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on 8 January 2013
I have had four momo8 tablets upto know. I have puchased each one for myself but, I have never managed to keep hold of them for long. Each time I get one a family member or friend will see it, love it and beg for it till I sell them it or give them it.

My latest one I had hold of for less than an hour, this now belongs to my daughter in law. Each time I have purchased from GTR.

I contacted GTR "Gary" before Christmas to request stock availablilty before placing an order and he came straight back in touch as usual. He is always helpful if problems occur and does his utmost to sort out the problem. This can be seen in the dicussion pages for this tablet.

There are other sellers and I am sure they are equally helpful and supportive however I can only comment on GTR.

I dont have a tablet at the moment but my experiences when I did have one was that this little tablet is just great.

Its very easy to use, it has lots of storage room (16gig) for music, books, vidoes, photos etc. I have watched movies on the screen and through on to the big tv all with no problems. If you need any extra room then you can just buy a 32gig card and slot it in.

The wifi can drop a bar now and again but, I have a 60mg connection and it never seems to bother the tablet for internet speed. I have sat in the garden (approx 10m away from the router) and only dropped two bars.

The battery life is between 4 - 6 hours depending on what I was doing.

Now and again it will freeze but give it a minute and it bounces back.

The onscreen keyboard is very responsive but, I found the screen to be a fingerprint magnet so I purchased a cover keyboard for each of my tablets.

I would recommend that you buy a Momo8 for anyone between the ages 6 - 100 who wants to use the internet, read emails, facebook, play music, etc but they dont want to use a desktop, laptop or try to do stuff on their phone screen.

P.s not buying another one just yet I am using my old crappy laptop that no one wants including me which is why i started buying the Momo8's in the first place. I just hate it when I can not seem to hang on to one of these great tablet for longer than a few weeks.

Cheers Joe
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on 14 November 2012
I purchased a Ployer Momo8 IPS after considerable research. We already had two tablets in the house an Archos and a "Chinese" variant. I am an Android fan and again have a mixture of HTC one X, Sony Experia T and two Samsung S2 shared amongst the four of us.
I was really pleased with the product general quality was as expected possibly better, was well packaged and didn't look out of place in the company of the above line up. Sadly I have had to return the item because of three reasons, the screen had a bright white patch, only really visible when the screen was white. Also it was very temperamental on start up about 50% of the time it would not boot, there was also evidence of light coming out from under the frame.
All the above issues have been highlighted by another purchaser in another review.
Gary at GTR electronics was great and tried to assist but was unable to solve the issue and promptly refunded.
Would I buy another? yes certainly it was almost perfect and was indeed great value for money - I would just deal with a UK company again in case of any issues.
Only downside was it cost £7.50 to return the item.
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on 31 October 2012
Bought mine from Big Tech....more on that later. This is my second momo8 as the first one I bought didn't have Bluetooth which I later decided was essential. So I bought the speed model and gave the other one to my girlfriend! I have to say I'm a mid level tech head, that is I regularly use emails, watch movies, play games and more. I was hesitant about buying a "cheap" tablet but honestly with android running seamlessly on this thing- I have to say this is well worth paying around £100 quid for. Obviously android means there are loads of apps from games to video players etc- using the MX player app I haven't found a video it won't play. So I'll stick to the actual tablet info as most people know android is very good. Bluetooth is great, connects to everything I've got...transmitters and receivers. WiFi is great-connection fab even when upstairs...yeah surfing the web whilst having an after work poo has never been so much fun! There's enough internal storage to get you started, but a class 10 micro SD is recommended. You can attach the tablet to anything with USB inc hard drives etc, it comes with a micro USB adapter and even has a mini HDMI port. When that's connected to the TV the picture quality is brilliant....I haven't tried connecting a Bluetooth mouse for remote control but if it works I'll update this review. The screen is very responsive and it's design is very sleek especially with the metal back. It's very thin and the 8" screen is great if you don't want something as big as a 10 incher (!) but you scoff at watching anything on a 7" screen. I really can't say much that's bad about this to be honest-the only thing I have found is getting accessories can be tough esp screen protectors and cases. Ebay does have some bits tho- more than amazon...eg stands/cases/keyboards. If you have any questions then write a comment I'll try and answer asap....really good tablet and very affordable.
Big tech were OK to deal with...my first momo speed had to be sent back as it kept crashing but they sent another within 2 days of getting my return. Getting the p and p returned seemed a bit of a hassle and I had to remind them at least 3 times....other than that they were fine.

