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on 7 January 2014
Be clear about the advantages of this radio - as there are lots to choose from. Basically I wanted a portable radio - so not too heavy, good battery life and listening primarily by speaker rather than headphones ( for which you could look at portable DABs). This delivers on all three. The quality is good and there is a stand which you pull out at the bottom of the radio - although this is not clear in the instructions and you may miss it! The battery life is excellent with a built in rechargeable battery as required. Reception for both FM and DAB is very good - with a substantial extendable aerial which pulls in stations on FM up to 60 miles away ( for my location). If listening to the sole speaker ( so mono only) then expect a trade off between depth of sound and battery life - I primarily listen to talk radio rather than music stations, although you could enhance the music experience by switching to good quality earphones - which will also deliver stereo. For the price I would have liked flash memory to record the odd station, but as I say if you want portability i.e. take wherever there is a relevant signal then this is a radio I would recommend.
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on 10 November 2013
I really like this radio and I bought it to keep in my toolbox and occasionally carry it around. I've only mentioned points which are relevant to me.

Pros... 1) It seems to last forever on a charge. 2) It has a battery level indicator on the LCD display so you know when the battery is getting low. 3) If you lose the original charger / lead that comes with the radio you could, for example, use an iphone charger plug (or pc) and a cheap lead (USB mini-B) from ebay costing 99 pence. 4) The front of the radio is metal so it looks like it can take a few knocks. 5) The base and back has a rubbery coating so it's easy to grip and doesn't slide around on a surface. 6) The buttons feel quite good quality and are responsive. 7) The display lights up in orange when you operate the controls. 7) There is a useful sliding lock switch on the side which disables the front buttons incase you press them accidently. This is good as it can stop it switching on accidently if you're travelling. 8) There is an aux socket on the side so with the correct lead you could play an ipod through it to get a little extra volume. 9) Once you've turned the radio on, the radio is very responsive and there's virtually no sound lag when changing from station to station. 10) The stand is a bit fiddly to operate but keeps the radio at a stable angle and directs the sound to you. 11) The radio is a nice size ie, not too big.

Neutrals... 1) At first switch on, the radio picked up no stations so I pressed the reset button on the side and it still picked up no stations. I then took it to a window and tried again and it picked up lots of stations. I could then go back to where I was (in the dead zone) and could select most of the stations depending on which way round the radio was. Overall I'm ok with the reception. 2) The sound seems to be ok, not terribly loud but as loud as you'd expect from this size radio. 3) Quality of sound is acceptable (but not brilliant) for this size of radio. Speech stations are better. 4) The ariel is good but is a bit stiff if you have to turn it round.

Cons... 1) Whoever designed the case must have been a bit thick as you can't stand the radio on its base without pulling out the stand which is a hassle. This is because the bottom is rounded at the front. The designer should have added a couple of front feet. 2) It's too expensive. I paid £81 for this from Amazon.
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on 5 February 2014
There's nothing to touch this for convenience! The battery charge lasts ages, ok the sound is what you'd expect from a small radio! I'm a molecatcher and this radio goes everywhere with me....On the dashboard, in my bucket, in the office, I've even dropped it in a sink full of water!! Took off the back and dried it out. It's all you need from a robust 'Go Everywhere' radio. If I lost mine, I'd buy another. Regards, Molecatcher Brad, xx
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on 14 November 2014
Using this little gem reminds of of listening to the Ashes late at night on a tiny transistor radio when I was a kid, minus the hiss and fading signal I had to endure in those days on long wave. I live in an area where both DAB and FM signals are strong and I can usually get interference-free reception with the aerial only half-extended. The radio's sound quality is a bit tinny but certainly acceptable. Since quite a few of the DAB stations in my region are broadcast at a paltry 64kbps mono, a better speaker wouldn't be a massive upgrade anyway..

Where it really shines is battery life and portability. I've yet to run the battery down fully after approximately 40 hours of listening. Keep the integrated lithium-ion battery topped up and you'll be well prepared. Speaking of which, during an evening-long electricity outage recently, it kept the family well entertained, especially since the local mobile phone mast was affected, hence no data for the kids' smartphones. Having an excellent battery-powered radio at hand when the power goes out makes a big difference to a candle-lit living room!

