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on 29 February 2016
I love my iPod touch! I purchased this back in October 2014 & I'm still using it today. It's a great device to use for both your music, internet, taking photos or recording a video. It has a lot of the features of a normal iPhone, except that this isn't a phone. You can record in the same quality as the iPhone (1080p) & take snap shots in 8MP quality. I use mine for a lot of video recording & watching videos online. I opted for the largest storage capacity (64GB) which gives me tons of storage so I never run out of space. You can download games via the app store. Pictures on the display are very clear & the sound is perfect and again very clear. It's designed very nicely with a stunning metallic Blue to the back & a White display on the front. The only issue that I can think of is that it doesn't have the option of displaying the battery percentage & if the battery is running low you can't have the option of the low power mode which you get with iPhones. I would personally like that option, but, apart from those two minor negatives overall it's a great product.
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on 9 June 2014
Very good it comes with a loop, Ipod touch 32gb - 28gb with the software installed , mine was white (sliver) it came in a shop display case and a sticker over it bit like what you would find in a shop on the display floor and NEW headphones that are better then the old ones.

overall great speed, plays all my apps and with 32gb I got about 4 albums and about 30 songs and it only used up 2gb space so at the moment plus about 15 apps i got 25 gb left so thats just what i need it for , it comes down to what YOU want it for ....

Its not the best gaming ipod but it plays all my games just fine just slightly laggy to what my nexus 7 can do just because it has a 800MHZ processor with 512mb ram and the nexus 7 tablet has 2gb and 1.3 processor but music and data its great, comes with a front and back camera.

Do your research first as the 16gb is different to the 32GB and 64GB so just check out the models before you buy.

I think that's all the important information out of the way.

10/10 recommend to anyone that dont want to spend on the 5S or even 5C and just want something that only uses WIFI but BT wifi can be used and it has the latest WIFI 802.11N so my final say is its betweeen a 4s and a 5 iphone.
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on 23 January 2017
Been using this daily for 4 years now! So this review is for 2017 when you may be able to pick it up cheap, and I can confirm this definitely holds up today!

Good quality screen
Amazing apps and games library
Much-improved camera
Solid build
Price is now at a better price

Brand new cheap tablets do most of what this does
The wrist loop lanyard feels like a gimmick
Nowadays, some new apps crash as they are more designed for new iPhones, however this is not common
Chargers, whilst cheap, tend to break and need replacing

This really is a great way to get your hands on an iOS device and the AppStore with its great design without shelling out hundreds for an iPhone.
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on 23 March 2013
Just a couple of things to add to all the great reviews here. If your hand was just the right size to get to all the apps and controls easily on the 4G, you might find you have to adjust how you hold the 5G otherwise it will slip right out of your hand when you move your thumb to access the apps on the top row. I just bought a gel case for mine which gives a great grip and the iPod doesn't slip out of my hand anymore!

As others have said, the camera, extra screen size, better resoloution and faster speeds really do make it a worthwhile upgrade from the 4th Generation. Also, it seems at least 10% louder through my headphones than my 4G, which is great since I have some fairly quiet recordings that I had to use almost full volume for on the 4G. Sound quality also seems slightly better than the 4G. The screen is nice and responsive but I actually find it even more so with a screen protector.

If you're sitting on the fence about buying it, I'd say go for it. I have no regrets at all, other than my purse being a lot lighter. If you're upgrading from a 32GB 4G to a 64GB 5G, you'll find the extra storage space very welcome, and although battery times are virtually the same for both devices, the 5G seems to hold a charge for longer.
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on 9 February 2013
To be honest the main, and bizarre, reason I initially bought the iPod was to get a good nights sleep in climbing huts. Pop on some ambient music stick in the head phones and it very effectively drowns out the sound of snoring. Not the Apple headphones, which to be honest I didn't much like, but a better pair. Anyway as you know it is not just a music player and I found it very useful for other things too. calendar, note pad, voice recorder, camera, sound studio (garage band). The main advantage of it is not so much what it can do, many of the things it has I also have on my nokia phone, but that they are very easy to access. I don't have to scroll through umpteen layers of menu to get to stuff or remember where it is stashed. Access and convenience are the key. It has served as a good entry into the world of tablets but is also very portable (pocket). It holds a charge quite well and with moderate use will last a couple of days. The lightning connector could pose a problem for people with lots of devices as the adaptor I got didn't work (except to charge) and I have been underwhelmed by reviews for other adaptors. If in doubt buy a, cheaper, jack plug to connect to speakers etc.
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on 11 April 2014
This is my third Ipod touch, updgrading from generation 3 (I think).

I struggled for some time if I could justify the cost. There was nothing wrong with its predecssor, but the new one is so much better, faster, better screen, camera, software, faster wifi, slimmer (wish I was).

Is it really awesome? Yes. I think so. My phone is a phone, and this does all the other stuff in a pocket size pack. Like the other apple wifi stuff I have used, the wifi seems to reach out, grab and mate with the most tenuous signal. The new sharing of pictures between ios devices is very cool, although sometimes I wonder if this can be turned off.

All in all, I love it. It doesn't replace the traditional ipod for bulk music storage, but I may yet become convinced of the convenience of streaming. And there is so much more it can do.
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on 27 June 2014
I bought my iPod classic when I was 15, and now, just shy of 22 it had finally died and given up the ghost. So it was time to buy a new iPod. After my old iPod wiped itself many times and I've had many laptops since then, my music collection was less than half of what it used to be (oh the days of swapping mix tapes with friends or making a playlist for your other half!) so this was fine for me. As it happens, I have 60GB of it filled up now but I doubt there'll be much more to add to it over the years. I was a skeptic when it came to touchscreen, but I've found this iPod great so far. It's light, responsive and fits nicely into my bag without taking up too much room. I would definitely recommend it. Plus, there's something quite fabulous about being able to buy music whenever you're near wifi.
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on 8 July 2015
This review is a tad late as I have had the iPod for over year. The time I have spent with this device has been great! It syncs with itunes with no issues and I can easily load my music on and off of it. The iPod can also take a drop, I have dropped the device many times and apart from the odd dent in the metal, there has been no major damage. The sound quality this device produces is as expected and never fails to impress. The battery life is very good, I can get through 4-5 days of regular use without a charge. Overall this product is of premium quality and there is no other device like it considering that there is the app store and safari.
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on 26 February 2014
An upgrade as previous ipod dropped out of my son's pocket when running...not going to try the same endurance test with this one! It's a very different shape and feel to the 3rd Gen and fits the hand better, with an extended rectangular screen. Upgraded to the latest software when it arrived and we were up and running in less than 5 minutes. No mention of whether you needed to charge up the battery before use (son couldn't wait!!), but did so anyway. Most of the User Guide info is on line, which I doubt I'll ever refer to unless things go pear-shape. Got the 32GB (eclipsing our previous 8Gb 3rd Gen) with front and back camera. This (apart from colour options and memory space) is the only difference between this and 16Gb version. Early days yet to comment on battery life, etc but so far so great!
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on 7 March 2014
There are lots of things to like about this ipod,. It looks great, easy and intuitive to use. Good display. The only disappointment is this: my older ipod syncs exactly what I tell it to. This one has a mind of is own. You'll find artists organized with artwork you've never seen before, and various artists albums organized according to year rather than alphabetically, no matter what you do. So if you're a bit fussy about your music collection like me and spend time organizing it on iTunes exactly how you want it you might get a bit frustrated. Maybe Apple will sort these issues but I'm not holding my breath. They don't listen to customers very much.
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