Update...6 months down the line and I've just contacted the seller for a refund...this thing basically becomes live when you try and use it with the charger. It gets a life of it's own and refuses to work with the small hdmi to connect to the tv. It worked fine for a while but now it really is crap. Currently mine has stopped loading past the android start emblem...bag of arse!
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on 29 October 2012
I have a Momo8 which I purchased here at Amazon with icecream sandwich, I am mazed how resoponsive these little tablets are; but this new one I purchased for my fiancee puts mine to shame. It has a separate graphics mali 400 chip which alowws smooth playing of shadow gun, and divx, avi and vlc files. The battery life is very good, 6 hours non stop video; 4 days on standby.
It has a geat wifi range, not as good as a laptop but perfect in the house or a café. It feels is a good quality build; nice curves. Great speaker sounds, its not surrond sound but you dont struggle to hear anything.
If you want faults, I have a couple which are not to do with performance.
when the pad is connected to the mains it will not stay switched off; it boots up and goes into standby which is a power drain consequently it takes longer to charge. Over night mostly; which is not a problem unless you have fogotten to charge it and need it later that day; its not fully charged.
Another is a stange one, when on charge the screen/keyboard goes nuts, it types as if you have pressed 5 keys at once; i haven't tried to see if these faults occur when pugged in via the micro usb. I dont know if this is a software issue or an inteference issue with the jack socket. but I have my suspicion's as we bought this momo in replacement of my partners momo8 which broke down, it had the similar symptoms with the charge/inteferance and eventually when you took it off charge it would "bluescreen" and die then wouldn't come back on. I am not saying this is what will happen to this one but its similar in the begining.
If anyone can advise on either issue above please contact me thta would be fab.
Over all this is a brilliant tablet, I looked at my mates galaxy samsung galaxy tab which has the tegra graphix chip and on ordinary performance there was not any differnce. So ditch the laptop for work grab this and some apps you save 400% off Apple and you wont be dissapointed, any Blackberry, new style tomtom, or mini usb charger can charge this thing.
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on 1 September 2013
i bought this 2nd ployer for my wife as she was always pinching mine while we were away on holidays. i increased the memory to 48 gb as was cheap to do so. both still work fine and easy to down load games films and so on .battery lasts about 4 to 5 hours depending on what you use it for. only issue i have is the wifes charger blow up as she plugged it in while we were away in turkey last june,(ya she was fine) there cheap enough to replace but just be aware.it could be down to the electrics in turkey or could of just had a loose wire in the charger. but all in all great cheap tablet (bought mine over 2 years ago now and the wife's last year, both still work with no problems at all still rate this tablet and never had any issues with the wifi. great value)2014
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on 11 March 2013
Ordered from the specifications which seemed good, there was no mention that it was 'chinese'. Ordered 18th Feb., dispatched 19th, arrived 16 days later.
It came with a 2pin charger, no use for the U.K. even though the order was clearly from the U.K.
The screen was covered with 'chinese' icons and characters, tried to remove some of these and had to eventually do a 'factory' reset. It came back totally in chinese and it took ages of trial & error to find the setting that allowed me to choose English language.
It has chinese programs / icons that seem to be embedded so if you deinstall the o.s. fails.
Not happy, cannot charge up, cannot get ride of the 'chinese' bits, was not warned it was a long delivery, was not warned it would be in chinese.

