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on 4 December 2017
I've had this mouse for over 4 years now (5 years on Christmas day) and honestly I had no idea the price of this mouse as it was a present given to me and up until now I was sure that it was some expensive gaming mouse but it's really not, affordable and reliable. It's durable as I've dropped it so many times, light & fast and it's also very comfortable for my hand. (I've got small-ish hands but it would be perfect for someone with bigger hands too. The buttons on the left side are very nicely placed and are easy to press when in game, I use them for voice activation etc and the cursor speed buttons are very nice too.

I've had no problems with this mouse at all, it's been perfect and only within the last few months maybe from mid August this year the scroll wheel has moved slightly and is kinda hard to press in but at the right angle I can press it, but after nearly 5 years of usage what can you expect? It's done very well, pros to it.

For the price range it's perfect for new or old gamers, I'm looking into buying the GIGABYTE M6980X as an upgrade and to fix the scroll wheel problem and also because I hate the colour red and the M6980X offers me different colours >.<

I highly recommend this mouse!!
Please excuse how dirty the mouse is, I tried to clean it before taking the photos :)
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on 21 October 2016
The best mouse I have had in 20 year of computer use. I bought this mouse mainly for gaming and general use 5 years ago, I have abused this mouse and once dropped and entire cub of coffe with plenty of sugar and even though most of the buttons stayed sticky for over a year the mouse performed flawlessly for over 5 years after that. I have tried so many mouses over the years expensive and not so expensive but this have always been my all time favorite everything about this mouse is simply perfect, it has the perfect weight, no need for those mouses with adding weights like who need a heavy mouse, is more work! The buttons are layout in the best possible way, the shape and grip of the body is just great and even though it has 5 years of daily use all the rubber grip is still there! And the best feature is the (4D Tilt-wheel) is a 5 buttons wheel! Scroll up and down, click left and right and press which makes your internet browsing effortless and more fast access weapons for your gaming.
Today my wheel buttons stopped working, it still scroll up and down though.. Been looking at many mouses just in case there is something even better nowadays but again I saw lots of expensive gizmos out there but nothing as well though, simple and effective in terms of not having too many buttons in weird places to add more but having the basic buttons of a normal mouse that do more, like again the 4d tilt wheel..
So I've just ordered another one :)
PS. Cant believe it has 49 bad reviews with 1 star :O
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on 4 March 2012
I bought this mouse as I thought it's hard to go wrong with a mouse for £8 and that has "Gaming" in it's name... but it turns out you get what you pay for.

The mouse is a good weight, and has nice rubber grips where your thumb and little finger go. The buttons have a nice click to them and are very responsive and the scroll wheel has a nice notched feel to it when you scroll. However the actual sensor and DPI settings are a little disappointing. It is impossible to use this mouse in the 1600dpi mode when playing games as firstly, the mouse doesn't track properly when moving it faster than a standard speed, resulting in moving the mouse but nothing actually happening on the screen. Secondly it feels like the 1600dpi mode is merely a 800dpi reading being doubled by an onboard processor before being sent to the PC, as when in 1600dpi the pointer jolts about when moving the mouse slowly. If you need to do precise movements like lining up that long range headshot or doing something fiddly in photoshop you'll have to be in 800dpi mode as you'll be overshooting your target all the time in 1600dpi. In short you can only move 2-4 pixels MINIMUM at a time in 1600dpi mode. But 800dpi mode doesn't have this problem. In 800dpi the mouse still can't cope when moving it really quickly, but it's only when you move it REALLY quickly, still, don't expect to be doing any flick shots with this mouse. Finally the mouse feet are very grippy as they're made of cheap, hard plastic, although how the mouse slides also depends on your mouse surface.

This is a plug and play mouse so you don't need to install any drivers. Just the mouse comes in the box.

Nice buttons (also includes side buttons).
Easy to hold.

Only worth using in 800dpi mode.
Mouse feet very cheap (quite grippy).
Optical sensor can't handle fast movement.

I'd spend the extra £2 and go for the laser model (M6880) if you want higher than 800dpi. I haven't tried it but hopefully it has a better sensor that is truly 1600dpi. UPDATE/EDIT: Since writing this review I have bought and received the M6880 (laser version of this mouse) and I have to say WOW! THe sensor is A LOT better than the one in this optical mouse. I can highly recommend spending that little bit extra for the M6880, honestly, I cannot fault that mouse. Best £10 I've ever spent on a piece of PC equipment.

