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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
The Dark Knight Rises
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on 24 July 2012
It's been an excruciating wait, but finally we have The Dark Knight Rises, sequel to the Ambitious and excellent "Batman Begins" and the truly Spectacular "The Dark Knight".

With a great film should come a great musical score, correct? Well I'm happy to say it does. Hans Zimmer is going solo this time around, after teaming up with James Newton Howard for the previous two Films.

1. A Storm Is Coming

This haunting and suspenseful piece is what starts off our Album, and does a good Job setting the mood.

2. On Thin Ice

People hoping for the usual Batman theme to immediately take over may be left slightly disappointed as we then enter a soft and emotional piece. Not bad by any means, but not one of the Album's best either.

3. Gotham's Reckoning

And here we are clearly introduced to our villain as the drums are rolled out and we get our first dose of the rather adrenaline pumping chant that has featured in every Trailer for the film. A suspenseful and dark piece.

4. Mind If I Cut In?

I'll be honest, I quite like this. It's a different type of piece that suggests a certain female character may have a secret Agenda.

5. Underground Army

Well now we are really cooking now. More drums and more hints at things to come. Far from the best track, but far from the worst.

6. Born In Darkness

Once again we leave our drums and chanting and head back to a relaxed and emotional atmosphere. There is a lot to take from this track, but it was one of the ones I found the least interesting.

7. The Fire Rises

Boom Boom Boom. The Drums are blazing now, and the Men's choir is chanting away madly. This is clearly some kind of confrontation, and it rewards it's listeners with a pulse pounding track that is one of the strongest the album gas to offer.

8. Nothing Out There

As if the theme of the album type is meant to go from Loud and Grand, to simple and Sad, we once again head back to the emotional and the concerned. A chilling track that I really enjoy.

9. Despair

This one caught me completely off guard. Those who expect something slow and or sad will be in for a surprise. This is another pounder with hints of the Epic Batman theme that has followed the films since Batman Begins.

10. Fear Will Find You

We have found a rythm now, because more drums and more chanting is headed your way.

11. Why Do We Fall?

One of my favorites. Though it starts slow and emotionally controlled, it builds and builds until we are hit with the best version of our favorite Epic Main theme to date.

12. Death By Exile

I had to play this again to make sure I actually heard it. It's extremely short at around 20 seconds, but those 20 seconds are filled with emotion and sorrow. I love it.

13. Imagine The Fire

Here it is. This is the heavy hitter from Zimmer this time around. It opens with a strange electronic sound that compliments the pounding drums in such a way that it takes over your entire focus. Throw in our favorite theme in the middle, and we have a winner. 7 minutes of absolute Epicness.

14. Necessary Evil

Though it starts loud and proud, it leaves on an emotional and thought provoking few last notes.

15. Rise

Wabam! And we're off again! Lots of percussion, lots of hints of the big theme, and it leads straight into what I can only predict will be the credits. During the credits we have a female soloist with a little bit of choral. This part is extremely Lord of the Rings esc, and only compliments an excellent track that once again builds to a full instrumental blast.

Whew! There you have it! Another outstanding album from an outstanding composer. Let's hope Nolan and Zimmer pair up for even more future projects. Buy this album and watch the film!
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on 2 February 2015
A lot of great tunes on here, notably the epic 'Imagine the Fire', which is surely the stand out track on this CD. Also 'Why Do We Fall' has climbed to the top of my iPod playlist. So inspiring! Buy, and never feel regret!
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on 8 May 2017
Great soundtrack from hans zimmer....review needs more words allegedly so here they are...seven more extra words for this cd...fulfilled ...yes
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on 29 September 2017
It's Hans Zimmer - if you like Hans' stuff, you'll like this. Nothing else to say.
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on 3 May 2017
As a few have said, "Imagine The Fire" is the stand out track. Absolutely amazing song.
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on 25 December 2014
Fantastic! Great quality item and super fast shipping!
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on 1 February 2016
Typical Hans Zimmer soundtrack , worth a listen .
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on 20 July 2012
My most awaited score of 2012 is here and it is trully brilliant!

I own and love both the Batman Begins score and The Dark Knight score but this score takes things to a whole new level. The score is roughly 52 minutes long and features 15 tracks. It is not an all-out action score, but the action music is exceptionally good. The whole score basically flows through meditative aggression, darkened depression and energizing, forceful action. I love the repeated chant and the unspontaneous brass screeching that is maintained at length without interruption reflecting the entrance of The Dark Knight. I love the way Hans Zimmer highlights the sullen low-spirited feeling and oppressive feelings of gloom and inadequacy throughout this score.

`A Storm Is Coming' is the very first track and starts the album off in a befittingly threatening manner but it is only 37 seconds long! It is too short! At least it isn't the shortest track on the album!

`On Thin Ice' is a good emotional theme that ends with the same theme that is extended in `Why Do We Fall?'

`Gotham's Reckoning' is a wonderful action track ruled by powerful thumping, inharmonious strings and a chanting choir. The first half is menacing and features a quiet Bane chant, droning horns and a touch of electric instruments. The music then intensifies and employs severe, crushing strings to build a sound with electric instruments and ascending notes that are both messy and ambitious before finishing with a climaxing Bane chant. I love it when the brass injections kick in, imitating the rush of power-driven tremors.

`Mind If I Cut In' unquestionably sounds unlike the rest of the score. It is the indispensable Cat-woman theme tune that opens with a creepy cello theme and then fades to a very nearly menacing piano solo. The track showcases a classical piano sound with a slinky simple tune.

I love the restrained, string-loaded dark tones of `Underground Army.' This is a naked and fragmented track that lacks the power and oomph but it still sounds like a tune of devastation.

