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VINE VOICEon 21 December 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having used Nero 7 for some years now I decided to give this a try and see what improvements, if any, had been made. This is the "basic" software, by that it is without the "Platinum" upgrade features which you are made aware of almost as soon as you start! I looked at the upgrade and my first impression was that it was not worth the asking price and would not be needed, at least I could not foresee it.

First Impressions.
Out of the box, the BIG BOX, came one DVD Case. There looks to be room in the box for a Manual but none was present.
Before installing the new version the old one had to be uninstalled and the PC cleaned up of extraneous files. This done in 15 minutes I then set about installing Nero 12. This operation took a long time, well over 20 minutes, but then required a Re-Boot and various upgrades or "Update Patch" files to be downloaded and installed, with more Re-Boots. Overall this took me over an hour!

After finally getting all the patches and updates I set about seeing why it had taken so long to install. The program "weighs in" at a hefty 1.18 Gigabytes (1.18 GB (1,270,853,632 bytes)of Hard Drive space! The properties says it has 5,433 files over 654 folders. Wow! Even Adobe Elements does not use that much space, and as for the memory that Nero hogs, that is, according to Task Manager, over " Gb.

In Use.
My first attempts to burn a simple CD were very frustrated. The program's interface was less simple than the old one, far less obvious too, I thought. For a few minutes I thought I had the wrong aspect of the multi-functional program, so looked around at the other options, only to feel "adrift" and clueless. There are no less than 5 (Five) Icons on my Desktop; Nero 12, Nero Burning, Nero Video 12, Nero Recode 12 and Nero Kwik Media - which I am still trying to work out what this little monstrosity does! Eventually I was left with the conclusion that it must be either Nero 12 or Nero Burning that I wanted, but Nero 12 just seems to come up with useless advertising blurb plus some extra links to the program icons you already have cluttering up you desktop. So, Nero Burning it was... again. Eventually I managed to burn a simple CD, but not before having to remove and reinsert the CD twice before it recognised it. Zzzzzzz.

Later I looked at other aspects, including the Movie editor. This is "sort of OK" if you don't already have an editor on your PC. I do; Cyberlink Power Director, which is awesome! This left me with the conclusion that Nero's editor would only be of use to those who did not want a full-blown producer or the more professional features.

Nero Recode is useful, if you need to recode some footage, but I could not get it to do the first job I wanted, to convert a downloaded Youtube file into a simple video fit for Android or PC; so had to search for a program which could and found (after several hours!) 'MakeMKV' which is not only a brilliant little program but totally Free! ("Ooops Nero!") However, Nero Recode does have its uses.

As I alluded to earlier, I am still in some doubt as to what Kwik media does as when you click on the icon, a small group of four images appears in the middle of your desktop.. then nothing for quite a few moments. The first time this happened I used Task Manager to turn the stupid thing off, as it seemed pointless. If there was something to follow then it was just too slow; my PC is a Dual Core with fast graphics and 3 Gb Ram, so not that slow! Using it later I discovered that if you leave it for a while (Zzzzz) it will eventually come up with another screen that appears to offer you options of "Market - Photos & Videos - Projects - Generic USB Storage" then it searches your PC for files.... and searches..... and anyway, after making another cup of tea, it seems that all this does is to duplicate what you already have on your PC: e.g. if you have Photoshop it will have a "Folio" of all your pictures. If you have a Video Editor it will keep your current projects, and so on.So, what is the point of this "Kwik Media" that is anything but quick? I don't know and give up with it!

Come on Nero, "wakey wakey!" You had a good little product with Nero 7 Platinum, which I may well go back to when I can find the time to uninstall all this "Bloatware" and reinstall the neat little Nero 7 Platinum package and all it's updates again.
Thank you for this free trial it has convinced me not to buy Nero 12 and probably 13, etcetera.
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on 24 March 2017
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on 28 October 2012
I've had Nero 7 for a while and found it good for everyday use. But having recently bought a Blu-ray burner without software i needed something with enhanced capability.
So sticking with the Nero brand i bought Nero 12. It's a comprehensive suite and importantly for me writes and plays Blu-ray discs. However, in order to actually play Blu-ray discs I had to buy an upgrade key from Nero for £20. So buyer beware the purchase price is not the end of the money side of things.
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on 25 December 2012
Lost a star as can be difficult to understand and use unless you read the very large manuals, and even then..................

