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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 February 2013
I had smashed the screen my galaxy S3 and it was beyond reasonable repair (or so the insurance company said) so when I got paid out for it I had a massive decision to make, should I just get another brilliant GS3 or try something else. I'm not really an apple person because of 'restrictunes' so the iphone 5 wasn't an option. Plus the screen is too small after having an S3. The note 2 fit the bill but for it's sheer size, now don't get me wrong it is a bit on the large side but I can honestly say going from an S3 to a note 2 it took me about 10 mins to get used to. It fits in my trouser pockets without a problem, this was a massive decision swayer for me as a do tend to carry my phone in my pocket alot.

The phone itself? well what can I say, I loved my GS3 LTE and would not have changed it but for an unfortunate breakage. The note 2 does everything the GS3 can do and more but does it better, slightly more polished and smoother. The S pen is a nice add on but I haven't used it that much to be honest.

The screen is massive and just amazing, it even makes the S3 look small but if you use your phone for sat nav, browsing, movies and tv etc then you won't go far wrong

Texting on the note2 is probably the best I've used. the keyboard is sensitive but not so that you keep pressing the wrong keys and the predictive auto correct is fantastic, much better than the S3 in fact.

The battery is a 3100ma hrs monster and it shows. I'm getting atleast a day and a half with heavy usage and 2 days easily with lighter hand time!

So did I make the right choice? too right I did, I can honestly say it's the best phone I have ever used. And to repeat my title, it truly is just a brilliant piece of kit and I love it to bits! If you're umming and arring about this phone as I did, go and have a look and if you can get on with it's size I wouldn't even hestitate, just go get one, you won't regret it.
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on 28 December 2012
My mobile phone background. Nokia e71, iPhone 3gs, Galaxy S2 and now the Ultimate Note 2.
Wow ! What can I say that has not already been said apart from size.
This phone is Amazing. I love it.
My only major concern before buying this phone was its size and the day to day living with apparently HUGE phone. I must mention here that although it has a huge 5.5" screen ( which is absolutely gorgeous ), its very slim and slides into your pocket without any problem. It does not dig in to your stomach when getting in and out of the car either.
I have had it for a month and put it in a lot of different types of trousers and jeans. In a formal trousers, the phone hardly sticks out of my pocket. In a pair of tight jeans,I must admit that it does stick out but is surely manageable .
Another concern was holding a huge phone against my ears . Initially I could not get used to it and started using my bluetooth headset. Now it does not bother me as the phone has SO MUCH more to offer compared to many smaller screened phones.
A friend of mine got an iPhone 5 on launch , a month before me, and was laughing his head off at my choice of huge phone( Note 2 ). When we got together for Xmas,he actually checked out my Note 2 and secretly fell in love with it. Guess who had the last Laugh?.
These days one does a lot more with their mobile phone then just making phone calls. Hence the large screen is a major advantage for just about doing anything including Gaming, emailing , surfing etc.
Just check out one of many extensive reviews on youtube to find out exactly what this beauty can do.
This phone will easily see me through a 24 month contract.
You will not be disappointed.
Highly Recommended.
Hope you find this review useful !!!
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on 22 November 2012
This phablet is worth every penny and a great asset to have especially if you are S-Pen lover like myself. I bought it just because of the S-Pen features and my love for andriod devices. This is purely a business phablet, but if you are looking for a phone just for calls, then I would advice you to buy galaxy S3 which also has fast processor and even 4G variant.

Samsung galaxy note 2 has several models and sub-variants based on country and operator's requirements. The most common models are N7100 and N7105 which have their own individual advantages and disadvantages. For UK customers, make your choice wisely because I have made my own choice already in a very brilliant way.

1. N7105 has 3G & 4G LTE, while N7100 is only for 3G in the UK - because UK shall be using the 1800MHZ frequency for 4G LTE.

2. N7105 has no FM Radio with RDS, while N7100 has FM Radio with RDS.

3. Some sub-variant of N7105 has wireless charging technology while N7100 does not have it.

4. N7105 is at present over £100 more expensive than N7100.

Every other features as well as physical dimensions are exactly the same for both N7100 and N7105 except that the firmwares are different. As I mentioned earlier, I have made my choice wisely, you are free to reason your own way, but I shall explain how I reasoned and finally bought N7100 as my preferred choice model for 2012/2013.

