desk, substantial and good value for the money. The excellent instructions, individual packets of labeled screws and all the required tools made the desk very simple to put together (although you do have to start with box 2 of 2?!?), it took a couple of hours with the majority of time being spent putting together the drawers.
I don't want to sound overly negative as like I said, its good value for money, but there were a couple of issues I came across that mean it can't be 5 stars;
The screws were a little delicate, I managed to round off the crossheads on a few of the smaller screws using my electric screwdriver so I had to be very very careful with them, and even then still managed to damage one or two more.
I had to clean and scrape glue from the manufacturing process off from around the edging, especially on the curved section, and give all the desktops a good polish as they look liked they were just wiped over once after manufacturer, which was nerve wracking as I didn't want to damage the surface, seems to have polished up OK though.
The curved piece had a minor knock on it which looks like it was repaired at the factory, I'm not going to send the entire thing back for that though, you don't really notice it unless you're looking for it.
The only other issue was mainly due to having a black desk, and that's where the laminate was stretched over the edges its lighter, this was fixed pretty easily with a black marker pen and polishing it off.
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on 30 December 2016
Solid desk. Classic laminated material, not the best like real wood but it feels fine.
Quite sturdy if you put it together properly, takes the weight of even me when i'm standing on it. Will take any multi-monitor setup, quite a good amount of room while not looking too big as it doesn't look bulky.

Setup is hard, took a few hours to put together (3-4) with me and my sister, but it's complicated and long because it's well put together. Few very annoying screws took a while to put in.

Marked it down a star as the locking system is very poor and flimsy. I think it would be better to not have a locking system at all then this one because it just makes the desk seem poor (which it's not!), it could EASILY be broken by mistake just by locking it, you can even pull it open on one side as it only locks on one side of the drawer. I fully expect the lock to be broken within a months use because it's so flimsy.

Overall, I advise this desk over others. More expensive then others available, but it's definitely sturdy, packaged well and good quality.
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on 3 December 2016
I have seen this desk by a few different sellers but Piranha had the best reviews so I went with them. Having ordered this at the beginning of November, I got an email a couple days later to say the desks they had left are damaged and I can either cancel or wait a month for next batch. I decided to wait because really, for the price and what you get, there is nothing else out there. The seller kept me well informed and were polite during my agonising wait. My desk arrived start of December as the seller said and I have just finished putting it together. First of all, go buy a T-bar type of screwdriver set (only £10) as I always find the supplied screwdrivers are hard to apply force too without them slipping and stripping the screws. The screwdriver supplied seemed a little too big for the screws maybe, but no problem as I have my own set. The box says requires 2 people which, I think is more to do with how long this takes to put together, took me about 5 hours (I am a little OCD, I am sure it can be done quicker), but still, I managed on my own. Instructions are clear and I like that it tells you which box the part is in (this desk comes in 2 boxes and it's heavy). The desk is now all together and no problems at all, I read a few reviews saying the holes don't line up, maybe a defect, but I find that if you put the frame together loosely, then you have flex to stick a screw driver in the holes to line them up. Sitting at the desk in the corner section is so comfy as it provides lots of surface to rest your arms and means I don't lean forward in my chair. It is big, so you need the space, measure up first. I would highly recommend this desk!
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on 29 August 2017
Arrived very quickly, boxes were a bit battered and bruised which had me worried about the contents but everything inside was well packaged. The desk panels were 'factory fresh' aka had a fair amount of wood dust, and there's a few glue smudges and scratches on the edges but nowhere near enough to notice.

Assembly took me about 6 hours on my own, the bulk of which was the chest of drawers and probably a bit more time added on as I was building it in a very small and cluttered room. Only significant complaint about the whole product is that some of the screw holes on the underside of the main three desk tops do not align at all once the frame is put in place. This only numbered 2 or 3 out of the 10 or so main connecting points and the desk still stands solid nonetheless. Some screw stripping as the most used screw is quite small/fiddly but the kit does come with an ample pack of spares.

Final assembled desk fits like a dream and looks very smart (black effect). The size of the overall workspace is fantastic; I've fit two computer monitors, a large row of books and other desk crap and still have tonnes of spare working space for a printer or just an empty writing area. Chest of drawers is solid and the drawers slide/lock perfectly. Desk is maybe a bit high for long periods of keyboard use (I'm used to having a keyboard tray underneath) but that could just be my chair/terrible posture. Tabletops smudge a little bit with finger/palm prints so if you're a clean freak have wipes handy.
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