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Forgive me - I will undobtedly go overboard in my praise of this product. I've had a Dyson before and although I liked it - the pick up power let it down. I reverted to my previous hoover. This Dyson however is a complete success on every level - I can't find a fault with it. So - I've stated my position and you know I love it - here comes the detail:
Power - this is one heck of a little sucker!It picks up without fail on every surface I have tried so far - short pile carpet, long pile rug, wood and lino (including wet lino - no problem!) and it picks up first time.
Mobility - Cordless. Oh my gosh. I can't get across how amazingly useful this is. I've had handheld cordless hoovers before - all fairly rubbish to be honest. This is not a handheld hoover. This is a proper vacuum with no cord - if you catch my drift. Brilliant for stairs - I have a slipped disc which made carrying even the small Dyson hard before - but this is so lightweight it is no problem.
Ergonomics - the trigger / on button is positioned so that when you pick it up it can be turned on by accident - no problem but a bit annoying - but it is so light I can pick it up with two fingers - which means this is no issue now I am used to the design.
Emptying / Cleaning - SO easy! The empty button is easier than previous models and the dust just falls out of the bottom. The filters are extremely easy to get to - do clean them - it makes a difference to performance.
Attachments - 5 including the long pipe. The carpet / floor attachment is great - has beaters that get more dust than you knew was there out and comes apart easily so you can get the hair wrapped around it off easily. The upholstery cleaner is effective. The long pokey corners attachment is specially long - very handy for behind the loo and awkward corners. The little pokey attachment with a brush that pulls down (what is that called?!) is useful for shelves etc. The long pipe means no bending required - ace for those of us wuth a few aches and pains. Use it without for stairs...
Duration of charge - it says 20 minutes but I think they have erred on the side of caution here. It does my two storey two bed flat in one charge and still has charge left... and I am not that quick!
Storage - comes with a super nifty little rack that you screw to the wall - nicely tucked away and easy to access - no more dragging the hoover out from under whatever has been chucked on top of it (that can't just be my house?!)

All up - I couldn't recommend this more highly. If you are in any way limited in your movement or have damaged / painful joints or back - get this. If you are older - get this. I think this is simply the best vacuum out there.

Update: vacuum is still going strong. I still love it. I just tried the new cordless Hoover and it doesn't compete. One negative comment after using the Dyson for a long time - the mechanism to release the brush from the main floor tool is poor. The coin turn slot wears down quickly. I can't open it myself which means hubby has to clean Hoover head. Otherwise all good and I will be so sad when it dies!
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on 4 January 2015
I have never before been compelled to write a review for Amazon,so let's take that as the first marker.

Me - working mum, very long, blonde hair (this is relevant later)
Hubby - messy
Child- one toddler
Other - long haired dog
House - 3 double bedroom semi
It has its work cut out.

My wonderful wonderful dad ordered this for me without prompting, as for the past 2 years I've bored him rigid with my hatred for my now retired Dyson Animal stair-sitter cleaner. I hated it. Simply hated it. It toppled down the stairs, attacked my shins, knocked 40 years of paint off the woodwork, turned turtle at every opportunity and couldn't be arsed to pick up lint. I loathed it.
It became so bad that my husband's utter refusal to use it would have been cited in court at any resulting anger-induced trial.
Well hello there, what's this? A parcel for me....let's take a look. So small, so light, there can't be anything to it. Well let me tell you busy people and overworked parents - this is a revolution!

It has, quite simply, changed my life. That might seem a bit over the top, but no. It is effortless. A full charge (5 hours from flat and it stops charging when full so you don't waste energy) covers my 3 bedroom house with ease. It loses no power. The storage is smaller but empties with ease (twice in a whole house run). It has a ball guided head that makes hairpin bends a breeze. It is ultra-low profile meaning it slips under ledges. The turbo brush head pulls up my long, long hair from a ridiculous burgundy (we rent) carpet without a second pass. The brush head slots out simply with the gentle turn of a 2p in the slot, so you can snip hair off after use. The mini head is powerful and the edge leans to maintain contact with curvy sofas.

I was once told that these could never replace a 'real' vacuum. Well I'm here to attest that yes - it can. And what's more, instead of stewing, and sulking and bitching about the vaccuming needing to be done (I could do this for over a week) I now pick up my new, helpful buddy whenever I need to and smile as we dance round.

