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on 3 September 2013
I bought this alarm from a different vendor but they're exactly the same product. It's loud enough for me to hear it upstairs in the front bedroom when my bike is locked up in the back. Considering that we have double glazing, that's quite impressive. The range on the key fob is about 15-20 meters but it does seem to vary as sometimes I need to be 5 meters from it, while other times I can activate it from the other side of the garden. It doesn't need a direct line of sight to work either; I can activate it through my closed back door, with the alarm under the seat of my scooter. I have literally just dropped the battery in and popped it under my seat. It hasn't been moved since.
In terms of sensitivity: My son (he's 3 years old, so hardly huge) sat on my scooter while we were having a bbq and it went off, but I have put my helmet on the seat before and it hasn't activated. If I take it off the center stand then it activates, while tipping it back upright from the side stand will also set it off, so all in all it will do the job.

The alarm sounds for about 20 seconds before "resetting". If the bike continues to move or is moved again, then of course it will go off again.

It's not perfect but it does the job perfectly well. It won't have any effect on your insurance but it is great for peace of mind. All in all, the £6 represents great value and I have ordered 3 more for my relatives who also ride.
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on 4 February 2015
Works very well and it's VERY loud. Would be good to be able to adjust the volume. Just don't forget to switch them off at a wedding
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on 4 September 2017
Amazing product for the price. Very reliable
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on 28 January 2015
But too sensative etc
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on 25 January 2014
very loud and very sensitive, cheaply made and once the battery is in you have a job getting it out as the plastic strains but can't grumble for a few quid, the fob is small and compact and sealed with battery in it so when the battery in that goes maybe it's time to purchase another or do as I always do with cheap stuff and bodge it!! love the loudness and remote feature very responsive, extremely sensitive if you park your vehicle on a windy road then unless you enjoy annoying your neighbours I would not advise this product as the slightest wobble sets it off, but perfect if your bike or scoot is parked in your yard or back garden as soon as it is nudged the alarm yells out great for me I would advise a disc lock too it sounds an alarm but does not immobilise your asset and will not bring your insurance down for just being an alarm

EDITED>>>just fitted one of these in my saddle bag on my road bike, yea that's right I liked it that much I fitted one to a push bike, slightest movement and off goes the siren scare the kids at first when thye went in the shed to get their things out and slightly knocked my cycle great product works perfectly
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on 14 August 2014
As per previous reviews this is not really intended for a motorcycle etc. It quite clear shows on the packaging that this is an internal door alarm. It even has an eye hole on the back so you can mount it on a screw. I bought this as a little extra security for a Land Rover and it is useless. With it hidden in the rear passenger area I can shake the car violently without setting the alarm off.

Once the battery is installed (not included) the magnet is of little use as it cannot overcome the weight of the whole unit.

With regard to the battery: The pictures on Amazon show a battery and the included items list details a battery too. However no battery is supplied. I contacted the seller and on first response they told me "it was built in". It isn't. There is slide off battery cover on the rear of the unit and even my minimal electrical skills told me that the cupboard was bare. Contacted the seller again and they agreed to refund me £2 to buy a battery locally. Not sure if I'll ever see that but what can you do.
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on 20 April 2014
This alarm is Brilliant, I got it for my mobility scooter. Only I must remember to set it once I've actually got off the thing. It works brilliant anyway. So I purchased one for my wheelchair too. Same thing Iv'e got to remember to set it when I'm not still sitting in it. I most definitely recommend.
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on 12 October 2013
I just love this Alarm , magnet fits it neatly under the seat,
and when it goes off makes a decent racket
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on 22 March 2014
My first problem was putting the battery in. It was a very tight fit and I felt I should reposition one of the wires to prevent it getting trapped under the contacts. I considered it essential to put a strip of fabric under the battery as a means of pulling it out, because without such a measure the very tight fitting battery would be almost impossible to remove!
The unit works very well and is simple and practical to use. You switch it on using its main on/off switch and it beeps to acknowledge this. You can shake it all about without the alarm going off at this stage, so position it on your equipment. The little keychain remote seems robust and it has a good range. I tried it up to about 10m but it could be more. The range is not important anyway for arming the alarm, but such good range might be useful for turning it off in the case of a false alarm.
The alarm responds to vibrations and not to very slow rotation. Sensitivity seems quite high and works in any orientation. It is probably about right for a motorbike and should not go off due to wind, only to actual movement of the bike.
Attaching to the motorbike needs consideration. Hmmm... a powerful magnet for attachment? There IS a magnet on it, yes, and it is enough to attach to a flat frige door, but not securely. It is unlikely to work well and you need to fix it in place in some other way. Adhesive tape would probably work OK. It also needs to be in a place where the sound will not be impeded too much. Putting it out of sight is advisable to prevent the thief from turning it off, but (I just tried this), attempting to turn off the unit when armed will itself set off the alarm for about 1 second. A good feature!. It is about the same time as it would take them to rip it off and throw it over a wall.
How loud is it? There have been different opinions of that. The sound is a high pitched warbling scream and sounds like an alarm. If the unit is placed where sound is not impeded, it should be loud enough, and the main thing is, it just needs to scare the thieves away. I think the ability of the thieves to silence it is of greater concern.
Battery life? I dont know if it consumes any power when switched off on the main box. I hope this would be very little. It is something to consider.

It is very good value for money, intelligently designed and practical. I would have preferred to pay a bit more for the same electronics in a stronger case.
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on 17 May 2013
Product is great value for money. Key fob is very plasticy and feels like it will break soon. Alarm is very sensitive, a little chunky; which is fine. But the let down is that its just not loud enough.
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