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on 24 September 2014
WOW!!!! Excellent results so far. Resolution and detail amazing! Very easy to get going and use, but the Manual is so comprehensive it'll take some time to digest it all. Truly amazing magnification on playback.
I especially like the 'E- Dial' facility to store and retrieve settings ( such as monochrome ). It will save a lot of time I'm sure.
Macro pics of flowers and insects are superb.
GREAT BUY ( even if the price did drop by another Tenner a week later! )
Would recommend a spare battery and a good case.
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on 2 December 2012
Style: 5-15mm Lens Kit|Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I own a Canon D-SLR, and while it's a fantastic tool sometimes there's a need to take something along that's less bulky but still capable. The Q10 fits that niche nicely.

The camera body is tiny, barely any larger than a pack of cards. With the 5-15mm standard zoom supplied in this kit that grows quite a bit but will still fit in my jacket pocket - and I can imagine would be great for an evening out in most handbags. It's also extremely light. (Better still in terms of portability would be Pentax's standard 8.5mm prime lens, but unfortunately at the current date I can't find anyone supplying that in the UK).

For serious photographers, this has all the control you could hope for and then some - Av, Tv and M modes are easily accessible from a mode dial at the top. There are also P, Scene, HD video, Auto and "BC" modes. The BC or Blur Control mode simulates shooting at a wide aperture on a camera with a larger sensor by blurring out more out-of-focus areas of the screen; the tiny sensor and focal length of the lens make this physically difficult but instead the effect is simulated by the camera's software.

The supplied zoom lens has a reasonable maximum aperture of 1:2.8 at 5mm. Unfortunately this decreases to 1:4.5 when zoomed in to 15mm. The tiny compact-camera sensor has a crop factor of 5.5 so the little zoom sees the same field of view as a 28-85mm lens on a full-frame or film SLR. The sharpness and autofocus speed are probably a little better than average D-SLR kit lens but disappointing compared to the lenses you'd tend to upgrade to from those. In my shots so far I've not noticed colour fringing or significant distortion in the images.

However, this is an interchangeable lens camera, and a quick search on eBay found adaptors to use a range of other lenses including those with Canon, Nikon and old M42 connections. I picked up an adaptor to use an old but good 135mm lens I had with this which, with the crop factor, gives a field of view equivalent to 742mm in full-frame. Suddenly the little Q10 becomes an amazing tool for wildlife photography on a budget - with quality you'd normally pay ten times as much for (although using an adaptor to anything other than a pentax lens, you lose the convenience of autofocus and camera control of the aperture - fortunately my 135mm has an aperture ring).

There are a few more Q-system lenses available to expand your collection and add flexibility to your camera, though most of those currently available are marketed as "toy" lenses and are primes (not zooms) with a fixed aperture. The most obvious choice to extend your camera's capabilities is the Pentax Q 15-45mm zoom lens.

The standard ISO range goes up to 3200 (expandable to 6400) although noise becomes a serious problem quite quickly as you'd expect from a small sensor. Up to ISO 800 though it's pretty well controlled. Stability works extremely well, with hand-holding providing crisp results at quite low shutter speeds. External flashes will sync up to 1/2000s, allowing modest off-camera flashes to overpower the sun - a great feature when my Canon limits me to 1/250s at fastest. Manual focus works nicely with the clear 3-inch LCD screen. A viewfinder would have been nice, but its absence is an acceptable compromise in a package this small. Enabling "focus assist" and pressing the OK button zooms the LCD screen view in up to 4 times to assist in focusing.

Despite the small size and my large hands, I've found the controls easy to operate - although unfortunately at this time of year I can't operate the camera in gloves as I can with my D-SLR.

You can shoot in RAW, and the supplied SILKYPIX software provides adequate tools for tweaking your JPEG output.

