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on 6 November 2012
Great graphics and many improvements plus better physics, new items, new animals, greenhouses, wind and solar farms for electricity and finally missions to earn money while your crops are still just growing.
new plants like tomatoes, potatoes, sugar beets, herbs, even honey farms and chickens and sheep too.
New feeding techniques for animals, lot more machinery than i expected plus a big moding community around internet mostly German sites so it will not get boring in a while.
works great on the USB x-box 360 game pad but still playable on keyboard and mouse
you can set the speed of time from real time to 120x and set how fast the crops grow.
A lot better than the previews 2011 version and really cheap for just 15£ on Amazon, coz digital download is twice that much
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on 28 June 2013
Played on Windows 7 64bit - FS 2013 current version 1.4

Back in 2010 i enjoyed taking my first steps into this farming simulation genre with Farming Simulator - Gold Edition , but then it was more confined to agriculture & had little variety in comparison to FS 2013. It's been a while since i played that & seeing a glimpse of this new version got me interested again & i couldn't wait to play it, so grabbed it off Steam. Staring out it's the same concept, you inherit a farm on a small island, along with a selection of old rubbish farming machinery to build yourself up into bigger & better things.

-Animal husbandry offers a nice distraction from agriculture.
-Varied Crops to grow & various machinery (different quality/size/power available) required for each task (tractors, combine harvesters, sowing machines, ploughs, fertilizer sprayers etc..).
-Handy tutorial for the uninitiated.
-3 difficulty levels to choose from (easy/normal/hard which basically determine how much money you get from the goods etc..).
-Can hire AI to carry out some tasks (harvesting/cultivating etc..) & driveable machinery has cruise control key's 1-4 (all you need do, is steer).
-Optional side missions to keep you occupied & earn some extra, easy money.
-Improved graphics from previous installment (cars & people add to the feeling of a populated location).
-Control's & UI are straight forward.
-Can increase game time & plant growth speed.
-Can purchase some placed objects, beehive, greenhouse, solar panel or wind turbine to earn income over time.
-Multiplayer option.
-Mod's to add new equipment etc...
-Stress reliever from FPS game ;-)

-Can't bulk buy livestock, so 1000's of click's to have xxxx animals.
-Side missions are limited to moving objects with forklift & mowing grass.
-Not much can go wrong, apart from not harvesting your crops in time can lead to them wilting & dieing.
-Occasional crashing with Nvidia open GL issue (i'm finding, maybe bad drivers, you may not experience it).

In conclusion, once again i have found myself enjoying a FS game & FS 2013 is certainly more interesting, with it's introduction of livestock with chickens, sheep & cow's that require more thought & input, especially as the scale of upkeep increases with each in order. If you like this type of simulation, then again i would recommend FS 2013 to adults & children.
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on 6 July 2013
I bought Farming Sim 2013 on something of a whim. I have always liked sim type games and thought this would make an interesting change. It is a very good game, the graphics are very good although even with my very high end spec PC it does get slightly jerky when you come in sight of any of the animal enclosures with large numbers of animals in them. Being a city boy, I found the game fascinating and now find that if I go through the countryside by train, I am able to recognise a lot of the equipment I see in the fields. Anyone who, like me, used to play with Dinky or Corgi toys on the carpet will also love this, playing with tractors, mowers, diggers etc. The game also has a fantastic range of Mods available, some from the manufacturer and some from the surprisingly large community sites. The Game comes with one playing map but there are a lot of others along with loads of other equipment and tools to download.
There are some aspects which are not very realistic such as crops growing to maturity in 24 hours or less, but I guess this is ok to keep the game moving along. It also seems that, no matter how long you leave between sowing, all of your crops tend to come ripe at the same time meaning a mad dash to get them in before they go over ripe and wither. The in-game traffic on the roads can also be very irritating as they seem to drive suicidally in front of you at junctions and, despite the fact that you are driving heavy agricultural machinery, always seem to be going slower than you! My biggest bug-bear however is the hay and straw bales in the game. The physics is just all together wrong with them. You cannot stack them in without the stack exploding. Bales can get stuck together through the middle of each other which can lead to them hopping off across a field like they are alive and I have even had untouchable ghost bales hovering in mid-air with no support.
All in all, I would recommend Farming Sim 2013 as it has kept me entertained for several months now. If the manufacturers read this review, please sort out the hay/straw bale problem for the next incarnation and please, please could you include aerial spraying. That would be soooo cool!!
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on 4 November 2012
I have only played the game for a few hours but i'm impressed with the changes. Farming Simulator 2013 has ironed out a lot of issues & bugs that Farming Simulator 2012 had! The game runs very smooth I am getting 60FPS unlike Agricultural Simulator 2012 where I get 20FPS. The games graphics are very good & the game is much better with things intruded like timed missions. If you enjoyed previous farming games I would recommend this!!
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on 12 January 2013
Bought for my son, an aspiring farmer. He had the previous version but prefers this because it has improved and now includes more livestock, more vehicles, different crops, missions and locations. Only fault is that it doesn't show all the animals on screen that you are supposed to own, so it is not as realistic as it could be. Otherwise- a hit!
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on 5 January 2013
My (almost teenage) son loves this. He is a budding farmer who prefers to be outdoors rather than spending his time 'gaming'. However, he does love this, as he can join up with his other farm friends and play together and it's very up-to-date with modern equipment. I would very highly recommend this game.
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on 23 May 2013
This disc loaded with no problem at all on our mac ( our old laptop did not support the graphics)
The tutorial were very helpful and my son - aged9 - was able to work this with very little help from me.
It is worth noting that if the machines are being controlled using a keyboard then the four main keys - WASD - will wear out very quickly - it might be useful to use a cheap keyboard or invest in a controller.

