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on 14 November 2014
Using this little gem reminds of of listening to the Ashes late at night on a tiny transistor radio when I was a kid, minus the hiss and fading signal I had to endure in those days on long wave. I live in an area where both DAB and FM signals are strong and I can usually get interference-free reception with the aerial only half-extended. The radio's sound quality is a bit tinny but certainly acceptable. Since quite a few of the DAB stations in my region are broadcast at a paltry 64kbps mono, a better speaker wouldn't be a massive upgrade anyway..

Where it really shines is battery life and portability. I've yet to run the battery down fully after approximately 40 hours of listening. Keep the integrated lithium-ion battery topped up and you'll be well prepared. Speaking of which, during an evening-long electricity outage recently, it kept the family well entertained, especially since the local mobile phone mast was affected, hence no data for the kids' smartphones. Having an excellent battery-powered radio at hand when the power goes out makes a big difference to a candle-lit living room!

It's pricey, but the build quality is excellent and I expect it to last a very long time if the same manufacturer's Evoke-1 I've owned since 2002, which is still going strong, is anything to go by. In the age of Bluetooth speakers, Spotify, podcasts etc, a decent little radio might seem almost redundant, but I've found myself using this every day. Highly recommended for travel, gardening, pottering around the bathroom/kitchen, and especially as a part of a household power-cut contingency kit.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 May 2015
I have a couple of portable DAB radios but this one has a few features absent on the others but, unfortunately, the usefulness of the alarm feature isn't as good as it could be.

I also think that whilst the build-quality and overall finish are very good, they in no way justify the relatively high retail price - the only reason that I could justify purchase was an Amazon 'Lightning Deal' price of £49 which was just about acceptable.

However, there aren't many DAB radios of this 'portable' size with a feature-set that this model boasts....

For me the extra features this radio has are :

1. An AUX input.

2. A decent stand so it can be firmly sited.

3. A multi-capable alarm.

4. A Sleep feature.

It also has a decent aerial, perfectly acceptable sound quality (albeit that it's only through 1 speaker) and very good battery-life.

The major downside is that whilst the alarm feature allows different sources/days it has no 'Snooze' facility.

I also find it a bit perplexing that at this price-level a protective case (essential to avoid screen/alloy-finish damage).

So, if you're after a portable DAB radio with a decent feature-set this model should be on your list - the retail price is high but is reflected to a certain extent by the build-quality and probably also 'inflated' a little as there isn't much competition which offers the same kind of capability vs size....
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on 29 March 2016
Absolutely love this radio. Bought two, one for going out, and one for bedside.

Light, fits into (big) pockets for dog-walking, so I don't miss latest episodes of serials etc. Excellent reception of all digital stations, even when aerial not fully extended. Superb functionality with very easy, intuitive controls which seem to have been designed by very thoughtful person! 'Lock' switch for walking is terrific facility and stops inadvertent going off-station or volume changing.

Just as good for bedside, love the warm golden backlight, easy sleep and alarm functions (graduated volume tone; or radio station). Holds charge quite well, easy & quick to recharge. Or have it just on mains. Having the flip-out plastic frame stand is very useful.

Only small quibble is that the tone is quite "tinny"/heavy on treble, and there are no treble/bass controls. But essentially, it's the portable, digital equivalent of an old analogue "tranny" (transistor radio), and perfect in that respect, plus the best bedside radio that I've ever had (and I've had several, including 2 different styles of Pure, plus Roberts).
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on 9 August 2014
A very sturdy but compact little radio which is simple to use and good to look at. The only small down side is the very short length of time the radio gives you to select a preset channel which makes it a bit difficult for anyone with slow reactions, like the person I bought it for. This is a minor problem which can easily be overcome by having a faster reactions.
I have owned a larger Pure DAB radio for a few years now and like it very much so when it came to buying this make I had no hesitation. The Pure 400D radio is not light in weight but I find it reassuringly solid, it sounds good for its size and seems to hold its charge very well. Also the 2 year guarantee gives peace of mind in the unlikely event of a problem.
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on 14 June 2015
I have upgraded this from my Pure Move which I've had for many years and which is still going strong. This has the benefit of stored channels, an improved battery life (apparently from 40 to 60 hours), much more sensitive volume control and easier to switch on and off. Altogether the layout and controls are much better than the original. I've not had this one for that long but so far so good: if it is as reliable as the Pure Move then I will be happy. I've looked at all the competition from time to time and the battery life on this model is much better than all the others that are available.
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on 20 April 2015
So far so good. Definitely better reception and less 'dead zones' than I had with my previous portable digi radio-although going into some shops and buildings can be a problem (fine on the bus). The sound from the speaker is rubbish but I've basically bought it to walk around with and with a decent pair of headphones the sound is excellent. It is a bit bigger than I was expecting but it's slim design means it fits easily into a pocket. It also seems really robust so should be able to take actually being carted around everywhere-something my previous more fragilely made radios clearly couldn't. It is pricey but I get the impression this should last me quite a long time. The battery charge is amazing as far as I can see.
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on 20 January 2014
The sound is very good for a compact unit that is packed with features. I use it as an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. it is great for using in a hotel bedroom setting.
With headphones plugged in the sound is amazing ( I use sennheiser px100) it uses the lead as an Arial so that the extendable antenna can be closed right down, I carry it in my pocket when walking the dog or cleaning the car etc.

It has socket for MP3/4 or ipod.

Treble and bass control

table top stand and a hand strap

once charged it lasts a long time

I cannot fault it
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on 25 December 2015
Love it. It is expensive but the fact that it is a small ( very small ) portable digital radio with a rechargeable battery ( included ) makes it better value than at first sight. I had already bought a small John Lewis digital radio but the batteries need to be replaced every few hours which makes a nonsense of it being portable. Ie it is fine when plugged into the mains but if you want a radio which you can carry around with you from room to room ( which is what I wanted ) it gets very expensive to keep buying new batteries. In my previous experience with Pure I have found that they have excellent customer service and believe in the longevity of their products. They seem to build them to last and if they don't last they are comitted to repairing or replacing at very reasonable cost even when the product is years old. I find this sort of customer service to be very rare
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on 22 October 2015
I live in a digitally remote island in the north of Scotland, and up to now have got by using Internet radio to listen to my preferred radio stations, usually BBC 4, 5, World Service and of course Radio Scotland. Because we have a limited 2mbs internet speed I very often have to put up with buffering signal which can be very frustrating. I have a dab radio in my car so I knew
already what digital radio stations are available in my area, all the main BBC stations with the exception of radio Scotland for some reason.
I decided to go for the Pure Move 400D after carefully checking all the reviews I could on here.
This ticks every box for me. Small, rechargeable, portable, fm included, alarm, sleep timer.......
and great build quality, looks great, and a 3 yr guarantee. I am so happy with this little radio, no more buffering at last.
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on 21 January 2015
I bought this as a black friday deal so I didnt pay the £80 which seems a lot for what you get.
Very portable (fits in coat pocket) would be a tight fit in other pockets
Good range - Picks up stations not available on other dabs radios I own
Good sound through earphones(stereo)
Battery life

Sound tinny (base setting make little difference)
Functions basic

Summing up
Fine for back garden /beach in summer and listening to radio while walking (through headphones)
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