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on 23 September 2013
- Product is simple to use
- Have used an old Tom Tom originally designed for car use alongside road maps and common sense, this all being well got me around the trunk routes however in major cities such as London i had more luck than anything else so decided to take the plunge and go for the Garmin Dezl 760LM, so far it has not let me down taking me down routes large enough for the dimensions i have planned in (Wide abnormal loads).

I have still compared the route given via the Garmin with road maps to check bridge's etc as i still need to learn to trust it more, so far it has matched any route i could of generated and has not tried to take me down paths i should not attempt.

I have only used the product for 1 month of steady driving up and down the country delivering Wide, Abnormal loads in city's such as London, Glasgow, etc.

Dislikes -

Constant pinging of when the speed limit is due to change (I may be able to turn this off, have not played about too much yet)
A touch pricey however it does the job

Likes -

Fast start sequence
Easy planning
Voice command giving hands free
Can Bluetooth any smart phone

I would recommend this on my current experience if you can afford.
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on 12 November 2014
After useing the garmin for a couple oof weeks now in various size lorries and all over the uk i think it is reasonably good but! There are a lot of downfalls, you need to be able to set the max speeds yourself as est arrival time is way out. It would be nice to see milage left and i dont think you can put this on the screen. I find that the max volume is low, come on garmin for the price you charge you could easiily make this item a lot better and have functions that your cheaper sat navs have as well as the lorry benifits.
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on 6 March 2014
I bought this one instead of the camper version for use in my motorhome. I don't need campsites programmed in but I do need my vans dimensions in there to help me avoid really narrow roads.
I just got back from a 2000 mile trip to the south of France and back using the Garmin and it performed flawlessly. Map updating was easy, I was able to load in camping areas and Aires using Garmins POI loader and the internal memory seems adequate for all the extra information. I also have speed camera warnings and "dangerous road segments" for France installed with no problems.
The screen is easy to read and the voice control works great. Use it to adjust volume, it's easier than going through menus.
All in all, very pleased with how this unit works.
Of course, it's no substitute for common sense and there will be times when you have to change your route, but this unit recalculated new routes quickly with no annoying "recalculating" phrase. It just gets on with it.
It's not perfect, but it's damn close.
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on 26 October 2015
I own two of these for vans I run for my company and I think for a company like Garmin, they could have done a lot better.

Firstly the traffic option with it is nearly useless. It picks up traffic that isn't there so leads you off on a detour you shouldn't have bothered with. The traffic information is also not complete so when it does detect traffic it send you off on a detour and you end up getting snared in more traffic which it says isn't there. This compared to modern smart phones which up to date and accurate it's a bit poor. As a case in point, when travelling from Devon to London, it gave me a green icon the whole way and I was travelling in London at rush hour which took me nearly two hours longer than it said I should have. It also looses signal for hours sometimes even when in city centres.

Secondly the route loading can take nearly 30 minutes on some occasions. Which is ridiculous. The worst is if you are in London and trying to get out you have to sit still in your vehicle until the satnav has loaded the route and as mentioned this can be like watching paint dry. If you get impatient and head off whilst its calculating it wont route from you current position but from where you were. So when it finally reaches 100% which like I said can take 30 minutes, it will just start again!!!! So you can get properly lost. The other major issue with this is if you are following the route and come across a road closure, you're screwed as it will start recalculating!

The final issue, is I'm not sure who set the speeds for driving a lorry as the arrival time is set on a vehicle doing 70mph. It does monitor your speed and adjust the arrival time to your average speed but this takes weeks or months of usage.

All in all, not a bad satnav for visibility and usage but the software is a bit 1990's. I use my iPhone in conjuction with this and get by.
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on 25 August 2015
Its OK, BUT...............today tried to take me through a closed road, even though I had the smartphone link connected, it also got VERY confused over delays on the A34 s/b alternating between 1.30 hours delay to no delay, however when I arrived at the incident there was 20 mins of delay, but the device with smartphone link said no delay, think I should have spent £30 more and bought the Tom Tom, at least that has a30 day money back warrantee, not sure about the Truck navigation, seems to get confused about that too!, it appears that this is only available on A/B roads,if you go into minor roads it then says no route recognised, hang on! I paid a premium for a truck Sat Nav for Trucks but its not sure where Trucks can go, Garmin get over this by saying its your responsibility but its A TRUCK sat nav so in the truck mode it should be able to do the job properly.
Will give it a bit longer, but if it continues to behave like this I will return it as not being fit for purpose and under the sale of goods act, and look at the Tom Tom, whilst I understand that I also need to keep a check on where I am going, I expect something that is sold as this is it should be able to do Truck routes, and the smartphone link should be able to do traffic properly, by all accounts the traffic information has won awards, not sure what for? possibly as a Morrisons self checkout till, its about as good!