I guess I love technology and the idea of 4G more than any of my friends here in UK. I live outside London and I know for sure there won't be any 4G not until say September 2013. Even if I live in London, not everywhere would have 4G by September 2013. I don't need a 4G that I can't access in every city I go for business as I always do. If there is 4G in only some locations, then I rather use wifi instead of a wifi-like 4G. I cannot afford to pay over a £100 extra for a feature I cannot use satisfactorily not until say September 2013, reason being that Samsung shall release a newer model, galaxy note "3" before the end of next year. The new model shall be more advanced with improved 4G reception capability, faster processor speed, much more crystal clear pictures, possibly with 3D capabilities, more improved S-notes, etc. Based on this, I weighed my options and decided to go for N7100 which has all the features I need now, plus a lovely FM radio, and also saves me about £100, while I wait for Samsung galaxy note "3-D" "4G LTE plus" in November 2013 when also, at that time, there will be a reliable 4G network in the UK. I can't afford to waste £100 on the illusion of 4G LTE that won't be efficient until November 2013 and also regret when the 'galaxy note 3-D with 4G LTE plus' would be released.

You are free to make your own choice depending on city and availability of 4G LTE, but just make sure you check the model number before you buy. Spend wisely and apply wisdom in your choice because 2013 is just by the corner.

Hope this review/advice help someone.
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I bought the original Note as soon as it was released in November 2011 and to be honest if it wasn't for my obsession with having the latest gadgets I would have been quite happy to hold on to it. It was a truly ground breaking phone which I did not expect to be bettered for a long time. It would appear that it has in less than a year!

The first thing you notice when you take the new Note out of the box is the increase in screen size. Samsung has managed to get in more screen estate and actually reduce the overall size of the body compared to the original. It occupies almost the entire front with much smaller bezel surrounding the screen. I must admit it looks great, a definite improvement. Its also not as wide as the original and I found it easier to use one-handed as a result. I also didn't notice any weight difference so another positive. Personally I would have tolerated an increased weight if they could have used more premium metallic materials instead of the usual Samsung plastics!

I also found the stylus to be improved with much better connection to the screen enabling me to have far more control over what I am writing / drawing. The stylus is also a bit thicker and a tad longer which also improves the experience.

I didn't really notice any improvement in screen resolution or clarity but the original was excellent anyway so not sure how it could be improved.

In terms of performance, this is where the most notable enhancements come. The original Note sometimes stuttered and lagged when heavily loaded. Despite my best efforts, so far I am not seeing any of this with the new Note. In fact it flies at every task and I get the feeling this processor can handle much much more.

Other good stuff:
-Early days but the battery seems stronger. Its got about 20% more capacity than the original so this should be expected.
-The speaker on this thing is fantastic for a phone. Best I have heard
-I have it running a 64GB SD Card in addition to the 16GB - Lots of nice storage

Not so good:
-Camera is the same as on the original - would have like some major improvements here
-May be too big for many - buyer beware

In summary, I think it's worth the upgrade if you have the original and cash to spare providing you can get a good price for your old one. If your new to the Note series and you are looking for a portable internet device for media, email, browsing etc and make the odd phone call every now and then this is a truly superb device. Did I mention it was very big!! I love it

Update 25/11/2012
After nearly two months using this phone I wanted to come back and comment specifically on the battery life (which was poor on the original Note). In short the battery on this is phenomenal, with medium to heavy use I can comfortably get two full days charge. Every smart phone I've owned has always struggled to get past one full day so this is a huge benefit. Given the size of this screen and power of the phone this is a fantastic achievement by Samsung.
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on 1 November 2012
I am absolutely addicted to this thing! If you hoped you would accomplish loads of tasks on it, be warned, you'll spend so much time playing that very little productivity will occur!

The battery life still isn't great despite the souped up battery they have put into it.

It doesn't come with any type of case and so make sure you bear that in mind as it DOES NEED ONE. Samsung themselves sell the flip cases which clip onto the phone to replace the battery cover, for around £29.99 but I got one for £15 in my local high street perfectly easily.

Do NOT lose the S-Pen as you only get one with it and I imagine replacing it would be costly - I'm sure you could use any of the capacitive screen pens but they would not fully work as you need the "click" facility of the S-Pen if you want to use the note functions. However, it does whistle at you if you walk away without replacing the S-Pen in the slot!!

It really is very well thought out I must say and, despite some initial problems working out how to use it, and some minor frustrations as the touch screen doesn't like the way I write certain letters and constantly mistakes them for other letters (not really a problem, I just have awful handwriting!)

The Note function pops up automatically if your phone rings and at various other points so you can make notes while you're in-call.

It also has the lasso facility so you can save text from articles online etc and make notes around them.

In a nutshell, it is a mini version of the tablet Note. It's expensive without a doubt but, personally, it is a better option for me than the bigger tablet.

You can easily buy bluetooth or USB keyboards to attach to it and then use Polaris as a Word Processing programme (or others which you can download as apps). It converts notes to either text or pdf files for emailing and sharing.

It has a reasonable camera although not great, but it's quite big if you're considering holding it up to take loads of photos!

I have to say, I am absolutely delighted with it.

