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on 25 January 2013
Excellent build quality, playabillity, and price. Works straight out of the box with Alchemy and iRig's Sample Tank and Grand Piano on iPad and Alchemy, Sample Tank, Garageband etc on iMac (Lion). Good 'feel' to the keys, solid controls.
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on 10 May 2013
I'm a noob when it comes to composing music, but instantly fell in love with the iRig.

It's light and compact, ideal for laying on my lap, it i gives a lovely feel and sensitivity to the keys. With space being tight, I can lay it on the side of the desktop.

So far, I've used this for Fruity Loops Studio and it's ideal. Very easy to setup the drivers and intuitive controls for adjusting the octaves, changing channels, volume, pitch etc. You'll be making music in no time.

One other big plus, is the fact it's portable and compatible with the iPod and iMac.

Highly recommended
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on 31 July 2014
I bought this to use with my iPad and the iGrand app, and for these, it excels - the sound and playability are excellent. Slight hesitation if you press the keys very gently, but it's still better response than any 'real' piano I have played (although I've not played any very good ones). Using iGrand, you can also play the keyboard even when the app is minimised, if you go into the iGrand settings and set it to play when minimised. This is very useful when playing along with video lessons on your iPad. It travels well, too - it's light and tough and I can sling it in an airline carry-on bag, although it's too long for a college backpack. You need an adaptor to use it with iPads with the new(ish) 'Lightning' port, because the cable it comes with has the wider, old-style 'iPhone 4S' plug. This adaptor is not cheap, at about £25, so frankly, you might as well buy the newer version of the keyboard, which comes with the Lightning adaptor and I've read actually sounds better. But anyway... Using this with iGrand on my iPhone, the sound is very noticeably rougher, so I'll stick with my iPad. I tried using this keyboard with my PC, and gave up in disgust -- no idea about how to get it to work, even after jumping through the interminable hoops required to download the 'right' version of the software. But maybe I'm missing something, and that's not what I bought it for anyway, so something to worry about another day. On the whole, a VERY good keyboard to learn on and noodle about with, if you have an iPad, and I see no need to upgrade it until I need something with a few more octaves.
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on 25 January 2013
Perfect addition to home studio set up. Functions with many non ios apps as well. Free sample tank 2L is a particularly welcome addition to package
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on 5 January 2014
Hit a slight glitch when my iMac didn't seem to 'recognise it' but after contacting applecare for advice this was quite simply sorted through settings.
Haven't yet managed to exploit any programming potential in the keyboard - using Logic Pro and still trying to get my head around that but since the keyboard is a relatively modest price from what seems to be (from my reading of many reviews for many of their products) a reputable company, I'm pretty sure that it's only persistence and time that's holding me back.
The keys are fine for me - it's a balance between having enough room to use the keyboard and not committing too much workspace to it. This fits the bill.
Why not 5 stars? well, maybe I'm a tad greedy and wanted everything to work from the start.
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on 12 November 2013
very disillusioned by this thing - first off - I paid for first class delivery - it arrived several days after ordering - NOT when it should have, so be warned - if you are ordering one - use the free postage - it will get to you just as fast.

secondly - I bought this expecting it to be plug and play with my current ipad - , it came with an older connector - so I now need an adaptor to use it.
I did try to use it with my ipod touch which has an old type connector , but .... no chance - not a peep from it. and reading the comments - I`m not the first to have this problem.- possibly a bad quality lead.

Third - as part of the purchase you get serial numbers to enable some plug-ins and apps from the supplier--- DON`T BOTHER... - the registration process is seriously F*****d up.
you have to download a dedicated authorization manager , then enter the serial numbers supplied - first off , the supplied one on the card that comes with it is INVALID. you enter your details into the manager, - which connects you to the supplier website . then you download the plug ins from links on the site . - Trouble is , when you run the downloads - they all download a new authorization manager - which wipes your serial numbers off , and makes you enter them again.- three times I did this. then ran the apps.... - "not authorized" said the screen, and off we went again - entering the serials for a fourth time. - the serials appear on your web page after you have logged into the new account.

to cap it all - after FINALLY getting signs of life from the ipad , using an adaptor - DISCOVERY!! - the version of the software downloaded is EXACTLY the same as the free version - with just 3 extra samples.... so all that c**p for nothing....

using it ... - be prepared to learn all about midi configuration - this is most definitely not "works out of the box" . - I`m guessing the iRig name is just a marketing gimmick to attract ipad users because any other keyboard will work in the same way. the only exclusively ipad feature is the connector (which does not work and is the old type). You will still need to configure it at midi level - its NOT plug and play folks.

One final thing... - The Latency is AWFUL, there is a noticeable gap between playing a note and actually hearing it.

now the icing on the cake - the build quality is awful - its a toy folks - not a serious instrument, it feels cheap and nasty , is lightweight and looks like a strong breeze will break it.

save your money.
get a different one.
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on 10 October 2013
I wanted this keyboard to link to my iPad through iOS. It arrived promptly but although I downloaded the iKeys apps (and already have Garage Band for Midi connection) it did not connect to my iPad or my iPhone through the iOS cable. I returned the keyboard for a replacement (which cost £9 postage). Amazon sent the replacement and £3 to cover postage (ha ha) but the replacement keyboard had exactly the same problem. I tested it with my iPhone, the iPad and my Mac and discovered that if I used the USB connection it worked OK - so I can use it with my iPad IF I use a USB adaptor. iKeys technical support were reasonably helpful al the way through, but to end up with a keyboard that doesn't do what I hoped and cost an additional £6 is disappointing to say the least.
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on 22 September 2014
Product it self is great but the keys are quite small so easy to press multiple keys by mistake so would recommend the larger keys if you're an adult. I returned this one in exchange for the larger one and the company were great and handled this efficiently.
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on 17 February 2014
Nice bit of kit works with Ipad/PC and Mac although I haven't got a Mac so I can't verify that. Comes bundled with the Amplitude Grand Piano app which is rather nice and works with Alchemy, and Sampletank. need to spend more time though testing wit audiobus. But so far it's good.
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on 8 April 2014
This connected effortlessly with garageband so i could use the Organ and other Keyboard sounds.
It will serve me in good stead for composing on the road but it does feel like a kids keyboard from Fisherprice!
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