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on 29 October 2016
Jaws what a great show, one of a kind so why would you want to go into the water with him waiting for breakfast lunch or tea, The feeling is terrifing and the suspense is chilling, fabulous storyline and the cast are marvellous putting us on hold for the next encounter. A small comunity on an island needs the money to survive the season and the Major want close the beach for any reason. This shark is not stupid thats why he has lived as long as he has. One woman just an appetite now it's time for morning tea so he finds another snack in the bay only this time a man, Fantastic scenes with plenty of thrill rides waiting for things to happen which doesn't take long. I rated this an A grade plus for been one full on entertainment that will scare the living daylights out of you in some places. Now it's between the people and shark in water who will win. I know but it's up to you to find out so gather a few friends over so they too can have a great night watching the movie, Lets rock the boat. Enjoy!
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on 4 December 2016
I rarely write reviews on Amazon but I felt I had to for this superb Blu-ray. The film is obviously good no need to talk about the film. The picture quality of this release is almost so good you can't believe it. The way that Universal have restored the film is nothing short of a miracle. As Stephen Spielberg says in one of the extras, "the quality is even better than it was when it was originally released in the 70's". Absolute crystal clear picture it's a joy to watch.

As for the extras, you get two full length making of documentary's, one from the 90's and the other made in 2005, the 90's one is over two hours long and the 2005 one is about 1:40 in length. Both offer great insights and information about the making of the film and the trials that the crew had to endure during the shoot.

My only small technical gripe is down to the way you have to sit through 3 or 4 minutes of guff when first inserting the disk before you can start watching the film. Also I don't like the way that if you stop the disk then restart it does not remember your position so you have to sit through the bilge again. I think a lot of Universal DVDs and Blu-rays are like that, annoying.

However the above does not deter me from giving this film 5 stars Universal have done a superb job restoring this film to look better that it did back in the day.
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on 6 July 2014
Jaws may be nearly 40 years old but it is an object lesson in how to make a blockbuster! - Micheal Bay take note! - It is beautifully paced, superbly acted & has one of the greatest scenes in cinema history! That scene is, of course, Quint's description of the fate of the USS Indianapolis! But there are so many others!.. The horrifying opening; Brody's quiet moment with his youngest son; his confrontation with the Kintner child's mother; any scene with Neary & Quint together; Brody's first confrontation with the shark; I could go on! As for the shark.., yes, time has not been kind to it but Spielberg wisely chose to keep it out of sight during the first half & so by the time it reveals itself in the thrilling final act, you are so wrapped up in the movie that you are willing to forgive its shortcomings.

As well as the film itself, which has been digitally re-mastered with all new sound, there are loads of bonus features, including a superb 2-hour making of... documentary, which tells you all you need to know about the process of making one of cinemas finest blockbuster movies.

In the final analysis, if you wish to see a blockbuster that delivers good characterisation & genuine thrills rather than flashy visuals, loud explosions & cardboard characters, then why haven't you already seen this film? Go on, do yourself a favour & buy it on Blu-ray!
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on 26 April 2014
I'm sure that everyone knows the plot of this movie now, so I'll just briefly sum it up; Three guys (the local police chief, a marine biologist and a local professional shark hunter) go out on a mission to kill the great white shark that has been killing people.

I love this movie, but I do have one or two issues with it (I'll talk about those later).

As a lot of people know, this movie is notorious for having production problems, mainly because the three mechanical sharks used were entirely unreliable, and therefore did not work. Oddly, I think that this actually worked in the movie's favour, as it allowed for a lot more character development, and it helped build up the tension, as we don't see the shark for the majority of the movie.

In terms of the actors, I just have one word; AMAZING.

Now onto the issues I have (both of which are so minor that they are not enough to reduce my rating for this movie). One is that the shark, of course, looks fake (except for the shots when Hooper is in the cage, as most of those were actually a real shark). Another is a very personal issue with the blu-ray (btw, the movie looks AMAZING on blu-ray), and that is the fact that when you're getting the disc out, you have to place your finger over the shark's mouth (you can stop laughing now). I don't know why, but I've always been a little bit scared of doing that, even when just holding the box I'll make sure that none of my fingers is over the shark's mouth (seriously, stop laughing). It may be something to do with the image of the shark, I don't know. Anyway, I still enjoy the movie.
Anything else? Oh yes, the music! Again, AMAZING, especially that theme tune (dada dada dada dada dada dada dada dada dada dada dadadadadadadadadada). IMO, that is one of the best theme tunes in movie history. It's certainly one of the most iconic - it's one of a handful (OK, maybe a little more than a handful) of theme tunes that are instantly recognizable; you hear that theme tune, you think "Jaws".

