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on 28 July 2014
I purchased this Touchpad to try and save space on my desk, to work with a Windows 7 64bit PC. On opening the box the Setup Guide had clear, easy, instructions. There's no CD/DVD so you need to download the driver software from the Logitech support site. Before using the Touchpad I charged it via a USB3 port, it took about 3-4 hours to get a full charge. The Unifying Receiver and the Touchpad were recognised by Windows as soon as the receiver was plugged into a USB2 port.
The basic Click and Scroll gestures work well but it took a couple of days to master the right-click, and two weeks in I am still struggling to consistently get the click and drag gesture. This product could definitely benefit from a training tutorial that allows you to practise the gestures. I have marked this down to three stars as there are a couple of issues I still haven't found a solution for. Firstly, I have a two monitor setup, and when I try to click and drag a window between monitors my finger runs off the edge of the Touchpad before the window move is complete, often resulting in a window split across the monitors. Changing the mouse sensitivity to allow a drag in one attempt makes the fine mouse movements unworkable for the Photoshop work I do. So, I either have to do multiple click and drag gestures, or I've tried to do a convoluted "click, drag, start swipe with thumb just before finger gets to edge of Touchpad"! The other issue I have is that you cannot rest you fingers on the Touchpad (as this results in a unwanted click event) so I'm getting mild RSI from my hand hovering for extended periods over the pad. I intend to try a wrist support to see if that helps. Your fingers need to be very dry to get the best results, so I've found during a couple of recent hot days I need to dry the tips of my fingers regularly. On the upside the battery life seems very good so far; I leave the Touchpad on all the time and after two weeks the battery is still showing as more than half full.
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on 8 April 2013
I bought this touchpad after having upgraded my 5 year old desktop PC to Windows 8. First I would like to say that Windows 8 is finally a version of the operating system Microsoft can be proud of; better late than never! However, to make the most of Windows 8 requires a touch screen or a Windows 8 enabled touchpad such as this device from Logitech. Amazon dispatched the device in usual quick time and the install was an absolute doddle to perform.

I have now been using the touchpad for a couple of weeks and am very pleased with it. The 'gestures' for Win. 8 are very easy to pick up and become second nature very quickly. The Windows 8 experience is greatly enhanced and for the first time in many years I am actually enjoying the Windows experience to the point that my MacBook Pro has been relegated to second fiddle!

If you haven't used Windows 8 yet I would highly recommend the upgrade; this touchpad will make your experience even better unless you opt to go the whole hog and buy a full Windows 8 touchscreen device.
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When Windows 8 was released, I upgraded to it but on a PC initially sold with Windows 7 installed, but it did not provide a satisfying experience after installing the upgrade I purchased. The first attempts to use it lasted a few hours, installation time and the time needed to install the 50-plus drivers, utilities and other software supplied as an 'Essential Pack' by the manufacturer both included. I reverted to Windows 7 and tried again a few days later and again reverted. And that was it for about three months! It was clear to me that Windows 8 needed a touch interface that was more than the scroll and zoom offered by the otherwise excellent touch-pad on my high-end laptop.

I then was asked to provide support to a user who I discovered had recently purchased an all-in-one system with a touchscreen. Suddenly Windows 8 made some sense! It also reinforced the comments I had made much earlier that concluded that Windows 8 was somehow incomplete in the way that it was being sold as a package and implemented on most PCs that were then and are now available.

There are very few examples of touchscreen monitors and only a few laptops with a touchscreen, and most of those are essentially low-end and low-powered models best suited for web browsing and emailing or are ultrabooks with a price of a high-end model but far less computing power. To add insult to injury, although all laptops have a touch-pad, few support more than a couple of gestures and there is little evidence that matters are changing.

This makes the difference and supports all the gestures that should be supported by other devices but are not. Not everyone wants or needs a touchscreen and there are disadvantages in that your arms are not intended to be constantly or frequently extended forwards to reach the screen in front. We are all used to having a keyboard and mouse at arm's reach on the desktop and that is where this will also reside. It is small enough not to be a problem for space and large enough at around 5-inches square to be eminently usable. It also provides an additional left mouse button (press down on the front edge) and the right mouse function is replaced by a 'click' around the centre of the surface. As scroll is supported in all directions, you could dispense with the mouse and mouse mat and use this instead.

