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on 12 April 2015
Desk arrived on time and very quickly, desk easy to assemble, took about 4 hours for me to build having some basic experience from ikea assembly's, I will say that you must READ the instructions and in particular the PART numbers as there are parts that are the same but must be used in different ways from eachother! Not realising this meant I had to spend an extrahour dismantling and re assembling the frame! The desk looks great and is very sturdy, measurement exactly as described.

Only minor issues -
When assembling desk some holes do not line up well but fortunately they are not vital to the build.
Lock system arrived a bit bent and doesn't really work they great, will just use desk without it

Overall very happy!
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on 19 July 2017
Nice well made desk, substantial and good value for the money. The excellent instructions, individual packets of labeled screws and all the required tools made the desk very simple to put together (although you do have to start with box 2 of 2?!?), it took a couple of hours with the majority of time being spent putting together the drawers.
I don't want to sound overly negative as like I said, its good value for money, but there were a couple of issues I came across that mean it can't be 5 stars;
The screws were a little delicate, I managed to round off the crossheads on a few of the smaller screws using my electric screwdriver so I had to be very very careful with them, and even then still managed to damage one or two more.
I had to clean and scrape glue from the manufacturing process off from around the edging, especially on the curved section, and give all the desktops a good polish as they look liked they were just wiped over once after manufacturer, which was nerve wracking as I didn't want to damage the surface, seems to have polished up OK though.
The curved piece had a minor knock on it which looks like it was repaired at the factory, I'm not going to send the entire thing back for that though, you don't really notice it unless you're looking for it.
The only other issue was mainly due to having a black desk, and that's where the laminate was stretched over the edges its lighter, this was fixed pretty easily with a black marker pen and polishing it off.
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on 26 January 2016
Great price ,great looks.good instructions and spare fixings included.so pleased with result.Only downside are
1/ final assembly of Main top showed several fixings to frame out of alignment which i could not resolve.Thankfully there were more than enough to fix the top very securely.Their may be an order of screwing in the base to top fixings which could solve it to move the frame into line.but i couldnt manage it
2/Pay VERY close attention to the way the Top of the Filing cabinet(which forms part of the tabletop) is aligned so that the curved edges is on the outside or you will find all the fixings to frame out of alignment
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on 30 December 2016
Solid desk. Classic laminated material, not the best like real wood but it feels fine.
Quite sturdy if you put it together properly, takes the weight of even me when i'm standing on it. Will take any multi-monitor setup, quite a good amount of room while not looking too big as it doesn't look bulky.

Setup is hard, took a few hours to put together (3-4) with me and my sister, but it's complicated and long because it's well put together. Few very annoying screws took a while to put in.

Marked it down a star as the locking system is very poor and flimsy. I think it would be better to not have a locking system at all then this one because it just makes the desk seem poor (which it's not!), it could EASILY be broken by mistake just by locking it, you can even pull it open on one side as it only locks on one side of the drawer. I fully expect the lock to be broken within a months use because it's so flimsy.

Overall, I advise this desk over others. More expensive then others available, but it's definitely sturdy, packaged well and good quality.
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on 1 August 2016
I've wanted an L-shaped desk for several years now but they all seemed to cost £300-£400 and I could never find exactly what I was after; one with the bend exactly in the centre and with unobtrusive legs. The design and low cost of this desk - plus a lockable set of drawers - made buying it a no-brainer (as the expression goes).

It was delivered within two days and arrives in two packages. The three desktop segments have been packaged with plastic "corner protectors" so they are not damaged in shipping - a great idea. It says two people are required but I built it all by myself and took me about 4-5 hours. Every component has a number label so it's pretty straightforward to build but pay close attention so you get things the right way round. Be sure what side you want the drawers to go on - it wouldn't be easy to just switch it over if you felt like it. It does get a bit stressful. I stopped about 7-8 times and thought either "I don't understand what this guide is telling me to do" or "this just doesn't work, I'm going to have to send it back" but I stuck with it and everything turned out fine. Having read that some people couldn't get their drawers to lock I was expecting to have the same issue but I did it, it works. I had been worried about the chest of drawers boxing me in but it doesn't, there's plenty of leg room (and I have long legs).

The two things that caused me some major grief were:

Part 29 - you have to put two screws in. One was fine but the other drilled hole was so badly placed with so little space available for the screw it seemed impossible. My advice here is: try it, force it and you will hopefully be as surprised as I was to find it does actually go in. I was sure I was going to have to get Piranha to send me a new part so I'm glad I managed to make it work. I imagine this is a known issue and future models won't have this problem.

