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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 June 2016
I purchased this at full price and while it is cheap, I can not recommend it at all.

It is a Microsoft product so I mistakingly expected it to work flawlessly with Windows. It doesn't. While I saved money over a more expensive model, I wasted a fortune in time getting this to work. On two different (one Samsung ane Dell) laptops running Windows Ten it would not work properly. In fact, the internal cameras on both machines worked better! I tried following the help files, forum posts and even emailed MS Support. I downloaded three different drivers, tried multiple configurations and finally got it to work on the Samsung, sort off. The dell I gave up on. I was going to buy two - so glad I didn't. The Logitech model I subsequently purchased worked out of the box. Way to go Microsoft....

Be warned if you are planning on using this with Windows Ten.

I hope this helped you?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 May 2017
These are extremely flaky and unreliable with Windows 10.
I bought 2 for projects, so connected one at a time to a Microsoft Surface pro 4 and it wasn't recognised. I consider myself an experienced IT user and spent hours trying various fixes, but like many others just failed.

Then tried connecting both (one at a time of course) to my desktop PC, worked the first time, rebooted and then no longer recognised, plenty of articles how these don't work on Windows 10 and to install in compatibility mode with windows 7/8 drivers (didn't work on my machines) , obviously I didn't read these first else would have saved £20 on each one.

My advice is to buy Logitech cameras, they don't have these issues.
I bought Microsoft figuring they would work with Windows 10, I was wrong :(

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on 4 October 2017
My internet sucks (yeah I'm talking to you, Sky) so have little use for anything over 720p. If that is enough for you then I think the picture is very good. The other thing I like is that the mic seems fairly omnidirectional so I don't get feedback from my speakers when chatting.

Some people report issues with windows 10 but I'm on 8.1 and it was plug and play simplicity. I have two monitors of differing design and the camera mount sits well on both monitors.

Very pleased with the product at this price point..
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on 5 March 2017
I ordered this on Friday night and received it Saturday afternoon so I'm really happy with the delivery time. The manufacturer packaging is great and the camera is securely fitted inside it, ensuring no movement during transit.

This camera is plug in play, so it requires no drivers when setting up - just plug it in and away you go. The picture quality is crisp and clear with no distortion or grain.

Overall, a great camera!
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on 15 July 2017
Returning item as can't get it to work on a new Dell desktop with Windows 10. Camera just shows a black screen. It's certainly not plug and play. Seller directed me to Microsoft online support, seems I'm not the only one having a problem. Spend hours following various instructions to try and resolve the black screen and couldn't get any to work. In the end decided to buy a Logitech C270 - plugged it into the USB and it worked straight away. Have to say I do prefer the design of the Lifecam over the Logitech but I needed a webcam that worked.
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on 2 September 2017
I bought this web cam because microsoft does not support my old microsoft web cam for the new version of windows 10, several problens with this newer version, the lead on the web cam is too short for the pisition of my desktop pc, plus there were instructions for the installation, all you given was obe sheet of paper with the make and model of the web cam, also the two booklets enclosed for the guarantee, and the service centres the print is so snall as to be virtually unreadable without a magnifying glass, very disappointing all round.
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on 25 February 2017
When it works it's good for the price, but it was almost random in when this camera would and wouldn't activate. I tried it on a couple of PCs with Windows 10 and both of them identified the camera and installed the drivers automatically, so far so good.

However, when I went to a couple of "test my webcam" sites in Chrome on my desktop they both detected the camera but captured no image. I tried the same two sites in IE and one of them showed an image but the other nothing. I tried again on my laptop and got the reverse here it worked on one website in Chrome but neither in IE. Went back to the desktop and tried again and none of the sites worked in either browser.

Because it intermittently works then I can't solely blame the camera and it must have some incompatibility with "something" on my PCs, but they are vanilla Windows 10 builds that I only use for email and browsing ( and had planned to use with Skype!) so not really a lot of tweaking I can apply to get it to consistently work so only 3 starts for me I'm afraid.
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on 23 February 2018
Do not buy this if you use Windows 10.

I bought this at full price but could not try it for a couple of months because I was away from home. Microsoft will not accept responsibility for this camera and neither will Amazon- you will not be able to return it despite its false advertising: It is NOT compatible with Windows 10.

I had a £5 webcam in 2004 that was the same quality than this camera, no exaggeration. Presumably a new Windows update has messed up compatibility, but the image is grainy, out of focus, dark and off-coloured. Do yourself the favour and either buy a £5 for the same quality, or spend an extra tenner for an actual HD webcam.

The two stars are because it holds on to the top of your monitor okay, and it technically works- it does actually show an image!
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on 29 November 2017
A really good Webcam with self focus and plug and play, very robust well it is Microsoft, it will fit anywhere on or off the monitor.. I have mine freestanding and this gives a real clear image.
Mine doubles as a security device, sending images to my email address using a free application that works on all windows versions, called Yawcam, really recommend this combination for extra security.
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on 15 June 2016
The piece appears well made but it is just a basic webcam that works okay with Windows 10. I had just assumed that being a Microsoft product it would be better but there is no software with it, no calibration of any sort and certainly nothing fancy like face tracking or zoom facilities. Quite often it will start flickering on the screen - which only a reboot will fix and if the sun shines through the window, forget it, exposure overload! So, it's fine if you acknowledge the limitations and you are on a tight budget.

We wanted something for very high quality streaming & making YouTube videos, as a result we had to invest in a better quality solution (we went for this webcam from Logitech:- http://amzn.to/1rq1Njs) together with a separate Microphone (the Snowball:- http://amzn.to/1rq3FZo ). It's turned out to be the perfect combination. If you aren't into streaming or video making then the Logitech webcam on its own will be great because it has a standard/average microphone built into it...
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