For a D-SLR owner, this is a very good option for a lightweight camera when you'd prefer not to lug around a bagful of heavy cameras and lenses.
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on 25 June 2014
Bought this camera as I have always been disappointed with compact cameras. I have a canon sx220 which rarely produces an acceptable image even though it is regarded highly in most reviews. The Q10 is beautiful. It fits comfortably in the hand and contrary to other reviewers is not fiddley to operate. I have huge hands and fingers and have no trouble changing functions etc. Turning to image quality, the difference between the results from the sx220 and the Pentax are streets apart. The Pentax is perfectly focused and produces a very sharp and detailed image, even with its much criticised small sensor. I used to use a non-digital SLR years ago but got fed up carrying it around and never getting decent images back from the developers. This little Pentax has inspired me to start taking pictures again as it has all the functions desirable of an SLR with the addition of added control over the final image quality. Of course this camera is not a professional SLR, it is an enthusiasts camera that returns some of the control lost when using a compact camera. Don't be put off by the negative reviews on some websites. These reviewers are comparing the Q10 with high end SLR's which I believe it is not tying to compete with. For the price at the moment the Q10 is an absolute bargain, just wish it had been this price before I bought the SX220.
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on 20 June 2014
First off I love Pentax cameras and have done for many years. I am an enthusiastic amateur who has two Pentax DSLR's a (K-r and a K-30) - so the prospect of the same menu style and decent performance in my pocket appealled. (There is the possibility of adding DSLR lenses to this camera too with an adapter but I haven't tried this yet ... but this will defeat the main benefit of this camera ... which is being pocket sized).
I have had point and shoot compacts from Canon and Fuji for snaps where the DSLR was too bulky to lug but was always disappointed with the results and loss of proper camera feel.Now the price of the Q10 has dropped from Amazon this became a must have bit of kit for me to replace my pocket snapper Fuji. First impressions are excellent with loads of shooting controls, good quality feel despite the really small size. Picture quality already outshines all the compact cameras I have used previously. There are some low star reviews criticising picture vibrance and quality for the Q10. This puzzles me because even on full auto point and shoot mode the image quality is very good and can easily be adjusted in camera if you like your shots to be more vibrant.(or can be adjusted post shooting if this is more your thing).
The camera is tiny so can easily go in a jacket pocket + fits my compact camera replacement criteria perfectly. Despite big hands it is very easy to use. Ok the zoom range of the supplied lens isn't massive but this helps with creativity - either frame your shots differently or get closer to your subject. (If you want massive optical telephoto zoom then a DSLR is preferrable for quality purposes anyway).
Overall very impressed and would recommend to anyone wanting to step up from phone or compact camera to something more capable without being too big for your pocket or handbag.
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Style: 5-15mm Lens Kit|Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Pentax Q10 Compact System Camera with 5 to 15mm Lens Kit - Black

I use a camera as part of my work, I'm a full time seller of Hi-Fi equipment via the internet using auctions sites as my main outlet, quality picture can sell a product.
I used a fair few cameras which have had varied results but all have been satisfactory, they have mainly been Sony and Fuji my last was the Fujifilm FinePix S1800 Digital Camera (12MP,18x Wide Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCDwhich has been good to average.
The Pentax Q10 is more than twice the price of the Fujifilm, is it twice the camera?

First impressions are good, small than I thought which is a good thing, Fuji has been a bulky thing to carry around, which stopped me taking it most of the time.
Pentax comes nicely packed, Camera and lens are easy to fit as nice and easy to remove, the battery is a rechargeable one, not a AA type, thought this may be a problem as you can always stop and buy AA batteries when yours runs out of charge but have found the batteries available for £9.99 on amazon, what you pay for good AA chargeable's I'll buy an extra one and keep it constantly charged.

Camera doesn't come with an SD card so this is something you need to add If you don't have one, I've a few of them so was okay to get started it uses SD/ SDHC/ SDXC

Getting started is straight forward, you need to charge the battery first, pop in a SD card and off it goes.
User manual is rather thick but easy to use and worth the effort reading it.

Thought the best way to see how good or bad the Pentax was, was to use it in parallel with the fujifilm.

I use a photo tent when photographing my Audio equipment, I don't use any extra lighting, the tent is positioned near a large window and gets good natural light.

I set my normal camera up and the Pentax in the same lighting to see if there was much difference, the difference was quiet amazing, the clarity and detail that the Pentax pick up was outstanding, the natural light was going but didn't effect the Pentax, the fuji was grainy which I've come to except when the light is going. Open mouthed at the Pentax result.

My second test was outside, we have a fair few trees in the garden which are looking autumnal, thought they would make a nice test for the cameras as the colour of leaves are beautiful, first I tried the fuji who results were very good, then I tried the Pentax, wow, the image was so detailed it felt I could of popped my hand in to the image and scooped up the leaves.

Feature wise the Pentax is packed with them, all very useful, couldn't find anything I would call a gimmick.

The menu system the camera uses I found very easy to follow, easy to set up the Continuous shooting which amazingly does 5 frames/sec. I live by the sea and walk the dog on the beach most days, its an ever changing sea and have tried loads of time to capture an image of the waves crashing on the rocks but failed with every camera, the 5 frames/sec means I will fail no more, fantastic.

