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on 5 March 2013
I have recently upgraded from a nikon d90 to the d600 and I have not been disappointed. I've been a keen amateur landscape photographer for a few years now but in the last year or so I have been asked more and more if I would be prepared to do family portraits and weddings. So I decided to take the plunge my trusty d90 was starting to show its age so I upgraded to the d600.
The low light performance is amazing it enables high speed shots without flash in low light with virtually no noise. For example last week end I took photos of a first dance at a wedding reception at iso5000 with no other lights than those provided by the disco.
Weather proofing is very good on the camera. I tested it out during the big freeze and one of the worst blizzards we have seen in England for a fair few years.
This camera is great as a step up to full frame as you can still use the crop sensor lenses from your old nikon at a really quite respectable 16 megapixels instead of the 24 at full frame.
There are many focusing modes on this camera my favourite though is the 3d tracking mode. Where you lock on to a subject and as long as it is in shot the camera will automatically focus on that subject. Great for sports, wildlife and child portraits.
All in all this camera does a hell of a lot for the money and it does it all really well.
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on 9 November 2013
The D600 is a defective product DO NOT BUY!!
isssue with the oil spots on sensors are well known. Ruined pretty much all my shots recently and I had to resort to using a compact. Nikon has lost a customer here and I will be switching to another brand
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on 28 January 2015
Outstanding full-frame sensor DSLR
Does have a reputation for internal grease gathering on the sensor, but-touch wood, mine is ok so far!...
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on 20 October 2013
This is a very good full frame multi function DSLR camera. for the first few months as I got used to it a learned to explore all of its functions I was over the moon, 5 stars would have been given. HOWEVER, having used the camera for light use since Christmas I am now experiencing the dust spot issue that many D600 users are experiencing. Now Nikon will , and have taken my camera back in for repair, but they are very slow, I have now been without my camera for 2 weeks and it could be another 2. Nikon have now released the D610 to rectify the design fault with the shutter mechanism that spays oil onto the image sensor. Trouble is Nikon will still not admit that there is a problem and recall the cameras for repair. I am now waiting to see if they replace the shutter mechanism in my camera to resolve the design fault. Now to put this problem into perspective, all DSLR's need cleaning occasionally as dust is likely to get into the body when you change lenses. And this sensor can be cleaned, but I have issues with Nikon over their dishonesty and speed of repair with this issue. This is a fantastic camera if it was not for this fault.
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on 25 December 2014
I have had Nikons since the mid 80's and always the high end models. Since the end of the film era, I have been waiting for an affordable digital equivalent to be developed The D600 is it and the images will blow you away, even those taken in low light with no flash. My back up camera is a D300s and it now lives in the boot of my car as apposed to my pride and joy. Buy the D600 and be amazed.
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on 7 October 2013
This is a great product...i chose it because i could not afford the Nikon D800. I wish i had gone for the D800 but this camera is excellent an is better than i was hoping for. The only negative comments would be that i wish i had gone for the D800 but that at the time was a big price jump. This camera has performed better than hoped for and is very flexible. a great camera for the price.
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on 15 August 2014
Was really looking forward to the results from this my first FX camera. WAS TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED. On the second time out all my shots were full of blotches, and the camera has had to go back to Nikon for repair (or better still replacement).

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on 12 December 2013
Be aware that there is a newer D610 if concerned about the possibility of oil spots on the sensor caused by the shutter mechanism (an issue highlighted by many owners).

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on 29 November 2015
I have this for more than a year. I loved this with the grip. On and off dust to sensor, nikon fixed it. I quite liking it than my friend's D800
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on 9 December 2012
There is much to like in this camera and other reviews cover its positive characteristics well. However, to me a huge negative is the very small focusing area, which makes a nonsense of the sophisticated focusing modes which we have grown used to in D-SLRs over the last few years. Nikon have simply kept the D7000 focusing system in place, either through hurrying to get the D600 to market or to keep distance between it and the D800. I knew before buying that this was a downside to the design, in practice it is much more of a disadvantage than I had anticipated to the extent that I regret buying this model. It's true that for most photographs you use the centre focus spot, but the other modes are extremely useful when action is moving in the viewfinder, especially dynamic mode where the camera remembers the subject on which you want key focus to lie. For example, someone starts to run from one side of the view, the camera will hold focus on him or her irrespective of whether other figures are in the way. In other cameras the focus area enables you to do this, in the D600 you lose the action too quickly when it is outside the focus area.

I am marking just one star because many people look at the extreme reviews and I do think this is a very important point that potential buyers should be aware of. If you only shoot static subjects, or habitually only use the centre focusing points, you will love this camera and it deserves four stars. If, like me, you have learned to value the speed and flexibility of the various focus modes, forget it and find the extra for a D800 or stick with DX for the time being because the replacement for the D7000 should be superb.

I am adding to the point made above some months later as I am finding in common with others that there is a very rapid build-up of dust. This is my sixth Nikon D-SLR - D60, D70, D300 x 2, D7000. Those bodies got hard use, including dusty Ethiopia and Sudan, and the need to clean them was not unreasonable. The D600 has been cosseted, hardly used over the winter and with very few lens changes, but already there are more gremlins than I saw in my other bodies. Nikon are notorious for not admitting to production or design problems, I hope they listen to the growing body of web reports regarding this. Was this model rushed to market too quickly?
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