Using Logitech's Unifying receiver, it could be one of up to six devices that share a single receiver. It needs Logitech's Setpoint Driver which is no longer being provided on a CD (it was almost always 2-3 years and several versions out-of-date) but should be downloaded from their web site. If you have other Unifying devices, you may need to also obtain the Unifying driver from the same source. I would recommend that you always try to ensure that the very latest versions are installed.

It is a rather expensive add-on but there is a less featured and less capable alternative available from Logitech at around half of the price. But if you have a Windows 8 laptop or desktop and do not yet have a touch input device, I would strongly recommend this. You will quickly appreciate the difference it will make and perhaps gain more from your system. It goes a long way to make Windows 8 far more usable. The accompanying documentation explains some of its functions but could be improved if some of the language options were removed.
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on 15 July 2017
Was skeptical about this, because I've used quite a number of computer mice and related devices, but I think I suffer from Carpal Tunnel and none of them have been as good for me as this touchpad has. Now and again, I still get the tingling and other sensations that I experience when using such devices, but it's a lot more manageable. With some other devices I've used in the past, it gets to a point where it's just unbearable. I also like the fact that the Logitech T650 wireless touchpad is rechargeable.
To end, it's on the costly side, but it's been worth it so far. I hope I never drop it though because I'm scared that might affect the cool glass surface.
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on 18 January 2013
I am seriously impressed.

First off it looks great - a brushed metal square of goodness. All the win 9 touch screen functions work very easily and simply. Right click is an easy one click on the bottom right of the pad and charms, app switching is all easily done with the swipes. Scrolling is easy so it is joy to navigate the start screen the way Microsoft wanted you to!

Perhaps it is even better than a screen as you do not have to reach out, the pad is right near you hand.

Logitech have scored the highest they could for this product - perfect. No batteries is such a good feeling.
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on 3 June 2017
This device does exactly what it says here. I use the device on my home tower computer. The Touchpad operates the same as a laptop touchpad. I set my device to wake up from sleep the tower computer.
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on 12 June 2017
I am pleased with my purchase.. what I expected and does the job fine, so no complaints from me.. thanks.
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on 8 September 2017
very good use it any angle doesn't have. to be flat , can use it on sofa , 90 degrees vertical it knows and responds like it still is flat
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on 27 December 2014
the click works by buttons on base, meaning it needs a firm, stable surface to work. i wanted to stick it to the right hand side of my laptop so my hand didn't have to reach over but can't do that. works quite well though, just slightly annoying click.
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on 23 June 2014
I've never been a fan of touchpads on laptops. I find them a bit fiddly and inclined to misinterpret my touch as a double-click; sometimes with frustrating consequences. I also suffer from sore forearms and wrists when using a mouse. My job and my principle hobby both involve keyboard/mouse work so this can be a serious factor in my productivity. Consequently, when my mouse recently failed, I was keen to investigate some alternatives. After reading some favourable reviews, I ordered the Logitech T650.

Set up was simple enough, even downloading and installing a firmware update. It should be noted though that these tasks necessitated having a mouse; something to bear in mind if you’re switching from a broken one to the T650. No fault of Logitech, it’s very hard to do anything in Windows without a pointing device. With the drivers installed, the T650 worked straight away and the temporary mouse was disconnected.

I’d expected to find it difficult to get used to the gestures required on a touchpad like the T650. It quickly made me appreciate tasks I took for granted on a standard mouse, such as dragging/dropping and scrolling. Each of these now involves a sequence of tapping and sliding with various numbers of fingers to achieve the desired result. Surprisingly though I picked it up very quickly and it felt quite natural after a few hours use. There are some issues though, mostly relating to applications that require frequent and precise movements. For example, plotting a track on Google Earth is all but impossible due to the high volume of clicks and drags required. I also get frustrated when trying to double-click a button, only to find I've slid the pointer slightly in the process and clicked something else instead. My last issue concerns the smooth surface of the T650. It’s really nice to use when you have completely dry fingers but hot weather and humidity can make it feel sticky and less frictionless.

Despite these issues, I'm enjoying the T650 experience and accepted it as my principle device for day to day use. Logitech’s Unified receiver system makes it very easy to use this in combination with a compatible mouse so I’m going to order one for the applications that are more suited to a traditional pointing device. They will be the exception though as the T650 has greatly reduced my RSI pains and I’ll happy accept it’s minor shortcomings in return for that.
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