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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2012
Let's start right out with the facts....I'm one of the biggest Alice Cooper fans on the planet! The first 45 RPM single I ever bought was 'Elected'. My first 33 RPM album was 'Easy Action'. Since then I've bought just about everything else Alice, both the band and as a solo artist, has ever released on vinyl, CD, VHS, DVD, etc. I hate to say it but this collection sounds like "crapola" overall. There are only a couple songs I would ever listen to more than once again because they sound so bad. I read the reviews and noted some saying this was for hardcore collectors only, but I disagree. Hardcore fans not only deserve but should expect better than this. Now that the price has come down for the reissue I took a chance mostly for the 1971 bootleg concert and even that is just OK at best. I am sure they've got better quality stuff in the vaults but probably couldn't get permission from Warner Brothers to release it. There are a couple of live songs (Muscle of Love in Rio 1974 and Under My Wheels in NYC 1973) that make be believe there probably are full tapes of these shows. Why not release them? Also, where is anything from Billion Dollar Babies? I'm sorry guys, I love the original Alice Cooper Group but this is more than a little bit of a let down.
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on 6 July 2011
The package looks great and there are some excellent parts to it and you can tell it's not just a cash-in for the groups rock and roll Hall of Fame induction as it is a real attempt to build on the visual quality of the original Alice Cooper group album designs and succeeds in that respect having been put together with a lot of love and respect for the original AC group and with their full co-operation. It is much more worthy of your money then say the Stones Exile on Main Street Box.

The glossy hardback book has lots of excellent rare photos and a good history of the band and lets face it where else will you get this, (not in WH Smiths!).

The art cards are very good.

The repro of the Killer 71 programme is excellent, as this Group did some of the best concert programmes, with lots of colour and black and white photos.

I personally could have done without the vinyl live 71 Killer album and early single, especially as the live album is also reproduced as a CD (also the vinyl single a side "Why don't you love me" should have made it onto CD disc 1 as that has yet to have an official digital release and you have to wonder when that will now ever happen)and these must have added a hefty amount to the final price. However the live CD and the DVD are the gems of the package. The Love it to Death and especially the Killer tours (represented here) along with the studio LPs are the pinnacle of lead guitarist Glen Buxton's contributions, because as die hard fans now know, he was already drifting by the time of the Schools Out LP sessions although he did come up with the classic riff and co-wrote the centre piece: Gutter Cat vs the Jets)and played very little on B$B and possibly nothing on Muscle of Love. Also by B$B Alice Cooper's voice live was often very rough due to the affects of drink.

The two rare CDs are for the real fans of the original group giving a very good sprinkling of demos / rarities not previously officially available (and there is certainly some that I, as an avid collector of Cooper group bootlegs, have never encountered before). Quality generally very good but two Muscle of Love pre-production demos are so dire they should never have been included even for so called "historic value". (e.g. "Call Me Evil" quality) There are however some good quality early run throughs from the "Schools Out" Album and alternate lyric versions of songs from Killer, Muscle of Love, some with very different guitar parts. More should have been used from the Killer and Love it to Death Demo sessions as they are generally better audio quality than the Muscle of Love demos, especially as they have missed including an excellent demo of "Is it my Body" with the "going to the graveyard" coda which was used on all subsequent live band versions and is at least 4 minutes longer than the familiar album version. (however there is a full version on the live CD/LP from the Killer tour)

The DVD has some great rare footage with at least five complete songs which is good as I hate all the rip off talking DVDs which only show brief extracts, although there are some of these on it as well. Rarities include colour TV appearance of two Pretties for You songs and a Love it to Death era live outdoor concert footage and an extended number of songs recorded in the studio around time of LITD (tubeway session). There are some excellent interviews both with Alice and the band together and separately. Which brings me onto the interview disc cd which is unfortunately a complete waste of time as most of it is culled from the DVD.

While I said the package looks great there is a significant design fault, as for some reason (authenticity?)the opening lid to the desk is wider than the bottom holding all the contents (which are cleverly stored in two levels with an inner draw that lifts out!) which means it is very easy to damage the lid sides if it gets knocked, even though it is quality thick cardboard. For the same reason you cannot store it sideways on a shelf like a normal box set or old style lp and so where to store it (as it is a very large,heavy lump) will be an issue for a lot of people.

I understand that licensing of clips costs a lot of money but I still think that costs could have been reduced especially as one Cd is totally superflous as indeed for some people is the Vinyl (a lot of re-release vinyl these days costs in the region of £25-35 and that being omitted could have trimmed the price)

To summarise, for the die hard original Alice Cooper group fans (they were our Beatles after all and we knew who all five were by name) it may be a luxuary but is still a must, being a limited edition of 3000 (mine was already up to 2975) you have to get it before it is too late, as this only comes out once in a lifetime. It could have been better but then obsessive fans always say that. At least we have it. Get it if you loved the original group and can afford it.

What we now need is a DVD of the full Don Kirshner 72 colour US TV broadcast (Schools Out is included from it on the DVD) and the full 71 live shows from USA and France 72 Canadian / French broadcast and also the never offically released Whistle test performance of "Is it my Body" from OGWT which is in the BBC archives with outtakes! Also what has happened to the full Hollywood Bowl Schools Out,Teenage Lament 74/Hello Hurray promos which are available in collecting circles as these shout out for an official release and any others AC mgt might have.

