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on 17 October 2013
I loved my HBS-700 until I dropped them and they smashed - my fault. Instantly went to buy another 700 and saw the 730 so thought I'd give them a try. Here's my comparison between the two:


The 730's main flaw is that you have only a limited amount of variation on the volume via the headset (plus 3 or minus 3 from the phone setting). This means you have to use the phone volume to turn it to an 'average' volume and then the headset controls will only go up another 3 or down another 3 notches. This isn't restricted on the 700. It's like having a remote control for your TV but if you want to turn it right the way down, having to get up and change the 'average' volume on the TV itself. Unacceptable, especially if you work in environments where noise factor is very variable. However, on both headsets the volume level is easily loud enough for most circumstances.

Winner: HBS-700


Both headsets have a very simple button configuration and I've never had a problem with my head movement pressing any of the buttons inadvertently (as mentioned in another review). The headsets have a next/previous pair of buttons plus a play/pause button on the right side of the headset; and the volume controls and call button on the left side with a sliding on/off switch. Simple enough. The design is great in that the call and play'pause buttons are the ones at the front of the headset so easily accessed under your collar.

One thing I do like about the 730 over the 700 is the voice information as you turn the device on. It will tell you the battery level (high, medium, low, very low please charge now) and the connection status (connected, ready to pair).

Winner: HBS-730.


Both headsets are exactly the same as far as I can tell. The earplugs are very comfortable and fit perfectly (something I've often had loads of trouble with) and you do get three different sizes of buds. I use them for both sweaty physical stuff and sometimes listening to the radio in bed and both work very well. The earbuds don't slide out if I'm having a particularly sweaty workout so perfect in that respect. The neckband itself doesn't ever seem to get caught on my skin (I often wear only a T-Shirt) and under a shirt collar it's no issue at all. Would be nice if they were a little lighter, but that's nit-picking.

Winner: DRAW


Excellent from both headsets, especially considering the fact that you cannot plug in your own earphones (something that definitely worried me when buying them first time). The 730 has a deeper bass sound but not so much so that you can really notice it day-to-day (I like music but I'm not an aficionado). If you really concentrate then you can notice that the 730 gives a more enveloping sound than the 700 but I'd have to say if there's a big price difference between the two headsets I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you really are looking for that extra richness that the 730 gives you.

Winner: HBS-730


For me, the biggest bug bear is the volume on the HBS-730. I managed to fix the 700 that I broke (hence why I decided to do this comparison review) and I often find myself using the 700 when I know I'm going to have to be using the volume a lot. Both sets perform very well, however. I'm just glad I managed to rescue my HBS-700 as they are still as good as the HBS-730. I would personally make the deciding factor on the price and how much you really need a slightly richer sound from the 730. If it's just radio you listen to a work then definitely go for the 700 and save yourself a few pounds. For those who like a more enveloping music experience and always have it set at maximum volume anyway, then the 730 is the way to go. You'll be happy either way I reckon.
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on 30 September 2014
I have waited some considerable time before I wrote this review.

With electronic products they are great for six months and then.....

But not in this case. I love this product. It works well with the iPhone, the iMac, the iPod. I always have it synced to two devices at a time. Generally it works very well.

There are a few glitches occasionally. Please note: These are not great headphones for music. They are not Sony, or Bose. They are very good functional headphones for travel on the train, tube or in the car. There are no wires to get caught. They can cut out but that is not a regular feature. They have cut out when in my pocket on occasion.

I highly recommend them.
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on 23 April 2017
I really liked these headphones. I replaced them with the same ones after losing them but then after they became roadkill I replaced them with a cheaper model which is better in some ways (battery life and earbud storage/retraction) and worse in others (simultaneous device pairing and button number and placement). These are still good headphones though and I might have bought them again if they were cheaper.
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on 5 May 2013
Love this device, just make sure you remember to take it off before taking your shirt off at the end of the day! You don't notice you're wearing it it's so light.