I don't dread unannounced visitors - goodness me, that is life-changing. Last minute plans, yes of course, come round.
I am a nicer, happier wife and mum.

Now, should you need one last thing to tip you over the edge. The very first evening this little marvel arrived, my husband of 6 years picked it up and used it, properly, to clean. And he has done so regularly ever since. Boom!

Go Dyson. I love you x
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on 31 October 2012
I've been using this now for a couple of weeks.
Pros: very handy especially with spills or local problems such as yet another clump of hair from my hair-factor dog. Just pull off and vacuum. Great reaching under tables and drawers where the upright cannot. Very powerful in the car which looks as clean now as when bought.
Cons: it isnt a replacement for a "real" vacuum if you have carpets. It takes up grit, dirt and hair so the carpet is clean, but the nap is unchanged and it feels like only the top dirt is removed.
So today I went into full nerd mode. I fully vacuumed downstairs with the hand held. Good amount grit, dirt and hair. I then emptied the upright dyson and vacuumed again. It was twice as quick as the nap was pulled upright so you knew where you'd been plus the head is twice as wide. At the end there was a bit of grit/dirt, but there was a ball of dog hair almost the size of a tennis ball, and the DC44 is the "animal" version. Also the carpet looked vacuumed.
Hence it does clean up, but not as well as an upright. I think on laminates it would be as good.
When researching this unit I often had reports that when the vacuum is taken out of the wall unit there is a scary cracking sound and they worry about it breaking.
The instructions clearly state that you lift the vacuum before pulling it forwards. This clears a hook it rests on. The cracking comes from trying to simply pull the vacuum forwards over the hook. Do it right and it is smooth and silent
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on 5 April 2014
first let me tell you that this was going to be an additional vacuum, for small jobs, stairs etc.
but as soon as we started using it, it became the primary vacuum cleaner in the house, and the other one, the corded, reliable henry, is now parked in the garage.
i got it after my lady of the house asked me to vacuum our 2 flights of carpeted stairs one day and i was huffin and puffin tripping on cords and plugging and un-plugging as i went up to the bedrooms and down to the front door trying to balance the henry in one hand and the pipe in the other while twisting the hose around me like a pretzel. you have all been there.
so i got the Animal and the stairs became a breeze, 21st century has arrived.
our routine is this: first 2 bedrooms upstairs, and the small landing, stop by the bin at the top, empty the canister, down the stairs vacuuming as we go, all the way down to the front door, back up to the kitchen, dump the canister, vacuum the kitchen and the main floor. charge. you will realize that the 20 minutes is a lot of time when you can breeze through your place unencumbered by cords, and unlimited by outlets. also, if you mount your Animal in a strategic location, on the wall, near or in the room where most action happens, you will use it for a few seconds, when the need arrises, limiting the need for a major clean-up.
yes, once in a while i sit down and pop out the brushes, and clean the hair off them with scissors takes 30 seconds per attachment, yes, you have to empty the canister a few times during the 20 minutes, if you decide to go for the whole house, takes 5 seconds, including a walk to the bin.
and finally: YES - it is the best gift you can give to a busy household !!!
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on 13 May 2014
I have had one of these for almost a year now. Initially it proved very good and the design is very good. Suction is good too though not as good as a proper full-sized vacuum cleaner. It copes with cat hair (we have 4 Bengals) very well although the power head needs cleaning regularly and fine clumping cat litter seems to cause some challenges in getting it sucked into the bin unless high power is used all the time.

It's light in weight, simple to use and has a reasonable battery life - or if you have had a previous generation one it's fantastic. 20 minutes in low power is reasonable even with the power head in use and on 'normal' rather than 'high' power.

Now for the downsides. It's expensive, even for a Dyson product, and does not justify it in reality.

Reliability has proved to be a problem with ours so I am glad I have a two year warranty. To date ours has had a new power head after the original one just stopped, and now I am awaiting a new core body as the motor or power switch has gone intermittent and the unit keeps cutting out.

This behaviour was also shown by it's predecessor (also a Dyson) which failed just outside its 12-month warranty period. Seems there may be a design issue with the switchgear hardiness?

On the upside though, Dyson UK have been very good in providing support as we registered it with them rather than the retailer.