The other difficulty I encountered was getting the three desktop segments to fit together nicely. I could get two to fit but the third would then be badly out of whack and look terrible. In the end I had to unscrew the cabinet desktop segment I'd assembled earlier, wiggle that around to fit in
with the other two and re-screw it. Now it looks all smoothly integrated like the promotional image. However the lighting of the promo pic makes it look as if the three segments join together seamlessly so you can't tell where one bit ends and the other begins but in reality, the join is very visible and the grain flow of each segment doesn't match its neighbour. Does this matter? Not to me and I don't know how else you could do it without shipping one gigantic bit of L-shaped wood.

I still can't quite believe I've got my perfect L-shaped desk and for such a good price. The only suggestion for improvement I can make to Piranha is to consider selling an even cheaper version without the lockable chest of drawers as I didn't really want it and would have preferred to have even more leg room but I'm not complaining! This was a great purchase and I thoroughly recommend this L-shaped desk to anyone.
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on 3 December 2016
I have seen this desk by a few different sellers but Piranha had the best reviews so I went with them. Having ordered this at the beginning of November, I got an email a couple days later to say the desks they had left are damaged and I can either cancel or wait a month for next batch. I decided to wait because really, for the price and what you get, there is nothing else out there. The seller kept me well informed and were polite during my agonising wait. My desk arrived start of December as the seller said and I have just finished putting it together. First of all, go buy a T-bar type of screwdriver set (only £10) as I always find the supplied screwdrivers are hard to apply force too without them slipping and stripping the screws. The screwdriver supplied seemed a little too big for the screws maybe, but no problem as I have my own set. The box says requires 2 people which, I think is more to do with how long this takes to put together, took me about 5 hours (I am a little OCD, I am sure it can be done quicker), but still, I managed on my own. Instructions are clear and I like that it tells you which box the part is in (this desk comes in 2 boxes and it's heavy). The desk is now all together and no problems at all, I read a few reviews saying the holes don't line up, maybe a defect, but I find that if you put the frame together loosely, then you have flex to stick a screw driver in the holes to line them up. Sitting at the desk in the corner section is so comfy as it provides lots of surface to rest your arms and means I don't lean forward in my chair. It is big, so you need the space, measure up first. I would highly recommend this desk!
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on 6 February 2016
Needs some care and planning in the fitting together, and is a bit unforgiving of uneven floors, but very good value for money. All the tools required to assemble are supplied - although I'd use your own if you have them - and there were spares of every screw and washer.

My only complaint is that the bar that allows the doors to lock had lost a pin in transit meaning there's no locking mechanism on mine. FWIW the lock isn't going to keep anyone out and at this price not enough to justify losing a star.

Inexpensive with clear instructions, well thought out, and delivered a week ahead of schedule.
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on 20 March 2017
Exceptional desk. Materials are of excellent quality, far ahead of anything Ikea has to offer, and the general design of the whole thing is perfectly suited to my needs.
There is but one downside - I switched the configuration of the desk from having the drawer unit on the left to having it on the right (the instructions include either configuration at a branch point) and I think I overtightened a screw connecting the frame to the top corner panel. As a result, there is a slight bump in the surface of the desk. This isn't enough to be annoying, but enough to notice at times, and is an unfortunate "screw-up" on my part!
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on 20 July 2017
Great looking desk - has really made my home office look great.
Shipping was really quick - a couple of days from order.
Whilst it took a couple of hours to assemble from flat-pack, I have to say that the instructions included with it were the clearest and best-presented I've ever worked from for any furniture. I had no "go back 4 steps" moments and there were no missing parts either. Ikea usually set the high water mark for flat pack instructions but these were much better.
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on 27 September 2016
Really disappointed with this product the material of this product is fine but isn't fine and the reason it gets 2 star instead of 5 is because of a shoddy job on the screw holes so because of that I now have a gradual widening gap widest at 3/4 of 1cm and also the draws doesn't slide in properly so every time I want something from the bottom or middle I have to pull up the middle draw to slide them back in which is stupid considering how much i paid for it, disgusting,

Also I'd like to point out people who will maybe fill there draws it doesn't have a full length back piece so when mine was full of DVDs and I pulled the draw abit to quick there couldn't shut because my DVDs unknowingly had fallen behind and had to disassemble it to retrieve the items.
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