Sound quality is good, there has been mention of issues with placement of phones (back pocket and it won't connect etc.). I did have this with my old HTC phone but recently bought a Galaxy Note II and don't have any issues at all so I suppose it depends on the phone, not on the headset
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on 9 May 2017
Not used many times before they failed. So although they worked well until then, they were very poor value indeed.
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on 26 June 2017
i still have these from a year ago. one of the best products i have bought from amazon. great battery life and tells you when the battery is low.great sound good fitting ear buds. only downside is you dont have very long once it starts to say battery low.
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on 1 November 2013
I got the LG HBS-730 as a replacement for a broken 700, which was pretty good to start with, and this is even better. The sound quality has improved over its predecessor, nearly matching what you would expect with wired headphones, as a lot of the other reviewers have mentioned here. LIke the 700, it's very robust, comfortable and reliable to use every day. You do look a bit nerdy wearing them compared to other headphones, which could either be a good or bad thing for you...

There were complaints that this doesn't work with iPhones, but that isn't true (at least with iOS 7 now). I've successfully paired it with an iPhone 5 & an iPad 3 with no problems at all. I also found some complaints about the range - a youtube reviewer complained it was terrible, saying if the paired device wasn't in his shirt pocket there'd be problems! I haven't at all experienced anything like this. The range is very similar to the 700, so it's fine to walk into a different room adjacent to where the paired device is, or maybe go up/downstairs which is when it starts to cut out a little bit as it reaches its limits. You can't low down the volume all the way down using just the headphones - it only has 6 'notches' of volume you can increase/decrease it by, so if you need to make a big change in the volume level you need to reach for your connected device, but I personally don't find this an issue at all for daily use.

A welcome improvement is that now when it's paired with an iOS device, a little battery indicator also pops up by the bluetooth icon so you know how much battery is left. You also get told by a nice LG lady when you start the device if it's high/medium/low/very low level. The battery life is pretty much the same as the 700, haven't timed it precisely but it definitely lasts an entire day of usage, it's supposed to be 10-hours of music playback.

The only grippe I have with the headphones is that (presumably to save battery life) the sound cuts out very quickly if your connected device stops playing sound (i.e. when you change the song thats playing), so sometimes a second or two of a song has played without any sound actually being played by the headphones, which can be annoying depending on the song.

N.B. on a logistical note, don't buy this product from "Shopper's Saving" since they supply an exported US version, which does not have a valid warranty over here, and comes with the American charger. The headphones use micro-usb to charge anyway which a lot of phones use today so I had a compatible charger lying around anyway, but this is worth a mention on amazon.co.uk.
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on 30 December 2014
Delivered today, genuine article. Well pleased with them on my LG G2.
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on 20 October 2013
The unusual design of the headset nearly put me of buying one, but it has many good reviews so I bought on the basis of the reviews rather than the look of the headset.
The headset is well packaged, but has the smallest instruction book I can remember with tiny writing.
Setup is easy - switch on (and it is partly charged already) and search for it on your phone, then pair - That's it.
The main body fits around your neck and is comfortable. Once it is on, the benefit of the unusual design is more apparent. All of the controls are easily accessible and well placed. After the headset is switched on from a small switch on the left hand side it speaks its status for battery level and then announces when it is connected to the phone.
My Samsung Galaxy S3 can be fully controlled by the headset - starting stopping music, skipping tracks, adjusting volume, etc.
The headset works well as a hands-free phone headset and can initiate and receive calls without having to touch the phone.
Read the manufacturer's specification for a full list of functions, as they are very comprehensive.
Bluetooth range is several metres, and when the phone is out of range the headset vibrates.
The call button activates the speech recognition function of the Galaxy S3, so it is also possible to control the phone by voice.
Tip: I did have a problem with the pause function stopping working, but this was fixed by powering the phone on and off, so most likely the phone at fault.

Overall an excellent device.
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on 2 April 2014
Love this so much, bring them everywhere with me even when not using them! Even forget they are round my neck! But the one thing I cannot get over is the sound quality! It's actually really bad... Usually I listen on a low volume so it doesn't sound so muffled, and there is no base what so ever! Good just for casual low volume music and good for calls! Would love to see this remade with top notch sound quality and I will be first to buy!
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