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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2012
Ive waited till now to write a review for this cd,as I wanted to give it a fair chance.Its so different from Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful,that I didnt quite know what to make of it.I was instantly struck by 30 Minute Love Affair and When Youre Gone,but the rest of the tracks didnt resonate with me,at least not first time around.Ive listened to it half a dozen time now,and its taken until now for me to get into it,and Im so glad I didnt judge it on that initial listen,because there is a lot on offer here.Paloma's voice is as rich and strong ever,and really does suit the soaring lyrics on most of the songs,and really does them justice.Where the first album grabbed you instantly,this ones grip is more subtle,the music wraps itself around more slowly.But the end result,in my oppinion,is just as good,but in a very different way.

I can see where some who loved Do You Want The Truth may not ever get into Fall To Grace,and I can even understand why,there is a big difference between them.Just dont be too hasty to judge,give it a chance and give it time,Im so glad I did.If you dont like it then,fair enough,it would be a boring world if we all like the same thing.But give its charms and magic chance to fully work.
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on 6 June 2012
Well I was extremely excited to hear Pamola was coming back with new studio material after 2 years. Intently listening to the album for the first time it was clear Faith was eager to show she was growing as a songwriter and lyricist and her head was in a very different place to her debut offering. Although every bit as dramatic as her first record, Fall To Grace takes on a more serious overall atmosphere and songs a darker tone.
Straight away the songs collectively feel more mature and solid and Faith seems to have crossed over in having more in common nowadays with Adele than Amy Winehouse, with standout tracks Picking Up The Pieces, Black & Blue & When You're Gone sounding like songs that have been left off Adele's 21.
30 Minute Love Affair is instantly catchy and songs like Agony & Let Your Love Walk In will go down as exceptional pop tunes of the decade.
Although Do You Want The Truth....? had a lighter feel, this collection of songs has more substance and will stand the test of time and an album I think I will come back and back to for years to come.
Congratulations Paloma! Well done
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on 16 September 2012
When i first played the album i wasn't convinced it is different from her first album which i thought was breathtaking. But boy oh boy oh boy by the third run through i was completely in love with this album and i think it might even be better than the first!!!!!. The quality of her voice and the production of this album is excellent but you have to play it LOUD to really appreciate it. So wait till you get the car on your own and turn the volume up to max it will blow your mind!!If you like her first album i think you will love this album !!!
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on 2 June 2012
Back in 2010, Paloma Faith burst onto the scene. She released a joyful, playful debut album which spawned several top 20 singles (see my review). Now in 2012, I feel we are introduced to Faiths alter-ego, a more mature and thoughtful side. The opening single picking up the pieces is already in the top 10, but can we expect more successful singles?

Yes. This album is smart and sophisticated. Picking up the pieces is a tremendous opener o an album, full of grace and glamour. 30 minute love affair is more electro pop than what we are used to, but because it is Paloma, she pulls it off well. It is the same for Black & Blue. Then we come to one of the saddest songs I have heard. Just Be. This song sounds great live as well. From there on the quality gets a little worse, but it is only a matter of time before she finds her feet. I think that Agony or Freedom will be the next single.

All in all, don't listen to the bad reviews. This album will make you smile and cry at the same time. One of the albums of the year!
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on 31 May 2012
Having waited a few years for her follow-up album, you certainly won't be disappointed! It's a lot more cinematic and touching, and oh my word, it's beautiful! Voice of an angel, yet still quirky and individual - everything I love about her.
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on 1 June 2012
OK, we all know about "that difficult second album" syndrome and following up her stunning debut album was never going to be easy. So how has the hugely loveable and talented Ms Faith done? Well, Fall To Grace does have it's moments but generally I was disappointed that there seem to be so few songs of the quality of any on the first album and I found myself only reluctantly hitting the play button to listen to it for a second time.

