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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 30 July 2015
Very happy with this tiny mp3 player. Although one could gripe about the price (lack of competition from the likes of Sony keep it high), you can't deny the quality. As ever it's very easy to use, setup is a doddle with iTunes installed and the lightning cable seems faster at syncing. It's very easy to organise and sync your music, videos and podcasts at the click of a button. I like the fact that Apple have removed the 'wheel' for adjusting volume (yes its been a while since I've owned a Nano) and replaced it with side buttons. It's less fiddly and easy to use.

Included with the iPod are the new ear-pod headphones. They are really quite good audio-wise for small ear buds. However I did find them a little uncomfortable, and if you're more sensitive to ear buds, they may not be your cup-of-tea either.

Possibly my two favourite features are 'bluetooth' and the FM Radio. The radio is pretty self explanatory, but is great for long journeys. Bluetooth means you can connect the iPod wirelessly to a set of enabled speakers or your car speakers if they use Bluetooth. Excellent for when you want "crank some toons".

One thing I love about using iTunes (over, say, Sony's music player) is the ease at which you can organise various songs and albums, merge, sort and make audio adjustments to individual tracks. I've found this very helpful when merging songs into one compilation album.

I'm very impressed with this new iPod, it's very small, holds a lot at 16GB, is as easy as ever to use and very light. I do think it's overpriced at just 16GB in memory however, but until Sony can produce a decent rival along with software, this is pretty much still Apple's territory.
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on 22 August 2013
Was bought as a gift for an elderly friend who is abysmally untechy. She found it easy to use and so far is very pleased with it. Seems particularly suitable for people who want something realtively simple without all the bells and whistles other options have.
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on 6 November 2012
This 7th generation Nano seems to be creating quite a divide. Personally, I think this is perfect replacement for my 4th generation Nano that recently got stolen. it is tiny, beautiful to look at and hold, has logical buttons and sounds great when paired with decent earphones (I use Klipsch X10is)

One of the biggest criticisms is the change to the new lightning docking cable. Get over it. The 30 pin dock is now nearly 10 years old. It is big and clunky. There is no way it could be incorporated in to this slender new device. I have no problem connecting to my car stereo with either the supplied USB/lighting cable or Bluetooth.

If all you want is great music player in a perfect form, this is the model to go for. If you want more, get yourself a Touch or iPhone
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on 19 May 2013
Bought as a gift for my wife.
She loves the display, the ease of use and after some abortive attempts to use iTunes to transfer songs to the nano, she is now using the system with ease...
Great sound...
Bluetooth in the car works well
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Admirably small, but there's a serious error with album titles. If your title is "Mahler: Symphony #1", you won't see the number until you've selected the album. And if it's "Beethoven: String Quartets, Disc 1" you won't see the Disc number at all, and have to rely on alphabetical order to identify the right album - not much fun with a 22-CD set where alphabetical order for "Stravinsky Works - [number]" is 1, 10, 11, 12, .... 19, 2, 20, 21, 22, 3, 4 .... Even when there's only one album title visible, the automatic scrolling that you get for track titles doesn't happen, so "Stravinsky Works - 16" and Stravinsky Works - 18" look identical until you select an individual track. If you chose 16 and want 18, you have to go back up to the album list, where apart from a short blue flash, there's no way of knowing which of the "Stravinsky Wor" choices is currently selected, so you have to be mighty lucky to pick the right one. It's an indirect result of the new touch screen technology - with the old wheel, there was a stage between selecting the album from the list and implementing this choice, with the selected album in white on blue and the automatic scrolling used if necessary. You might think that the company that used to have the sarcastic "I'm a Mac, you're a PC" adverts would have noticed this issue, and done something about it.

One salvation from the titles problem might have been a search option, but some Cupertino numpty has decided that although this was provided on my 4Gb 3rd generation Nano, it's not necessary on one with 16Gb. I'd swap it for "Genius mixes" any day of the week.

