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on 13 February 2015
I'm old enough (now in my mid 50s) to have bought and experienced dozens of pairs of headphones over the years and to remember those ten-band graphic equalisers people used to add to their hi-fi systems.

I bought these to be used when walking the dogs. The ear-bud Sennheisers I've been using sound fine but tend to drop out which is annoying so I thought these would be a good choice. I've had several pairs of Sennheiser headphones over the years and rarely been disappointed.

But these sound horrible - just dreadful. The bass is overwhelming. You can hear nothing but booming bass, with some tinny treble. All the mid-range sounds as though it's coming from three streets away. It's as thought someone's feeding the music through one of those 10-band equalisers, whacked the lowest three sliders up the max, as well as the highest one, and pushed everything else down to zero.

I tried listening to pop, jazz, metal and trance. They all sounded terrible. I guess I should have paid attention to the one-star reviews instead of the five-star ones. Sigh.
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on 31 May 2016
I purchased these head phones almost a year ago I have waited to respond on their performance because you can never tell till you have them a while. They have been great up until now, they are light weight, they stay in your ears and I would have reccomended them though I think almost £60 is a lot of money to spend on a pair of head phones that only work for a year as the sound has stopped working in one of the ears and I do use them often (3 times a week) though that's why I researched and tried several others before these. I'm disappointed I may as well buy lots of the cheap ones.
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on 20 February 2014
Edit: 25/11/14 After the last pair's remote failed again, I decided to take a 3rd punt on these headphones. Why? They sound great and Amazon's policy on return is robust and fair. The third pair arrived but gave out after one week - the remote stopped being responsive to volume change. That's it - I've been patient, I've tried but am now convinced that the manufacturer is selling a faulty product. Never buying a sennheiser product again.

Edit: 28/3/14 Dropped from 5 to 3 stars. After 6 weeks of great use, the same problem others had mentioned happened to me. Suddenly, within a five minute window, the volume drifted up for no reason (so I turned it down), the 'volume up' control on the remote then stopped working and the headphones flicked back and forth between voice mode and music. Essentially, they had a meltdown. After contacting Amazon, they're going to swap them for a new pair - they do have great sound - but if this happens again, I'm done with this model.

After trying - and failing - to get a decent replacement pair of running headphones for less than £30, I bought these. They are brilliant.

1. The sound is incredible. Detailed and bassy.
2. The remote control works well - it's chunky, solid and does what it should (a good fast forward function too).
3. They're light and fit perfectly.

Simple: they cost £50 but they're the best running headphones I've ever had.
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on 23 March 2015
I really regret getting these, not because they are not good quality - they are a good quality - but because they are far too fragile: the second time I wore them I happened to have to be on a walk and had to pick up a dog. His paw got hooked in the line and the ear phones were yanked out of my ears. Of course this has happened many times with other headphones. The problem was that in the process the back neck part snapped in two. So, two days of use, £35 quid out of the window. (I did try to glue the bits together but it hasn't worked, the headphones don't stay on anymore.

I think that given that all headphones tend to get hooked on things, at least in my experience they do, I would never buy these again. Too fragile.
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VINE VOICEon 13 September 2013
The sound on these is excellent , good solid base line and because I have been able to turn down the volume because the sound is so clear my mp3 player battery last longer .. result!
They are very comfortable to wear (tested up to around 90 minutes ) and my only reservation is that sometimes the cable can bang on the plastic head band arm - but you just need to adjust it to stop that
The sound as a I say is great - and it does allow some outside sound in which I prefer because I go road running so it is safer
one unexpected restriction is that because its a fixed arm you can't really share it with someone else - say on a flight , so take another set for that
But for running these are very good indeed - would not use anything else now.
(New Quirk)- when these are plugged into the latest generation Ipod nano it then shows an option on the nano for voice memos - and then the nano will not shut up and voices over the songs announcing them - really frustrating and makes them unusable
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on 17 April 2015
I bought these to use for jogging and cycling and although they arrived promptly and the sound quality is great for the price there two points which really let them down in my opinion. Firstly they do not sit in the nap of my neck, they stick out at the back instead which makes wearing a hat tricky when it's cold out and they are uncomfortable when, for example, laying back on a headrest on a plane. Secondly the foam covers for the speakers go all baggy when wet from sweat etc and fall off when you remove the headphones. I usually notice this but after about a month I'd lost both of them and without them they make an airtight seal around my ear holes when sweaty and again become quite uncomfortable. Well worth spending a few quid more and getting something better designed.
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on 12 February 2014
I have had these for about a year now. They have a nice sound, are comfortable and are excellent for wearing out on runs, training etc. The only gripe I have is that the little black earpiece covers have a habit of coming off and if you don't see them come off you will lose them. This then lets in the sweat and over time (as has happened before) they do not work or work with that irritating crackle. Apart from that they are great....
Jan 19.2015. Update: As expected, the sweat has gone into one side of the headphones and I only have volume on one side. If you buy this this item it might be an idea to super glue the earpiece covers to avoid loosing them and to stop any sweat damage...hindsight is great huh!
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on 3 April 2016
I purchased these headphones a couple of months back for using on the way to and from home to work. Although the bass is slightly lacking overall on all music types the mid range and treble response is excellent. I was overall quite satisfied with these headphones until they just snapped in half one day in their protective bag which was in my works bag. A lot of money just done and dusted. Not happy and I won't buy another pair of these again.
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on 27 June 2014
the audio quality is as I would expect from Sennheiser - very good, and hard to beat with in-ear headphones.
The neck band is a bit too large (I would say I have a small/average head) but it doesn't matter - the 'phones stay in place during a long run.
There is a bit of contact noise that can travel up the headphone wires, but it's only really noticeable when you don't have your music on - therefore a moot point in my book!
I think I would give them 5* if it wasn't for the lack of Android support with the in-line controls. The play/pause works on my phone (HTC One, Android 4.4), but not the vol up/down - which I did know before buying, but it's still a bit annoying.
Also i think the mic is a bit weak. I didn't buy these as a hands-free alternative, but I've tried it out a few times and I have reports that I sound quiet and distant
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on 22 June 2015
They sit in your ears well and won't come out but I've had them replaced twice now and upgraded to bose freestyle. These hurt after about 40 minutes of wear and vilently pop out if you forget they're in and rest your head on something. Sound is decent though. Another thing is that if you're running on the treadmill and your hand is slightly brushing past the bar in front of you you can sometimes get a crazy static shock in your ear. This happened to me the last time I replaced them and it actually blew one of the ear drums out.
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