Comes with Silkypix software which is very comprehensive, I prefer to use my iphoto iLife '08: iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb und iTunes software, only because I know how it all works and have always found it a good easy package.

All in all an very nice camera, I'm very pleased with it, It costs a fair bit but produces quality that is worth the the extra pound
review image review image
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on 10 May 2015
Purchased as a Christmas present for my son, who has been borrowing my Fuji X100S too frequently for my liking. This was sold at an extremely attractive price by Amazon, and the rating reflects my purchase price (about £220, if I recall correctly). At the original £450 or so it would probably be a 3* review as the competition at £450 is extremely strong from full-sized SLRs.

The Q10 received lukewarm reviews at the time of launch in the press, mainly because it was priced alongside some great DSLRs with APS-C sensors, and with its smaller sensor it just couldn't compete on ultimate image quality. Let's get this part out of the way: the X100S takes better pictures, and when blown up large enough, the difference shows. That Fuji is nearly four times the price I paid for this Pentax though. Against compacts and Smartphones, which are the more natural competitors at this price it is no contest: the Pentax blows them away.

The Q10 and supplied lens (which is roughly equivalent to a 24-70mm zoom lens) are of the usual excellent Pentax build quality. This is a very well built camera that should give many years of service. The control system is basically the same as a DSLR, just smaller. This works perfectly for my son, but if you have fat fingers it may be a bit fiddly.

The rear screen has good resolution, and is easy to view in all but the very brightest sunlight.

Photos are very creditable. Softer and with reduced detail compared to my X100S, and low light performance is a long way behind the outstanding Fuji. Compared to most of the compact competition, however, the results are very good.

At £220, this is a steal.
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on 1 July 2014
I've been a proud Pentax SLR/DSLR owner for many years currently using the flagship K-3 and the very neat K-500. But for a couple of impending trips abroad I didn't want to take 'the gear' but something more pocketable. What appealed to me about the Pentax Q series was that they seemed to be 'real' system cameras, able to take different lenses and flashes not just a typical compact. Furthermore, for a Pentax owner, the controls and menu options are all as familiar as it's possible to be. It will even give me RAW files that are compatible with my existing Pentax software if required.

To be honest the only thing that takes a bit of getting used to after DSLRs is the lack of an eye-level viewfinder, but that will apply to 99% of all pocket cameras. I've since added a Metz 24 AF-1 to give me more flash power and versatility, but that's about it for now, additional lenses are for the future.

First results are very encouraging - no, the shots don't quite match what the DSLRs can produce, but for a pocket camera they are super. I can understand why for some the Q series has gained cult status!!

I've just come back from a trip to the ruins of ancient Rome which is the main reason I bought this neat camera and standard zoom. Shooting mainly JPGs on AUTO mode I'm now amazed how detailed the images are, just with minimal post-production. Being picky, the only thing to watch is battery usage - either pack the charger along with a spare battery or take off things like dust removal and minimise on-camera flash where possible. Glad I left the bulkier DSLRs and lenses at home and delighted with my little red Q10!!
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on 6 December 2012
I have bought this camera package for my wife. I have a Pentax K7 myself and have always liked Pentax from Spotmatic onwards. This camera is so compact and versatile that I have actually bought a second one for myself, although mine is the Q and not the Q10!
The image quality is excellent, as long as you control the ISO setting, but that is what anyone who understands the film background would say.I have taken a number of sample shots and have been well impressed with the ease of use and quality of image. These have been shared with a friend who was equally amazed at the quality of resolution and sharpness.
My wife wanted a compact versatile, quality camera and I believe that this is the one that delivers on all counts. I had considered others including the Olympus Pen series and the Lumix but they are far too bulky and I would say the image resolutiom is no better than the Pentax Q10.
If you want a quality, compact, versatile camera which delivers on image quality, resolution, functionality and is with you when others are still at home - get the Pentax Q10!
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on 12 March 2015
Fantastic camera. What it packs into such a small package is amazing. Was not sure about this - very different to the kind of camera's I normally use, but this is brilliant. Portable, durable, good quality images. Great Buy.
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on 4 December 2014
A great little camera it takes good clear pictures and fits in a jacket pocket and is much easier to carry than a dslr I would have given five stars but it is a bit too small and the buttons are easy to press by mistake
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