Further review, things getting better. The supplier has made quick contact and arranged for a 3-pin charger to be sent immediately so I will accept the 2pin charger was sent in error. Removed the 'chinese' icons from the screen and downloaded the items I wanted so tablet now 'like' my previous one only faster and more up todate. Have moved from 3 to 4 star.
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on 24 April 2013

I have very limited knowledge when it comes to technology, but I did a lot of research before opting for the Ployer Momo8. Some tablets were 2 to 3 times more & are nowhere near the quality. The instructions provided are to say the least very sparce, several reviews said they could be downloaded easily but it took me ages to find it & thought it would have been helpful if someone had actually input that information on their review. (I intended doing this but I can no longer find the website, sorry). I based my purchase on the spec., reviews & the after sales help provided. I would strongly advise you purchase from a UK based company as my first tablet arrived with Chinese installed & although I contacted the company & they tried to be helpful there really was a breakdown with the language barrier, I thought the tablet was faulty & returned it, which was no problem, but after purchasing from GTR & getting some English intructions I realised the problem was probably me. As some reviews stated the wirless signal is poor in some rooms of the house but I have been told this is due to my router not the tablet. I need to contact my provider with regard to this.

As I will not get great use from a tablet & therefore could not justify paying too much I am more than happy with my purchase.

25/6/13 Having used my tablet for a few months now I realise the problems other reviews mention with regard to wifi connection (it's nothing to do with the router) this really is very poor about 4-5 meters, apparently Ployer are aware of the problem but that does not really help me at the moment.

19/08/13 The tablet stopped working completely soon after my last review, I have tried to sort out the problem with the seller GTR Electronic who are adamant there is no problem with the tablet despite it not connecting to wifi at all & they have not even examining it. BE WARNED these are direct quotes from the emails I have received from GTR :-

"The range of the Momo8 IPS is poorer than other tablets, so around 4 - 5m is definitely about right."

"The Momo8 IPS tablet has a WIFI range of approx 3 - 5 meters depending on router and surface acoustics within your property"

"- There is no legislation covering a minimum WIFI requirement for a Tablet PC device and no requirement to state this in any product description"

"The tablet you have is not faulty, it performs in line with all other Momo8 devices."

These quotes are all copied & pasted from emails I have received from GTR electronics.

Need I say more.
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on 5 January 2013
I am a user of a very popular, albeit expensive, brand of tablet, I'm sure you know the one! Don't think it's fair to name other brands in this review. It is a fruity brand though!!
I wanted a cheap, but good, tablet PC for my daughter as she is an absolute nightmare wanting to use mine all the time. I use my tablet for work and as such I have a lot of files on it I need to keep secure.
I read several reviews for tablets and decided that I wanted to spend around the £100 mark. As soon as I saw the specs for this machine I thought it would be ideal. I ordered it and whilst it was out of stock until the 4th I wasn't that concerned as I received confirmation it would be dispatched as soon as it arrived in stock.
So the review.....
It arrived on the 5th, which was amazing as I only received confirmation it had been received in stock on the 4th, it was dispatched on the 4th, so that is an immediate point winner for the seller, well done and thankyou.
I turned the tablet on and spent a couple of minutes familiarizing myself with the controls and icons, as I use another brand of tablet, this was different as it is a Google system and not the fruity one I am used to.
It is quick, and I mean really quick, I was amazed at the speed of the response this machine has, it really is quick, I never expect anything at the price point this is at to be that fast, but it is.
I played the video which is pre installed and the picture quality and screen speed is outstanding.
I installed some typical games, angry birds etc., and again it is fast and responsive.
Yes, as some reviewers have said, it isn't amazing with the Wi-Fi signal but it does work, it can take a little while to get it to connect but once it does it is fine. I live in a Victorian, proper brick walled house and most of my devices struggle with the Wi-Fi signal.
Connected it to the PC, really easy, the tablet tells you what to do so no messing about figuring how to connect to copy files. Copied some music from the PC to the tablet, played the tracks and again, it was quick, responsive and coped well.
I even managed to figure out how to minimise the video window and surf the web whilst the video was playing, and again no lag, slow down or problems were encountered.
So why four stars??? because of the Wi-Fi, it isn't brilliant but is adequate for what we need, it takes a while to connect, once it is connected it is very fast on downloading and web browsing, but the range isn't great.
In summary, for a little over £100 I am more than pleased with this device, it is outstanding for the money, the screen is amazing quality, the processor and graphics chips seem to handle anything I have thrown at it so far, it looks sleek and modern, it is relatively lightweight and also worth noting is the speed it charges, from a battery level of 8% to 100% took a little over 2hours, my branded 'fruity' tablet takes the best part of 12 hours.
If you want a good machine for very little money and can't afford the branded tablets then this is most definitely the tablet for you.