I would recommend this machine to anyone with cats or kids where vacuuming is needed regularly but getting the full size machine out is unnecessary. The DC44 is not a replacement for a full size, but it does come close.
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on 17 May 2013
I have been wary of this product for some time. It seemed a lot of money for 20 minutes charge. However having had it for a week my wife would rather I leave than the Dyson. The whole house can be cleaned on a charge as there is no trailing cords or bulky hoover to move around. I have no hesitation in recommending this and this seller to anyone.
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on 28 October 2014
With Dyson's much vaunted claim to be innovative in their design, it's amazing that this cleaner, good in all other respects, should have a power switch which must be kept pressed on all the time it's being used. Even use for a short time causes your "trigger finger" to cramp, I can't believe how this was missed at the design stage.
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on 22 February 2013
Please do not waste your money. (Please note, I have had a Dyson cylinder for 6 years without a problem.) I received this item the first week in January. I have been in contact with Dyson support twice. After 3-4 weeks the motor started to cut out. The vacuum would work without the attachments but as soon as the wand was attached the motor cut out.

When I phoned support the first time they were very helpful and sent a replacement battery within 5 days. Today I phoned and was simply told to remove the filter and replace and then recharge the battery. I told the representative that we did this last time I phoned and asked what happens next if it didn't work. I explained I have 2 dogs and need a vacuum cleaner. I was told this item is a hand held and not a vacuum cleaner. I was stumped, as it is very, very expensive, too expensive for a handheld in my opinion. I was told that because the unit is hitting off furniture it is knocking the battery out of place so it is not charging properly. Poor design Dyson!

It is now looking like I will have to send the entire unit back to Dyson as it is still not working. I sincerely hope that they send me a cylinder rather than this "handheld" as I am sick to death of charging it and then finding it doesn't work!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I bought my first `baby' Dyson back in 2009 and although it is undoubtedly an indispensable cleaning gadget, it isn't without its faults. It has only one speed, a 6-minute runtime (and this has reduced to around 4 minutes, 3 years later) and only one cleaning nozzle. It's fine for removing crumbs from work surfaces and such, but there's no way you could (or would want to) go through the entire house or to clean your car with it.

The DC44 Animal, on the other hand, is quite the little trooper. Incorporating Dyson's digital motor technology, as opposed to a traditional electric motor, it goes from 0 to 100 pretty much as soon as you press the trigger without any lag; hardly essential but it does mean that the power's available for you immediately. The digital motor also gives the DC44 two power settings - high and low - for dealing with both light and heavier dirt. A lighty-up push-button on the back of the cleaner changes between the two settings and although this variable power may seem a bit gimmicky, the reality is that both settings have their uses and I use both quite a bit. I generally use the low setting with one of the standard heads, and the high setting with the floor cleaner (more on those later.)

Probably the main issue that stopped people from dropping cash on a Dyson handheld when they were first introduced (at least, if my friends and family are to be believed) was that 6-minute runtime. Only being able to clean half a room or maybe part of the inside of your car before having to re-charge the battery for a couple of hours wasn't exactly what people were after and many weren't sure why they would want to bother with a handheld over a full-sized vacuum. Using the digital motor, Dyson have been able to up the runtime on the DC44 to a (relatively) whopping 20 minutes, and I do generally get between 15 and 20 minutes of use from mine, depending on which power setting I'm on.

The increased power and runtime is necessary not only because people asked for it, but also because the DC44 aims to bridge the gap between full-size vacuum cleaners and traditional handhelds. It comes with two plastic accessory heads - a crevice tool and the ubiquitous combination brush/debris nozzle - and two motorised brush heads for picking up pet hair and seriously dug-in dirt. These heads have spinning brush-bars inside that are powered by small motors on their sides, which take their power from the cleaner. There are two sets of brushes in the large head, one with firm hairs for pulling pet hair from carpets and the other with softer hairs for cleaning things like hard floors. The small head only has one set of firm brushes so would seem intended purely for carpets or upholstery.

The smaller head attaches directly to the DC44 for use in enclosed spaces like car interiors, while the other attaches to the cleaner via a non-extending aluminium wand and it's this head that you'll want to use on your home floors. It lays almost completely flat for cleaning under sideboards or coffee tables, and being quite low anyway does help a lot in this regard. The larger head also incorporates what seems to be a `split' form of Dyson's ball technology, with one half of the ball on each side, and this does make a very real difference when manoeuvring around rooms - just bear in mind here that the brushes can't be turned off, although that's hardly a hardship.

