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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 April 2013
Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's quite common now for co-branded audio products to be on the market. Some years ago, I reviewed some Philips O'Neill SHO9554/10 Specked In-Ear Headphones that suffered from a serious design flaw (very noisy cable) so the combination of trusted electronics house and known sports brand doesn't necessarily equate to a well thought out sports headphone.

On this occasion, however, the match seems to be well made. I've been a Sennheiser user for decades now, owning multiple pairs of dj/monitoring headphones, gaming headphones and some basic in-ear models for portable uses. So I needed no persuasion that Senn' can make pleasing mid-market headphones. I've also been happy with the Adidas products I've owned which tend to be durable and well considered. Whatever input they may have had (mainly styling I suspect) the overall fusion is a success.

Just as with shoes, fit is highly personal and crucial for headphones so when I see negative reviews about poor fit, I tend to ignore them. Look at peoples ears for goodness sakes. They vary enormously. These happen to fit me fine so no complaint there.

More important are comments about phone compatibility. To get the most out of these "i" branded phones, apple products are the ideal companion but they are still functional in my blackberry and other sources - just not for every feature offered.

The sound is crisp and detailed rather than punchy (again something I generally prefer) and the exterior noise attenuation is pretty good. I'm not sure I like this in a sports headphone. One of my pet hates as a cycle commuter is people biking with headphones on and not being able to hear the other road users around them. But for jogging along a trail or treadmill, these are ideal. They are discrete and practical, will allow you to wear whatever head-wear or sunglasses you may need and are easily cleaned.

Very happy with them.
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on 7 November 2014
I have owned multiple sets of these headphones for about 2.5 years now and still use them to this day. First of all, let me say I am avid music fan. I like my music to be high quality; I enjoy high end sets of headphones and have a serious hifi/ DAC/ pre-power and excellent speakers so I can appreciate good sound.

I found that using regular in ear earphones my ears became sore after an hours use, they often fell out or got tangled up and in general I had a bad experience I had tried many different types and brands.
Ultimately I came across a set of these headphones they looked ideal; potentially comfortable, good sound quality and designed for sports and gym use. This was really useful since I was preparing for a marathon and was jogging 5-10 miles a day and going to the gym multiple times a week.
I purchased a set of these and was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality, it is a well-rounded sound nice and warm but still retaining plenty of detail and even midrange. Bass was reasonable enough for tiny little buds overall I was quite happy considering my source was Google Play Music and a headphone output on my at the time phone a Galaxy S3.

The fit was excellent, the clip kept them out of the way they didn’t fall out of my ear and I have worn them at times for 5-6 hours without fatigue or any discomfort. Since that point I have owned around 4-5 pairs of these and have yet to swap for anything else.

In addition to the above they also come with multiple sizes of ear rubber, a decent case, wax remover and other random bits.

Now for the bad, the reason I have had 4-5 pairs of these is that they simply do not last. Fair enough I use them on a regular basis but the problem is the same every time, I always lose sound in one ear due to movement in the cable near the 3.5mm jack. Each time I take them back swap them over for a new set and continue on.

So as long as you accept with these headphones they WILL go faulty, my first set lasted 12 months the others I have had varied between a month to a year. The sound is excellent for a set of in-ears with even a poor source. They fit well and look fairly unobtrusive.
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VINE VOICEon 18 November 2012
Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have an iPod Touch and wanted a better set of earphones. You can also use it with an iPad and iPhone. I wished it with worked with more gadgets and phones or am I being greedy? It does work with my cheap little PC speakers, so that's a bonus. This is the perfect match, for my iPod, though. I don't get hot and sweaty pounding the pavements, but I do need some snug-fitting earphones which stay in place when I listen to my therapy music and sessions and invariably nod off to sleep. Job done, in this case!

Sennheiser have put together a neat package of components here, with good sound, good fit and versatility. There are three sizes of soft cup ear adaptor inserts to choose from. I needed the large! They certainly do help block some external noise and they are extremely comfortable. The sound is good and nicely variable. The shaped ear-piece fits well over the ear and helps keep the earphones in place. There is a pause/play/volume/reject call and voice over control feature for checking the tracks on your play list. There are two replacement sponge inserts for the ear diaphragm guards to help stop sweat/moisture from entering the appliance. These are so tiny that I nearly missed them in their cellopane bag! Speaking of which; there is a smart bag to put your phone in and a small clip to help secure the lead or bag to your clothing. The 1.2m cable is just right.

Would recommend.
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on 7 July 2013
I've had several sets of headphones used for running. My previous Sennheiser's I'd snapped the lead around a fence post whilst running.

After several hours now running with these I believe I can provide suitable feedback.

Fit: Excellent and did not fall out whilst running in some very hot conditions. I sweat buckets but these stayed in place and were comfortable.