Cheers to the seller I am most impressed!!
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on 28 February 2013
I looked at this product for a long time and compared the reviews against other similar tablets and this one seemed to be the one to go for. I purchased this from hdfireflame on amazon.

This was for my Fiancee's birthday, as she kept stealing her sons tablet he got for xmas as she found it better and more convenient to use then her laptop.

I received the tablet and fully charged it and setup the wifi as reading the reviews this was the only area of concern that the wifi would be poor and drop out.

The wifi worked without a hitch to a BT hub and broadband. When my fiancee received this for her birthday we set it up on her talk talk broadband and router again with no problems what so ever.

The actual tablet is a good size and weight for prolonged use. The speed compared to other tablets I have seen and used is amazing especially for the price. The screen quality and definition is nothing but astounding cannot fault it at all. The only thing I can criticise is the sound quality but to be honest on a device this size I would expect it to be, once you plug in some half decent headphones the sound is very good and clear and stops you annoying anyone else. The battery life is reasonable and we find with the screen brightness at just over half which is plenty for most things the charge will last for the day with fairly often and prolonged use, just charging it overnight when not in use.

I have been an IT professional all my working life and Im seriously thinking of getting one of these in place of my netbook for internet and email access when away from my desk and of course the odd game and movie.

IMPORTANT UPDATE ** After 8 months hard use it only worked for half an hour before going flat. You could charge it for hours and it showed fully charged but as soon as the charger was unplugged you had 30 mins at most.

After alot of online searching I suspected the charging port had broken or faulty mounting on to the circuit board and not charging correctly.

Alot of tablets will charge using the micro usb port but not this one. This is not enabled on the Momo8 but is on some of their other models, I did find a Spanish site which showed how to enable usb charging. This envolves soldering a small wire from the pin 5 of the usb socket to a soldering point next to the the + part of the circuit board where the power supply socket is mounted. You must be confident soldering micro electronics to try this as a wrong slip or over heat you can brick the tablet. I took the view it was already useless so worth a try.

We now have a fully working tablet again it charges from the micro usb so we can use a htc phone charger or just plug it in to microusb lead from a pc and charges from empty to full in about 6 hours on pc and 3 hours on phone charger. The charge now last again for hours.
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on 7 November 2012
I was tempted to go for the Ipad mini but so glad I didn't and plumped for this from GTR Electronics (who were great by the way!). Great screen and all Chinese apps disabled off the bat (thx GTR!), The only issues I really had were with the battery and screen sleep of death! (Screen not turning back on after going to sleep). With the battery to advise I rooted the device and theres an APP called " Battery calibration" where you discharge totally then charge to 100% then run the app, thats really helped and battery life is great now (Over 6 hrs stated!).
With the SOD I finally found an app called "cpu wake" when on partial wake setting sorted by issue so now very happy !! For the money Amazing value & don't let those issues put you off as might have been down to an app I installed and believe more to do with the software & Jellybean than the hardware.
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