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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 April 2013
The iPhone is a beautiful, sleek and elegant piece of technology, but why do they make it out of glass?
Glass, for heaven's sake. It is an accident waiting to happen. I know at least three people who managed to crack either the front or the back, or both sides of their iPhone. Protection is essential.

The Griffin Survivor is neither beautiful, nor elegant and it is certainly not sleek. It makes my phone about three times thicker and it takes up a lot more room in my pocket.
I don't care - it is the best case I've found so far, encasing the entire unit in a hard inner and flexible outer shell, and making me feel a lot happier about handling it. I can operate all the functions without removing the case - camera, headphones, sound on/off, touchscreen, charger, etc.

Fitting the case took about five minutes - the instructions were easy to follow. Yes, it actually comes with instructions, which is unusual for a phone case, but the different layers of protection do have to be fitted in a certain order. Once it's correctly fitted, it's probably better to leave it on. It's a bit cumbersome to take it on and off constantly. If you're the type of person who likes to have lots of covers and change them three times a day, this is not the one for you.

So yes, I like it - it is exactly what I wanted. I suppose a girly pink cover would look nicer, but I'm keeping this one.
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on 1 June 2014
Don't waste you money on this particular phone case. The original case for the iPhone4 was absolutely brilliant but they've redesigned the case for the iphone5 and have failed miserably. The one which I purchased has already broken in two strategic points after only two days in use. There is just to many weak points.
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on 27 February 2015
I wanted something that would protect my iPhone 5 from being bashed & trashed at work & this case certainly fits the bill. It's chunky, macho and 100% 'blokey'. As always with items of this nature there's going to be a compromise between function and user friendliness. In the case of the Griffin Survivor the price you pay for the protection it affords is that it makes the phone a bit slow to use which can get frustrating now and then. With the case on the functionality of the buttons can be a bit hit and miss & there's a knack to uncovering the camera lens. This is not really a big problem for me as I don't really use my phone all that much but, if you're regularly taking pictures, posting on Facebook or Twitter or the like, then I would say that this probably isn't the case for you. My main complaint with the Griffin is that, with the phone in my pocket I can, unknowingly, dial random numbers from my contact list (er, I'm not sure how that's actually happening). That & the fact that the bit that covers the camera lens has snapped off after 4 months of hardly any use which is a pretty poor performance. Anyway, my new iPhone 6 has just turned up so I've just ordered a Griffin for that. Obviously it's designed a little bit differently so I'm hoping for better this time around. Would I recommend this particular Griffin product to anyone? Although it offers very good protection, probably not.
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on 5 April 2013
I bought this to protect my phone duing extreme sports, and it does that job very well indeed. The main trouble is, this case just isn't easy on or easy off, so when you're finised with your extreme sports and want your phone free, it's a bit of a hassle, no to mention you get wear marks on your pride and joy.

The second issue with this case is it is nearly impossible to take photos. For the camera flap camera is too tight to be removed quickly to capture moments during fast sports, in fact it too me about 5 minutes, eventually giving up using my fingers and using a blunt instrument to level it open. By which time the skier subject is already at the village having a Vin Chaud and a plate of spaghetti.

The third issue is the headphone socket doesn't accept audio cables any bigger than the iPhone headphones, I think the designers thought we all only use Apple accessories, bless.