Creates DVDs well which is what I mainly bought it for and is the main subject of this review.

I paid about £36 which is a fair price, there are other products at this price but this is good value for money. I have seen it elsewhere for up to £60, this is not good value. Nero Video 12 was all I really wanted but this was £30 by itself so check for bundled deals.

Nero recode is useful for music but I have more general things I use which mean the other products, Kwik media etc are not used. I prefer Windows media player and don't want them fighting over who does what so have not used this.

The DVD creator is good, allows accurate editing to remove adverts etc. The ad. removal option is good too, finds and highlights ads for deletion. This is though a prime example of the difficulty of using the system, it works but is not obvious. It highlights ads and so then you...... what exactly ? Read the manual a bit and then try what it says, the screens won't help you.

I have taken to opening the manual in another window in Pdf format so I can search it. Video 12 has two sections really, and no 'back' option in a lot of cases. You can 'save a project' which I tend not to, so my fault when I click Next instead of Export and end up having to start again.

Another problem with the manual is that they use different words for things.
I am still trying to 'create chapters automatically' as it says to tick the box in the 'extended area' during the burn process. Do what with a what now ??? Would have been better to have all options on the editing screen, and to call them something sensible, what does 'extended area' mean ? I have found how to manually create chapters but can't find a create automatically option, if it is there I would expect it to do it every x minutes but I think it looks for suitable points in the movie, but tends not to find any.

So overall a good product but others are easier to use, I am sure after I have made about 20 DVDs I will have the hang of it. I have already binned 5 as I found out I could have done them better. Still I am sure once I have used all it's facilities I will be able to produce DVDs quickly and to the best standard possible, still not sure I have the best output formats set even now.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to keep the settings so a couple of the binned DVDs were because I hadn't realised it had changed them back, I check now.
Also watch the volume when burning as it sets it to max (deafening) and needs to be turned to about 50%, no indicarion of % just a slider which is not that accurate. Needless to say it sets it to 100% again when you have finished so will catch you out from time to time.

This is it's basic downfall, that you really need to concentrate and remember things. You shouldn't have to do that, what happened to a 'preferences' or 'always use this' option.

Still I would recommend it as I researched and tried lots of these before buying. I would advise doing a free trial download of this and other video editors and seeing what you think, you can then uninstall it and buy this if you like it (was cheaper than a downloaded version). Also download the manual from the Nero web site all 150+pages of it.

Edited May 2013 to add. Having used for some time now I noticed a problem. Editing and 'exporting' BBC movies is ok as recognised as Mpeg-2 but all other channles are not, this results in a file 2+x the size of the original. When exporting it starts as .Wav instead of Mpeg-2 and if changed to this for output file size shoots up. Also BBC movies save in 5 mins, the rest take over an hour.
I would advise trying this in a trial version before buying. My files come from a Humax Foxsat box, all the same source but NeroVideo has a problem reading them correctly, obviously something different about the settings (even though explorer says they are the same) that upsets it.

Reason it matters now is that I am switching to HDD movie storage and, from the Humax, an SD 1.5hr movie is 2.2gb, if not a BBC one it ends up as 4.7gb. This would waste a lot of disc space. Not such a problem if burning to DVD, apart from 'export' time taken.
I tried tech support who wanted me to run scans on my PC and I am not happy with that so declined. They said no scan no solution so that was that. Nero forum tried to help but couldn't really.

All I wanted was a simple editor really, don't ask me questions or mess with the format, just do it type of software. I am switching to Videoredo as it has no problem processing and outputs same size files. Investigate both fully before buying would be my advice, test and test again.