It's pricey, but the build quality is excellent and I expect it to last a very long time if the same manufacturer's Evoke-1 I've owned since 2002, which is still going strong, is anything to go by. In the age of Bluetooth speakers, Spotify, podcasts etc, a decent little radio might seem almost redundant, but I've found myself using this every day. Highly recommended for travel, gardening, pottering around the bathroom/kitchen, and especially as a part of a household power-cut contingency kit.
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on 4 June 2013
I wanted a decent-sized portable radio for taking on trips and this one fits the bill perfectly. It is easy to use, the controls are well set out and for its size it produces a good sound quality on both speech and music stations. I am still listening on my first charge which is very impressive.

The other great thing about this model is that it's future proof as it supports both DAB and DAB+ (should this format ever be introduced in the UK). Those local stations which aren't on DAB are usually on FM. In fact I was able to tune in a few FM stations that other radios I own weren't able to receive!

For the price, this is a first class radio. Don't hesitate if you're thinking about it - just buy it before the price goes up...
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I have a couple of portable DAB radios but this one has a few features absent on the others but, unfortunately, the usefulness of the alarm feature isn't as good as it could be.

I also think that whilst the build-quality and overall finish are very good, they in no way justify the relatively high retail price - the only reason that I could justify purchase was an Amazon 'Lightning Deal' price of £49 which was just about acceptable.

However, there aren't many DAB radios of this 'portable' size with a feature-set that this model boasts....

For me the extra features this radio has are :

1. An AUX input.

2. A decent stand so it can be firmly sited.

3. A multi-capable alarm.

4. A Sleep feature.

It also has a decent aerial, perfectly acceptable sound quality (albeit that it's only through 1 speaker) and very good battery-life.

The major downside is that whilst the alarm feature allows different sources/days it has no 'Snooze' facility.

I also find it a bit perplexing that at this price-level a protective case (essential to avoid screen/alloy-finish damage).

So, if you're after a portable DAB radio with a decent feature-set this model should be on your list - the retail price is high but is reflected to a certain extent by the build-quality and probably also 'inflated' a little as there isn't much competition which offers the same kind of capability vs size....
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on 31 January 2013
Listening while I complete these reviews. Have been hooked on DAB radio but reception can be less than perfect where I live in the back of beyond. Dont even get a Mobile phone signal here either.
Neat piece of kit and battery need charging every blue moon.
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on 9 August 2014
A very sturdy but compact little radio which is simple to use and good to look at. The only small down side is the very short length of time the radio gives you to select a preset channel which makes it a bit difficult for anyone with slow reactions, like the person I bought it for. This is a minor problem which can easily be overcome by having a faster reactions.
I have owned a larger Pure DAB radio for a few years now and like it very much so when it came to buying this make I had no hesitation. The Pure 400D radio is not light in weight but I find it reassuringly solid, it sounds good for its size and seems to hold its charge very well. Also the 2 year guarantee gives peace of mind in the unlikely event of a problem.
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on 26 January 2013
I wanted a small battery-powered DAB radio to use in the bathroom, and perhaps when travelling away from home. This seemed to fit the bill.

This one has DAB, DAB+ and FM. DAB+ is not currently used in the UK, but is starting to be used in some countries on the continent, so might be useful. There is a built-in proprietary rechargeable battery, which can be replaced, but will no doubt be relatively expensive when that is eventually necessary. It charges via a micro-USB socket, which is convenient if you already have USB cables/chargers, although a charger does come with this. There is a headphone socket, auxiliary input and a lock switch to prevent buttons being accidentally pressed when travelling.

Visually, the radio looks smart. It doesn't stand up on its own unless you unfold a stand at the rear and tip the radio back onto it. You can set 10 presets on FM and 10 more on DAB. There are no dedicated buttons for individual presets, so it can be several button presses to choose a station. For preset 6, you would press these buttons: "Presets", ">" (5 times), "Select". That's a bit fiddly, but not the end of the world. Reception, particularly on DAB, is good, but the sound, while clear, is distinctly tinny. Much of the blame must go on the modest loudspeaker, and sound quality is better via headphones, but is still not hugely impressive. I mostly listen to speech radio on this, and am happy enough with the sound. It's too early to judge battery life, and while I'm still on the first charge after 4 weeks, I only use this for about 20 minutes per day. There is a sleep timer and an alarm function, though I'd view the latter as a backup rather than something that you'd use daily, as there doesn't seem to be a snooze function and it's a bit fiddly to set up.

Overall, I'm happy. I would prefer not to have the proprietary rechargeable battery, and the sound quality is not all that it might be, but it does the job as a portable secondary radio.
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on 16 October 2012
I got this as a replacement for a Sony Radio which, if using DAB, ate batteries at a phenomenal rate. This seems good and has all the features of the Sony including, essentially for me, a button which switches everything off for travelling.
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