I like the case, it's just not very easy to use so for that reason 3 stars from me.
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on 17 April 2015
I love this case - i found it fairly straight forward to put on and remove, with no scratching (some other reviewers complained of this? i had no problem), and also all the ports were available through various moveable flaps - check for the flaps as I thought i had to take the case off to charge it and then realised there is in fact an opening! I regularly listen to audible and the port for the earbuds works great. The screen does get a bit bumpy over time, and i found it was difficult to swipe the screen from certain angles due to the slope of the case around the screen.
The flip cover for the camera is much better than the Iphone 4 version, but the main flaw was that with constant swivelling over time it just broke off, so that is something to be aware of and maybe needs improving.
Definitely amazing protection for dropping, bumps etc
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on 31 August 2013
The Griffin survivor case is the best. I would highly recommend it for people who want to keep the iPhone 5 secure and safe from damage Although it's a bit big and bulky and a bit hard to take out of your pocket I find it highly reliable I have Dropped it down a flight of stairs and it was perfectly fine when I checked it. Pros The durable screen stops it from getting scratched as well as the padding Protect from falls, The sound is perfect and understandable I found no faults, No glare with the screen, The buttons work perfectly fine. I was there was a slight increase of weight I found it perfectly fine, I found the Rubber grip really useful for my self even though I have sweet hands. Cons The touchscreen okay apart from the edge I have a bit of a problem with it but with a bit of effort I can get it to do what I want, It's a bit bulky Given the iPhone a 6 to 8 mm increase of Thickness. I would highly recommend survival case from people who want to keep their iPhones from being damaged there is a slimmer version of the case for those who are those who want to use it although I have not use it so I cannot say anything about but I would recommend this case for you if you want to be Protect it from drops, dirt, vibration if you doing a lot of running. The box clip is quite a good Accessory. As well as able to click on a belt it can move in a 90° angle left or right. The clip can also be clicked into place so you can prop the iPhone on so you Can put it on the table and watch a movie or see YouTube or whatever you wish to do.
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on 21 June 2016
Bought this for my new iPhone SE. It was delivered promptly and appropriately packaged. The case is not the easiest to get onto the phone but there are instructions provided and most people will be able to get there eventually.

The case itself is sturdy with 2 main parts - a hard casing that has a screen protector attached, and a rubberised outer case. I had previously used an otterbox defender before and I was used to the slight reduction in sensitivity of the touch screen that comes with this kind of screen protector - you mainly notice the difference around the edges when you may have to tap a little more firmly. Otherwise, when all the plugs are closed, you will not get any dust into the phone itself as even the front-facing camera has a plastic screen over it and all the speakers have a fine mesh over them. This very slightly affects the volume but not really significantly enough to really make a difference. The rubberised buttons make pressing the volume buttons quite tricky and you need to use quite a bit of pressure to actually get it to register but thankfully the on/off button is a lot easier to press with the rubberised button. The home button is covered by a rubberised button as well so obviously you won't be able to use the Touch ID features. The rear-facing camera is hidden behind another rubberised plug, which can be slightly tricky to open unless you have longer fingernails and the plug can sometimes swing back up to obstruct the camera if you are not careful.

I have dropped the phone a few times already (the whole reason I bought this case!) and there has not been any obvious damage to either case of phone so far.

In summary, this is a very sturdy case that will protect your phone and it fits the iPhone SE well. The case does restrict some of the functionality of the phone and it is bulky but if you want to prevent accidental damage from dropping and scratches, this will do the trick.
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on 24 August 2013
I had the older version for an iPhone4 (with the rubber shroud around a two-piece hard shell) but had to buy this when the iPhone4 went into a river and I could only get a 5 with the same memory.

This newer design is certainly sturdy and cannot be faulted in that regard. However, the previous model was tolerably fiddly and ended up feeling bomb-proof. This one is FAR more fiddly, and feels almost as if you are risking the integrity of the phone itself when attempting to remove it - and it does not look obviously strongly assembled (I can imagine the front panel unclipping, which would be impossible with the original wrap-around-rubber design.

One review complained that the internal clips scratched the phone. I ignored this, but would not be surprised having now seen it.
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on 30 August 2013
I bought the previous Survivor case for the previous iPhone edition and it was a much better design by comparison with this one. The previous edition was easy to take off and put back on again. But, with this edition for the latest iPhone is not an improvement. For starters; putting the case on is rather tricky (the instructions are not great) and when I tried putting this case on my very expensive iPhone 5; there were so loud cracking sounds as the plastic layer clicked into place (hastened to check for scratches of which there were none) and it takes a good while to get the case back off again. Dont get me wrong the design and protection is great and the new swivel for the camera is a definite improvement on the previous edition but the product useability is not that great; so overall it's an ok product.
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on 28 October 2015
Amazing, I am a stage manager and need it for when i am working at hieghts on the lights in teh theatre, i have full faith in this item. I have droped it many times at hieght and it has not affected the phone at all. it covers all holes so good in sand if you ever want to take it on the beach. I would say its not an everyday case as it is chunky and the front camera is blurry as there is a plastic screen case, also if you want to use yur headphones you have to remove a flap so it gets a bit fiddly but perfect if you need to protect your phone for a short time at work or on the beach. Also the clip is very usuful and stong so you can attach it to your belt or just the top of your trousers. I recomend this prodct to everyone.
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