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on 17 January 2015
I've just set this up and its wonderful. For gamers or simply for web surfers this is great. It has everything. Lets go through it.

Picture Quality

Very nice indeed. Fired up Skyrim and its looks beautiful. Bright white pages like this one can be a bit much but the easy to navigate menu's make this easy to adjust. Only tiny criticism I can level against that is the buttons are not brightly labeled. You'll need to lean forward a bit to see what they do.

The Stand

Perhaps one of the best features. Even though its not height adjustable, that doesn't matter. The screen is raised higher than on many other monitors/TV's. You can also tilt it either forward or backwards compensating for the lack of a height adjustment feature. No more looking down at an uncomfortable angle for me! I can hit the desk on purpose and it doesn't wobble. Its doesn't wobble when using the menu buttons either. Very sturdy.


Far too quiet. It's not good enough for a serious gamer or movie buff. I'm not marking this down as many monitors these days come with rubbish speakers. Its pretty normal for these to be sub par. I use a proper set of speakers like any gamer should. So for me and many others this is a non issue.


Comes with one VGA, DVI and HDMI ports. It also comes with cables for all of these except for HDMI (doh!). I'm not marking that down, as again that's normal with monitors. Its also comes with both a UK and two pin plug.


Overall this is great for the price. The build quality feels nice. None of the minor cons are worth deducting a star for. Speaking of which the bezel is that 'dust and fingerprint magnet' glossy finish. However its another minor thing and from the looks of it the bezel maybe thin enough for a good multi monitor setup.
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on 12 May 2014
I will give this 5 stars, however, I do have a couple of niggles.

Firstly, as has already been mentioned, the sound is poor, even at maximum volume of 100, I can only assume that individual speakers may be much better, however, I have no room for such things and am not purchasing any just for this monitor.

Secondly, the menu icons at the bottom of the monitor for setting up and tweaking are extremely faint, I had to get a magnifying glass to see what they were when I unpacked the monitor out of the box, as it was impossible to read them even in broad daylight, and my eyesight isn't that bad. I was also a bit miffed that you can only set things up at arms length when the monitor was sat on a table, you have to fiddle with the buttons to obtain the best readings/settings, etc, then push the monitor away from you for a better ergonomical view, then pull it back towards you if you weren't happy and had to alter anything, I have it resting on a couple of big books as you can't alter the height of the stand, which is a bit of a palaver, I can tell ya......lol

Anyway, as to the monitor itself, it's top drawer, one of the best I've ever seen, the colours/lighting/various screen modes are superb, it's just like a brand new telly, vibrant and amazingly good at 21.5 inches widescreen, you can swivel the monitor up and down, very good for when you're lying on the sofa watching the football as the screen can be adjusted downwards by about 30 degrees, to enable you to see the picture clearly, so, well worth the money I purchased it for, another winner from Asus, at an affordable price, well done.
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on 13 March 2013
Really good sized screen, enables all the icons to be viewed in one go, easy on the eye, brilliant buy
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on 17 November 2012
The LED display is fantastic, bright all day long and perfect for just about nay task (the different viewing modes really help).

Comes with both a European and UK plug and a few cables.
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on 3 April 2014
I needed a monitor that could work in portrait mode, and already have a VE228 monitor that I am very happy with, so there was not really any competition for me.

It comes with all the cables needed, and has a built-in USB hub if you need it. It is easy to adjust up and down, and to pivot to portrait mode.
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on 29 October 2013
Good quality pictures on this LED backlit monitor, especially for the money. Would benefit from better speakers but not an issue if connected to a separate sound system as I have done. Outer packaging an issue, pot luck if no damage on arrival!
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on 16 February 2014
Nice and clear and crisp image,

Use this to play DayZ and Assassins Creed Black flag,

The screen was faultless until as mentioned I got 3 dead pixels just over the 30 day return period,

Mildly annoyed !
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on 30 June 2014
The low to mid range monitor market has become a mess. It's getting difficult to find a decent monitor at a decent price. After a previous Samsung monitor I owned had decided to stop sending power to the screen (common problem with Samsung LCD monitors caused by the very cheap Chinese capacitors on the power board exploding prematurely), I was in need of a monitor urgently. In my haste, and reading the reviews on here combined with the "award" this monitor was given, I ordered it. I was not expecting too much. But this is disappointing even for the price (£108.00 at time of purchase). The big problem is the very (and I mean very) uneven LED lighting. The edges of the screen are far too bright. Almost any colour at either edge of the screen has a high whitishness to it. It's particularly bad when viewing white pages (the majority of internet pages). It makes the middle of the screen look grey. Of course it's not grey, it's the shade it should be, but because the edges are so bright white it makes the middle of the screen look "wrong". If you look towards the extreme top right of the screen, you can actually see a set of LED lights peering out from beyond the bezel. That's poor. These "edges" that are being referred to are a good inch from either side of the screen. That's a lot on a 21.5 inch screen. The top and bottom edges are also uneven, but within an acceptable level. The other problem with this monitor is random stuck pixels. Every so often, a pixel will randomly get stuck on a certain colour at random areas of the screen. Giving said area a quick flick or tap gets rid of it, but it happens. Again, not good enough.
The pre-set colours are way out, but that happens with all monitors with the brightness and contrast set way too high. After adjusting, the picture quality itself is not too bad, about what you'd expect at this price, and perfectly fine for web browsing and general office work. But the lighting is just too poor and no amount of adjusting is going to solve that problem. The previous monitor that I had was much older. The picture on that wasn't perfect, but it was far better than this. It's just a shame that a low end monitor these days regardless of brand, really is bottom of the barrel low. Avoid it.
This did come with a surprising amount of cables. UK power, Euro power, VGA and DVI.
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on 7 March 2014
I ordered this monitor to both be a bigger screen on which to watch movies from my laptop and to play PS3 games on. While the visuals are excellent and crisp, the sound quality is terrible. It has this annoying tinny quality to it and is very low. Luckily there are ports for external speakers and I had a spare set at home so the problem is solved now but for those buying expecting excellent audio, please be aware of this. If you have external speakers available to you and have no problem dedicating their use to this, then this is an excellent monitor.
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on 4 June 2014
I have ordered this monitor for the sole purpose for playing game with my PS3. It had arrived well packaged and with some cables but you have to buy a separate HDMI cable since it's not included in the package.

You have to set up the monitor and changed the input settings to HDMI. Since I don't have a CPU, I just used HDMI cable to connect it through my laptop. I was actually having trouble setting up the Monitor because I fiddle around and tried using HDMI to DVI adapter and tried putting it into DVI Setting but honestly that is just messing around. Some youtube tutorials suggest using HDMI to DVI adapter but I just find this quite troublesome. I just find this technique didn't work for me.Just use the HDMI Cable as input setting on your monitor by using your laptop then make sure your PS3 is set to as HDMI also. This is the most important setting!! Or else you will be frustrated why the monitor does not correspond!

And after messing about, I finally able to get the monitor to play with PS3. You can used the Monitor and PS3 alone even you don't have CPU, as long you have laptop to set the settings for the monitor that's fine.

I am just happy and impressed with the monitor. I hope this helps.
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