YouTube has helped with any difficulties also.

Great game for child or adult - loads of fun!
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on 3 March 2013
I gave it 3 stars because i found some problems with the game. Could you make liquid manure, spraying and fertillising do different things. Also could u add in meal to feed the cows, sheep and chickens please. Add in more types of tractors eg Massey Ferguson, New Holland that are not mods please. Could you add in big industral chicken houses and be able to feed your animals potatoes and beet. Could u also make crops grow out at different times depending on when you sow it maybe only happends on my game.Could you make there be less trees around feilds or make hired workers be able to get unstuck. Could you make the hired workers be able to sell crops eg you tell him where to go and he will drive the tractor and trailer to the mill or someplace and sell the crop then drive back again. And be able to move your animals from feild to feild and you put up a fence to keep them in the feild please.
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on 17 April 2014
I spent a couple of weeks playing the game and making a couple of mil it was fun i played with people on the multiplayer building my farm but i soon got the best tractor and it just got boring and me buying a few of the fast green tractors.Then i modded the gamesave which was far too easy a novice can do it then i did everything bought everything every field then there was no point. Basically it doesn't take that long to get rich then the money mod just ruins it. It dose not have enough features and needs more management it seems very dumed down so there is no skill involved in most of the game. The lag on Multiplayer is pathetic.. I have 50mb.. Most games could do with getting dedicated servers because of people with bad connections.
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on 12 November 2012
sad to say i am not immpressed with this , after harvesting the first field i bought another small field and planted them both and waited, and waited and waited and waited, but after two weeks of game time and numerous tries i just cannot harvest anything and eventually i ran out of money so i restarted and the same thing happened, can anyone help as to why this may be , yes it looks great and runs well on my pc but i cannot play a game on collecting chickens eggs for the next 1000 years just to make a small reward (i would go loopy) , it is a real shame as i loved f/s 2009 and 2011 and played them endlessly but a farm sim where i cannot harvest the crops just does not do it for me , one for the recycle box i am afraid (took it out now)!!

update update

after some very usful posts i see where i have been going wrong and have restarted , seems to be going better this time, i assumed it would be a similar systen to fs 2011 but i was wrong many many thanks to all who answered by pleas for help you are all very kind , three stars for now watch this space

update update

joy i can harvest things at last now i can really get stuck in , i know many will find it sad but i do get satisfaction from setting up and running a farm albeit a virtual one, it makes such a pleasant change to destroying the alien hordes and the like and mrs b says i`m not hurting , but she does say she is worried that there are sheep in this one , what are you implying dear ???????

update update

this is much harder than fs20011 was, after the first teething troubles i had i am going along quite well now and actually making a profit , i have paid back the huge bank loan i got and so hopefully from now on it`s profit all the way, i bought a forage trailer to pick up hay, that rasies a bit more cash and its also worth investing in the little amazone grass cutter, yes i know its slow but when waiting for crops to ripen off zipping around with this and cutting grass rasies a bit more cash saves twiddling your thumbs and do as many missions as possible makes even more cash yippppeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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