If there's anyone who hasn't seen this movie yet, stop reading these reviews and BUY IT NOW!
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on 22 October 2016
One of my top 5 movies all time, I absolutely love this movie and have seen it endless times. My younger fiancee had never seen it and was blown away by how good it was, even in 2016. However everyone has likely seen the movie if they're buying it so I will focus on the quality and features.

The quality itself is incredible. Out of all my old movie collection I think Jaws and The Karate Kid have the best improvement in picture quality from their DVD releases. All tears, wear and other declining image quality issues have been removed and fixed. The audio is also fantastic. My fiancee couldn't believe how old the film was considering the quality.

The extras are endless, it took me hours to watch through the documentaries and other scenes.

I'd definitely recommend the purchase and with the sequels now available, I'd recommend picking up Jaws 2 which also has endless extras and amazing quality.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 December 2017
One of my all time favorites from my childhood.
Love the memories it brought back of running out to the video man in his van.
I still get scared with the build up in the music.
I think this may be one of the reasons I am scared of being eaten.
Massive shark in such shallow water, I think Jaws grows in size throughout the film.
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on 11 December 2014
What can I say about this modern suspense horror masterpiece that hasn't been said before?

As well as being one of Steven Spielberg's three best films along with Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan, it is a tight, well paced superbly filmed masterclass in how to ratchet up the tension through mood, music and well placed camera cuts and zooms - Alfred Hitchcock saw it and said that "Spielberg was the first director he had ever seen who think outside of the Proscenium Arch" of the cinema - high praise indeed from the master of suspense cinema.

But it is in the three main performances that the film's main strengths lie - Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw in the stunning performance of his career - seriously, watch his speech on the boat about the sinking off the USS Indianapolis, I can't believe he didn't win the Oscar for best supporting actor!

An all time, five star, definite must buy classic at a great price with lots of extras.

Just Buy It!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 January 2016
The 1970's cult horror thriller gets the BD treatment and has never looked or sounded better! Roy Scheider stars as Brody a former New York cop who has moved to the small cape island is Amity to be it's new Chief of police. When a swimmer goes missing on a beach party evening swim and is found half eaten the next day it's obvious that a shark it roaming the area. However as the 4th July holiday approaches the town mayor does not want to listen. Queue a stack of bodies before water fearing Brody enlists shark expert Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfus in a brilliant role) and Quint (Robert Shaw, again brilliant) a crabby old school fisherman to go hunting before anymore die.

BD offers a very solid upgrade from DVD in both audio and video. Most the features from the previous DVD release have been transferred to this new release.
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on 10 July 2017
This movie still holds up, Spielberg against insurmountable production problems presents a brilliant lesson in thriller film making, its a masterpiece and has never looked better in this pristine and pin sharp blu ray version. I projected it at 8 feet wide using a very modestly prices 1080p projector, it looked absolutely stunning, a truly cinematic experience.
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on 23 November 2012
I waited for the digibook version of this movie as I felt this would look nicer on the shelf and also gets a behind the scene booklet incorporated.

The film looks great, Extras are terrific with 2 x 2hour long documentaries as stand out.

But you have to decide which package you want as I didn't take too much notice myself. If you are going for the digibook version, you don't get the digital downloads. The digital versions only come in basic casing.

Now I'm not gonna moan mainly because I didn't read the different marketing points of each, but alternate packaging versions are becoming quite common Universal seem to be the main guilty party with steelbook, digibook, digital copy, augmented all having been available this year.

Just make sure you hold out for the version you like cos the disc content is usually the same.


i: I appreciate it's Universal's 100 year anniversary but how many compilation adverts were on here before you get to the menu screen ????
ii: I don't like the symbols on the menu screen (also seen on the classic monsters collection and I'm guessing on more universal releases). I forget almost every time where the symbols might take me if I select one of them although the play symbol is fairly obvious.

menus, ads and multi-versions aside, the film is a classic and never looked better with a multitude of extras
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