Mouse settings:
6/11 (windows default).
Enhance pointer precision OFF (no mouse acceleration).
Cheese's mouse fix (120hz).
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on 18 June 2016
Just recevied this mouse. Purchased after reading many reviews. My purchase was influenced on both reviews and price band, I refuse to pay silly money for a gaming mouse.
Firstly, The packaging is fine, mouse displayed clearly within the box. Cable is long enough, a lot of mice nowadays seem to be directed at Laptop users and therefore cables are getting shorter, this one is long enough to go from my right handed position, across my desk and to my base unit on my left. So, thumbs up for that. However, if my base unit was on the floor, it would be too short.
Next, plugged into USB socket and yes, it works out of the box. Not great, but working. Tracking was slow which made me wonder if there was something wrong. Anyway downloaded software from Gigabyte website and was able to adjust the DPi easily and now working a lot better. Just clicking the buttons to adjust DPi on the mouse prior to installing the software did not seem to have any effect. Download too only a second, so was not a great annoyance.
Built quality is acceptable, the rubber grips on each size are fine, the click buttons feel sturdy and responsive and the centre scroll wheel is nice, particularly with the forward/back scroll and the left/right tilt function. I don't get why people are negative about 'plastic' builds, I have not get owned a mouse that wasn't plastic and this feels no worse than any other I have owned. Manufacturer states it is good for 5 million clicks in it's expected lifespan, sounds a lot doesn't it? I have to say I would think this is below average for a gaming mouse, gamers click a lot and that 5 mill runs up faster that you think. I think it's likely to have longevity issues.
Now to usage: as stated only just got this and have used it for literally 5 minutes, but already I am finding it not especially comfortable to use and the reason why is common amongst all 'gaming mouse' manufacturers. It's large! Too large for me. Manufacturers seem to assume that all gamers are men and build their gaming mice for male hands. Heads up Gigabyte, women game too and even a 15% reduction in physical size would make this mouse more comfortable for women and still fine for men.
My husband tried it on his PC and thinks it's perfect - he has large hands and chunky fingers, so that really says it all.
I will be keeping this mouse and the only reason is that my rural location means I cannot just pop to the shops and buy a replacement for my now dead existing mouse, which lasted 6 years. RIP mickey.
I hope I will get used to it's size, if not will swap with my husband for his marginally smaller one.
If you are a male gamer on a budget, I'm sure you will love this. For us ladies it's a little unwieldy.
UPDATE: Gave up on this mouse and purchased a SteelSeries Rival 100.
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on 1 June 2017
It's a mouse, a pretty cheap mouse and that's fine, that's why I bought it. But... being a mouse, one of a mouse's key attributes is the flatness of its bottom, if you're a mouse, going to mouse school and learning how to point and be clicked, going to university and learn how to down lots of vodka and not let your mousey pointer jitter then when you graduate and get out in the real world, I'd hope you the mousey mouse still had a flat bottom.

This didn't have a flat bottom.

I can't say it enough, it fails on a basic premise. Its bottom is not flat.

It's a warped mouse.

It is the Itchy of the real world waiting for a deranged Scratchy to go out into the back garden and juggle chainsaws. For all I know it was a chainsaw accident that caused the lack of bottom flatness in this mouse. I didn't hear about a great bottom chainsaw massacre though.

How can I be expected to point at things with any precision if when I press down, the non-flat bottom causes a rocking movement over the surface and thus the pointer to move?

Mice weren't like this in my day, when I was at university they took pride in their bottoms. They finished their education and provided many a year of targeted, glidy, smooth, flat pleasure.

Sure, if you want a talking point at a party, pull out your rickety mouse and show your friends, amaze them with the way it staggers across your desk like it's found the beer but not the sandpaper... but if you want a nice cheap, pointy thing that works, try another mouse!
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on 7 January 2015
It's a great little buy for those looking to upgrade their mouse and be more serious about their gaming.

I have slightly larger than average sized hands, so this mouse fitted comfortably when I palmed it, but my index and middle fingers overhang slightly, but that can be easily readjusted.
The mouse's blue light works perfectly on my desk, adding to the keyboard I own, the Razer Marauder with it set to Blue, albeit the keyboard's casing is silver, whereas this mouse is black.

I personally configure my mouse so that it is 800 - 400 - 800 dpi, as I find that I only need to use 400 dpi when sniping. I find there is no need to use a higher dpi as I have plenty of desk space to allow me to move the mouse across a great length in order to aim.

that's where my only gripe about this mouse falls; the switch itself is really tedious to get at, especially in situations where you are keeping your eyes glued to your sniper scope, then have to quickly rotate the camera around to see what's attacking you from behind.