Just be cautious if you're planning on using it for any tethering as most (if not all now) networks DO now charge for this, even if you have an unlimited data package. T-Mobile was the last to start charging and, thus far, I've been totally unable to get them to tell me how much they charge! I'm not sure they even know yet! I think they planned to do it for free but were taken by surprize by the level of take up.

If you like gadgets and you're a fan of the Galaxies in general (I have an S2 which I've loved from the start), then definitely consider buying this if space is a problem for you and you don't want to be carrying the bigger tablet around. If you've never owned a Galaxy previously, I still think you'll find this incredibly simple to operate and you'll find yourself a Samsung addict in no time at all (it beats nasty Apple hands down in my opinion!)

The phone itself isn't as big as I'd imagined but, if you put it side by side with the Galaxy S2, the screen size is huge by comparison. The screen is also fully reactive and I've had no problems with the touch facility so far.

To sum up, I love it!
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on 2 October 2012
As a proud owner of the original Note - I did not really need to upgrade to the Note 2 - but watching the info about it - I just could not resist!

My phone arrived this morning partially charged and I have played with it all day and only just put it on charge now 11 hours later. I am confident that with a full charge it will easily be seeing the day out - which sometimes with Note 1, I did not.

The phone is gorgeous and I must say feels much more comfortable in the hand. The screen is so easy to look at and enjoy all the content which just flies. It is really fast.

As another reviewer has commented - the speaker on this phone is just awesome- it really is - it is a joy to listen to all my music - which was easily moved over on my micro SD card from Note 1.

All my other apps and contacts have just as easily moved over - Android makes it so easy - I did not have to do anything except just sign into my Google account.

One feature that I saw advertised was the new gallery layout. And I have had fun choosing which pattern I wanted to show off all my photos - I really like the spiral but have settled for the circular grid.

The larger S pen is more comfortable in the hand and I like the hovering aspect which brings up a snapshot of an email or other item. Until you use the S pen - you don't realise just how useful it really is.

Its great that it ships with jelly bean - no waiting for an update for me!

Just one little grumble - how come the accessories have not been released at the same time? My last Note was very well protected - but I have not been able to buy anything specific to this Note 2 yet - so it is ensconced in a wrap over case belonging to my old Note until something specific is released.

Oh and just one other thing - the sim card in the Note 2 is a Micro sim - I just went to the 3 shop in town where they kindly cut down the old sim card from my original note which now fits and works perfectly in the new Note 2 and they did not charge me anything - excellent service.

I am delighted that I have chosen to upgrade to the Note 2 - it is amazingly fast, big enough to be able to make use a joy - but not to big that it is unwieldy.

I would recommend this phone without hesitation.
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on 9 November 2012
What is the point in having a beautifully large screen if the text on it is tiny? Someone must have asked Samsung this.. Switch it on fresh from the box and the first question it asks in bold letters is: "Are you Visually impared or Hard of Hearing?" Absolutely FANTASTIC! Answered yes and it asks how big do you want the text.. Select HUGE and your phone will become your phone. SMS messages are large font, n need to put on your glasses. Icons are easy to see although they could have done a bit better with the home screen etc. All in all, if your looking at this phone because you have trouble seeing other smart phone devices, this is your answer.. I know, I am as blind as a bat and I am loving it! BIG THUMBS UP TO SAMSUNG, Their laser printers may not be all that but their Tablets, Phones and TV's Smash it!! They really are giving apple a run for their money..
Some other points too... Fluidic. WOW it is amazingly responive free from jitters and hangs. Launches apps FAST. Latest Android system on board, CLOUD support with Free Dropbox. You can also do that all share thing.
Camera?? One word, YES. Press the button to snap and it actually takes the photo immediately, not a few seconds later like some other phones do.
All in all, I rekon you should buy this!!
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on 28 June 2013
Ok you'll see three stars and think to yourselves, well it obviously not as good as all the hype....You'd be wrong, its a fantastic PHABLET and I love it!

The reason I've downgraded it is mine has now decided it wont plug it in, the little lightening bolt appears on the battery indicator and then.......bugger all happens, it just doesn't charge. Now I've definitely not mistreated the phone in any way, it's never been dropped, always had a cover on the screen, a nice flip case keeping it's sensual body covered and no matter how many times Candy Crush has left me with just 1 jelly square left, I've never been tempted to throw it once....yes I love it that much! In fact my wife has accused me of loving my phone more than spending time with her and well what could I say my dearest it's just that when I ask it a question it gives me the answer without tagging've still not fixed that squeaky stair

There are so many features I've not even started to use yet and I class myself as pretty tech savvy. I use this for business and the charge holds out well, I can normally get a full working day out of the phone before it needs a charge but it can go quicker if I am using it as a music player or Sat Nav. The camera is awesome in all but dark conditions with some amazing effects built in. Zooming is an issue though with the images becoming a little pixelated on full zoom. I used the camera feature on Safari this year and some of the resulting shots were almost as good as my wife's very expensive Digital SLR camera. The Sound recording produced clear and accurate reproductions of conversations and music with the video feature being great.