Sound: OK, this is a contentious issue with these having seen previous comments. My first run I used the ear buds that were fitted (medium). The sound is very bright (tinny) and certainly too bright for my preference. I would like some bass in the mix and if you like a heavier bass then I would carefully consider these. There is nothing wrong with the sound reproduction and in fact is superb. It's just not to my liking. If you like spoken word with podcasts and the like you'll be greatly disappointed. I did try the larger ear buds and this did improve fit and sound reproduction.

Value: The remote feature is good and works. I didn't bother with the clip and this didn't effect the fit into the ear as I ran. At just under £50 I thought these were a little pricey. I would price point these at £35.
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on 24 May 2013
I bought these headphones to replace my current Sennheiser CX550 which have lasted me faithfully for years with the best sound quality I've heard in a pair costing less than £100.

I'm an avid gym user/road runner so having an over ear fit is perfect for that. The fit is comfortable and the buds have yet to fall out. Some reviews I saw said that they're not safe for running as they reduce external noise too much but I feel that they're suitable for that as I can hear cars coming as well as my music.

l Use them with my iPhone and they're actually made to be used mainly with apple products so the system sync is brilliant. No distortion with bass or treble and the sound is exactly how it should be, even at high volumes.

The only problem I encountered is when using them with my laptop. My CX550s work perfectly for my iPhone and my Sony laptop matching sound for sound, but these headphones (along with my iPhone ones) struggle to recreate the bass. I'm not sure why this is happening but it is an annoyance!

Overall a good product and perfect for use during mobile activities!
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on 21 August 2015
I'm a Music Technologist with ears which don't seem to be compatible with many of the in-ear earphones these days! So I was hunting around for something which would give me a little extra support for everyday listening. I don't use these for sport. Instead I use a set of bluetooth earphones, which generally work very well indeed and stop you getting tangled up.

Overall, the sound quality is fine. They lack on bass. Bass is improved by making sure that you have a snug fit (You have 3 sizes of buds supplied, and you should choose the snuggest fit for your ears). Mid and high range sounds have some nice definition to them. I've also tried them for making calls from my iPhone and have had no problems whatsoever.

The mechanism seems solid and being water resistant, it doesn't matter if you're caught in the rain. The control has a nice positive feel to it and seems to be well made.

In conclusion, if you're bass obsessed, these aren't the earphones for you. If you want something for everyday listening, which won't break the bank, then these are probably as good as any in this price range.
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on 19 June 2013
Maybe a good product for the gym goer who doesn't care too much about sound quality while working out. Bass is poor and this is especially frustrating in the gym, where I want some oomph to keep me going. At the same time, turning the volume up too much is not an option cause the high notes are strident and become annoying. Overall this gives a sound that lacks force and beat. A quick comparison with the 30 EUR earphones that came with my iPhone put the Sennheisers to shame. Adjusting my iPhone settings for "bass booster" slightly improved the experience, but I'm still not satisfied. Up until now I had no problem with the wires, though they seem flimsy and rather cheap.

The packaging is awful and in retrospective is telling about the product. Be very careful as you could easily damage the product when trying to remove all that plastic and sallow tape. In my opinion, it is impossible to keep the package to an acceptable condition, you have to break it into small pieces. This is why I am now stuck with these and can't make a return.
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Colour: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I ordered these as simply in-ear headphones, and was surprised to receive them with "Made for iPod, iPhone, IPad" stamped across the box.
Had I known these were specifically compatible to Apple products I wouldn't have ordered them (my iPod never works!). The headphones can be used with any standard audio socket, but the extra features need the Apple compatibility.

As far as the headphone quality goes, they're okay. I use in-ear headphones in the gym to drown out the music and shouting from the spin class in the centre of the open plan room. So for me it's more about blocking out noise, rather than the quality of the audio itself. These worked well enough, and blocked the spin class air-raid siren like din without having to deafen myself with my own music, but I did find the ear hooks a bit itchy after 20 minutes or so.

A bit pricey at the current £40 mark currently advertised, but nice headphones nonethless. Especially as the headphones themselves aren't covered in Adidas branding.
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on 26 November 2014
Not THE most amazing headphones but they do block out a lot of noise. I would say that they are slightly tinny but nothing that would put me off using them!

Fit wise they are ok - I am on the small side with small ears! I did notice a little bit of movement when I first started to use them but they are so light that you get used to them!
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on 16 January 2015
I'm not sure if there aren't two different products with the same name out there. The headphones I bought were to replace standard iPhone buds and I was expecting a really, really big improvement. The iPhone buds fit in my ears ok and the sound is ok but I thought I would treat myself to a much better pair of headphones for those longer runs... What a mistake!!

The fit isn't too bad but to be honest I haven't used them while out on a run because the sound is so tinny and poor. At first I thought it was my ears but after comparing the headphones and buds on a number of different apple devices there is absolutely no comparison, the standard iPhone buds are vastly superior in terms of sound. These headphones have a very weak tinny sound which is a substantial disappointment and is just not good enough... I can only think that all the reviewers who report a good sound are just using something different to me..

I would not buy again and certainly wouldn't recommend, though the fit feels ok.
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