Edited again June 2013, first to remove 2 stars as now down to two, and here's why.
I have spent months, more than I should, trying to get Nero to sort out the file size problem but they can't. They did suggest setting the exported 'bitrate' to the same as the imported file, shame they didn't know it actually does this anyway.
So, for those who have the problem with video files ending up twice the size here is the solution. No guarantee it works for all though.
Check the imported video file width and height, these need to be the same on the exported file. You will need something to tell you this (I used Mediainfo) as Nero doesn't, not that I can find anyway, I did ask.

When exporting Nero may well say the file is not Mpeg2, but if the original is then set the Export file type to Mpeg2, `Profile' to DVD video compatible.
Then select the width and height and set them as per original. I did this and it did not increase file size.

Bottom line is the software has a fault and they can't fix it. If output file size is not an issue then ok, but for me it is. Still chasing them for an answer, not holding my breath. Avoid this, I now use Videoredo.

Last edit (honest as fed up now) done on 03/07/2013 had to add this as I have heard it all now.
Extract from last reply from Nero support was -
'In most cases, the problem is caused by individual frames being damaged or even frames being completely lost during recording (capturing) video files in MPG format. These faulty frames are not noticeable during playback of the video file, but error messages or aborts can occur when transcoding.
Possible consequences are disproportionate synchronicity between video and audio tracks or the complete loss of the sound track after transcoding.
Nero Video/Nero Vision supports transcoding and burning of standard conform MPG files.
The above description explains why MPG files often fail to be produced correctly during capturing.
Please proceed as follows:
1. The .mpg file should be created again.
Programs such as PVAstumento" or "ProjectX" can be used for this task (for further information about these and other programs visit [...]
If you use "PVAstrumento", load the .mpg file and select "make PS".
As a result you will receive an mpeg compliant file, which has been demuxed, "repaired" and multiplexed again.

So there you have it, there is no problem with audio tracks or anything else as far as Videoredo and Sony are concerned but if you use Nero you will need to run some of the above free software to 'fix' the file because Nero can't. Still once the free software has altered the file Nero will shuffle along and try to process it again. If the free software can do it why can't Nero ? Mediainfo believes this is an Mpeg-2 file, only Nero Video disagrees.

No more changes to this, all I can do is to strongly urge you to download a trial version and run the above tests and see what you think. Edit a BBC program and save it (=ok) then edit any other channel's program and see what happens. My files come from a Humax PVR, maybe it's just me.
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on 2 February 2013
I have used NERO for many years and its pretty much one of the best burning programs that you pay for out there. This latest icantation is pretty good and has loads of useful tools from video editing to splitting/splicing images and so on which previous versions had. But and a big but, I needed the blu ray play back and this said it had it, however if you read the really small print, you have to upgrade to platinum which defeats the purpose of it... So if you are PC savvy and want to burn .iso files to disc, use imageburn, its free. If you want to edit home video, use windows movimaker, its free (a bit basic).. Photo manipulation, use GIMP, MSPaint - free. Burn Blu rays/dvds to the hard drive, us DVD FAB HD decrypter - free... As you can see there is a lot of free stuff out there that will do what NERO can do, what they cannot do which this version of NERO cannot do is play Blu ray... So if you want blu ray manipulation get the platinum version, and yes VLC can play blu ray, but at the moment it is very buggy to do so. Hope this helps.
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on 2 November 2012
On the box Nero 12 says "the only media suite you'll ever need to burn, edit, backup, rip, convert and play". When you look at the installed features you find that the interesting ones require an upgrade to Platinum costing another £20.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It goes without saying that Nero software is probably the market leader in the media maintenance software for the PC. I have used their suite for years (more than I care to remember) and therefore I am a loyal customer of theirs. So, my review for Nero12 will concentrate on the upgrade experience (my version prior to this was Nero9). I have to say I was not impressed. I found that in the world of Windows 7 and higher, and in software becoming more and more out of the box stick your disc in the drive and just click run, the installation was not the smoothest in that context. I am reasonably IT literate to rectify some of the issues that ensued but those who rely on things to be always plug and play, this review might help.