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on 31 December 2012
Purchased this to use in a 44-tonne truck and my motorhome. I had been using a Garmin 760, but found I was spending a lot of time ignoring its instructions and using my truckers' map book.
To input the dimensions and weight of the trucks and motorhome into the Dezl 560 is quite easy and most other functions are very similar to the old 760. I initially had a problem in the registration process, but in the end I logged myself out of the MyGarmin web site and did the rather girlie-thing of reading the instructions. To do this allow the process to take about 30 to 45 minutes, so don't do it just prior to going out.
The display is slightly larger than the 760 and gives more detail, including: speed, ETA, distance to next instruction, mode (truck/motorhome/car etc). It does come up with other types of warnings, for instance if it's windy: this occurred the other day after the truck had wobbled a bit and the trees outside were madly waving, so not overly useful.
So far it has only tried to send me down one 7.5 tonne road (near M1 junc 13), and when I ignored it and went along the A421, it whinged that I was on a restricted road. Now that leads to one of its problems: a few of my deliveries have been within 7.5 access only areas; on entering them the screen is filled by a warning notice with two options: STOP or Accept. Pressing STOP, cancels the route (not very useful) and Accept gets rid of the notice, only for it to reappear at the next junction, with the same bunch of kamikaze car drivers trying to get under the wheels of my trailer on city roundabouts.
Another failing of the (my) Dezl 560 is the lane indicator doesn't show which direction the exit of the next roundabout is. This facility is on the Garmin sat navs in one firm I work for (very similar to the 760, but with truck function), so why not the bigger and more modern Dezl 560? And another problem with the Dezl 560 is it's risk adverse: this could be a good thing, but it means that if it doesn't have any data on a road, it will try to circumnavigate around it; not very useful while driving through new industrial sites.
The ETA must be based on the roads' speed limits; this is okay on dual- (50mph) and single-(40mph) carriageways, but on motorways (60mph), few trucks on the flat can accomplish that speed. At the moment I'm just adding about a minute for every 10km at the beginning of a journey, if it's mostly motorway; or just ignore it and arrive when I arrive.
Whilst approaching junctions on motorways that you need to change direction/lanes, it gives a 'street-view' of the junction ahead; I haven't found that function very useful, but there again, it doesn't do any harm and I suppose could be used as a sanity-check.
Overall I'm very pleased with Dezl 560 and have no regrets in its purchase. As with all sat navs, the program was probably developed by a pimply 16-year-old who's never driven, and overall the drivers of vehicles are responsible for all their actions. The screen and voice (English - Emily) are quite clear, and the Bluetooth facility was easy enough to use. It's a shame it didn't come with a carry case (I got an excellent one from Navitech).
I've yet to try it out with either my car (no point, I've still got my old 760) or motorhome (Christmas got in the way); so how it works with the supposedly preloaded Camping and Caravan Club sites is still untested.
The only other truck sat navs I've used is the aforementioned Garmin (which does the job, but I don't know its model number) and a professional system used on the data terminal of a well known high street food chain, which consistently thought it was 100 to 150 metres behind the truck (so in some cases you've passed the junction that it's telling you to turn at, not very co-operative, if you get my meaning). So based on my limited experience I'd recommend the Garmin Dezl 560.
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on 24 April 2013
We used it last weekend and it did a great job, but we haven't been to any tricky places yet with narrow roads. It took a bit of getting used to after having the streetpilot deluxe but so far it is good. I am still trying to get the mount to stick on the dashboard which is a nuisance and the aerial wont stay on the window, but I am sure it will work out eventually
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on 14 October 2015
I bought this as i drive HGV's and am currently on a European touring holiday in a small car. For both it has proved useless. So useless that its scary. I'm pretty tech savy, and luckily have an excellent sense of direction, but this piece of crap is going to be returned to amazon as soon as we get back to the UK as it simply is not fit for purpose.

We're currently in Northern Italy after a 9 hour drive from Switzerland that should have taken 4.5 hours. This is the third time that this damn thing has done this to us in just over a week. And its the third time that the free satnav that came with my smartphone has bailed us out. It's costing us a fortune in petrol and tolls.

I used this for a week driving an HGV before leaving on holiday, and the small TomToms installed in my companies cabs we superior in both route plotting and traffic info. The traffic info on this is so out of date its useless, and it has no info on road closures - all of which are instant on the little TomToms. I would never use this for the HGV as lives could be put at stake.

This will be returned on our return.
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on 7 October 2015
On our recent motorhome journey around France, it twice took me on impassable roads, one with a low bridge and one road was too narrow. It had been correctly programmed for our height width and length. As mentioned in a previous review if programmed to avoid Toll roads it also avoids Route Nationale and some free motorways, which means lengthy journeys on D roads. Further issues include it randomly turning it self off, despite being fully charged, the manual says this can happen in high temperatures but it happened many times when cool.
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on 18 January 2013
got fed up with my sat nav taking me across country in my truck needed one that would keep me on motorways and A roads this one sounded like just what I needed and it hasn't disappointed, no more single track roads this sat nav keeps trucks where they should be, highly recommended.
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