Gems still missing which I believe should have been included are the original B side of the Schools Out single an edited Gutter Cat, which sonically sounds radically different in places to the LP version and is now the only official release never to be included on CD. Sort this out someone, perhaps as part of a deluxe Schools Out reissue whch could have a full 72 concert as a bonus disc. Same goes for Killer and LITD and MOL the space on CDs means you could put demos as extras on original disc and have a second soundboard / radio broadcast or good audience live disc. (There is another great Killer show) Come on Alice's management please do it before it is too late and we all die.
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on 17 January 2015
"I know your all crazier than us"

Well he sure got that right, to us they are the Beatles and the songs r like hymns so never mind the £60 price hike for a 2nd edition with no new material go out and buy this.
why? Because in Killer live u r purchasing the most controversial moment in the controversial history of rock music.
lIKE Johnny Rotten i think Killer was the greatest album ever made, with the possible exeptioin of their own Billion Dollar Babies.
Musically the irony is strong as most interesting demos are from Muscle of Love, the album supposed to have split the band. but if Muscle is a bad record i am Gene Simmons (i am not gene simmons) But the reworking of Never Been Sold Before and Working up A Sweat here would have graced the album bettter.

Main gain is the 2 hour dvd with all band members reminiscing, very watchable more so than Super Duper Alice cooper and genuinely funny (Bob Ezrin did u really sleep with all five of their girlfriends before agreeing to produce them ?}
Packaging wise some rare items but not the lp size suggested by the promo photos. The photo bokk is inferior to that of Super Duper (who invents these titles?) but u must remember these photos r chosen for their rareness rather than their impact.
Sadly only Alice is given an opinion on the breakup of the band which wrankles as u have rocks most controversial band at their most defiant pinnacle, the travesty was they sold 25 million records in the blink of an eye, it took alice solo 16 albums to even approach that figure but he is inducted to the hall of fame a decade earlier.
In between issuing of this there has been the exellent value Treasures box set which will give u the demo tracks and Super Duper box set with better value additional material but only on this package r u seeing the band or rather owning the band at their controversially notorious peak.

When Alice Cooper disbanded i was a lonely tear stained Billion Dollar Baby now i am a broke one but a happy vindicated one. Love It To Death------------
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on 29 October 2011
As a life long fan of the original Alice Cooper Group, i just had to have this box set, but having let the dust settle on it for a few months i can't help feeling a little disapointed by it.
My biggest gripe is with some of the packaging, the CD's and DVD are in cheap sleeves with artwork that looks like it has been put together by someone on a basic computer photoshop type of programme, i would have liked these 'Treasures' to be in solid jewel cases, with alot more thought gone into the packaging....for example booklets in each with more information on individual tracks you get one sheet covering all of the discs in very small writing ). I personally don't like the hardback yearbook, which is laid out like a scrapbook to be in keeping with the desk theme. I would have prefered this to contain as many live pictures of the original band as you could cram onto the page! The art prints don't do much for me either, would have liked one live print of each band member instead.
The music on the discs vary greatly in quality, which i guess is to be expected, i'm sure they included the best sources that were available, but be warned, if you are expecting hi-quality demo's etc, you are going to be disapointed for the most part.The Schools Out demo's are interesting... CD 3 is spoken word, which is fine in itself, but covers pretty much everything already on the dvd,so a little pointless really.
They maybe should have filled the dvd with the live footage such as the ABC in concert mentioned in other reviews.One really annoying thing for me is that only Alice has a say on the break up of the band, Bob Ezrin stating that they simply ran out of time for the others to have a say on this subject....yeah, right.Alice also dismises the material on 'Muscle Of love', but for me, with the exeption of 'Welcome To My Nightmare' he has never made an album as good since.
The Killer live cd (and vinyl) is excellent, so is the reproduction of the 'Killer' tour programme, and the desk itself is really cool.
Overall, i would say it's not for anyone other than the hardcore fans, and it will even leave those feeling a little short changed. What we want is more live complete footage, great hard to find photo's and early live recordings. it's good, not great...i'm glad i own it, but ouch....look at that price!
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on 20 July 2011
I'm an old norwegian fan, and Killer is the best in my ears (with Easy Action, Love It To Death and Billion Dollar Babies close), so the live Killer-bootleg vinyl really made my body move, (wo)man! The only real downer for me is that the spoken-words-CD and the DVD have much of the same content. Except for that I think the package is true to the great legacy of the Alice Cooper Band. I will love it to death, so a fiver it must be!
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on 12 February 2013
Some interesting and curious takes in this set. A must for any Alice fan. Worth twice the price!
Nice to hear a live and demo of halo of flies
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on 30 December 2012
Everything it said it would be great stuff on here nice packaging think this is a must if you are a Alice cooper fan and i think its great value for the money as many like this are a lot more expensive.
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on 18 November 2013
described as 'like new' and it is in fantastic condition, i would have been happy with this straight from a shop shelf. it was packaged very carefully and arrived in good time. thank you very much, i would have no doubts about using you again.
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on 2 February 2014
This Old School 4 cd set is really only for die hard fans of Alice Cooper as there is nothing new here and what we have is old outtakes and interviews.
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on 18 March 2015
Not quite what i was expecting , but it was good enough , especially the cd that is just talking.
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