(1) If you are upgrading your version of Nero with this package, don't assume that Nero12 will just neatly transform your current Nero package into the new one without any straggling bits of the old one hanging around. The old one stays. I ended up with the Nero program folder containing both Nero 9 and Nero 12 bits. Not wanting to waste time trying to see how they interfered (or not) with each other, and not knowing if it meant whether bits of Nero9 were still essential, I just unistalled both and reinstalled Nero12 on its own. Laborious, time consuming; unnecessary if Nero developers had thought a bit about loyal end user experience

(2) the installation (ignoring the uninstall process above) of the Nero12 takes a while. OK my laptop is not the newest (it's 18 months old) but it is not archaic either. It took 20 minutes from disc insert to complete installation and reboot. Then of course there were the current updates to add as soon as it started up and it ran the autoupdate process. Another 10 minutes and then reboot again.

(3) The standard features are as good as always, but it is disappointing to find out that when trying to use the Blu-ray related features, in actual fact you should have bought Nero12 Platinum instead. Meaning most of the upgrade features are actually inaccessible in the vanilla "complete media suite" version

(4) Beware what you end up installing as well as the Nero package. Carefully look at the screen and options in the process because it tried to sneak in that awful "Ask" search toolbar and make it your default search and home page on your web browser. Unless you want your system insidiously blighted by Ask features and useless searching, unclick the default option of having it installed. Basically carefully read every screen that pops up and think about it before accepting every optional feature it tries to add.

Enough said, 3 stars because the standard features work as well as previous version, lost two stars because it is a bit of a damp squib for those people seeking a shiny new upgrade in the end. If you really need Blu ray features, then consider the "platinum" version.
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on 28 November 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a user of Nero 10 I was interested in this upgrade to provide Blu-ray support and to provide a Blu-ray / DVD player after upgrading to Windows 8. Not pleased to find that Blu-ray and advanced streaming options require a further licence or the Platinum edition at twice the price.

Nero 12 has a good range of tools for backing up, burning, ripping and converting files but then so does Nero 10. Some of the new features such as support for large hard drives, USB3 devices AVCHD support, slo/mo and fast/mo video effects are useful but the core functionality remains the same.

Installation takes a long time with lots of pop-up windows that you have to respond to and the potential for a large number of icons for the various functions rather than them all being run from the control centre. It also tried to get me to install the Ask Toolbar, and make Ask my default search engine which is one of my pet hates when downloading discounted or free software and not something I expect from a commercial package.

So it is a proven piece of software that does the basics well but I see little value in this upgrade and suspect it is being overtaken by other packages that incorporate most of its functionality. I also feel let down by the licencing arrangements that are not clear on the package and are only obvious if you delve deeply into the website.
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VINE VOICEon 11 December 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I had earlier versions of Nero that were fantastic, however this is a joke.
The features that I most wanted are only available in an upgrade to the platinum edition.
Worst of all is that the install takes 5-10 minutes then after it was installed the updates took well over an hour.
At least once a week the updater pops up with at least 2 or 3 updates taking anywhere up to 10 minutes.
Really unimpressed with this.
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on 3 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Don't you just love it when you are sent a box with space for a manual and there isn't one?

The installation was reasonably smooth although I detest the practice of trying to dump additional products like search engines on you, if you are not paying attention. Just because other suppliers do it, is no excuse.

The real problems began when I launched the program. Despite requesting that my multimedia files should not be indexed, Nero went ahead and indexed most of them anyway. This took a considerable amount of time. I could not close down or move the Nero window whilst this was going on.

All the indexing resulted in a scrollable menu of thumbnails ordered by date. This might be helpful to some people who have only one interest in life, but most of us would surely rather have our work organised by themes rather than by time.

When you select an photo to edit, you are to that any changes will be automatically saved. I can't be the only person to find that disconcerting, even when it also says that you can restore the original.

Doing anything with Nero 12 seems take more effort than necessary.

The box claims "The only media suite you'll ever need ...". I take it that means that the are no plans to ever bring out a new edition then.

It is always sad when established name like NERO loses its way, but they have with this poorly designed effort.
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