The DC44 also comes with a large wall-mounting bracket for securing it while not in use, and not only the cleaner but all the attachments fix to this bracket for storage as well. It's a nice thing for Dyson to have included but the DC44 does look quite big and awkward sticking out from the wall, especially with the wand and motorised head attached. Still, it makes some sense when you see how more awkward the DC44 looks when sitting on the ground or propped up in a corner, and it's much more tidy storing it head-down on the wall in its cradle.

Having seen how effective at collecting pet hair the non-motorised turbine head on my parents' Dyson is, I had hoped that the ones with the DC44 would be at least as affective and, for the most part, I wasn't disappointed. It's true that the lesser power of a battery-powered handheld reduces the sucking ability when compared to a big, mains-powered vacuum, but I was still surprised at how much muck (and my dogs' hairs in particular) the DC44 picked up. That said, even the larger head isn't quite as wide as you'd want if you intended cleaning a larger lounge or bedroom as it just takes too long to do, but at least the 20-minute runtime lets you do it if you want to, without worrying about the battery going dead. I managed to clean my lounge/diner, hall and carpeted stairs before stopping - not because the battery ran down but because I got bored. The realisation that cleaning so much space with a handheld wasn't such a good idea hit me after about 12 minutes and it was at this point that I did the rest of the house with my `proper' vacuum.

You also have to factor in the weight of the machine with the wand and motorised head attached - it's not particularly heavy but you'll be holding most of this weight up by your wrist as you clean and that does begin to tell after a while. You also have to keep the trigger squeezed as you clean as it doesn't incorporate a trigger lock, and this does get surprisingly tiring after 5 to 10 minutes.

I really like the DC44 Animal. It solves many of the problems its predecessor suffered from and comes with a hat-full of handy attachments for cleaning just about everything from carpets to down the back of your sofa. Then again, it's a bit hard to see just what gap it's trying to fill - if you want something just for cleaning surfaces then the motorised heads are pretty superfluous, but if you want something for cleaning pet hair from floors or from your car then you'd almost certainly be better off with a full-size Dyson Animal. It's undoubtedly easier to whip out your handheld (oo-er misses) than your full-size cleaner if you want to do a smallish area, but I seriously doubt you'd want to go through the entire house with a DC44.
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on 22 September 2012
Update May 2013

After 8 months of intensive use, I make the following observations:

The power brush is great on a hard floor and works well on carpeted areas. It is however slightly a victim of its success, in that hair tends to clog up the brush very quickly - particularly on carpeted areas. Now we have dogs, hairy ones, so this may not be a problem for everyone. But it shows a small design flaw in the way the brush is removed for cleaning; the slotted cap is clearly not meant to be removed frequently and I suspect doing so reduces its lifespan considerably.

In addition to the power brush, I resigned myself to using the turbo feature on carpets - it is the only way to clean properly, particularly if the brush starts clogging!

Empty frequently and clean the filter MUCH more than recommended. I've also noticed the filter is not hugely successful at blocking all dust getting through the air exhaust.

Try "regular" Dyson attachments. This can prove tricky, as Dyson clearly wanted the user to use only parts for this model. But with a general kit to allow attaching (try e-spares) and a bit on ingenuity, it works. This can improve performance, but be careful of completely blocking the intake as this will cause the motor to fail.

Hoovering time is limited to about 15 mins (less if on Turbo). This is good (we've all got other things to do, right?); and bad, as only half the house gets done. In addition...

As the instructions state, allow to cool before charging.

The following summary and pros still stand, as far as I'm concerned. Whilst the power brush is irritating to clean, it suits us fine. Given the convenience over efficiency, I have removed a star (actually a star and-a-half). But: I don't think it can completely replace a standard hoover (an old Dyson D40 in our case). That is, use this weekly, but once in a while, you're going to have to drag out the old heavy corded thing.

The old review (edited):

A compact lightweight hoover ideal for a 3-4 bedroom house.
strong powerful suction
battery seems to hold its charge well
powered brushes for floor and stairs/furniture
easy to empty dust bucket
no irritating cable getting caught up in the hoover!!

See above.

We have two large and hairy dogs, which this machine is coping very well with. In fact, I have ordered the Dyson Groom attachment to hoover the dogs directly! (Update: Don't bother with this attachment - it is next to useless)

In terms of a small machine for a large area, our bedroom spaces are relatively small and this is where the small cordless machine really excels. Our living room however is over 34 sqm and we found no problems using the machine over this larger area.
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