I just hope Amazon send me another real soon so I can get back to being wire free.

Highly recommended product just as long as I got the one duff one and the chaging issue isn't product wide.
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on 10 November 2012
I purchased the Samsung Galaxy note 2 to reduce the number of devices I carry around on a daily basis. Having to carry around a camera, 10 inch tablet and a phone sometimes seems to much.
I was considering waiting for the Ipad Mini or getting a Nexus 7 as an alternative and carrying a phone, but the main problem for me at the time was the limited storage space. I like to listen to music on the move and have a large collection. The Nexus with only 16gb at the time was too small (There is 32gb now). While the Ipad Mini I suspected before the release was going to be quite expensive for a 64gb model.

I have considered Music in cloud. but for me there have been situations such as on the underground where there is no reception, or in some areas where reception has been poor or very slow. (Maybe 4g will solve this, but for me its too expensive at the moment)

Then I saw the Galaxy Note 2. A phone that had all the features I needed in one device.
(I won't go into technical detail too much as other Amazon reviewers have already discussed them.) but here is a breakdown of what I think:

Things I liked:

1. The phone(or Phablet)has a large 5.5 inch screen, perfect for playing games,reading magazines and books. This was close enough for me to compromise in the smaller real screen estate of the note 2 compared to 7-8 inch tablets.
2. The ability to multitask. So you can look at the video and the browser at the same time or other functions.
3. The ability to draw and doodle to your hearts content with the S-Pen stylus.
4. The power to run various applications with no slow down and enough ram (2gb) to multitask without compromise to performance. Bench marks are all good. but in real time use. This Phablet is a powerhouse.
5. The ability to take decent photos with a range of affects which can be set to automatically upload to cloud.
6. The available micro SD slot for 64gb extra space for HD video and music.
7. Large removable battery. The battery from my daily use, normally lasts up to 1.75 days before I have to recharge it.
8. Dropbox (cloud) 50gb free for 2 years. I have a mixture of Microsoft, Apple and Android devices so the cross usage and extra space is great.
9. Not about the phone but Android has a good Eco-system with a range of applications.

Things I did not like:

1. The Phablet plastic build quality is solid, but the back cover is rather cheap. However, its easy to replace. For the price of this phone slightly higher grade materials could of been used.
2. Touch Wiz skin is a bit off putting. I prefer the standard Jellybean with no extra unnecessary things. On the other-hand Samsung did incorporate a few useful features such as S-note and multitasking in to off set this.
3. No LTE on this GT-N7100 version in the u.k (There is a N1705 with LTE but I'm not willing to pay for EE at the moment). I have decided I will probable upgrade my phone in a year. By then maybe 4G will be more cheaper and reasonable in its data usage then it is now.
4. The inability to uninstall certain applications like 'Galaxy choice' without rooting the phone.
5 The phone can take getting use to. Due to the range of options in the sub menus. I don't consider this personally as a disadvantage. However, those who have an adversity to technology should look else where.

So to conclude if you are in the market for a tablet of around 7 inches and fed up with carrying multiple devices. I highly recommend this as an alternative.
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on 3 January 2014
I waited a long time for the price to drop on the GN2 to replace my S3. I used an Amazon price tracker to make this task easy waiting for around £320 price to be hit (no need to buy second hand!) Although the new GN3 has been on the streets for a couple months and has improved specs, the GN2 is still great value and was last year's flagship phone on release and once GN3 price drops to around £300 - about a year after release, I may replace the GN2 as you can't keep up.

The GN2 has not disappointed 2 months on and I love the large screen, any iPhone screen now just seems too small. I was an Apple convert who has now switched firmly to Android. The phone updated before Xmas to 4.3 same time as my old S3 on Vodafone. I don't think as usual I am using all the phones features as intended and I do find some elements of the note feature when using the S Pen frustrating - accuracy. Overall the phone still fits in any of my pockets despite size concern and I have ditched my IPad as I use my phone for everything if not on the desktop. Battery life is very good and with all day use the phone easily lasts 24hrs before a charge is necessary.

Although not the latest phone it is still strong contender around the £300 bracket for your money and the performance is better than my previously very good S3.
Purchased quality Samsung OEM protective case at the same time at a great price also and looks great, fits perfect and the phone is sealed in with no lint or dirt creeping into the case checked after 2 months!

Price and performance of phone sells it's self , highly recommend to those who like me deliberate on their purchases before parting with their hard earned cash.
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