`Born In Darkness' is a beautiful track and contains some deep emotional cues. The music is soft and meditative.

`The Fire Rises' is an awesome action track with a lethal, rough start and muddled action cues jam-packed with heavy, crunching electric strings and loads of string sound effects. It is an explosive action track that blasts ominous themes, then gently sizes with tension to another action cue with the Bane theme and chant together.

`Nothing Out There' is brought into being with a theme that is not lengthy but offers the first real sound indicative of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. The tune swiftly changes to a novel theme comprising ominous sounding strings containing a downcast sound suggestive of `Nycteris' from Batman Begins. The last part of the track closes with the soft piano solo from `Barbastella' of Batman Begins.

It is an underestimation to say that `Despair' is electric instrument heavy. It pays respect to the Batman Begins and The Dark Knight soundtracks by containing some of the key defining Batman signature tunes. I love these action-heavy Batman themes! An Awesome Track.

The first time the Bane theme has been in direct contact and is arranged behind other action cues occurs in `Fear Will Find You'. This track features the entrance of the Batman theme and additional definitive Zimmer Batman cues. I love the way the Batman theme plays as one melody with the chant-less Bane theme.

`Why Do We Fall?' is purely outstanding. A soft beginning slowly builds unremittingly in volume and strength. I love the magnificent build-up of strings and drums that progress into one of the standard redemption pieces slowly driving the pulsing theme forward to its familiar epic Batman theme close.

The award for the shortest track of this whole soundtrack album goes to `Death By Exile.' This is a 23 second discordant torrent of sound which, I think, needs filmic supplement in order to be fathomed.

`Imagine The Fire' is the lengthiest track on the score (7:25) and Hans Zimmer is truthfully at his best here. This track has an epic and heroic style that just keeps on asserting Zimmer's engaging chaos. This track starts off with full power action music with all of Hans Zimmer's hallmark flair driving it forward. `The Kraken'-like sounds from his Pirates of the Caribbean films surfaces, followed by a mix of a altered choral Batman theme progression, the Bane chant and the fresh line of horns blaring. The theme develops to the heroic line with the Bane intonation undercurrent. I can only describe this track as the finest action track on this album and unquestionably, one of the greatest pieces of action music I have ever listened to!

`Necessary Evil' begins with the classic Batman music that plays during an action scene but then fades to something that sounds like the Limbo music featured in Inception.

A moving soprano tune, followed a cello-heavy slow tune builds with a sombre Batman theme in `Rise'. The music grows gradually louder as the emotive level rises. The music continues to build and build and then rounds out the track with the full Batman hero theme. It's truly a beautiful track!

My favourite tracks are:

1. Imagine The Fire
2. Why Do We Fall?
3. Rise
4. Gotham's Reckoning
5. Underground Army
6. Fear Will Find You
7. The Fire Rises
8. Despair
9. Nothing Out There

The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack feels fresh even though it is based on the previous Batman scores. It rises to a new music level for me and is nothing short of brilliant. Hans Zimmer has added some outstanding explosive stuff that keeps you coming back for more. A Must Buy!
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on 4 December 2012
I only just noticed the invitation behind the disc to download extra tracks from the internet. These tracks are : "Risen from Darkness" and "No stone unturned". If anything they are as good as any track on the album and really add to the soundtrack. They are different tracks to the ones available from digital downnload from I Tunes.
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on 10 September 2013
I'll begin with a simple headline:

Hans Zimmer is a brilliant composer and this is absolutely one of the best scores he has written.

I've been a fan of Zimmer's work for quite a few years, now. I've had a penchant for movie soundtracks ever since I was very young. From the sublime sounds of 'Robocop', to the majestic theme of 'Superman', all the way to the towering classic that is the 'Terminator' theme - you simply have to love this stuff. Most people will simply hold an appreciation for the main themes of these films, but some of us are inspired to delve deeper into the soundtracks.

For the fans of the 'Dark Knight' trilogy - this has been an extremely rewarding journey.

From the very beginning, this soundtrack captures the imagination. The haunting and ominous introduction eventually gives way to the crushing power of Bane's theme - a theme so strong that it compliments the Bane character perfectly. Selina Kyle's theme follows this, and feels like somewhat of an interlude - or a rest, depending on how you look at it.

As we go through the rest of the album, it fluctuates between the intense and the mysterious until we come to a truly awesome triple header - 'Why Do We Fall?' drags us from tragedy all the way to victory in the space of two minutes - then we're left hanging for 23 seconds with 'Death by Exile', which eventually leads us to the thumping mastery of 'Imagine the Fire'. The first 2-and-a-half minutes of this is pure class - everything you would expect from a movie score of this type and a composer of this quality - it is one of those moments that makes you wonder how on Earth composers come up with this stuff. Then, it degenerates into a meandering, yet intense track, and reintroduces the Bane chant. Things quieten down for 3 more minutes ('Necessary Evil') before the final crescendo.

I could write an article on 'Rise' all by itself. The track starts off with a loud, intense (there's that word again) introduction, and then fades out until all we hear is a solitary voice. We are, again, taken on a journey through so many twist and turns - you literally feel yourself turning the corners of this journey for 6-and-a-half minutes until the very last gasp of power that this album has to offer - the final seconds sound like nails been hammered into a coffin, yet, somehow, leaving some questions unanswered.

There's no point downloading one or two tracks of this album - you simply won't get the full enjoyment that they have to offer when listened to in succession. If you absolutely must only get one - I would suggest 'Rise', simply because it has a beginning and an end, and is a great example of what can be done with 7 minutes and 15 seconds of music.

Absolutely terrific.
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