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on 8 January 2015
I Love my new machine! Great bargain. Bought it just before xmas as my Bosh mini hand blender broke down after only 18 months (750W)... and I needed an aid with xmas preparations. I've chosen #Philips as I trust the brand (I already have a juicer -I'm using it regularly for 6-7yrs, the kettle and a toaster), and it was very reasonably priced.
I've used most of the options so far. I'm so happy with the blades, my hummus is creamier than ever. I make lot of salads so shredding the vegetables it takes only seconds now :) Oh and that little grinder is a star! used it to grind coffee beans and to make my curry paste from fresh spices like ginger, garlic, chillies etc. I don't have a dishwasher but everything is so easy to clean and store. Good material quality and it doesn't take too much space on the work top, which was important for my tiny kitchen.
I've noticed the comments about poor manual but who needs to read instructions these days anyway? All those appliances are bit like smart phones, very intuitive. And if you used something similar before, you don't need to read any instructions. The colour coding is very helpful... just be careful when handling the blades, I got 3 cuts on first day of using it. Maybe just because I was too excited about the whole thing ;)
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on 30 January 2018
The top of the grinder broke off in use a few weeks ago and my hand came down on the blades. Two operations later I have a hand full of stitches and a severed nerve. The design of the grinder is extremely poor - basically the top clear plastic "cup" is only attached to the base (and the safety device) with glue. If it breaks off in use (as happened to me) the motor will keep running and the blades continue turning. THIS PRODUCT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. If you do own one, I would strongly urge you to check the grinder unit prior to any use and make sure that it is not loose in any way. No, you shouldn't have to, but it's better than a mutilated hand. Better yet, send it back for a refund and buy something safer.
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on 20 January 2017
Next to my Instant Pot, this is my second favorite kitchen tool. I love slicing or shredding cheese or veggies in a matter of seconds. I've made milkshakes with the blender. And once my twins are born, and once they start eating food, I'll be able to make my own baby food. I haven't owned it long enough to do everything with it, but I would be in love with it just for the shredding and slicing alone.
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on 20 January 2018
This is a good processor. I purchased it 2 years ago and it does everything pretty effectively: blend, slice, chop, and grind spices as well. I don't use the bread tool very often but when I do it is pretty good to knead dough as well. Sadly, the reason I am giving it 3 stars is for its blender and spice mixer jar. Both of them have the same blade that screw on at the bottom of the jar and also serve as a seal for the base. I once lost the rubber washer around this blade a few months ago and had to order a replacement blade, but I've faced the same problem both times: the blades do not seal the blender or spice mixer fully! This means if you put liquids in your blender jar expect a good drizzle of soup all over the base! It is very messy, so bad that I now resort to straining out only the vegs from my soup and mixing it back into the stock. And my thai curry paste and chutneys, which are done in the smaller spice jar, all come out with about 10% splattered all over the base, motor, knob, etc. It's ridiculous. I have been seriously considering a nutribullet or vitamix just so I can blend soups and chutneys without worrying about splattering my kitchen with it. It won't happen straightaway though, your jar will be fine for a year and then slowly start developing a trickle, which gets progressively worse. If you are the type that will only use the spice mixer for dry powders and rarely use the blender go for it! If I knew another good model or brand I would recommend it but sadly I don't.
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on 18 March 2016
Having now used this machine for 6 months I can give it a very good review all round - in fact for the price it is outstanding. It performs all the food processing tasks perfectly - except - and it is a massive potential fault for any new user - the blades of the liquidiser attachment are removable (they double as the blades of the mini grinder) Unless you are very careful, when you detach the liquidiser beaker to empty it (mine was full of mushroom soup) the blades unscrew and the beaker contents flood over the entire machine (and of course the kitchen) Careful and long cleaning and drying has saved the machine but potential buyers beware!
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on 14 September 2015
I absolutely love my new food processor and have already used it several times for various jobs. I bought it to replace the one I had already had for 30 years, and although it still worked fine, used to keep it in the cupboard as it had gone a yellow colour, now I proudly display my new one. I wish I'd upgraded to this years ago, there are so many improvements, it does everything it says in the description and changing from the main mixing bowl to the blender to the mini chopper ireveiws unbelievably easy. I read reviews before I bought it and noticed comments about the instructions being a bit hard to follow, well all I can say is I thought otherwise, and to be honest didn't really need them. If you're looking for a food processor that does all the jobs you could possibly need it for then this is the one, I am thrilled I bought this one and at such an amazing price.
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on 31 January 2015
I don't normally write reviews but I am so pleased with this machine I had to share it. I decided to replace my Magimix Mini (cost more than twice the price of the Philips and I didn't like it at all) and looked for a popular machine on Amazon, so bought the Philips. It's wonderful! It takes a large quantity and chops quickly and evenly; it has a good range of easily fitted slicer and grater blades which work well; and the minichop attachment is really efficient for herbs, nuts or anything small - though I confess it did take me a while to work out how it fitted on to the motor. All the parts are easy to clean as well as to use. A great food processor and very good value.
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on 19 December 2015
I bought this for my mum's birthday and she's over the moon with it. I decided to choose it based on the sheer number of positive reviews and the great price.
As another reviewer said, it does indeed make great houmous! It's also been used for grating vegetables such as carrot and courgette, and also a caulliflower for caulliflower rice. Very impressed so far.
It's useful that everything stores away inside the main bowl to save space in the cupboard. There is even cord storage in the base too, which makes it a lot neater to stow away neatly.
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on 24 April 2017
I bought this to Puree food for our baby boy and use it for everything else! Great to blitz canned tomatoes for Pizza topping, mix minced beef, breadcrumbs etc for hamburgers and blitz cocoa for a Hot Chocolate. Used daily, this still looks and performs like new.
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on 19 November 2017
The product looked good. I kept it for over a month before use. When I tried it. The motor sounded funny and it gave a burnt smell. It had plastic clippings coming off the bottom. Seems something burnt on the inside. I stoped using it for fear of an electrical fire. And that’s it. It doesn’t work. Apparently I cannot return after a month. I called to technical support several times but got none.
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