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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 November 2012
I've appreciated the open-minded approach that David has towards the crossover side of his career, here it does the trick again with pop-rock-folk-classical revisited: so you can go from a sort of Bond mixed with Zeppelin all the way through Celtic kind of fiddling (for the 1st time), ending up with Beethoven.
He manages to do it with the right taste, using different arrangments & personal mash-ups: I do hope that for the future he'll manage to get the rights to play for inst. the cinematic scores he likes & more, because I'm always curious to hear his interpretation (& naturally I've enjoyed also his own compositions, let's hope to have some more for the future then, because this time he's done just covers).

I think with this cd, where there's a bit for everyone's tastes, he'll get even more fans. I've liked that, as with his previous cds (apart Rock Symphonies), he's written down in the booklet the genesis of every track on the album, both in English & German (as he's used to explain in lenght on interviews); it's an useful overview to those not familiar with the songs & makes it a more personal work indeed.
Last but not least, he'll make his debut next year as the virtuoso Paganini, in a film dedicated to his legend: he's also played the musical parts so, even if David isn't an actor it'll be interesting to watch it regardless.

-Tracklist (standard edition):

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on 9 January 2013
yes I like it .only wish the DVD had more of hem playing what ever he plays.he is just joy to watch just as joy to listen.I sew his rock symphony show in ny . in Feb of 2012,the time his g string broked(it's on youtube),the CD has all the prices he playedand very happy to have been there.can not wait for his next us tour.I always read the liner notes ,for me it's very educational and understanding of his muse and feelings he has for every piece he plays and l like that.I would give 5 stars if it had more on dvd.
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on 4 September 2013
With endlessly exhilarating beautiful "Music", Garrett continues to set new benchmarks for musicality, virtuosity and versatility.

1. Viva La Vida
A sunny, uplifting track. The violin indulges listeners with beautiful layering of solo violin parts, and the confluence erupts into string orchestra; male Rock backup vocals enter to add excitement, and the motivational music concludes with a beautiful coda on high strings.

2. Cry Me A River
A gypsy-flavoured virtuoso rendition of the famous break-up song. The violin executes sweet revenge with wistful glissando, sensuous double-stop slides and passive-aggressive pizzicato.

3. Beethoven - Scherzo
A high-drama Rock version of Scherzo from Beethoven's ninth symphony. With an opening orchestra blast, the charismatic violin leads the Scherzo theme with masculine martelé while sustaining a strangely exciting bass drone as the string-heavy orchestra bulldozes ahead in grand splendour.

4. Human Nature
An easy, breezy cover version of Michael Jackson's pop hit with good-natured humour, played mostly with lighthearted pizzicato to connect with the imaginative, playful child within.

5. Tico Tico
A rhythmical fusion of European classical and Brazilian party music featuring two-handed pizzicato strings following Piazzolla-style tango phrasing (on the violin; Brazilians enjoy tango music too).

6. Chopin - Nocturne
A devastatingly beautiful melody. The violin is in a delicate poetic mood, conveying a gripping sense of longing and lush melancholic sentiments through long-breathed Bellini bel canto line with trills and soaring intensity.

7. Whole Lotta Bond
James Bond can be surprisingly compatible with Whole Lotta Love, whose Baroque pop tune fuses with iconic Bond motifs (vicious, suggestive, sexy and dangerous) starting with the instantly recognizable "007" theme through to a climatic finale. The ingenious hybrid sounds like the cinematic theme of an exciting composite character: dandy Bond.

8. Clementi - Sonatina
The classical music melody of "A Groovy Kind of Love" is too romantic for words.
The heart-tugging violin sings sweetly in a honeyed tone with ravishing rubato all the way to the long drawn-out pianissimo ending.

9. Sandstorm
Epic cinematic orchestration and electronic musical instrument sound effects build a sweeping desert scene: golden desert sun, shimmering mirage, endless sand dunes and swirling cyclones. Circular violin riffs (ricochet) conjure up images of Arab horses galloping across wide open space shrouded in sun-lit dust cloud, leaving behind the whirling desert wind.

10. Music
A beautifully unpredictable musical saga in 5 sections: (1) a sweet Prelude, interrupted by the exhilarating crescendo engine sound of a sport motorcycle accelerating to top speed (in seconds); (2) uptempo Baroque rock in the spirit of youthful rebellion; (3) intense, mysterious violin tune spirals upward to an ardent transition cue; (4) rhythmic romantic adventure music brimming with confident energy; and (5) a grand romantic version of the Prelude; the sweeping cinematic score crosses over to classical music.

11. Sabre Dance
Hilarious, rhythm-driven, mock-sinister ethnic dance music. The excitable violin and hyperactive string ensemble quickly march ahead eager for adventure.

12. Bach - Double Harpsichord Concerto
The velvety-tone violin plays a beautiful lyrical melody, accompanied by gentle classical guitar and serene piano with a moderate harmonic rhythm, filling the air with warmth and the deepest feelings of humanity.

13. We Will Rock You
An extravagant operatic version incorporating elements of Vivaldi's Four Seasons (e.g. dissonant chattering strings, fast arpeggios) and Paganini's Caprices (e.g. ricochet, fast string crossings). The violin's rapid-fire virtuoso snippets are insanely addictive.

14. Celtic Rondo
A happy, snappy step-dance tune in Scottish music idioms with accented rhythms. The syncopated ringing violin is stately playful.

15. Ode To Joy
Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" with a rock and roll edge, alternating between gloriously blasting high flying chorus and beautiful regal string-orchestra with a lilting Scottish accent, extolling the amazing human spirit espousing diversity and solidarity.

16. Misirlou
Majestic and menacing, the highly stylised Pulp Fiction theme features sinister downward-spiraling clusters, exotic scales and superfast tremolos.

17. Desperado
An intimate jazzy melody. Startlingly the violin sings in a sweet sobbing human voice (tear-choked rubato, restrained vibrato) with slow-burning intensity, as the emotionally vivid soaring lines repeatedly hit new high, provoking a desperate longing for the unattainable beloved heartthrob.

18. Welcome to the Jungle
High-octane orchestra accompanies the wild violin ecstatically imitating a high-pitch rock singer screaming through everything in a riot of tone colours, mellowing only briefly with an edgy romantic phrase.

Music videos including additional tracks from Garrett, one of the most thrilling, versatile violinists.

1. Booklet: enjoy Garrett's wonderful track by track introduction;
2. The Art of Understated Sensuality: photographic portraits of Garrett (booklet/packaging design).
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on 21 November 2012
I received my 'Music' C.D. this morning. It is fantastic and have not stopped playing it. Every track has a different meaning. This young man lives and breathes his music. He makes the violin talk. Amazing and fantastic.
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on 5 June 2014
I adore this Cd. Every morning I hear the theme "Viva la vida" to brighte my day. This is a Cd for those who love to dance and most importantly love to live.
David, thank you for your fantastic work.
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on 2 February 2013
David Garrett-
amazing and brilliant musician who will captivate an audience of any age and musical preference. Handsome too.
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on 19 February 2013
Another David Garrett joy to listen to! He seems to get better and better. I prefer his interpretation of rock music rather than film scores, but this is a classy album.
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on 18 March 2014
He is a real virtuoso of the violin and the cd contains a wonderful collection of (rather modern) pieces of music. I just can't stop listening to it!
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on 28 August 2013
A wonderful varied selection of music what talent ! would recomend this c.d as a gift or just for ones own personal pleasure
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on 19 June 2014
What a talent , even if you are not into classical ,this guy brings new life to it , it won't go stale , very good .
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