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on 13 February 2013
Afetr spending £529 on the new Iphone 5 I wanted something taht would give it pretty much alround protection. The case it's self comes in 3 parts the internal case which also has a screen protector and works with screen protector underneath it as well. The second case is like 3mm thick rubber whcih protects the bac and sides with rubber tabs that pull out so you can acces the various switches and sockets. The 3rd bit is a belt clip which acts like a shield if you choose to use it covering the front.
I have dropped it at least once and its protected the phone quite well. As the phoen costs a lot i won't do a test to destruction on it but looks and feels like it will do the job upto the point of some one stepping on the phone. Not sure it would stand up to full blown intentional attack.

It feels like a good soild bit of protective kit.
Sold at £14 which is a really good price.
Water and dust proof to a level.

Makes the phone quite large and destroys the benefits of having a slim line phone (but hey the protection is there).
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on 22 December 2013
... as that would be like making a beautiful person wear a bubble-wrap onesie every day in case they fell over (try the Suncase).

But if I'm going to be handling the phone a lot outdoors (i.e. a walk in the woods, sightseeing) and it will be in and out of a pocket or bag as you take photos, maybe in bad weather, this is OUTSTANDING.

I really feel as if I could throw it at the wall and the phone would be unscathed... not gonna do that obviously... but I am pretty sure a fall is not going to be an issue.

It does not come on and off quickly, but then if it did it wouldn;t protect the phone as well. And the built in screen protector is great - way better than those stupid plastic films that look tatty and have bubbles under them.

And a brilliant price from the retailer I bought it off...
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on 1 December 2012
Arrived 3 days before it should have done, so five stars for Amazon for that... Fitted to my new iphone 5, yes it doubles the size of the phone, looks darn ugly, but would not be without the protection this item provides.
Had one on my iPhone 4S and the only problem was it starts to feel 'greasy' and around the button the rubber has stretched, this had a totally different design where the rubber for the button is part surrounded by the plastic inner housing so hopefully this will be better, the rubber plug is a bit of a fiddle to get out for the charging plug but hey I would not be without this cover, purchased direct from Amazon as there are a lot of copies of this about, so wanted to make sure I received the genuine item be aware....
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on 31 May 2013
Okay - it bulks up the phone but that is not an issue for me as I think the 'naked' phone is just waiting to be dropped.
I have two of these - I also have the grey/orange one and I have to say that the silicone on the grey version is much better quality than on the black, plus, the black attracts dust while the grey does not.
On both cases, I removed the screen protector as no matter what I tried (yes the talcum powder trick as well), I could not get rid of the 'oil slick' effect on the screen. So, I just added a separate screen protector and it seems fine
The belt clip is quite handy but I've not used that much.
Another great product from otterbox
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on 24 January 2013
Totally first class product to protect my I phone 5. All I phone users will know that they can be slippy devils and my phone got away from me leading to a slight knock after only a month, this case will protect against all general everyday scrapes( and then some) the only downside is that it will make the phone more bulky and ruin its overall good looks but that is a small price to pay for protection of a phone that I paid £600 for. The home button can be stiff with the rubber cover but that's easily overcome and again it saves your phone as we know that despite the brilliance of all apple products they don't take we'll to slight knocks. Similar cover for the I pad and it works just as we'll. essential buy. Order it the same time you order your new phone.
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on 24 December 2012
It is probably the most rugged iPhone 5 case that is readily available AND still convenient enough to carry around in your pocket and use the phone normally. It is very well made and fits the iPhone 5 very snuggly, but such that most functions are conveniently accessible eg: you can use the phone, take pictures, press most buttons, and operate the touch screen with the case closed. Some functions are available by opening rubber flaps in the outer casing (eg: sockets and mute switch). This is just as well, since one of my qualms - the reason why I didn't score it 5 stars - is that the inner hard shell is extremely difficult to open, with the textless cartoon instructions giving no help whatsoever (I nearly broke it on first opening). And once you have snapped it shut around your beloved iPhone, it's gonna take a crowbar to get it out again - so don't bank on being able to easily swap SIM cards with another phone (the SIM compartment does NOT have an access flap in the OtterBox). Other qualms are: that icons on the extreme edges of the touch screen are hard to operate through the plastic screen cover; and that your iPhone is transformed from a thin sleek device into a clunky piece of 'battlefieldware' - but this is the price one pays for ruggedness.
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on 26 January 2015
Virtually indestructible case.
I bought this at the same time as my iPhone 5 over 2 years ago. I took it off just before Christmas when I was due an upgrade. The phone was still in immaculate condition as a direct result of the protection afforded by the Otterbox. I consequently got the very top price when I recycled it.
So the moral of the story is 'Keep it well protected & you will reap the rewards when you sell your phone'
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on 21 January 2013
Stupidly, I placed the review for this Otterbox case, in the review for the Otterbox iPhone 4 s case, which in itself was a really good case, but was quite difficult to fit, and kept getting stubborn watermarks under the protective screen. I ordered this Otterbox for my iPhone 5, and I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived the day after the order was placed. Immediately I found that it was much easier to fit, and the occasional watermarks that appear easily disappear, with a slight squeeze to the side of the case. It is better than expected and the picture does not do the case justice to how it really looks. Would recommend the seller, for prompt service, and the price is much better than any I have seen on the High Street, and they wonder why they are losing business!!!
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on 13 May 2014
Great protection for the iPhone and allows big hands to grip the thin iPhone.
Protection flaps for the apertures are good but can get in the way.. But again you can't have everything and the inconvenience is worth it to protect the phone.
I don't use the clip that's supplied to attach to a belt or pocket .. But again that's my choice.. I always feel I'm about to loose the phone so it goes in the pocket for safety.
Would definitely recommend this product.
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on 15 January 2014
Having been very happy with the Otterbox Defender for my iPhone 4 I ordered it again when I got my iPhone 5. It still seems to offer the same protection but as more time passes the outer rubber covering keeps on stretching / warping and is now unsightly, bulging, and has expanded away from the power button at the top and the on/off button at centre bottom. I am most disappointed at the reduction in the quality of the rubber covering from what I had experienced with my previous iPhone.
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