That being said, I have persevered with the hope that it will grow on me but I found myself missing the bouncy fun element of songs like "Upside Down" (which to me typify Paloma's quirky and fun personality) or the class of songs like "Do you want the truth..." or "New York". Instead, I found these new songs lacking enthusiasm or great hooks. Lyrically, they were also a bit clunky in places and there seemed to be a move away from the maturity and class of the first album towards more pop/dance beats that left you feeling like you'd heard this all before (in some cases 20 years ago, like with the funky drummer beats on "Freedom"). It's ironic really as I think they may have been trying to update her sound to fit somewhere in today's "R&B lite" littered pop charts.

That being said, Paloma's voice is in fine form on this album and her vocals definitely seem to have moved up to a new level in terms of depth and range.

Lastly, I don't want to sound like this is a terrible album, because it really is not that bad. The second half of the album is better for me than the first half but it's just not something I can see myself keeping in my cd changer for the long haul. Maybe album 3 will be a "Phoenix to the Ashes" (I'll copywrite the title just in case...), who knows. :-)
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on 29 May 2012
I almost couldn't believe it when I put it in my CD player... and I'd been looking forward to it for so long! The vocals are the same - soulful and expressive and as magnificent as I'd expected, having adored her first album, but that's where the positive comparisons end. Oh, if only I could just get my hands on her production team... they must be the least imaginative bunch of sods imaginable, having managed to make PALOMA FAITH of all people, sound... if I'm honest, boring. The songs themselves, bar perhaps Let It Be and Picking Up the Pieces, tend to towards the horribly generic in every sense, with hideously lack-luster accompaniment and the most monotonous of drum beats. Even those two, which clearly show potential (listen to the acoustic versions of both), are let down with dragging, derivative backing tracks that mean I skipped through both on the second listen. It's as though someone has listened to her sing... and then purposefully found the most cliché method of production they could, with the minimal effort possible. I don't get it. Florence's latest album seems to have gone the same way, with the sparkle that drew us in being sapped by whoever's obviously attempting to pump them onto the chart scene. Urgh. I better stop now, since I'm running out of synonyms for 'dull', but I sincerely hope that Miss Faith rediscovers whatever it was which gave us the magic of her debue, and quickly. If there's any time the charts needed that same breath of fresh air, it's now.
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on 28 May 2012
My wife and I first saw Paloma on Jools Holland's 'Hootenanny' on Hogmanay 2010. We were really impressed with both her music and persona and so went to see her in Glasgow a few months later where she brought the house down!

As a result, her first album went with us wherever we went - it's a great 'car' cd! We've been looking forward to this second album but with a degree of trepidation since many a promising artist has fallen at this second hurdle.

The songs here are probably going to take a few more listens to absorb them into the sub-conscious but they do seem more 'grown up', perhaps lacking the immediacy of 'Do you want the truth...?' This seems to be borne out by the album's art work where the main picture in the booklet is a close up photo of Paloma looking quite forlorn!

'Picking up the pieces' looks to be the most commercial (indeed, she sang it on 'The Voice' recently) and looks to be the hook that'll get music lovers interested in the album.

I'm not going to do a critique of the other songs since we've only heard the album twice and it's too early to say what really resonates. Suffice to say, if you enjoyed Paloma Faith's first album you'll follow her on her journey with this one.
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on 14 June 2012
What a brilliant album. I like the first but I am truly impressed with this album. Far from being `the difficult second album' I would say Paloma has just arrived, and in style of course. This album has been on constant play and I keep finding more and more I love about it.

Keep at it kid, looking forward to the next one..... Oh, be sure to get the extra acoustic tracks / versions on the deluxe album - absolute magic.
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on 28 May 2012
Amazing album, full of cinematic feelings, concepts and beautiful lyrics. Paloma Faith Has made a supurb album that you really feel is personal to her, but is so open for everyone at the same time. 'Just Be' is the stand out song on this album, but all the songs are just so magical. I love the more mature and emotional feeling this album has against her first.
Fall To Grace will captivate me for years to come and Im so glad she has proven herself as a true artist.
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