The mouse's software DOES NOT allow you to remap the dpi switch to the two thumb buttons on the left side of the mouse, which is rather unfortunate, as a 'sniper' button would be found here commonly.
IF the 'on the fly' dpi switch functioned left to right, rather than up and down, AND had the ability to cycle without the stop, then we'd have a winner, for me at least.

Overall, it's a great mouse, it feels very nice, if they decide to make an M8, (not the phone), then this gripe would be eliminated.
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on 28 June 2013
Caution, this mouse wont work on all surfaces. You will need to have suitable fabric mouse mat for it to work at its best. Search for the the Gigabyte M6980, which is nearly identical to this mouse, but includes a laser sensor, which will work on all surfaces.

Other than that, it comes in a nice portable case so you can take it around with you, feels decent in the hand and is a solid choice for the money. You can change the DPI to change the mouse acceleration. Not the nicest mouse, but it'll get the job done if your on a budget.
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on 19 September 2017
When I bought the product I thought it gonna be a GAMING mouse (not at all).

Few year ago i bought Gigabyte GM-M6980X and I was very happy with it. Laser mouse + macro profile called Ghost make the GM-M6980X very good mouse for games etc. it stop respond on Click (heavy used 6 years) So now i got M8000XV2 and I was very happy from the Style and functioning. The most annoying part is the Left and Right Mouse Button sometime stick to the body of the mouse (it give you the feel is it sticking) when you Hold Button for example and it take "a few" (or 1) seconds before the Button back to the normal position.
From my point of view Buttons are shifting when you press them we bit harder and that give me no chance to Hold and Click same button quickly.
The texture of the buttons give you feeling like by holding rubber and using after while it give feeling that you fingers just stick to the button.

Overall the mouse is not bad. Ghost Software is "the same" and easy to use. But this can be replace now by Mouse Recorder for example.
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on 25 January 2016
Bought 8 Feb 2013
No wear and tear on the feet and the click sensation on all buttons has remained the same since the day i opened the box. Heavy PC user, this mouse has been used for design projects, day to day use and gaming (about 10-12 hrs a day for nearly 3 years) FPS/MOBA/MMORPG/Adventures mostly.

The only possible complaint is when bios is set to load from usb, gaming peripherals with memory may confuse your computer -you have to unplug it then replug after you get to desktop. Ive seen this happen with other peripherals as well so its no biggie. Won't be a problem if you change boot order to ignore USBs

Fairly light in comparison to some of the other gaming mice (deathadder, logitechs) which is perfect for my handling style. I hold this mouse in claw grip, with minimal contact on my thumb and ring fingers -the rubber does its job keeping it under control. Would be perfect in palm grip as well though those with bigger hands who want a pinkie rest will find it will only support your ring finger.

Thumb buttons are nice enough, depending on your grip you may not be able to reach the nearest thumb button though being able to macro the wheel [up, down, left scroll click, right scroll click, click wheel in] solves that issue. I can reach both buttons with my thumb as I hold the mouse further back than 'normal'.

GHOST macro/reprogramming software works fine, nice little freebie if you dont have your own software. No lag or hassle unlike some of the higher end competitors, very lightweight program when run as well. Adjustable DPI (set 3 dpis, then alternate with the dpi switch), scroll wheel speed, macros to be saved on 3 profiles (triggered by the ghost logo switch). Hard to accidentally trigger unless you are punching your mouse.

Quite a few colors to choose from, and an 'off' setting for more subtle people... Cord is standard -doesnt really snag (don't blame being terrible at games on your mouse wire snagging come on), USB connector is a nice logo'd affair, very easy to pull out and fits securely.

Would rate 420/8
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on 3 December 2017
Works ok, does the job, but it's only for small hands. Also have no way of knowing which Dpi setting it's on - 800 or 1600. Also mouse comes with NO drivers, and having searched the gigabyte support website fully, it is clear there are no drivers for download. (You can select the mouse in the support page, but it will always direct you to the product description page where there are no drivers for download. I tried 8 other sites (3rd party) for drivers, but they are all scammers which say their drivers is for M6800 and windows 7, but when you download the file and check the properties of the installer, it is actually a driver for the old PS2 mouse dated year 2000 and designed for Windows 95 or windows 2k. Windows 7 didn't even exist 18 years ago, so the drivers is hopeless.
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