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on 27 February 2015
This is a really large screen that was the perfect size for me. The screen is matt white on a thick dark fabric with a metal rod along the bottom of the screen to keep it in place. The quality of the projector screen appears to be very reasonable for the price I paid and the delivery cost was also very reasonable for the size and weight. Although this wasn't an amazon prime item the delivery was very quick, I am guessing but I believe it arrived the following day or the day after (this was purchased over two or so months and was sitting in its box waiting for install).

The screen can either be attached to the wall via two holes or it can be hung from the ceiling with it's two hooks. I opted to use the hooks and created a specific frame to hang it on as it is a very weighty item. The screen is controlled either by the attached control box or via the provided remote control which works on radio frequency (433hz I believe). Be warned, on first install there is a strong chemical smell which is probably from the paint used to apply the screen. This quickly dissapates though and after a day or two the smell was completely gone.

Used alongside a budget optoma 1080p HD141x projector, the picture quality against this screen appeared very good so no complaints there. There is no memory function on the screen, you have to manually stop the screen once you get to the right position. Whilst this is not a huge issue, those who want to be able to control the exact drop of the screen will have to get creative. The screen moves slowly both up and down so you could program a timed stop with a third party transmitter and get relatively accurate results. Because it moves slowly you will be able to easily make adjustments to the exact drop you require as well. The screen has a large black space at the top which will allow you to clear things like curtains quite easily or get it to the exact drop length you need (exactly my install that has the screen hidden behind a set of curtains with a trim at the top so you wouldn't even know it was there).

I haven't given this item 5 stars for two reasons. Firstly, I would have liked to have been able to set the stop point automatically with the control box. Secondly, the control box I received had an issue with the wiring being loose to the screen itself. Whilst I haven't had to rewire it yet, I suspect that it will be something I will have to do to ensure that the screen works reliably. This will probably be a quick 5 minute job, but it is annoying as you'd hope things like this would have been picked up in the factory prior to shipping. I was stuck with the screen down for a good couple of stressful hours until I figured out the fault. Should you end up with a faulty screen that will not retract it would be extremely difficult to detact and roll up the screen without damaging the painted surface. The ABIS support team responded to my query very quickly however and I was assured that as long as I didn't damage the unit when inspecting the control box my warranty would remain in tact. Having to ship something this size back is something you'd want to avoid at all costs!

Control box aside, this feels like a quality screen and at this price point you can't really go wrong. I doubt very much that you would be able to find anything better than this without having to really hit the bank. I suspect you could replace the control box with another third party box but this would almost certainly void your warranty, especially since the supplied controller does the job.

I am slightly torn whether to give this 4 or 5 stars. If it were a more expensive item, it would certainly drop a star or two, but it was such a bargain at the price point I paid that I had to give it top marks.
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on 29 November 2013
This screen is perfect for movie time at my house. I can push a button and it is out of the kids way. I always worried about having one of these but it is very durable and is exactly as described. It arrived punctually and did not take a long time to set up. The screen is the perfect size for my house and I don't think I would have gotten a better deal anywhere else.
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on 5 February 2014
One of the best features of this product is that you can see the movie from any angle. What's the point of having a spacious living room and plenty of places for people to sit when only the people sitting in the middle can see the thing? Also, using the remote control makes the thing even more convenient. To save energy, I can switch the whole contraption off without having to get off the couch when I'm dozing off. I'm thinking of sending this to my sister before summer holiday so that when we go over to her place we can watch family movies and such together. I love it!
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on 28 April 2015
For the price, you just can't beat this. It does smell a bit plastic-y for a couple of days, but you could say the same of any large piece of equipment really. What might be worth knowing (which isn't clear from the product description and wasn't mentioned in the instruction leaflet at all) is that you can adjust the stopping length, so that the screen automatically stops when it is at the required size after you've pressed 'down' or 'up' on the remote. On mine this was done by adjusting two coloured hex screws hidden just inside the slot that the screen comes out of. The reason I know this is because, one year on, I emailed ABIS on a whim and got a response incredibly quickly. I'm very impressed with both the product and ongoing support from the company.
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on 22 October 2013
I needed this for a garden party for some friends. The screen arrived promptly as promised.
It was well packed , and easy to fix. The screen was held taught to prevent swaying and this worked
Very well. The picture quality was very good and using my Epson TW 3200 projector gave sharp clear images
On HD. The only small criticism is that the mains lead could have been longer , but other than that
It's hard to fault at the price.
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on 18 September 2015
Very pleased with the screen however was a bit dissapointed when it arrived as there was a fold in the screen preventing one side from going up or down. Managed to fix it with very little hassle though
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on 17 May 2014
After a horrendously long wait to actually get it delivered the screen arrived damaged. However I didn't unpack or notice the damage until after the delivery claim date had passed. Since installation of the screen I have found to work inconsistently, i.e. not working as expected. ABIS are now trying to avoid honouring the warranty. Shoddy product, shoddy company. Avoid them!
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on 19 February 2015
exceelect product a little on the large but ideal!
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