Shade of blue is different (darker and/or greener) from the photo here and on the Apple website.
review image
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on 17 May 2013
For starters it looks so neat and pretty! And is SO light. I thought the old nano was tiny but it would look almost chunky next to this! Easy to use, good sound....good memory....couldn't do without it.
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on 15 December 2012
The 7th generation iPod nano is a great piece of kit. It looks simple and elegant, as you would expect. It feels nice in the hand and the touch screen has perfect sensitivity. It comes with the new shape earphones which feel comfortable and produce a quality sound. It also comes with a USB to lightening connector.

The downside is with apples' software. iTunes failed to find a large portion of my music when scanning my computer, meaning I'm missing individual songs, whole albums and artists. It also failed to transfer 90% of the album art with the music (prior to this I have been using the current windows media player to play my music on my pc and laptop). It is also not obvious how to make playlists on your iPod and I think that you have to do this on you're computer which is a bit of a pain when you are out and about.

Perhaps my expectations are a little high, but I expect iPod's to be simple and easy to use, plug in and play. I will no doubt be able to correct these issues thrown up by the software but it will mean a lot of time spent fiddling about trying to find files etc. I would have hoped that apples' software was capable of doing all of this for me and it's an unexpected hiccup which means that my iPod will be a chore for sometime rather than just getting out and enjoying it.

Once I sort out these initial issues I'm expect I would rate the iPod nano a 4-5 star piece equipment as the product itself is pretty fantastic. Just a shame the software isn't up to par with the hardware!
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on 15 April 2013
I received this ipod nano as a gift on my birthday months ago and after using it for a while decided to write a review about it.
I have been using ipod nano 3rd generation for many years! (honestly still using)!

Starting from GOOD POINTS:
- This model solved the issue the old models had with importing your own audio books (means it does not shuffle the media the way it used to do in older generation including 3rd generation)
- Looks super light (Also can be a negative point as its too easy to break!)
- Radio (but who listen to radio!?)
- Nike+ feature (im sorry but I prefer running like phoebe does! why do i need a gadget? am I Bolt?!)

- There is no LOCK! so put the device in your pocket and you realise it plays, go next, go back , pause with any little touch or movement!! another bad thing about not having LOCK is, you pause your music and put the device back in your bag or whatever just to realise next time you come back to use it ... its out of battery because somehow something touched the button and its started playing back till it died (I personally switch it off every time)
- very very bad battery life! especially if u use so called new Bluetooth feature you hardly can listen to one album when you see battery bye bye! My 3rd generation after years of usage still allows me to watch nearly 12 ~episode of a sitcom (20min each) while this model left to charge for hours, plug off, played first video and you already see 20% of battery gone! thats just not cool!
-Touch screen? why something this small needs touch screen functionality? dont they have iphone and ipod touch for that very reason?! its just not cool, not necessary and not really functional.

You buy ipod nano for 2 reasons:
1- Listen to music
2- Watch something while on the go
and this model does not satisfy you in either way! i am deeply sorry! my suggestion is if you need to get an ipod either get ipod touch, ipod classic (the king) or older models from Amazon or just wait maybe next time new model fix these disappointments!

Overal result:
Very unhappy! believe it or not I still using my 3rd generation and if it was not a gift from loved one it was sold off on ebay loooooooooong ago!
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on 17 May 2013
I've had this ipod for less than 6 months and the buttons on the top and side no longer work----what's more when I have tried to return the item ( as it's less than a year old) I find that amazon don't seem to want to help...I'm devastated...all I can find on the web site is that after 30 days or so there is no way of doing so.. I can't even find the web address of Sinclair Intl who are the company that actually sold me the Ipod. I have followed the online support offered and it puts me in a loop which always ends up by saying '30 days are up'..I'm not happy...thus has ruined my otherwise excellent relationship with amazon. What Can I amazon even read these.....if so help me
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on 30 April 2013
If all you need is a good, portable music player I can't think of a better choice than the new Nano. It really is tiny, yet easy to navigate and with a generous 16GB of memory. I love its design and the touch screen is a great idea, making it (at least in terms of usability) something like a tiny version of an Ipod Touch. The lightness is what really impresses me: after hauling round my Ipad (!) as my main music player, it's a revelation. Gamers and those who need internet will need to choose something else, but for music it's absolutely splendid.
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